An Angry Will
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PCs: Plot-Twist
NPCs: Nightmare's Will
GM: Gamble

Some time after a very much failed attempt to re-capture some lost prisoners, a little outpost of ponies nestled between the edges of the Wintersong Forest and White Saddle Mountains is in something of an uproar.

It's not much of an outpost. A collection of tents, a makeshift prison in the center, lots of barb wire… One doesn't need a lot of aerial defenses when flying creatures are largely on your side, right? Right now though, things are somewhat wrecked, the various Shadowbolts and assorted maintenance ponies under Nightmare Moon's employ are bustling about to fix tents, get the jail back up to snuff, and otherwise get the outpost up to order again.

They have good reason to. Aside from the fact that having a broken outpost just sucks, it seems that one of the highest generals of Nightmare Moon's army has decided to grace this outpost with her presence. Nightmare's Will is what she's known as, or just 'Will' most of the time, and currently she's perched atop her trusty dragon steed, a purple and green-scaled towering winged beast of dread and doom…

They watch as the efforts to rebuild the outpost continue. They watch from a nearby cliff edge, looming like some deranged gargoyle, glaring darkly into the outpost from above. Frowning… Thoughtful… And quite upset.

Some how Plot Twist managed to find time in all that to get to a medic eat and presumably sleep. Though if you asked any of the bolts that are zipping about Captain Twist does not sleep, her ever watchful eye is on all the shifts and still manages to take the defeat out on a green recrute here or there. The time has come how ever to report back to the general.

"Mlady." The Captain's voice is much more herself this time, cold collected, boyish kind of thing that suits her un-marish sensibilities just fine. It sure seem to work on her men just fine. "Reports are in, no casualties, Sergeant Rainy Days has a fee broken limbs and a punctured lung. Lacerations from the sun-worshipers wing blades … damage to the camp is mostly superficial though." years of this has her almost used to reporting to ponies that could break her with a word, and she may not show it outwardly but she is afraid.

The dragon had been crouched. Eyes closed, snoozing presumably, while his mistress watches from her bejewelled saddle perch on his back. The sound of beating wings causes one of the dragon's eyes to open slowly, watching the approach of the plucky captain. Will, herself, does not bother looking over.

"But no prisoners…" she says, her voice cold and quiet. She's already had her moment of panic. It may have been what caused a certain pony to end up with the aforementioned punctured lung.

"No prisoners. Injured troops. Ghosts. We haven't seen failures like this since… Well, since the pegasi revolution. Before our Queen stepped in. We don't want that to have to happen again. The Queen does not like to be disturbed by anything, let alone bad news."

Twist shifts uncomfortably. "I do have the traitor's armor though. With that we should be able to requisition as many troops as we need to make the right statement." the key to any report is to place it in the best light. "I also have information I gained from the prisoners M'lady." on base she has her goggles off her eyes for once, the hood of her uniform pulled back as well showing a rare look at the dusty grey eyes, and even darker purple mane of hers. The scars upon her face are all over but the left side is almost like hamburger and matted fur. "We know the rebels have a base, and are the once that used the magic. We are narrowing the area they could be from based on where the prisoners where found. Being unused to the cold it can not have been far. I'm guessing its underground from the lack of major structures. We will have them within the week minor setbacks aside."

Will breathes out a deep sigh, the breath puffing out in a grey mist from her mouth. The white unicorn turns her head, focusing a radiant pair of blue eyes on her captain, scars and all. She can only stand the sight for a couple seconds, turning away again with a sound of disgust. "Captain… Haven't I told you to keep your face covered around me? You ruin my appetite every time I have to look at that mess."

The dragon snorts, some hint of a smile crossing his features, but it's a short-lived moment of mirth when Will brings a hoof down sharply on the scaley one's back. "I've heard about enough out of you, too. I can't believe we were run off by smoke and mirrors…" Granted, the Windigo sure did look pretty authentic at the time!

A moment of uncomfortable silence passes, Will looking at the tip of her hoof, "You do know I shall have to report what transpired to the Queen, and you /know/ she won't be pleased. About all that armor and information bought you is one more chance to make good on your word. I would suggest doing what you can to make this the shortest, most productive week you've ever had. Or my dear sweet Tom here might get to dine on delectible pegasus-flavored buffalo wings. Do I make myself clear?"

