Archaeology Recruitment Drive
IC date: Spring 52, 1008
OOC date: May 19, 2013
Location: Main Street
PCs: Player Player

It's a day just like any other in the Harbor. Ponies are about, chatting, shopping, and just enjoying the day; a few, however, have their attention turned to what appears to be a small stand under construction. It is a small table, seemingly put together by ropes and clay, and atop the table stands a young zebra filly on her hind legs.@emitAliella holds a brush in her teeth as her eyes go back and forth from the sign in front of her to a book below her. "T… U… R… E… There!" Hopping back to the ground, she reaches into a bag and places various objects on the table: large sticks, canteens of different shapes and sizes, and some old hats of different sorts. As the bag becomes empty, she hops back onto the table and sits, looking about for anypony who may be interested, waving and greeting those who trot by.
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It's a day just like any other in the Harbor. Ponies are about, chatting, shopping, and just enjoying the day; a few, however, have their attention turned to what appears to be a small stand under construction. It is a small table, seemingly put together by ropes and clay, and atop the table stands a young zebra filly on her hind legs.
Aliella holds a brush in her teeth as her eyes go back and forth from the sign in front of her to a book below her. "T… U… R… E… There!" Hopping back to the ground, she reaches into a bag and places various objects on the table: large sticks, canteens of different shapes and sizes, and some old hats of different sorts. As the bag becomes empty, she hops back onto the table and sits, looking about for anypony who may be interested.
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The sign above the filly reads in a dark brown ink, "ADVENTURE".
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(OOC) Sadaka: it will be fun!
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune snugs Ali.
(OOC) Aliella: It'll probably be even better on a full stomach. I'm starvin' here. >_>
You paged Aliella with 'may I assume she's already called in Sadaka's previous 'recruitment' to drag her along to help set up the stand?'.
Magpie wanders over to the new stand and tilts her head. "Huh." She smiles to the filly runnin' the thing. "So, how much adventure can I get for six bits?"
Aliella pages: If you'd like, then by all means!
Adventure! That word has so many meanings, and for some ponies all of them are good. One little foal in particular is allllll about the adventure, and like bees to flowers it's that lil' foal that pops up mere moments after the stand's fully set up. Two tiny hooves appear over the rim of the table, followed by…an explorer's hat. Underneath which the wide-eyed expression of one Dream Daze lurks, eyeing the multitude of adventuring supplies strung out hither and tither.
Then Dreamy peeks up at the little zebra sitting on the table, and points at the sign hanging above. Adventure! What is! Oh hey Magpie! Dreamy wiggles a hoof at the bigger filly while she's there.
Another little zebra peers up at the sign, clockwork wings fluttering. Yep, that's spelled right! All the letters in the right place. (That's important, you know.) Sadaka gives a small nod, and trots around behind the stand, looking the assortment of items over. "So, uh, explain to me what we're doing again? It's like a lemonade stand but for… adventure?" Does adventure even work that way? Sure, why not!
Skyflower, enjoying a day away from the pharmacy, eyes the sign curiously and strolls over to perhaps hear more about this so-called adventure. "Magpie, dear! However are you doing?"
(OOC) Skyflower eyes the crowd. "Maybe I should be bringing in Pumpkin."
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Magpie yelps as Skyflower comes up! "Nothing! I mean I'm fine! Why do you ask?!"
(OOC) Sadaka: whoever you'd like! This kinda leans towards foalventure from the looks of the crowd, but adult chaperones can't hurt. XD
There's ponies that doesn't care much for advenutre, that couldn't care less for adventure. That, in fact, wouldn't have minded pretended a sign saying 'ADVENTURE' didn't even exist. Unfortunately for such a pony, she's also having to deal with a pair of flighty plushy golems - one more than happily floating over to it's little zebra friend, one clinging to the other's face and taking in the surroundings with wide eyes. Both were followed by a midnight blue mare whose subttle tells - a quirking of the corner of her lip, a ever so slightly twitching ear and the tiniest wrinkle on her muzzle - reveals that she's just barely preventing herself form face-hoofing. "Servant," Quintessent-Rune groaned as she walked up to the stand, the golem in question flying in happy loops around Aliella's head.
(OOC) Skyflower hmms. "I think I'm in the mood to foal it up."
Pumpkin arrives from the distant farm country.
Pumpkin has arrived.
(OOC) Aliella: Welp. Gotta go now. Will be back in 5-10 minutes.
