IC date: Winter 71, 1066 AC
OOC date: February 27, 2012
PCs: Captain Mwai, Lavender, Siyana
NPCs: Phosphor
GM: Fluttershy

t is a beautiful evening at the harbor. It's been relatively warm, for this time of year — no snow, at least. The skies are clear, the stars are twinkling, and the moon is bright (and mareless). The sea is even calm, with the soothing lull of the waves rolling on shore.

Lavender plods slowly across the sand on the beach, eyeing the ships with…perhaps a little wistfulness. Slow night for her, otherwise.

Mwai trots from the general direction of the mayor's office twoards the gangplank of the Destiny.

"I got the buckets! I got them!" comes the indignant shout from the Destiny, as Siyana, tiny striped ADD menace, staggers down the gangplank balancing on her head a bucket of… well, it must be /slop/ by the smell. Gross.

Lavender looks up. Excited little pony now! "Ooh! Siyana, hi Siyana, whatcha doin'!" Not that she's necessarily -that- much within earshot, but the zebra filly might notice the lavender pony dashing across the sand caravel-wards.

Mwai dodges cagily out of the way of the bouncing bucket of slop with the Zebra filly under it.

(OOC) Mwai: The part of Mwai will be played this evening by, some background pony.

Either it's ducking out of the way of the captain, or it's Lavender's shout, but Siyana loses her footing and yelps, sending the bucket cascading all over her captain, the gangplank, and into the sea below. The little zebra filly freezes, mouth working a bit. "'m sorry!!" she gasps.

Lavender skids to a stop on the sand and watches the inevitable happen…in dramatic slow motion. She cowers on the sand so that she can giggle uncontrollably without attracting /too/ much attention…

(OOC) Mwai: Do I know what I'm now covered in?
(OOC) Siyana: Scraps from the mess that weren't eaten.

Mwai looks surprisingly stoic, all things considered. It does not help one bit that there's a lot of milk in this particular bucket of post-mess detritus. "Siyana, have you ever considered the /broad/ spectrum of benefits of holding a bucket by its handle?"

Siyana wilts there, ears drooping and shoulders hunching. "I…I'm too short," she stammers, sinking a little lower there in SHAAAME. "And— and Jacko was gonna take it but I can do it! I can! I just— I got— I got distracted." As she always does.

(OOC) Siyana: INSTANT NPC HEADCANON. One of the pirates on the ship is Jack-o-Lantern.
(OOC) Lavender: Yay! And you mean traders, of course.
(OOC) Siyana: Err yeah.
(OOC) Siyana: >.>

Lavender creeps back up toward the ship. Ducks around by the gangplank and peers up, perhaps waiting 'til the captain is out of the way…Well, creeps up behind him a bit at least.

Just then, one of the many twinkling stars above starts to get a little brighter. And brighter. And… closer?

Mwai shakes some of the lumps off, apparently not noticing the star. "I'm going to get my sidepouch put up, take a swim, and then… I donno, get you some stilts or something." He trots up the gangplank.

Lavender peeks around the captain. She points a hoof skyward! "Hey Siyana, look at that, a falling star!"

Siyana wilts further at the captain, and then hunkers down, until he's out of sight. But then, Lavender speaks up, and she bounces up again, transgression forgotten. "What? Where??" And she's lookin' up! And up!

Meanwhile, that light is getting closer… have they ever seen a star that big before? And it's aimed for … the harbor …

Mwai emerges from the fore mess, absent his hat and shoulder pouch. "I love what you've done with the oats," he calls over his shoulder, "It's much easier to get out of my hair these days!"

Lavender dashes up the gang plank to stand next to Siyana and puts a hoof around her, leaning in to point more accurately, "That thing! It's…Uh, it's coming in awful close…"

Siyana looks up where Lavender points, squinting, then widening her eyes. The blue-haired zebra gasps. "Oh my gosh — oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, it's coming at us!!" she squeals, before swiftly backing up and… slipping on the slop, to tumble down back onto the sand.

The light seems to be, well… an object, of course. And it's plummeting straight down. As it gets frightfully closer, the pair can see it's larger than they are, though not by too much. And it's vaguely… pony shaped?

Mwai looks up in the general direction of the frantic fillies' attention. "Well that's new. Too big to be a will-o-whisp.."