Plot Twists eyes fall in shame at her generals words and she quickly dons her hood. Goggles doing the most to cover her face come next leaving the large line running over her lips. Just before her goggles cover her face she catch's Spikes and gives the mighty dragon a look of sympathy maybe even understanding? "S-sorry M'lady." she manages to get out, face bowed she tries not to make any more eye contact. "All I ask we … delay the information so she can have the full scope of what is going on. We don't want an … unseemly report?" its a last ditch effort to minimize the damage to her men and anyone else who is in reach of the queen when she is told. "The most important thing is we know what they can do. Illusions, aerial support, and they have a good amount of magic. Nothing we haven't put down in the past." she gives a salute to her general hoping in all mercy it leaves her in a living state. The mission is doomed if she gets nixed.

"That's just it, my dear scarred captain." Will says, turning just enough to see if the hood is in place. Satisfied that it is, she turns fully to regard her Shadowbolt leader. "I can't delay for too long. The Queen may already know. You know how far her ears stretch. The very shadows could be whispering to her right now."

She sits up, this sparkling beauty of a unicorn, smoothing her outfit out. "But… I also believe that the Queen would be lenient if results are had. So I will refrain from mentioning the horrible failures, and report only that we have information. That will buy you enough time to do a full search of the area. After that, it's all up to the Queen's whim."

Not even the captain can help but look up in wonder at the beauty of her general. As terrible as she is she is unequivocally a sight to behold. There is a metal command somewhere through the control that causes her to adjust her own uniform into place. "You are her Will and we are her shadows." Plot Twist gives a deep bow "And her will, will be done." standing straight she salutes. "Can I do anything else for you M'lady before I scramble the 'Bolts?"

Will regards the deep bow with a superior sneer, the expression melting back to her mask of calm neutrality she had worn before. Playing the part of a Top General is hard work sometimes! "Yes. You can make sure there's a hot bath waiting for me in my tent. If I'm going to delay the report to the Queen, I may as well stick around here an extra day or two." Nightmare's Will looks away, down into the camp again, a hoof casually stroking down the back of her dragon's spine. "…You can also make sure Tom is well fed. Unless you wish to see what a cranky dragon does when surrounded by mountains of tasty creatures."

The captain gives another salute and turns on her heel, her voice turns to her authoritative yell that makes drill sergeants drop horse apples. "ALL RIGHT MAGITS!" The whole base comes to attention. "Wings three and five scramble for search patterens their prints should be as plain as day. The nightmare want those rebbles yesterday GO GO GO!" Her tail makes a whip noise and roughly twenty bolts take to the air. "The general needs a bath Private Green's you have peticure duty since you can't seem to keep keys on your belt and then you get the shovel the dragon apples MOVE!"

Hardly more than an hour later, Nightmare's Will is enjoying a relaxing soak in her tent. Tom, her dragon, is outside, curled up next to said General's Tent, apparently once again napping. This dragon seems to take a lot of naps when he isn't being used to escort the Will of the Queen around!

Plot Twist eyes poor Privet Greens beaten a bit. From his time with the general who knew his failures the day before or form his time trying to move horse hoof he has seen better days. The captain smirks with approval, a good pony almost died from that escape while his dumb plot almost got away with but a bump on the head. Stepping up to the dragon named Tom she sighs. Looking at the meat and odd bits of grain that was given to him as a meal. "Hey bud I … I brought you some'then." reaching into her uniform she pulls out a jewel. Nothing too impressive likely something she stumbled upon in the waists. "You need more than half frozen meat and grass." assuming he is too hard a sleeper she sets in on the jem troth and sets her plot down in the hay bed.

In this day and age it helps to be a light sleeper. 'Tom' is merely napping, so when Plot shows up to offer a potentially tasty treat, one of the dragon's eyes flits open to regard the approaching captain. For the second time in as many hours. He watches the captain, focusing particularly on the gem that ends up produced, his pupil narrowing slightly. He doesn't necessarily move though, until the gem is placed and the pegasus moved away from his food pile. Only then does he grunt a sigh, stretch out, and casually sniff his way to the gem, crunching upon the small, but no doubt tasty thing.

