Adventure Time
IC date: Spring 53, 1008
OOC date: May 26, 2013
Location: Forest's Edge
PCs: Player Player

Once again the Town Square is bustling with activity. Where once a booth advertising adventure stood now sits a large picnic blanket. Laying on that blanket is a collection of canteens and bottles filled with water, some blank pieces of paper with writing utensils, an assortment of large sticks, and of course, some adventuring hats. One zebra filly trots about the post with a bounce in her step, awaiting the arrival of her newfound friends, and the supplies which they agreed to bring.

Aliella stops in her tracks and looks up to the sky. "We're gonna find you, papa. We. That's me and all of my friends. That's a lot of ponies who care about you." At last collecting her senses, she turns to another zebra filly who has been at her side. "This is exciting! I hope they all brought some cool stuff!"
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: …and now I find myself drawing a blank as to what Quintessent offered to take along.
(OOC) Aliella: Sources of light, I think
(OOC) Aliella: Though the original idea was a father-finder. >:|
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: Sorry, can't do!
(OOC) Sadaka: yeah, I think she was going to bring light sources so they didn't have to outfit a bunch of small foals with torches. XD
(OOC) Lavender: Sounds safe to me~
(OOC) Sadaka: though theoretically burning the forest down /would/ make it easier to search.
(OOC) Aliella: | Having a father-finder would be like this
(OOC) Sadaka offers the Horseshoe Harbor solution to every problem.
Magpie isn't really sure what one should bring on an Adventure. The last adventure she had was kinda underwater and stuff, so that probably doesn't count. She saunters over to the Blanket of Adventure. "Hey kid," she says as she pulls a hat onto her head, just behind the horn and the gecko occupying it. "I brought some rope, that's always useful, and I got some food stuff?" She wiggles her saddle bags. "Oh, and a smartpony. Those are SUPER useful." She waves to Tale Chaser.
(OOC) Magpie: Heh
(OOC) Aliella: Smartpones are the future
Pumpkin trudges towards the square, weighed down but refusing to budge. Or. Not budge, as it were, since there's trudging and all. But either way, she's brought food. So much food. 'Saddlebags weren't enough and so she's got another back strapped to her back' food. "Ah think ah brought enough," she says, when she sees Aliella.
Quintessent-Rune is most definatly sure what she should bring for an adventure! In addition to her normal extra-dimensional storage scarf - currently worn as a belt - the seapony mare brings her golem companion, as well as a full suit of corral-pattern decorated scalemale armor in blues and blacks. Oh, and a pouch of small, glowing amulets. Enough that even the pouch is lit up from inside. "Thank you," she said at Magpie. Quintessent was a smart pony too! Really!

Her own pack of stuff gets draged along by Servant, and is just short of needing to have been packed onto a cart.
Sadaka gives a little bounce. "I'll bet they did. I hope so. Everypony always thinks of stuff I forget." Her own contribution had been… books! She had a saddlebag stuffed full of pages copied from books - maps and graphs and drawings, and all sorts of survival tips: what was safe to eat in a pinch, how to make a fire with sticks and rocks, how to set up a tent, all kinds of things she'd managed to look up. She didn't know how to /do/ most of that stuff, but hey, that's what the instructions are for!

