An Anonymous Invitation Ignored
IC date: autumn 86
OOC date: 14/12/12
PCs: Rising-Chaos
GM: None

All days must, at some time, come to an end. Thus, in a little house near the outskirts of town, the lights are dimming as Rising Chaos' day comes to an end as she gets home. She walks in the door, stomps the snow off her hooves and hangs up the coat Zypher gave her. As well as putting away her saddlebags. She moves into the sitting room and lounges on her favourite chair. She's had a tiring, long day, it's time to relax.

Which, of course, would be allowed for any other pony. But no, circumstances must -always- conspire against poor Rising. Circumstances, in this case, being a rustling at the front door, followed by a rapid, but brief, pounding of hooves on the wood.

Rising-Chaos sighs, she really hoped that at least once today she could have peace. Apparently not. For a moment she seems reluctant to relinquish her comfy chair. Eventually though, she gets up. Slowly she walks to the door, and opens it.

The street outside is empty, with no hoofprints leading up to the door but Rising's, from earlier. Though, somepony -had- been standing there. … And at the unicorn's hooves? A folded piece of paper, with 'RC' scribbled on the top.

Rising-Chaos isn't terribly surprised by the lack of a pony at her door. Some days, nothing surprises her. She bends and picks the letter up with her teeth, her magic being nearly exhausted for today. She brings it back inside, closing and locking the door firmly. Once back in position on her chair, she opens the letter.

The note looks to be penned from Rising's ex-assistant's mouth. It's relatively neat writing, considering it wasn't done by a unicorn. It reads:

Horde of elementals in and around town square. Snowstorms can also become elementals- very large and strong, but acts like a dog. Can be destroyed by magic. Horde chased off temp. Meet 'Mr Adventure' and 'The Professor' at schoolhouse if interested in countermeasures. Time of meet uncertain- Pack lunch.

The note is left unsigned, but… it's probably not necessary for it to have been.

Rising-Chaos reads over it, unimpressed. At that very moment, the first magical shockwave ripples through town. Chaos actually laughs out loud. "Well well, if these mystery ponies think I will walk in what could very be a trap. Especially in lieu of investigating THAT, they're wrong." She tosses the note aside,uncaring. "I'll pack a lunch alright, but I'm figuring this one out on my own. " Chaos likes to talk to herself, it makes the house a bit less empty.

Rising-Chaos chaos gets up form her chair slowly. "Perhaps I can do most of my chores tomorrow, today has been draining." She jots down a few notes on a pad of paper for that very purpose. Then, she climbs the stairs towards her bedroom, tomorrow will be an interesting day.

Outside, a certain blue pegasus loiters nearby, around the corner and out of sight, though not out of earshot. But, with no Rising coming back out to demand further explanations or… well, anything, there's no reason to stick around. After waiting for a few minutes, Stormdancer flits off silently towards the forest.