IC date: DATE
OOC date: 1/29
PCs: Gravity, Queen Pegasus

Rising-Chaos's home, home to ponies, pegasi, unicorns, and Gryphons alike. Today however one Gryphon has found his way into the lower living areas, where he usually tends to the attic and upper territories, today sees him in the main sitting room working to finish a proper 'love-seat' arrangement. It appears that Gravity has some sort of woodworking talent, fine craftsman ship at that, even textile work with fabric, needle and thread, as a logo of a unicorn's Horn, appears on one down-feather cushion, and a logo of a Pegasus wing, appears upon the other cushion. He's just making the finishing touches to this love-seat, There was some noise just this early in the morning, and although he /tries/ to be quiet, there was some noise of a saw and hand sanding, just making the finishing touches unfortunately, would likely wake some-ponies perhaps.

Queen hobbles down the stairs in a three-legged fashion; her poor right front leg an utter mess after putting so much pressure on it night before. "What is this racket?" she scowls then sees the Gryphon. "You don't need to claw around for food. Rising has a kitchen you know."
Gravity 'smiles' up at Queen Pegasus, his version of a smile is odd to pony sense, with a red mohawk forming at the top of his head. "Yes, good morning, and thank you for the suggestion, alas pony food would do me wrong, You surely wouldn't want a sick gryphon up above" he boobs his head, "I apologize for the racket, just finishing up actually" he nods and indicates the love-seat aptly designed for pegasus and unicorn, particularly with a matching color spectrum that of Rising-Chaos, and that of Queen Pegasus respectively. "I actually had some things to ask you" he states
Queen looks definitively irritable this morning as she hobbles over to take a seat in the living room - opting for a location furtherest from the Gryphon as possible. "What?" she asks rather bluntly while eyeing the gryphon and love seat with her single blue eye.

You say "In regards to our mutual friend, Rising-Chaos" he offers, he nods to the love-seat, "This is of course for the both of you, this room needed something more than just a single chair and that couch" he indicates, "Down feather pillows and everything" he chuffs, "only my very best" again with that smile as he pokes some humor at his avian nature, "But regarding Mistress Chaos, and actually yourself as well.
It has come to my attention that you both are in need of assistance, either protection, or general health for that matter" he indicates with a sweep of his wing. "I already maintain this place to the best of my ability, but beyond that, I ask you personally if I may be of assistance to yourself, or if you see something that I may be of assistance towards Mistress Chaos."

Queen warily eyes the gryphon from her spot on the chair - broken front leg resting against her chest. "I am not in the business of asking for assistance or favors. Have you any idea who I am? To subjugate yourself to me is no simple matter."
Gravity returns that gaze, eyes locking on unblinking, "Ahh, but you see we have a common interest though" he climbs straight up a beam and clings upside down to an overhead rafter seeming to like this position for some reason or another. "While I only have passing information as to just whom you are, or your position and power" he shakes his head some, "Past and present matter not to me, a pony whom resides here is what you are, and a meaningful chunk of Rising-Chaos's life you also be" he indicates, "She is a friend for whom I care about, thus her interests are in a way my interests, not that I'm beaky or anything, er, nosy in her business matters, but if she cares about you, so should I, as I wish to see her happy as any friend would." he points a claw, "That means that you are Important to me" he flares his wings some and resettles, "Do you understand my meanings, and questions?"

Queen does not appear to the pleasant sort - quietly watching Gravity and giving the occasional /hint/ of a sneer. "I'm not going to ask you to do anything, I only command my crew." she emphasizes with a dismissive wave of her good hoof; tough cookie this one. "While I understand your sentiment - I've little to offer in return regarding 'caring'. While I've no particular ill-will towards Gryphons…" she waves a hoof dismissively - oh, Queen's being 'nice' this morning.
Gravity ahh's some and nods, then smiles again, though this smile is not particularly a good one, more flared than before, "than regarding your 'crew' the one called Daisychain in particular, performed an act of dire endangerment upon that of Miss Rising-Chaos, I would ask that she see some punishment for perpetrating such an act as the attempted murder of Miss Chaos." he informs softly. "As for offering anything in return for my acts of service to yourself and Miss Chaos" he shakes his head, "that is not part of the arrangement, I live here, I care for the ponies whom live here, and where I am not a servant, I am someone that cares" he intones, "In a way, you are Crew yourself, that of this house, and crew may work together to achieve a goal, that is All I'm saying"