She waves cheerily as the other ponies approach. "Hi, everypony!"
Tale Chaser, on the other side of the town square, waves back to Magpie, though he's not entirely sure why they're waving. His saddlebags are stuffed pretty full, too, although not nearly as much as Pumpkin's. One side has a couple of big ol' books in it; the other rattles slightly as he draws near. "Ohh, uh…" he says, as he draws close, and looks over the blankets. "I didn't, um- I didn't know this was a hat kind of adven… adventure…" He trails off as he looks up to Magpie, spots her horn, and spots Sticky. And then stares at the gecko.
(OOC) Lavender: Where is it we're going? I wasn't here for last one and couldn't find logfiles.
(OOC) Aliella: The woods
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Into the forest to find Ali's dad~
(OOC) Sadaka hasn't posted the logfiles yet. :< "I'm working on that, I had a save error and only had half the log so I had to fish the rest out of my backscroll."
(OOC) Aliella: I got it, so I could perhaps post it
(OOC) Sadaka is logging now though so should successfully have all of this one.
(OOC) Magpie: Into the woods, it's time to go o/‘
Sticky stares back at Tale Chaser. Nobody can stare like a lizard. Then licks his own eyeball.
Magpie beams and hugs T.C.! "I’m glad you made it! Oh, don't worry, she brought extra hats!" She levitates a pith helmet and flomps it on her coltfriend's head. She eyes Pumpkin, though. That tin of dry oats she brought kinda seems… sad, now.
Packing? Lav ain't got no time for that! Well, it was kind of short notice anyway. The charges up to the group in a half-panic. "Huff-Huff-Don't leave without me! Whew… I um, well I've got my sword and uh. Well I'm bringing myself aren't I?" Indeed she is rather lightly laden. But she does bring her own hat, at least.

Dreamy also shows up! Kapouf! Like that! And she's got two saddlebags. One full to bursting, little things like bandages showing out the edges. First aid? Eyup. The other saddlebag does more clinking sounds than anything. She's got supplies for sure! Dreamy bounces on up to the adventuring posse, nodding to arriving and present ponies alike, her own explorer's hat perched atop her head. Ready and rarin' to go!
As Aliella takes her time waiting to sort out the items on the blanket, she looks up to find a large group of ponies carrying more than she ever imagined. "Oh my gosh!" The filly squeals as she scampers up to Pumpkin. "That's so much food! I hope you saved some for your family, but I'm sure they'll understand." Like clockwork, she moves on to the next nearby pony.

"Miss Rune!" Greeting the mysterious pony with a strong embrace as always, she trots around the mare. "Thanks again for coming! Didya bring the lights? I'm sure you put a lot of work in them. Is Servant coming? Do fish like the woods?"

And then to Magpie. "You wouldn't believe how useful that'll be! We can make trails so we don't get lost, or climb stuff that's really high, or maybe even go down a cliff. Papa called it rippling or something like that."
(OOC) Aliella: How long do y'all have for this scene? Just trying to get an idea for how far to go with it.
(OOC) Aliella has all day.
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: Four hours reliably, six in a pinch, heh.
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Tale-Chaser's eyes widen behind their plate glass spectacles as Sticky goes and licks his eyeball. A bit of color drains from his face. A moment later and the locked stares are interrupted by a hat! TC grunts and wiggles his head, then reaches up to adjust the hat, and fix his glasses. "Oh, that's good…"
(OOC) Magpie: I'll need to go get dinner at some point — any time between "right now" and "a couple hours", but it depends on some other people when exactly.
(OOC) Magpie: Other than that, I have all night.
Pumpkin nods eagerly to Aliella. "Oh, don't worry. Mah family pantry is plenty full. Nopony's going to notice anything's missing."
__pose [switch(%0,,%b,u(#140/fn_censor,eval(%0))[u(#548/fn_setpot)][u(#548/fn_posekind)])]EANWHILE:

"What happened to the sandwiches, Bread?"

"No idea, Forge."

"Oh well. Pumpkin's off playing with friends. Want to rearrange her bedroom while she's out?"


"Ah hope everypony likes lettuce and tomato sandwiches."
(OOC) Pumpkin facehoofs. "One moment.
Pumpkin nods eagerly to Aliella. "Oh, don't worry. Mah family pantry is plenty full. Nopony's going to notice anything's missing."

"What happened to the sandwiches, Bread?"

"No idea, Forge."

"Oh well. Pumpkin's off playing with friends. Want to rearrange her bedroom while she's out?"


