An Energetic Welcome
IC date: Autumn 7, 1007
OOC date: September 26, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Rising-Chaos, Sky-Sparkler, Windrose, Pagewise
NPCs: None
GM: None

Queue Super Action Pony! For some odd reason Ruby seems to on the receiving end of abuse these past few weeks - the small mare was rapidly trotting down Main Street from Celestia-knows-where. She skids and slides while making a particularly sharp corner before scrambling to proceed! She skids and spins before stopping to stare at an unfamiliar mare!

From down a side street comes a young filly with her wagon. Rising Chaos is doing her best, but her little filly body is having some troubles pulling a load of rocks and books. Still, she's wearing a smile. Today has been a good day, her house is all cleaned up, and while she may not have lab equipment, she at least has an assistant still. She's pretty sure at least, things have been a little
crazy. She spots Ruby in the square and speeds up ever so slightly. She gives a little wave, then spots a pony she's never seen before. An adult as well, she unhitches from her wagon and trots over to get a better look.

Pagewise has been sitting next to the Town Square fountain trying to figure out what to do next. She finally found Horseshoe Harbor (which was not so much 'difficult to find' as an adventure getting there at all) and was just now realizing that she had never been told who to talk to once she arrived.

Sky Sparkler has been running herself hard recently, what with being one of the few residents of Horseshoe Harbor to not be youthed by the curse that's been going around. This is shown in her poofed out hair as static buildup turns her into a puffball. She's helping Rising Chaos with the cart when she sees another new arrival at the fountain. "Hello there," she says, her normal energy dampened.

Suddenly Page is being looked-over by two foals! Ruby offers a friendly wave to Rising before piping up and addressing Page! "Hi there! I'm Ruby, what's your name? You're oooobviously new here so I thought I'd say hello. What brought you here? Are you planning on sticking around? Did you come alone, or with an evil army? Should we be friends or rivals? Or…"

Windrose is trailing Rising-Chaos and her wagon, lagging behind because she stops every so often so she can jot on the paper pad strapped to a foreleg with the pencil in her mouth. Said jottings make a vaguely-familiar start of the layout of Horseshoe Harbor, which she is making because working on one of her maps is enough of a familiarity to keep her from stressing out over the whole 'almost-everypony-else-being-a-foal' thing right now. Because she's paying more attention to her 'work', she doesn't even notice the newcomer yet.

Rising Chaos trots up to the new pony. "Hi there, I'm Rising Chaos, what's your name?" she asks with that directness that is so common amongst foals. A new pony in town is always of some interest and, if they haven't been infected by the foal thingy, then maybe Chaos should take her home. She seems to be collecting new ponies, after all. "I'm a researcher, what do you do?"

Sky let her boss, Rising Chaos, handle the introductions so far. She does study Page briefly before speaking up. "New in town?" she deduces. "I'm Sky Sparkler, weather pony and research assistant."

Windrose finally catches up to everypony else and notices they're talking to someone other than her. "Huh?" She leans past them for a closer look herself. "… Another new pony?" She promptly sits on her haunches to do a hoof-pump with one foreleg. "Yes! Not the newbie in town anymore!"

The two foals took Pagewise out of her thoughts and she started to smile as the first, Ruby, started firing questions off left, right, and center. It would have taken Pagewise a moment to register and organize the answers if several other ponies hadn't also taken an interest in her at the same time and
added their own inquiries to the pile. "I'm Pagewise," the unicorn started before Sky Sparkler added her introduction to the mix. "Yes, I am new…I am looking for…" Where should she start her assignment? "…a library?"

Ruby Blossom suddenly pounces Rising in a very playful taggle (tackle-hug!). "I asked first, copy cat!" It's really much more of an aggressive hug than anything - managing to destroy any semblance of maturity the other foal has! She looks up from where she playfully pins Rising so she can steal more attention - after all she asked first! "Honestly, most of Main Street burnt to the ground. So if we had a library, it's certainly not there." she looks down at her 'captive'. "That reminds, I need Magic Ponie's help once we're not foals anymore.”