There's something of a pleased rumble from the beast, one eye still fixated on the Captain. Apparently he's pleased with the offering.

Its a weird feeling. The captain gets it now and again when she sees a foal, an odd hesitation and pain in the heart. Though now with Tom she feels she can act on it. Why she sees this monster of a beast as a child she hasn't the foggiest but its cathartic to nurture instead of capture or kill. She reaches up and rubs him right behind the ear scale and smiles, seemingly unworried about how easily he could end her. "Sorry it isn't much but I don't make much on military pay." she chuckles happy to see just how happy the dragon seems to be. "Your different than the other dragons out there Tom. I saw you back there in those ruins. I bet you had those traitors picked out before we even caught on to the trap." she chuckled. "You seen much battle?" she raises an eyebrow, not entirely sure he can talk but knowing enough that he can understand.

Tom answers with a misty snort that puffs up a cloud of snow from the ground. Having finished his crunchy snack, the dragon flumps back down, not quite as curled up as before, since there's an offer of attention being placed against sensitive scales. He doesn't give all that much indication that he understands Plot, but he does seem to be watching her, and not eating her, so that much has to be a plus at least!

Plot Twist just shakes her head in indifeence one way or the other. Either way she is going to keep talking. She does also keep scritching. "Awww bet you have. Too smart not to have." she shrugs with her wings and takes off her goggles and lets down her hood. Its relaxation time, "How messed up is this. Work here all my life and the only one I can get comfortable around is a dragon." chuckling she smiles up at the now once again sleeping dragon. "You know a dragon gave me this." she taps her face. "Let'em loose behind our own lines. Dragon behind us enemy in front. I think they gave me a promotion because I managed to survive it." she chuckles again.

The dragon isn't sleeping! He's watching with one eye. He's just…half-napping, is all. And listening. Can't help but listen, what with the pouring of sentiment and all that. His eye rolls at the 'smart dragon' comment, and squints when the hood is removed. A dragon did that? … It must have been a small dragon. His claws would have taken a pony's head off.

Plot Twist caught that. "It looks like that because it was burnt, slashes are from the rebels" She raises an eyebrow and a smile. "Goes all the way to my mark, burnt half it off. Soppy medic thought it was worth the concentration from her horn to grow my fur over it. Pffft." taking a metal vial from her uniform she takes a slow swig of … cider. Lets call it cider. "Why are you out here? You just happy to get a few .." she gestures to the food in the troth "victuals? Your smarter than that. What is it got you so tied down?" maybe its the cider but she is being extra brave.

Blink. Tom blinks slowly, the question hanging in the air like a heavy cloud. Then the dragon shrugs, lightly, making a small gesture with the tip of his tail towards the General's tent. Where Will has apparently shifted from bathing to sleeping. Lights are off inside, and the only sounds coming out are the muffled noises of a sleepy unicorn. She's the reason he's around…

"Well we are all here because of her." Will's brand of magic the removal of will is likely common knowledge especially to the dragon that transports her. She rubs her temple and takes another drink. She looks up and meets the dragons eyes and considers for a momanet. "Not you though. Your here for her." resting her head against the warm scales of the dragon and closing her eyes. "Not sure if your the luckiest guy I ever met, or the most cursed." she giggles as big as she is she sure is a light drinker.

The dragon rolls his eye again and snorts derisively. One should not mock the motives of dragons! Especially those whom are much bigger than you. …But he doesn't seem too offended. In fact, he seems much more interested in the cider drink, his head tipping somewhat to sniff lightly towards the little metal flask.

"You want a drink?" She raises an eyebrow again hooffing over the bottle to the dragon. "Here I shouldn't drink even if this is my last mission. Keep myself sharp enough I might be able to keep some of my men alive." her eyes fall back to the ground. "Its good stuff. Got it in the griffin wars. Only things other than scars I got from that too." streatching she stands. "Nice talking with you Tom." giving him a pat on the head and a playful nudge with her head. "I'll see if I can't get another gem to you."

Tom actually grins at the mention of another gem, gulping down the bottle, liquid and all, and then favoring the pegasus with a lick. He may be smarter than he looks…but he's gotten pretty good at hiding it from most. Twist gets a gentle nudging from the dragon's snout. Off with her now, before she gets herself in trouble or something.