"Ah hope everypony likes lettuce and tomato sandwiches."
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(OOC) Sadaka has pretty much all day as well, save for a short break at some point for food of some variety.
"I have, uh, biscuits, too," says Tale Chaser. He reaches towards his non-booky bag. "They're dried seaweed patties with some sweet bits in." He stops reaching when he realizes he doesn't really need to produce them -right now.-
Magpie 's look becomes slightly strained. "Sea… seaweed," she repeats. Ahahah. "That sounds really… interesting, T.C."
Sadaka nods happily. "We should have plenty of food an' stuff now!" She bounces around in a little circle, wings fluttering. This is exciting! Spotting Lavender only seems to perk her up more. "Lavender! Hey! Are you coming too? This'll be great, you know lots about adventure stuff!" She's sure Lav /must/, after all. They used to adventure a lot!
Quintessent-Rune gave Aliella a smile, though then again she always smile, and a pat on the head. "I did most certainly, lighting will be a rather surmountable issue with the talismans I have peppared for this venture." Half turning, and rattling rather a lot as she did, she glanced at Magpie. Then over at Tale Chaser, eyebrow raised slightly. What's wrong with seaweed?
Lavender runs in a circle around Sadaka. "Yes! Of course I am! You couldn't keep me away! Oh I can't wait to get lost in the forest I mean, help out with the adventure and everything! Eee, this is going to be so much fun." Ka-bounce.
Aliella rubs her chin in thought. "Seaweed can be good. Mama uses it in her cooking sometimes, and says it's got noo-trients and stuff. So we'll be healthy!" Finally looking aroudn at the group, she gives a warm wave to Dream Daze, and scampers over to an unknown lavender filly. "Are you friends with Sadaka? 'cause if you're friends with Sadaka, you must love adventure too!" With one last glance around, her look becomes somewhat serious. "Well, ponies, I believe that it's time to pack up and go. If you don't have an space for your stuff, I have a few extra saddlebags."
Pumpkin joins in excited hopping, which, really, is impressive, given how much she's carrying. Though to be fair there's a little thud when she lands. "Are you kidding? Lavender's great to have on adventures! If anypony knows how to handle adventures, it's her."
Tale-Chaser shuffles a hoof, then turns to look to Rune. He stares at her armor for a moment, increasingly fascinated by her armor, until soon he seems to have completely forgotten everything else as he admires it and makes repeated lore checks on any visible symbols or emblems.
(OOC) Sadaka pictures Pumpkin bouncing around making everything shake cartoon-style.
Magpie looks back and forth, blinking a bit at the chaos around her. Then suddenly pauses. "Wait. Lavender? Did you say you have a sword?"
Lavender gives a /huge/ grin. Flattery! The best of flattery! Then she blinks at Magpie's surprisingly odd question. "Well…Um, yes, of course I do!" She pulls her wooden sword from her belt, wielding it in her teeth. "'Ee?" Puts it back. "I mean…it's still not a real one but I could clobber things plenty with it…"
Aliella's eyes raise. "A sword!? Don't you think that's…" She pauses in thought, looking back at her pile of sticks. "That's so cool! By the way, if anypony wants some'n to fight with, I got some sticks over there."
Quintessent-Rune raises a hoof hesitantly at Magpie's question. "I do belive I have a short-spear stashed within my personal sotrage space, will that sufice?"