(OOC) Sadaka: okay! No worries. Go get food~
Adventure is scary. All these other ponies are enticed by the prospect but one quasi-colt sees that word and feels the blood drain from his complexion.

Then, Tale Chaser realizes his fillyfriend is among the gathered ponies, and also he's more curious than he is afraid. Making his way from the storefront at which he'd been lurking before, he approaches cautiously, slowing as he draws near, to stare at the stand and the growing croud, trying to get an idea of what's going on without being inadvertently signed up for anything.
Skyflower can't help but giggle at the reaction she gets. "No reason, darling, no reason. I simply haven't seen you in a while. Could you be a dear and tell Ruby that I have some medicine for her that she might find useful post-delivery? Oh! Why look at the time. Must run! Ta!" With that, she trots off. …well, that sure happened.
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(OOC) Dream-Daze giggles.
(OOC) Magpie: TC, you are totally getting inadvertently signed up.
(OOC) Sadaka: foalventure hooooooo
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Horseshoe Harbor Goonies Squad at your service~
(OOC) Magpie makes Pumpkin do the truffle shuffle.
(OOC) Sadaka finds herself uber-tempted to fling Spearmint along but feels she will refrain this time and give the poor colt a break. XD
Pumpkin peers at the sign, displaying both her well-documented affinity for peering at things and a previously unnoticed ability to appear without warning. Her lips move a little, then: "Adventure? That sounds like it'd be fun. Can ah join?"
(OOC) Magpie: Adventure Time! C'mon, grab your friends! We'll go to very distant lands! Spike the dog and Twilight the human, the fun will never end, it's adventure time!
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune upturns her nose, for she doesn't do 'fiends'.
(OOC) Magpie: GRAB your FRIENDS.
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune eeps and reaches out to touch Aliella. "Better…?"
(OOC) Magpie points at her eyes, points at Run.
(OOC) Magpie: *rune
(OOC) Aliella: Back. Sorry, my mom had to chat up her future fellow grandmother who works there.
(OOC) Aliella reads over poses.
(OOC) Dream-Daze: No worries~
(OOC) Aliella also inhales pizza.
(OOC) Sadaka: omnomnom
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: that sounds unhealthy
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: you'll develop pizzalung
(OOC) Aliella images an inflamed, mucus-encrusted lung with red spots.
(OOC) Magpie gigggles
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: a chronic condition in which one has pizza in their lungs
(OOC) Magpie: ew
(OOC) Aliella: *imagines
"Well, kinda. It's more like what Big Red Robin calls pro-moh-shin. It's how you get ponies to find out about stuff!" Alliella giggles and turns away from Sadaka to spot the large gathering of ponies in front of her. "See!? It's working!" Her gave shifts to Magpie to answer the older filly's question. "The adventure's free, 'n so are the supplies. Ya just gotta come adventure with me!" Once again, the zebra stands upright on her hind legs and looks about at the crowd.
"Alright, ponies," she says loudly, a foreleg pointing about the crowd. "As far as I know, this adventure is in the forest somewhere." Taking out what appears to be an old explorer's hat, she points to pieces of leaves stuck to it. "This is my papa's hat, and we're gonna find him!"
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(OOC) Magpie: I feel like there ought to be a musical number right about now.
The filly's attention is immediately diverted as Servant makes its way to her front. "Servant!!" Immediately tackling the plush on to the table, she ruffles it before looking for Rune. "He's fine," she shouts as soon as the mare comes into her sights. "Do you wanna come adventure with us, miss Rune?"
(OOC) Pumpkin: This has already gone horrible places in my head.
(OOC) Aliella: | Yeah, I kinda imagine something like this
Pumpkin swishes her tail back and forth. "We're going to go look for your pa? Sounds like a mighty fine idea. Ah'm in."
(OOC) Aliella: Thunderclap included
Magpie ohhhhhhhhs. She gets a businesslike look. "Well. Where's the last place you saw your dad? I always find stuff in the last place I left it, so that's probably where we should look." Nod, nod. "Also, how long has he been missing? 'cause one time I left a plush bunny on a table at the fair and somepony walked off with it!"