Lavender dives behind a barrel and peeks! Then it resolves itself and… "Hey I wonder who that is? They're going to make the best wave ~ever~…" She runs over to the sea side of the ship to watch. Acrobatic stunts, surely it is!

"I can't watch!" Siyana squeaks. Indeed, it does make a huge wave. As the pony crashes into the water, none-too-gracefully, the sea rises up in an enormous roil and splashes up further onto the shore than usual, for this time of night. Not only that, but clouds seem to be gathering the pony's aerial wake, spinning into being from nothing but air.

Mwai cuts a momentarily heroic pose on the dockside, whatever soiling he might have not seeming to matter in this moment of bold readiness for action. He dives gracefully into the water! …and starts rinsing out his mane.

(OOC) Mwai: Kind of a Jayne waking up, unveiling the wall-o-guns, then rolling over and back to sleep sort of thing. XD
(OOC) Siyana XD XD

Lavender leans excitedly over the rail, watching that impact point. Then, "Hey uh…I don't think she flew back out?" She blinks a couple times, "Hey Captain Mwai, Captain Mwai? Could you go see if she's okaaaay? Please? The pegasus who just splash landed? Cuz…It looks cold out there and I don't want to swim…"

Indeed, the pony does not seem to be resurfacing. Siyana starts pacing back and forth on the shore. "Cap'n! Captain!!! There's a pony out there!" she cries.

Mwai pops acrobatically back onto the docks. "I can see that, and whoever it is, they're clearly a fairly powerful magician of some sort. That wave was more in keeping with a whale than a pony…"

Lavender glowers at the captain, and huffs…and then, with a majestic leap and mid-air twirl, jumps onto the ship's rail, kicks off it, and pirouettes into the water! Smaller filly, smaller splash. She kicks her way (a lot less gracefully) to where she thinks she saw the pegasus land. "I was right, it IS cold! Argh!"

Siyana squeaks in surprise. "Lavender!!" Oh, dumb pony!! The zebra scampers and splashes in after her from the shore, kicking her hooves and gracelessly paddling into the deeper water. For now, the strange pony is nowhere to be seen, but doubtless they're underwater.

Mwai sighs. "First it's manners, now loyalty. This town is simply not a fit place to raise foals." He watches them flailing out towards the mysterious, and doubtless dangerous skyfallen pony. His eyes turning skyward to mutter "I bet you think this is really funny, don't you", he dives in after them.

The dumb pony flails and struggles in the water but eventually gets out to a certain spot that seems about right. "Heeere! I think she fell heeere! Glub!" Lavender does manage to keep herself afloat, though, thankfully. The diving though? Not so much for her.

Lavender is much better versed at swimming than Lavender, probably — she is a sea-pony (not a seapony) after all. But that doesn't mean she's very /good/ at it overall. She manages to get to Lavender, and grabs her ear. "Come bek t'shore," she grits.

But the mysterious pony is still awol, as those clouds above gather into a dark knot. Lightning crashes, and not a weather pony in sight.

Lavender shakes her head and struggles. "Nooo! Nev'r leave a pony b'hind! Siyanaaa~…" She does get dragged, though. "Come on Mwai, please! Try and find her!" Assuming it's a her, of course.

Mwai finally catches up to the thrashing fillies and with a terse "Get back to shore you two," vanishes beneath the water in a deep dive. /What am I supposed to do, see some great glowing undersea pony goddess down here? It's not as if I can see a thing down here, at night, in salt water…/

Siyana tugs and tugs on Lavender, trying to get her back to shore. "Don't need /two/ drownin' ponies!" she gasps.

Though Mwai has a hard time seeing much, there's a faint glow deep down… that is rising to meet him. This time, it appears the glow comes from a baleful looking seapony, tugging the unconscious pegasus with him. The glow comes from the phosphorescent paint on his hide — the paint of the seapony guard. He fairly slings the pegasus' body at Mwai, nods his head…and BWOOSH. The sea slings the zebra, the two fillies, and their stranger off back to shore with one mighty wave.