As for identifying marks, there's tones for anypony that knows what to look for, like the heradlic marks of House Rune on the peytral, not to mention the crafts stamp of simmilar origion dating back some six hundred years - also belonging to House Rune.
Tale-Chaser stares a bit longer, then slowly shakes his head in amazement and makes his way over to Magpie to stand near her. He adjusts his hat and glasses and saddlebags without any real need to do any of those things and stays quiet, waiting for the expedition to set out.
Aliella gives a nod to Rune. "Any weapon'll work. Just don't think that you need to go out and face danger first 'cause you've got the best weapon. We're in this together!"
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Quintessent-Rune noded firmly. "That's acceptable." More so than acceptable in fact, Quintessent practicaly have to squash a grin at the idea of -not- having to get into danger. Would make hiding behind Servant a lot less humiliating. Maybe.
Magpie ohhhs, and relaxes a bit. A /wood/ sword is fine. Filly with a blade? Scary. That is, if it's not /her/. She could totally use a sword even though she never has touched one before.
Sadaka has already scooped up one of the sticks. It's not a sword, but she holds it like one! She's not a stranger to swordplay, after all. No expert either, but she's at least got a pretty good general idea of what she's doing. She sticks the… stick… into one saddlebag, wriggling it a little to get it in there without poking any of her notebooks. It sticks out the top anyway. "Yeah. An' we might not have to deal with anything dangerous anyways, but you never know. Papa Blackbird says it's always best to go into stuff prepared."
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Lavender nods her head. "Yeah. There's more danger in adventuring than you might eeever imaaagine," she intones. "But it's okay! I'm sure we'll be perfectly safe," she says confidently.
Aliella goes to the picnic blanket and begins to pack her saddlebag with some watercoolers and a stick, and dons her father's hat. "Last call for canteens, sticks, and hats. Are we ready?" With her gaze piercing into the woods in the distance, a sudden manic energy can be seen in the filly. "Just as soon as y'all are ready," she says in almost a cold voice, but still comforting and inviting.
Pumpkin nodnods. "Your papa Blackbird sure is smart. Why, he's the smartest pony ah know. Supersmart. So smart." And she's blushing. "Ooh, hats! Ah'll have a hat!"
(OOC) Sadaka loves Pumpkin's kidcrush on Blackbird. XD
Tale-Chaser has his hat. He nabs a canteen, because while it brings him dangerously close to his encumberance limit, he might get dry skin out there and wants to be prepared. He stares at the sticks… he doesn't need one, but since they're there, he sort of feels like he should take one. You know, just in case. They wouldn't be available if they weren't going to be important at some point, right? Right?

Ears folding back slightly, he shies away from the sticks, looking slightly confused and worried as he glances about the group. This is getting intense.
Magpie grins at Pumpkin. "Well, he's not as smart as Tale Chaser," she bumps her coltfriend. "Anyway. I'm ready." She shuns the sticks. If she needs something to huck at something, she'll get one when she needs it.
(OOC) Aliella: Just gonna need a minute to think up this next pose
Sadaka slings a canteen over one shoulder and grins over at Pumpkin. "He's real smart, yeah. He's the smartest pony I know too!"

And then she steps over to Aliella, and gives her a little nuzzle, letting out a breath. "We'll find him. We can't not. We got everypony here to help."
Lavender snags a couple'a those canteens. She has extra space, after all, and might as well help carry extras for others. "I'm ready to serve!"

"Then we go. Ready, guys?" She looks around at the group with a stern expression. "I just wanna let you guys know… that it means a lot that you all are coming along. I'll do my best to make sure nopony gets hurt." With that, she immediately turns around and begins her trot to the forest. "We have to hurry before it gets dark, but at least we'll be able to set up camp then!"
Quintessent-Rune nods. "Indeed, me and Servant…" she glanced at the golem straining under Rune's pack, seeming to glare at her, "are also ready."
(OOC) Aliella: ^Aliella
Pumpkin says "AH SAID HE'S THE SMARTEST PONY AH KNOW!" Pause, blush. "Ah mean, he's really smart but ah guess your coltfriend is really smart too ain't that great ah guess they're both really smart ah sure do like smart ponies." Scuff. "So when do we go?"
(OOC) Magpie redpen fixes Rune. "Servant and I…"
(OOC) Sadaka: Pumpkin is just adorable in pony form sometimes.
(OOC) Sadaka: someone bottled adorable and stuffed it into a pony and that's what they got.
Tale-Chaser wiggles about uncomfortably at the discussion of smartness, and then nods slightly at Pumpkin's question. "Yeah, let's…"
(OOC) Magpie: I know right? :D
Magpie hmphs at Pumpkin, but can't suppress a grin. She gives T.C. a bump and heads off after Aliella.
(OOC) Pumpkin scuff.
Tale-Chaser follows, with one last, pensive look back at the sticks.
(OOC) Aliella: So it can be assumed everyone is following?
Quintessent-Rune rolls her eyes at… well, most everypony else, and sets of behind Aliella. Servants follow a moment after, the pack leaving a furrow in the ground as it drags it along.
(OOC) Pumpkin sagenods.
(OOC) Sadaka: yup
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(OOC) Aliella: Twiddle your hooves and whatnot
(OOC) Magpie presses her hooves together, tries to work out how to twiddle.
(OOC) Magpie: Hey TC, twiddle my hooves.
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: in… in front of everybody?
(OOC) Magpie giggle
As the group approaches the forest, a peculiar sound can be heard. Once they finally enter the forest, a black figure of a unicorn can be seen in the distance, holding a guitar. As soon as Aliella recognizes the guitar in the pony's lap, she rushes towards it, finding whoever it is to be potentially harmless. "Hey!" She shouts as she runs. "What's your name? What are you doing here?"

