An Average Spring Day
IC date: Spring 17
OOC date: April 7
Location: Outskirts of Town
PCs: Whistlestop Skyflower Magpie Straylight

Spring! Even the word feels magical. The world is alive and blooming and there are birds singing in the trees and bunnies and wonderful things and Skyflower has a stallion and he's kind and charming and sweet and wonderful and YES EVERYTHING IS AMAZING!
That is to say, Skyflower is in a good mood. But she is a perfect lady and would never dream of letting her enthusiasm become untoward and is instead channeling her enthusiasm into a project out behind the pharmacy today! Look! Paper tubes and god-awful smelling chemicals!

"Oh no oh no oh no!" Thundering hoofsteps. Who could that herald but Whistlestop (or Winter or Solar but who's counting) as he runs through the cobbled pathways along the outskirts. "Come back! No! Bad! Please, doggy, come back!!" Trailing from his mouth and whipping in the wind is a leash, and connected collar, but no connected dog. "DOGGYYYYY!"

"Augh!" A foalish voice comes from around the corner. "What IS that?! Did a moose get sick back here?!" A black and white face peeks out at the makeshift laboratory. "Is it a moose? It's a moose, right?" The rest of Magpie jitters out from behind the cover of the building due to the most common geological event in Horseshoe Harbot, an upset Whistlestop.
Or a happy Whistlestop. Or a— y'know what? Just 'a Whistlestop'.

Oh dear. Skyflower is entirely familiar with that sound by now. "Whistlestop, silly darling! Come here and let me help you!" She's wondering where exactly Whistlestop found a dog, but one thing at a time. She looks up from her work towards Magpie and offers the filly a broad smile. "What you smell is art, dear! The smell of gunpowder and acids and beauty!"

Magpie looks around at the beauty, which is currently causing the neighbors to slam their windows shut against the gorgeous spring day. "It looks like alchemy and smells like a backed up drain. What are you DOING?" Against all logic, she comes /towards/ the nasal horror. Her pet gecko, Sticky, bails off her horn and scrambles straight up the side of the building in search of cleaner air higher up.

"DOOOOGGGYYYYYYY!" bellows Whistlestop, making a few windows shake as he bounds along in the distance. A small white puppy races for Skyflower and Magpie, zipping between their hooves with a whimper before hiding behind them. Whistlestop, oblivious, runs past. "Doggy, where'd you go?!"

"You! You are a bad dog! I was enjoying that!"
A gryphon swoops down from above, picking up the puppy by the scruff and giving it a very stern look and a light shake. "What do you have to say for yourself? And give me back my snack!"

"Why dear, all beauty is pain. You'll understand when you get older, trust me. I'm making fireworks, you see. But the chemicals, well," Skyflower says with a sigh, "they're not exactly safe to breathe, and so I need to do it somewhere well-ventilated." She shifts out of the way of the little puppy and then lets out a little yelp of dismay when the griffon comes down to swoop it up. "Well! I never! And who are you, aside from someone who should learn some manners?"

"Doggy! Doggy!!!" Sadly, Whistlestop rolls to a stop, ears all a-droop. He turns and plods toward Skyflower's shop, sniff sniff sniffling. "Awww… poor little doggy is all lost now," he sighs. Just as he goes to knock on the door, however, he hears Skyflower in distress!

Magpie 's eyes widen in horror. "No! WHISTLESTOP! DON'T HELP US! STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Auuugh!" She panics and runs for it.

The gryphon glares at the dog again before noticing that she is being accosted by the unicorn. "Hm? Oh! Hello! I'm Straylight." She gives a small bow — funny, with the way she's still holding the white puppy. "This canine miscreant stole my snack and…"
Her eyes widen as she sees the incoming pegasus. A panicked glance behind at the smelly would-be fireworks, and then she flaps up and and out of the way — holding the puppy protectively now.

Skyflower's eyes widen and she stands protectively in front of her workbench. "D-darling, no, that's really not necessary! Everything's all right, lamb, only PLEASE DEAR CELESTIA SLOW DOWN!"