(OOC) Pagewise: what's this about everyone being foals?
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: pretty much everyone except Sky and Windrose are foals
(OOC) Pagewise: How? What happened?
(OOC) Sky-Sparkler: Some people suspect poison joke, others a curse.
(OOC) Sky-Sparkler is ICly half-convinced that it's not the ponies in this town that are crazy, it's
the town itself.
(OOC) Sky-Sparkler: The /real/ truth is that trixter gods from beyond the Delta Barrier amuse
themselves by playing games with this town.
(OOC) Windrose would get behind that theory

Windrose just rolls her eyes a bit as Rising and Ruby get into a wrestling match over who gets to interview/harass the newcomer. "Don't mind them, they're kinda not themselves." She then bows her head to the new pony. "I'm Windrose."

Rising Chaos snuggles Rose in return, trying to get to her hooves in the mean time. "Hey! I was just trying to be nice, meanie." Her smile belies her seriousness though, and she chuckles. She pauses to look up at Pagewise. "If you're looking for a library I probably have one of the biggest in town,
and the bonus is I have a stone house, less chance of it burning down. Why do you need the library?" She turns back to Ruby and gives her a little nuzzle. "And I'd be happy to help you any time."

No library? "Oh." Pagewise's ear twitches, both at the news and at Ruby's comment. When they aren't foals anymore? Another pony introduces herself. Pagewise notes to her chagrin that she has already forgotten who introduced themselves and what their names were, save for Ruby, whose eyes were
immediately linked with the name. Let's start with this last mare, thinks Pagewise. "It is nice to meet you, Windrose," she says with a polite nod to the mare before turning attention to Rising Chaos (and the rising chaos…). "Why do I need a library?" Page repeats. "I…I suppose I don't need to go there first, but I will soon." Flustered, she pulls a piece of paper from her saddlebags and glances at it. "Right. I need a place to stay. Is there an inn?"

"THE BED IS STILL MINE!" Windrose belts out for likely no apparent reason to the newcomer. Though, really, she's laying claim on the expectation Rising is going to offer to take in another newcomer, and after the first night on the couch which does -not- agree with wings well, she's keeping her stake on that mattress, hooves down.

Ruby Blossom pipes up loudly. "I'm actually not a foal but I think foals are just *awesome*, I really want one of my own but eeeeverypony seems to be well-taken care of." Her manner of speech is certainly immature at the moment – which, along with heightened energy is a side-effect of foalification. She beams adorably at Page before suddenly hugging her, big, ruby-red eyes obscuring the mare's view from everything else for a brief moment "Pleasure to meet you." She hops down to the ground then hugs Rising again, and finally Windrose, but only after giving a curious sniff to ensure her previous dip in the fountain didn't leave any lingering scents.

Windrose scrubbed for a good hour or more after getting to Rising's place that night!

Rising Chaos perks up when Page mentions needing a place to stay. "You could come stay with me, I'm sure there's still room." She gives Page a big grin, but flinches when Windrose has her outburst. She turns around. "Of course the mattress is yours, silly, you have seniority!" She's taken down by another hug from the ever-enthusiastic Ruby, then struggles to her feet after she moves on. With a feeling of foalish goodwill, she takes her turn to hug Pagewise.

The hugs take Pagewise by surprise, as everything else here has so far. Small towns were something new to her, or was it just this one that acted this way? "Oh. Alright…how much will it be?" she asks Rising.

Windrose whews. Really, she'd just get her own cloud cottage or such built, but all the construction-capable pegasi are -also- stuck as foals right now, and that's a bit beyond her capacity with clouds. She took flight navigation courses in school at Cloudsdale, not cloud architecture. She grins a bit at Pagewise. "Don't worry, the couch isn't -that- uncomfortable." She flares her wings out. "But having to sleep on top of these to fit is."

Rising Chaos lets go of Page and takes a step back, cocking her head in confusion. "How much? I never though of charging rent before. I always figured it was free until you guys got on your feet around town." She chuckles to herself. "I guess I could always put you layabouts to work." A devilish grin spreads across her face. Get some labor for free! Guest slave labor!