Closer inspection reveals the pony to be a grey stallion, bearing a cutie mark of three eights notes, each in a crescent shape. "Name's Nocturne," he replies in a soft, monotonous tone. "Question is, what are you doing here?"

"I'm lookin' for my papa!"

"Ain't seen no zebras around here, kid. If he's missing, shouldn't you be telling the mayor or something?"

"I've tried everything and nothing's worked! I know he's here, I just know it! See?" Aliella takes off her hat and points to some old leaves stuck to it, then to the trees around the area, bearing similar leaves. "I know he's here."

The stallion buries his head in one hoof in thought. There's no way he can shake off these kids from the danger they could run into. "Alright, kid." He rummages around in a saddlebag near his guitar case, eventually pulling out a small whistle, about the length of an adult's foreleg. "This thing's tough as a rock, and loud as lightning. If you're in trouble, just make a sound on it. I'll get help. Got it?"

Aliella only stares at the strange stallion before accepting the whistle and placing it in her saddlebag. "Wow… Thanks, mister… Noctor, was it?"
(OOC) Aliella: Cameoooooo~
Tale-Chaser remains near Magpie during the trek, keeping quiet, remaining observant of their surroundings. He's never actually been very far into the woods, so this is all quite- glasses adjust- fascinating. Encountering another pony so soon is a bit unexpected, though.

The bookworm raises his voice. "Mr. Nocturne? Isn't it a bit dangerous to be out here on your own?" He pauses. "You don't have a stick or a canteen."
Pumpkin is fine. No, really. She can carry all of this. She's a strong li'l filly, after all, who can totally pull the family plow. Just watch her go. "Ah'll… be right… with y'all," she says, panting next to a tree. "Just gimme… a second."
(OOC) Magpie: I need to go eat, back in about an hour.
A panting seapony leaned up against the tree next to Pumpkin with a loud metalic clunk against the wood. "I'll… um… keep an eye out for you," Quintessent said, taking a moment to recover from carrying the darn armor all the way out here. She'd forgoten how heavy this thing was without some of that lovely bouyance provided by submersion.
Magpie hesitates. She glances at T.C., then trots back over to Pumpkin. "Hey, can I help carry?" Wait, be sneaky. "I mean, uh… I feel kinda bad for not bringing enough stuff."
Lavender trots up by Pumpkin and Quintessent, and gives a nod to Magpie. "Umm…I kinda, well, didn't bring very much at all either. And since you both have such heavy loads, we can probably split it up better…"

"Well listen, kid. Just be safe. I don't wanna have'ta be the one to tell your parents-" Nocturne pauses, deciding to keep any sort of gloom out of these foals' optimism. After inspecting the group for a while, he spots a few familiar faces, included Rune. "Hey, miss Rune. Good to see you're keeping an eye on these kids." With a wave to the older mare, he stands up and grabs his guitar case and saddlebag. "Well, I gotta go get this baby restrung," he says, pointing to a dangling string of nylon coming off the guitar. "You take care, kid."