That seems simple enough. Dreamy beams, nodding her head in agreement with Pumpkin. Go find a lost pony in the forest. Sure! She also stares at the hat Aliella's holding up, studying the leaves. Now /that/ looks like a well-used adventuring hat. Maybe she should decorate hers up a little…
Tale Chaser draws a bit closer. "Uh, where did- did he just, um, step out for a bit?" he asks, of Aliella. "Your dad, that is…" He's soon close enough to draw up beside Magpie, and gasps at her story. "They did? That's terrible…"
Sadaka blinks, and ponders this for a moment, and nods. So we're /advertising/. And it seems to really be working! She gives a little wave to Dreamy, and another to Magpie, and then a third to Pumpkin! Ponies she knows, always nice. Servant… Servant gets a peer. Is that a… walking plushie? She's had one of those before and it didn't go all that great!
(OOC) Magpie: Not walking — flyign!
(OOC) Sadaka had one of those too.
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Aliella puts a hoof to her chin. "Well, the last time I saw 'im was at my house before he left. He's an explorer. And I haven't seen 'im in…" Tappign her hooves as she counts, the filly beams and raises her hoof in the air. "Five years, four months, and twenty days!" Looking about once more, Aliella finds that she doesn't recognize just about any of the ponies gathered around. "But I s'pose we should get to know each other. My name's Aliella, and I wanna be an explorer like my papa, or as mama says, an ar-kee-all-a-jist."
Quintessent-Rune rolled her eyes at Magpie. "Then you've not gotten it propperly enscrolled for warding of thieves," she said before turning her attention back to Aliella and all the other foals. Then out around. Was there any grown ups watching this? Like, at all? With a slight cringe she concluded that, most likely, the answer would be no - and if they went off and did something insane, somepony'd be able to point out her as having been with them before… and be partialy responsible for whatever horrible, gruesome, terrible and horrible… thing… that happens. After a moment she nodded. "I guess I will be joining you," she said, stiffeling a sigh. Couldn't be much more difficult than to foalsit a pair of attention deficit golems, right?
Magpie glances sideways at Tale Chaser. "Oh! Hi!" She gives him a happy hug of greeting. "Oh, I /know/. My poor Flopsy. Never saw here again." Sniffle. She pauses, then blinks at Aliella. "Five /years/? Whoa, hang on. Uh. Kiddo, if he was gonna come back he'd have done it…"
(OOC) Sadaka: seapony chaperone~
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Awesome.
(OOC) Magpie: Me and TC are chaperones too. 'cause, y'know. We're practically teenagers, and that's practically adults.
Dreamy also squints. Years. That's, like, a really long time. A /really/ long time. Though Magpie's response earns a quick shake of the little unicorn's head! Nuh-uh! She floats up a little daydreamy image, of a pony in a really old adventuring hat, walking in circles in a forest. Pony could've just gotten really really lost, that's all! Thus…the Adventure!
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: in this town, yup.
Sadaka blinks and frowns over at Magpie, tilting an ear back. "Unless he got lost or somethin' and can't! Something must've happened, 'cause… 'cause Papas don't just vanish." She looks down for a moment and scuffs a hoof, then draws herself back up, nodding to Dreamy. "Yeah! He must be lost, so somepony's gotta go find him and… un-lost him." It's a term.
The mention of five years and change makes Tale Chaser's eyes widen. He leans into Magpie's hug as he considers this. Not good. "Um," he says, glancing between Aliella and Quintessent Rune. "I, uh." Shuffle. She wants to be an archaeologist, though, and he wouldn't want to nip such a noble ambition in the bud like this. "Well, I can help look. I'm, um," the one left reading books back in the library while others go off and do the actual digging, "sort of experienced with archaeology." Of ancient empires, not missing pops. "What do you think, Maggie? Sound like fun?"
Aliella raises an eyebrow at the older filly. From the information she's given, sure, it's reasonable to assume that. "Yeah, well," the zebra pulls the hat in front of her, "Mama just found this hat at the docks. Someone must'a sent it not too long ago! And look, some of the leaves don't look all that old. It's da… da-da-da… da…" The filly sits still, stammering for what seems like forever. "Da-da… deduction!"
Pumpkin starts to look dubious herself, but the matter of the hat sounds convincing enough.
(OOC) Sadaka: off-handedly, I'm glad Sadaka isn't the only zebra who occasionally has trouble with big words.
Magpie hoofshuffle. "Um… are you /positive/ that's your dad's hat? Like super duper totally sure?"
(OOC) Aliella: Sorry if I'm not stringing this together all too well. Some of this is still a little ad-lib.
(OOC) Dream-Daze: You're doing great. :D
(OOC) Aliella takes a sip of energy shot from her flask.