Queen-Pegasus 's gaze quickly becomes a stern, threatening glare. "You will not even entertain the possibility of suggesting that you have an opinion about how I deal with my underlings and their transgressions. You have no place." Doing her best to be social-able - but really she's a huge jerk all the time. "I am no pony's crew." she hisses. "Rising-Chaos is my lover, and that is hers is mine. So I suggest you mind your manners if you're intent on continuing to sulk among her rafters."
Gravity looks down from his position, "Your crew indeed is your own business, merely informing you of transgressions, ones you may choose to watch for, and threats towards the life of your lover from members of your precious crew" the gryphon glances on indifferent to your behavior "I Have no place in that matter indeed, Its quite alright, had I not been involved, your love would be dead" he states nonchalantly "I meant no offense toward how you discipline your crew, only suggested that you perhaps look out for that one in particular" he offers with a note of an apologetic tone to his voice. "Whats hers is yours, and whats yours is hers, of course" he states, "than indeed I am at your service to the extent of my abilities"

Queen-Pegasus huffs angrily - still quite grumpy this morning as the throbbing pain in her front right hoof made sleep less than pleasant. "I understand you saved my Rising-Chaos…and that is very much appreciated." Which is really like Queen saying 'thank you so very much'. "Daisychain is a foolish mare whom is unaccustomed to being accepted, and is thus trying far harder than need be. Her transgressions will not go unpunished, it is however important to ensure the punishment breaks her of bad habits without driving her away." a glance shot Gravity's direction. "You're not foolish - I may consider you."

The gryphon scales his rafter again, "Of course" he says with a bob of his beak regarding the decline of aforementioned crew. "my talents are a bit odd you could say for one of my dexterity, but could provide a use to you" he looks around, "As I mentioned I maintain this place, all things of wood, fabric, and structure" he smiles again, "but there are always /other/ things that I can provide in short order, or ask certain outside influences to perform for me" The gryphon indicates with a beak that hangs slightly agape.

Queen waves her good front hoof to one side. "I intend to observe you for a good while before deciding if you would be a boon to my new crew. You shant expect that I would trust you so easily." she reaches up to brush her hoof through her hair. "Stupid pegasus…" she mutters. "Rising-Chaos will be gone for most of the day - I expect your mess to be fully cleaned up before she returns.

Gravity nods, "the mess, of course will be purged from this home, though the seating, is for both of you, as there just was a lack of proper seating for the two of you" he states, "Few pony carpenters could beat my skills or handiwork" he eyes his piece of work himself and gives a waggle of his fore-talons. "Understandable" he nods "there's earplugs in the kitchen for you or whom ever needs them, I have some work to perform on the roof later today, this maelstrom thing is playing havoc on the shingles" he grumbles some

Queen-Pegasus says "Do tell me this. If you're so handy - then why hasn't Rising Chaos sent you to repair the hull of The Vanity, hmm?"

Gravity peers, "the ship in the field, you have a means of returning it to its proper place?" he asks with great curiosity evident in his voice. "That is some distance from water at this point, and if it took the entirety of the harbor's ponies to move the Rusty-Bucket ashore to 'dry-dock' as it were, how do you presume you are going to get your vessel back to water?" he asks with all honesty

Queen softly chuckles at Gravity's curiosity. "You'll find I've plenty of measures to accomplish my means."

Gravity nods a little, "Mistress Chaos, knows that I actively maintain the house, though she knows little more than that." he indicates, "As for your boat, I will examine it, to see how I may be of assistance." you can see him furrow his brow as if deep in thought, "With enough wood, Hmm, perhaps something can be done for it"