As he wanders off, Aliella inspects the whistle for a moment. "Wow! This thing could probably whack through some bushes, or maybe even some timberwolves!" The filly procedes to hop around her company with an excited grin. "Now we're even more ready!" Eventually making her way to the struggling Pumpkin, she extends a hoof. "I'll take something, too. I always help mama carry crops into the house, so I'm used to al ittle weight."
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(OOC) Magpie: Don't summon tornadoes at us.
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Pumpkin looks at everypony else. "Ah dunno… are you sure y'all can handle it?" She gives a little equine shrug and gently slides out of the extra bag, leaving herself with her saddlebags. "If y'all wanna split that one up, that'd be fine. Ah'm just sayin' ah'm pretty strong, is all."
(OOC) Pumpkin hugs Magpie, throws at food.
(OOC) Pumpkin: Also, I just realized that Pumpkin is, in fact, the youngest pony here.
(OOC) Aliella realizes that he made Nocturne just a little too James Dean. >_>
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(OOC) Aliella: I was considering bringign Nocturne along as a side character, but I want to be able to play him in other scenes without excuses and time travel
Quintessent-Rune turned her head and peered at Lavender, opening her mouth to answer. Then she closed it and looked into the forest. A spooky, creepy forest - and one with monsters suposedly! She'd never even been into a forest before. Rune looked down at herself. Thick scalemail and coral plate. "As nice as the offer is, I belive I shall be carrying all that I have brought myself." Servant managed to scowl at her even without expressions. "Though perhaps divying up the light talismans should be a done at this juncture?"
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(OOC) Tale-Chaser: I think it'd be more a formality than a necessity
(OOC) Pumpkin nods.
Windrose trots in from Main Street.
Windrose has arrived.
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(OOC) Pumpkin jiiiiii~
(OOC) Aliella: Hey, Windy.
(OOC) Aliella: We just got to the woods, they ran into Nocturne who gave Ali a whistle, and he left, so we're about to move on. Pumpkin is pooped.
(OOC) Pumpkin: Am not!
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: she's plum tuckered.
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Tale-Chaser feels like he should be helping to carry things, but he's already at his limit. He secretly hopes he doesn't pass out at some point or otherwise have to be carried by, say, that orange filly who could probably hoofwrassle him into swift and total submission if she made even a slight effort.
(OOC) Aliella: Uh, okay.
When you're high above the world you tend to see a lot of things. Including fairly large groups of ponies moving together towards the wilderness. Especially when one is out and about on weather duty. But like a lot of ponies in this town curiosity is easily perked and Windrose has been just gliding along overhead to see where they're going. She needs to go check the cloud density around the woods, anyways.
(OOC) Aliella: And my apologies for holding this up. I have ideas for events in this scene, just trying to figure out hwo to tie them together.
(OOC) Windrose randomly randoms along
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(OOC) Pumpkin cheers.
The mysterious unicorn is now fully out of sight. In that case, what is causing the rustling sound in the distance? Aliella suddenly finds herself drawing a stick from her satchel and gripping it hard in her teeth, her legs tensed as if ready to pounce. "Grr rrdy," she says as best she can with a stick in her mouth.