(OOC) Magpie ouchg
(OOC) Magpie cough
(OOC) Aliella: … not gonna lie, that's an impressing typo.
(OOC) Sadaka: that is.
Dreamy shrugs. She's convinced. But then she's easy to convince that any adventure is a worthwhile adventure. Isn't that what Daring would Do? The little unicorn climbs up onto the table, perching next to Sadaka, because… She's totally in. Yup.
(OOC) Aliella: *impressive
(OOC) Magpie: I got my right and left hands out of sync, I guess.
(OOC) Magpie: It's all the right letters just the left hand ones are in the wrong places.
(OOC) Pumpkin knows that one. Gets it when transcribing sometimes.
Sadaka nods. "If she says it's her papa's hat, it must be her papa's hat." She has no doubt in her mind that she'd recognize anything of her papa's, after all!
"How far into the forest are we going?" asks Tale Chaser. "S'kinda dangerous up there. Do we need warm clothes and snacks n'stuff?" He turns and roots around in one of his bookbags. "I got some biscuits, but that's not really… they're not gonna last for like a.. like a BIG adventure."
(OOC) Sadaka: yeah, I've doen that too, get typing too fast and 'what word did I just make how did I do that'
Pumpkin says "If it's snacks we need ah bet mah ma'n pa would let us rummage the pantry some: they're always neighborly about this kind of thing. Just mind you stay away from the shed: mah brothers are at it again."
Aliella only shrugs at Tale's question. "I, uh… I dunno. I mean, we're not going now. We gotta get some stuff together, like food and supplies!" A grin is thrown towards Pumkin. "That would be great! Now, uh… We're also gonna need some explorin' stuff. Maybe some'n to sleep in. Oh, and does anyone know how to make a fire with sticks and stones?"
(OOC) Pumpkin: This is Horseshoe Harbor. We know how to make a fire with mud.
(OOC) Magpie cackles
(OOC) Sadaka: it's a town skill.
(OOC) Dream-Daze: We have mastered the art of making things spontaneously combust.
Magpie glances sideways at Tale Chaser. "I guess I'll go with you. I mean, uh… just in case you need some muscle." She stands up real straight.
Tale-Chaser's cheeks flush, and he nods a little with a slight smile. "Thanks…" He shuffles about, and turns towards Quintessent Rune. "Miss Rune, do you have any cool enchanted things you think would help? Like a… like lights?"
Magpie says "…or father detectors?"
Pumpkin blinks. "Do they make those?"
Aliella gasps. "Can ya? That'd be so cool!"
(OOC) Aliella: Spotlight -> Rune
Magpie shrugs? " 's worth a shot."
Quintessent-Rune glanced down at Magpie and Tale Chaser, the corner of her mouth tweaking up ever so slightly… Sure, Magpie. Turning back to the conversation at hand though, she spoke up. "I supose I could look into, perhaps, providing some assistance during a trip to the forest. Yes, I do know a few variations of light runes, and I've been studying up on thermal rune structures as well - so covering from the cold might also be a possiblity."
She glanced down at Magepie again. "As for a enchantment of that nature, there are several tracking enchantments though they typicaly requires either a marker on the object - or pony - you wish to discover or to employ a thaumicly braided set of locators set around the perimiter of the area you wish to search which, in this case the forest, might become difficult due to sice."
Quintessent-Rune stood silent for a moment before raising a hoof, waggling it a bit uncertainly. "And besides, I'm not aware of any 'father' detector spells within that cathergory of divination enchantments…"
(OOC) Magpie: Magepie, huh?
(OOC) Magpie has attained vast sorcerous powers!
(OOC) Aliella commissions picture.
(OOC) Pumpkin: Slothpie.
(OOC) Magpie: The worst meal at Tippin's.
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: I'm afraid you'll have to settle with Typopie.
Magpie stares up at Rune. Thaumic… braided… divination… Her eyes cross. Turns to Tale Chaser. "…so! How've you been? Anything interesting happen lately?"
(OOC) Magpie: …Man, do Tippins even EXIST any more? Did I just make a joke that hasn't worked since the 90s?
(OOC) Pumpkin hasn't even heard of Tippin's before.
Pumpkin blinks. Blinks again. "Did anypony understand that?"
Dream-Daze shakes her head, also blinking. Nope!
Aliella trots up to Rune, giving her a strong embrace. "I dunno what a lot of that meant, but I'm sure you'll do the best you can. Thank you so much for coming along!" Looking back in the direction of the forest, she turns back to address the group. "Now, we don't know how deep into the forest he is, or where, so we'll have to look for some clues, like the leaves on this hat!"