A couch…no privacy. And probably not very quiet, either. But it was free…"I shouldn't be too long," said Pagewise with a tentative smile. "Thank you."

Windrose's ears flick back a bit at Rising's idea. "You wouldn't want to chase your new guests off now, would you, Rising?" she replies at the foaled researcher with her what's-becoming-common-lately deadpan tone. This town was crazy or something. "Besides!" She holds up the foreleg with the half-done map pad strapped to it. "I'm already mapping the town for when this insanity is over and main street can be rebuilt."

Rising Chaos turns to Windrose and hits her with a flying hug. "Of course not! Having you guys sleep over is the best!" She takes a look at the map. "On that note, I was wondering if you could do a map of the forest for me, from up high. I'm going to have to go in there soon, want to be as prepared as
possible." She gives a shudder at the mention of the forest – she's spent one night in there alone. Never again. Rising reiterates her question to Page "You never answered my question. What is your job, miss?"

Windrose “oof”s as she's tackled…though she is bigger than the currently-a-foal Chaos and the sound is all she gets out of the tackling hug. "The forest? Yeah, that would be easier to do from the air than walking through it. Is there something particular in the forest you're looking for?"

Pagewise's smile stays, slowly becoming more at ease as she watches Rising assault Windrose with hugs. "I am a librarian's apprentice and research assistant on assignment. I am collecting stories and folk tales for a book."

Rising Chaos turns back to Windrose to answer her question. "I just need a map, if you can, I need it running south and hugging the mountains as far as you can." As Pagewise finally mentions her profession, Chaos visibly gets excited, starting to hop from hoof to hoof. "A research assistant! I'm a researcher! You could help me while you do your work, it's perfect." Chaos starts dancing around, entertaining dreams of leading a research team of confident, smart, good-looking ponies and ordering them around a high-tech lab…forgetting that almost all of her lab equipment is destroyed and she hasn't even put her current lab assistant to good use yet.

Windrose smirks a bit when Pagewise explains her profession. "Well! Sounds like you two have plenty to talk about then." She spreads her wings and, with a firm flap, hoists herself into the air. "I'm gonna get an aerial view of the town for this project and go about making a pass over the forest tomorrow.
South, as close to the mountains for as far as possible, got it." The pegasus does a half-twirl midair and flaps off. "I'll see you back at the house later, Chaos."

A researcher? But Rising was just a filly, wasn't she? Pagewise thinks back to when Ruby claimed she wasn't really a child, then realizes that Windrose and Sky Sparkler have been the only two adult ponies she has seen in town so far. So, maybe… "Oh…what do you research?" Pagewise replies, deciding to at least humor the filly if it turns out to be a child's overactive imagination. As Windrose takes off, Pagewise gave the pegasus a smile and waves farewell.

Rising Chaos waves goodbye to her friend Windrose. "See you later then!" she calls out to the flying pegasus until she's out of sight. Rising turns back to Pagewise as she begins to speak. Chaos isn't stupid, she recognizes the look of disbelief on Page's face about her claims to being a researcher. "I am a graduate of Canterlot University on a research project to study the extreme build-up of life magic in the Horshoe Harbor area." Her gaze is carefully blank, her old smile gone. Of course, she doesn't think to explain the situation.

Pagewise blinks at the suddenly very serious look on the unicorn foal, but more at the sudden shift in Rising Chaos' manner speech. "I apologize," she says slowly. "I am not much of a scientific researcher, but if I can find information for you, I will do my best."

The frown on Rising's face disappears in no time at all. "No problem, I guess I don't look like a Canterlot graduate in my current state." She inspects herself and giggles. "I'd sure appreciate the help, I collect a lot of written notes, you could help me study them." An idea occurs to her. "That can be how you pay me! Follow me, I'll show you my house." She trots off towards the outskirts of town.

Pagewise watches the little one walk away, then finally just shakes her head and follows. Maybe she could write another book about what happens here when this assignment was over?

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(OOC) Pagewise: Sure : )

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