Lavender starts dragging Siyana down in the water. A sea-pony she is not, yet. Nor a seapony either. But eventually she manages to control her kicks and flails and—KA FWUMPF, she lands halfway up the beach covered in seaweed! "OW!" She picks up a crab and throws it back into the water. >:(

Siyana face-firsts into the sand, squeaking, and when she sits up she coughs a bit, and wrinkles her nose. "Don't go running off like that! The sea /does things/ to a pony!" she scolds, but like any good friend (or mother), it's out of worry.

(OOC) Mwai: Of course only now do I remember: "Count upon the sea ponies, whenever you're in distress, count upon the sea ponies /simply-signal-SOS/" So naturally, night guard, rescuing ponies, PART OF THE JOB .-.
(OOC) Siyana XD

Lavender coughs up sand. "But…She fell…" Rolls over and looks. Wait. Is she here? Is she a she? What's going on around here! Either way, takes a long look at the pegasus. :O

Mwai , who landed a bit more gracefully, does a quick assessment of the pegasus to check if he or she is breathing, otherwise injured, etcetera, as he or she is now his problem. "She might be yours soon, though…" he mutters to the Bone Mistress.

(OOC) Mwai: Mwai picked up this tendency to talk to the Bone Mistress under his breath around about the same time she started showing up whenever he was in real trouble to quip at him how nice and orderly he was going to make column 1,432 of her balance sheet finally.

The pegasus in question seems to be out for now, sprawled on top of Mwai in a heap. Her coat is a dark blue, but she seems to sport a number of freckles, and her rough, wet main is a bright, almost lime green. Her cutie mark seems to be a lantern.

Siyana shuffles over to peer at the pegasus too, nudging her a little. "Well, she's /breathing/…" she says uncertainly.

//(OOC) Siyana |

Lavender drags herself across the sand to peer at the pegasus, and also poke at her a little more than Siyana was. "Oh thank Celestia, that's one good thing at least. Hey! Crazy pegasus… Why'd you dive in there without knowing how to swim?"

(OOC) Mwai: Okay, knowledge roll time, what do I know about bright glowy starfallen ponies?
Mwai rolls 1d10 — Result: 1 | Sum: 1
(OOC) Mwai: …this system, man.
(OOC) Siyana XD XD Roll again, for fun!
Mwai rolls 1d10 — Result: 2 | Sum: 2
(OOC) Siyana: Hahahahaha
(OOC) Mwai: The pony system! Failures always explode!
Mwai rolls 1d10 — Result: 5 | Sum: 5
(OOC) Mwai: Okay, only exploded once XD
(OOC) Mwai: I know Nothiiiiiing
(OOC) Siyana: You know that the Bone Mistress takes dead ponies away to the stars. You /also/ know that sometimes there are shooting stars, which some ponies take to mean ponies are becoming reborn. You /also also/ know that the Bone Mistress has been knocking at your door a little more often recently. You /also also also/ know that there's legends of a celestial pony race that Luna and Celestia herald from, that watch over everyone. So she's /obviously gay/. I mean. Obviously either a proto-god, or a packaged nuisance for you.

Mwai surveys the pony, he could swear he remembers something about wil-o-whisps taking pony form— or was that halfdragons? And half what? If it's zebras I hope it's the guy half…

(OOC) Lavender: XD
(OOC) Mwai: Any time Mwai fails a knowledge roll that's my carte blanche to have him jump to insane conclusions.
(OOC) Siyana XD XD

The pegasus doesn't react at first to all the poking and prodding, but at last there's a gurgle, and a wince, and she cracks her eyes open just a little. "Wha…" she murmurs hoarsely.

Lavender prances circles around her. "Yay! She woke up! You're alive! The Captain rescued you. What were you doing here? Why did you dive in the ocean?"

"Uhh…" The pegasus blinks blearily, not quite able to parse all those questions at once. "I… um… ah…" And, /out/. She passes out again. Siyana blinks. "…We should prolly take her to the hospital."

Lavender wrestles under one shoulder of the unconscious pegasus. "C'mere, help me drag. You too Captain!" She calls him that so easily when she's hardly ever been on the ship…

Mwai sighs and heaves most of the pegasus' weight onto one shoulder.
Siyana skitters and helps too, and between the three of them, they manage to drag the poor thing off toward the hospital. Well, the doctor's office. Well, the doctor's hut.