And Now A Word From Our Sponsors
IC date:
OOC date: October 6th
GM: Applejack

And now, a word from a sponsor.

The scene opens on a laboratory setting. Lots of panels of blinking lights, computer monitors, and a couple desks of chemicals, beakers, etc. Applejack stares at the camera, looking quite out of place in a fancy brain setting, not to mention confused about something going on just off-screen. She squints, and speaks as though she's reading off of a cue card. "Have you ever stopped and thought, 'Gee, I sure wonder what it would'a been like if I'd gone to school instead of dropped out to join the circus?'" Her face scrunches up, "Really? Ponies really still do that?"

Something off-camera makes AJ start. "Ah! Oh right…" She clears her throat and resumes her 'speech'. "Well today you can. Note, look at the camera and smile." She blinks, blushes, and grins sheepishly at the camera. Another cough, "Today the miracles of modern science have made a breakthrough. Today you can peek into another world and see for yourself what could have been. Note, walk…" She stops herself this time, coughs against a hoof, and then the farm pony rolls her eyes, walking across the lab.

The camera follows, panning to the view of a pair of tube-like chambers, both of them open, with a small computer bank between them, in front of which stands Fluttershy in a labcoat and goggles. When the camera has her in view, she immediately blushes and shrinks back against the computers. Applejack stops just to the left, and somewhat center of Fluttershy, gesturing a hoof vaguely back behind her.

"This, fillies and gentlecolts, is the Port-O-Matic Two-Thousand and Ten. A true miracle of modern science." Another roll of her eyes. "This machine allows us to visit other realities. Just step into this chamber here." A hoof is gestured towards the chamber on the ri…left. Switched to the left really quickly. "And when you're ready to come back, you appear here." the right-hoof chamber is gestured at. "It's simple as that. Just watch."

Two more ponies walk in from off-screen. Rather, Pinkie Pie walks on-screen, carrying a hogtied and gagged, and thoroughly unhappy-looking Trixie on her back. Applejack gives the camera another one of those cheesyish grins as Pinkie bucks up and tosses Trixie into the left empty chamber, turning right around and prancing back off-camera.

"In just a moment, the miracle of science will teleport our happy volunteer off into the unknown of another reality, and then bring her back ten seconds later." Applejack continues in that choppy reading voice. "Don't worry, this is completely safe. Please emphasize the words completely safe." She grimaces. "Couldn't y'all have just given me a script instead? Geez…" She hangs her head, glancing towards Fluttershy. "Hit the switch."

Fluttershy, still blushing horribly because, camera. She turns away from the evil camera eye and pushes up a switch! The sound of whining machinery comes through, Applejack looking back to the camera with a nervous grin. A blue light fills the left chamber, Trixie in the chamber trying to flail, or bounce her way out. She almost makes it too, getting to the edge of the chamber when FWOOM! Smoke suddenly fills the chamber, spilling out into the lab!

"Uh… Just uh… A technicolor difficulty." Applejack says, taking her hat off to blow some of the smoke away! Fluttershy's already hidden herself underneath the computer bank. Pinkie Pie arrives from off-screen with a fire extinguisher, giving the smoking equipment a good spraydown! When she's done, she drops the extinguisher, waves at the camera, and bounces off again.

Just then, the right-side chamber lights up. The same blue glow fills it, but this time there's no smoke. There is another FWOOM sound though, and Trixie reappears! In zebra stripes of black alternating with her original pelt color of blue. She looks a little frizzed out too. Applejack blinks, eyes looking at the camera, then at Trixie. One more sheepish grin is given the camera. "See? Perfectly safe. Order yours today from Flutterco!"

Fade to black! And now, back to our show!