"I AM COMING TO THE RESCUUUUUUE!!!!!!" bellows Whistlestop, as he sucks in breath and puffs out his chest, eyes narrowing in concentration. He CRASHES into the workbench and grabs it in his teeth, sending it flying up toward poor Straylight. "YOU WILL LEAVE MY SKYFLOWER ALONE!" he shouts — and then he spies the puppy and he gasps in horror. "YOU TOOK THE PUPPY!!"

Straylight lacks experience dodging thrown tables. She is clipped by it, and flaps wildly, trying to remain aloft and get her balance back. The fireworks ingredients, swatted aside by her wings, go all over the place. And so does the puppy, towards a nicely placed heap of straw.

Skyflower's jaw drops as her work goes flying through the air. "Oh dear. Magpie, little one? Do please duck." She throws herself behind Whistlestop just in time for a loud BANG and a smoky, cartoonish explosion.

Magpie dives in slow motion as the table explodes behind her. She hits the ground and slides a foot or so, smoking fragments of table plinking down around her.

Whistlestop skids and blinks, as it becomes apparent to him that there is suddenly a lot of chaos. And a loud bang, right in his face, causing his hair to blow back and his face to blacken comically. He blinks a few times.
"…Well that is not what I expected to happen," he comments, perhaps more reasonably than he ought.

Straylight shakes her head as her ears stop ringing. She looks down and gawks. Oh dear. Property damage. She looks about frantically and then points at the hapless puppy in the straw. "Bad dog! This is all your fault!"

Magpie peeps out from under a hoof. She springs to her feet and stomps up to the giant doofus. "What's wrong with you?!" she shouts at him. "You coulda killed us all!" She kicks him firmly in the ankle. "Bad pony! This is all your fault!"

Skyflower says "Magpie! I understand that you are upset but that is no way to behave! Whistlestop meant well," she says, with a bit of an earflick: she loves him but she recognizes his fundamental haplessness at times, "and does not deserve that sort of treatment. Nopony was harmed and so everyone should calm down. And that means you as well, madame," she says of the griffon. To Whistlestop she offers a brief nuzzle. "Darling lamb, I need you to plase be careful with my work-things. They're quite fragile and, I'm afraid, often quite destructive if mishandled. I wouldn't want to be responsible for any more explosions.""

Whistlestop blinks a little bit…and droops, ears flattening. Magpie's kick hardly felt like much to the enormous oaf, but her words sting. "I am sorry…" he mumbles. "I will be a good pony. I am sorry, Catbird. I did not mean to hurt you. I am sorry, Skyflower. I did not mean to break your things." He shuffles a little. "I was just looking for the doggy I was walking for Mister Candlewax, and it got away and I am sorry. I will be a good boy!"

The dog, meanwhile, just pants and stares at Straylight, uncomprehending of the scolding. Its ears perk and its head tilts. Treat? :D

Straylight dares to land nearby since there is a lack of explosions now. She sneezes lightly at the drifting smoke, then nods. "Fair enough. I heard things like that happen often here but didn't believe until now." She sticks her tongue out in puppy's direction. "You already stole my perfect drumstick, you glutton." She gives Whistlestop a grudging smile. "I am sure you are a good dog. I mean, a good colt!"

Whistlestop's lip trembles, and despite the fact that he's well over three times the size of a normal stallion, he seems terribly childlike. "I…I AM GOING TO TAKE MISTER CANDLEWAX HIS PUPPY," he says loudly, grabbing the dog by its scruff and backing up. "Srry srry mmf," he says around the creature, as he backs up and then turns to run, THUD THUD THUDing his way away from the gathered ponies.

Magpie gives Skyflower a truculent glare and grumps, "Well he DID almost blow me up." But she turns to the big pony and starts to say, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry—" But he's not there, and she finds herself vibrating into Skyflower's side. "Uh… I'll… I'll tell him later."

Skyflower tussles the filly's mane. "It's all right. He's just very sensitive." She sighs. "Poor lamb."

Magpie gives a piercing whistle and runs to the side of the building. She rears up on her hind hooves, and a tiny green form drops from above right onto her horn.
Magpie gallops away.

(OOC) Skyflower: Sticky has the best mode of transit.