Sadaka stares over at Rune quizzically for a moment, then glances down at Pumpkin. "…Uh-uh." She clears her throat. "But, um… lights are good!"
(OOC) Magpie: Crud. It was a restaurant chain known for its pies.
Tale-Chaser scratches the back of his head. He understood that, but, um. He shuffles for a moment, then turns to smile a bit to Magpie, his blush returning, deeper this time. "Er, uh. N-nothing, I haven't met anypony or anything. I, um, lost my, lost my glasses last night but I f… found them…" He pauses, the points at his glasses. "Like that."
(OOC) Pumpkin does like pie.
Oh look. Subtle mouth quirka quirking, barely trembling ear twitc, tiny muzzle wrinkle and a barely contained facehoof. On top of that Quintessent-Rune stiffeled a groan. "Of course… But yes, I shall endevour to be of assistance," becaus if I don't and something happens your respective parrents will no doubt wind up furious at me. Though she never got as far as to saying that.
Magpie blinks at Tale Chaser. "But what about —" Wait. Seriously? He seriously didn't recognize her? "…Oh… I see. I'm glad you, uh… found 'em. That would've been awful if you had lost your glasses and couldn't find them and you needed a superhero to get them back for you." Nodnod. Magpie is subtle.
Pumpkin continues to blink. She's now scuffing her hoof in the dirt, drawing little patterns as a way to help herself think. "…carry th' four…"
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune is really curious as to what Magpie and Tale Chaser have been up to now.
(OOC) Magpie: I'm gonna post the log soonish.
(OOC) Magpie: I meant to do it earlier but I got really sleepy.
(OOC) Pumpkin fuzzles Magpie.
Tale-Chaser flushes hotly and scoots back a few steps. "S-superhero? Who said anythin about a superhero?" he says, voice subtly rising in pitch. "They were just in the street and I had, uh, dropped them, and I didn't see them until I found them an' then I put them back on…" He squirms his way back into the group and coughs. "So, um. Adventure, yeah…"
Sadaka nods, looking over at Aliella. "I know how to look for clues." She reads Encyclopedia Brumby. He always makes it look easy! "And, um, we've got someplace to start! So I'll bet we find him in no time."
Aliella perks up. "Great! Let's meet up some time later and try'ta investigate." Her smile widens as she looks about once more. "Thank you all for coming! It means a lot to me!" A tear forms in her eye as she continues. "And thank you so much for caring!"
Dream-Daze starts bouncing. Yeah! She pops up an image of a bunch of foals with magnifying glasses in the forest. They'll find all the clues and the father too!
Magpie glances at Tale Chaser. Hmmm. This could be fun. She sneaks one of the pith helmets off the desk and settles it on her head. "Right! I'm all ready for adventure!"
You aren't carrying anything.
You have 10014 bits.
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Pumpkin hops. "Ah'm ready when everypony else is!"
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Quintessent-Rune blinked, once, and looked down at Aliella a tad bit startled. After a moment though she reached out, ruffling the un-winged zebra filly's mane. "Um… Certainly? It is important to you, and it would be particularly honnorable to deny your request for aid." The corner of Quintessent's mouth tweaked up ever so slightly into a genuine smile.
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Sadaka nods and smiles, looking a bit excited. This is going pretty well! They've got a proper Papa-finding squad here! "So we all should gather supplies, an' food, an' stuff, and then we can go and start looking!" She smiles over at Aliella. "And then we'll bring your papa home again."
(OOC) Pumpkin: And they were never seen again o/‘
(OOC) Sadaka elbows Pumpkin.
(OOC) Magpie: In my case, that’s intentional, though.
Tale-Chaser glances guiltily towards Magpie, then to Aliella. Aww. She looks so touched. He relaxes somewhat, and smiles a bit more easily. "We're, um. We're happy to help," he says, before turning towards Magpie. She looks nice in the hat. Maybe not as nice as she did in a floatie, but, he's not about to say that. "I'll start getting ready, I guess. Get some more biscuits, that kinda thing."
(OOC) Aliella: Hmm. Does it seem appropriate to wrap up here?
(OOC) Aliella: I think this scene has served its purpose.
Dreamy hops off the table, already making a mental checklist. Like, literally, a thoughtbubble of a checklist filling up with items she plans to take along if she can fit'em all in a pack. This is gonna be awesome~