The rustling persists, apparently coming from a bush a stone's throw north.
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Sadaka gives her wings a little flutter. She might be able to carry more, but she's trying to pace herself. And keep light enough to be able to fly if need be, 'cause it's hard to fly when all loaded down! The rustle makes her ears perk, and she reaches cautiously for her own stick, peering around alertly.
Tale-Chaser turns his head and noses into a saddlebag, nabbing a ribbon, with which he pulls out a book. It's a heavy, dense tome whose cover is reinforced by strips of metal along the edges, marked with the title 'On the Art of Hoofsticuffs by Sir Ironshoe Buckworth.' He swings the book to and fro, wielding it by its sturdy ribbon bookmark held in his teeth, and eyes the rustlin' bushes warily.
Lavender stares at that rustle…and creeps towards it, at least far enough to put herself between her friends and that bush, sticking closest to Sadaka. Sword's out, yup!
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(OOC) Sadaka: that is the perfect weapon for TC.
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Pumpkin doesn't have a stick. But she does have a forehead and an inclination to headbutt, as her brothers know all to well. Her head's down and she's pawing at the dirt.
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The rustling in the bush grows louder, and from all directions of it. It seems that whatever is in there has company. Aliella is shaking at the thought of what may jump out at any moment, but stares onward. When suddenly…

What must be at least four creatures jump out of the bush. Their large ears look as though they could track down their prey from miles away. Their teeth look as though they could tear through an enemy in a matter of days. And their feet… Oh, what purpose could they use other than outrunning whatever dare cross their path.

The last bunny to hop out seems to carry a piece of paper. It drops it and sniffs it for a while before picking it back up and approaching Aliella. "Bwuh?" The puzzled zebra inspects the piece of paper, which appears to be…

"A map!" Aliella bounces up and down. "It's a map! My papa'
The rustling in the bush grows louder, and from all directions of it. It seems that whatever is in there has company. Aliella is shaking at the thought of what may jump out at any moment, but stares onward. When suddenly…

What must be at least four creatures jump out of the bush. Their large ears look as though they could track down their prey from miles away. Their teeth look as though they could tear through an enemy in a matter of days. And their feet… Oh, what purpose could they use other than outrunning whatever dare cross their path.

The last bunny to hop out seems to carry a piece of paper. It drops it and sniffs it for a while before picking it back up and approaching Aliella. "Bwuh?" The puzzled zebra inspects the piece of paper, which appears to be…

"A map!" Aliella bounces up and down. "It's a map! My papa's map. It's got his handwriting and everything! Look!"
(OOC) Windrose: … Hopefully they're not vorpal bunnies
… And now they're all staring at a bush like it's about to eat them. Windrose rolls her eyes when it turns out to be bunnies instead. Seriously, the ponies in this town get weirder every da — huh? Her ears perk up as she hears that last bit, and wingovers to glide down towards the gathering and hover there. "Did somepony mention a map?"
(OOC) Windrose: And afk a few while I go check my laundry
Tale-Chaser drops back onto his duff, totally surprised by the emergence of the bunnies even if he was expecting it. If not, you know. Them. He sprawls across the path, a few seabiscuits and some glassy, large marble-like objectsspilling out of his bags, then shakes his head and picks himself up, then goes about collecting his goodies and returning them to their bags.

Then he flops over and spills everything as Windrose's sudden appearance startles him once more.
Pumpkin blinks. "…how come the bunnies had a map?"
Sadaka blinkblinks. Bunnies! She peers at them suspiciously. They're not those razor-furred snowbunnies, are they? /Are they?!/ …No, apparently not. "…A map?" She blinks, standing up on tip-hoof to peer at it. Which results in quite the squeak and jump and topple as Windrose appears out of nowhere (which is totally a place apparently right above them!). "Yah!"
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Lavender's interest is more taken in the strange bunnies. Where did they come from? Why would they have a map? And why do they eat so many /carrots/? "Don't try anything funny," she mutters at them around her sword hilt.
Aliella stops mid-air at Pumpkin's question, falling a few seconds later onto her haunches. "Iunno. Maybe they've seen my papa." Bringing herself nose-to-nose with the bunny that carried the map, she asks, "Did you see my papa?" The filly raises a hoof to the sky. "He's about this big, and he's got stripes like me."

The bunny only blinks a few times before hopping away to the north. "Maybe this map'll tell us."
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(OOC) Aliella: I'm gonna put up a pose describing the map for those who look at it.
(OOC) Aliella: So go ahead
While wandering through the forest, Eclipse stumbles across a group of various ponies and can't help but look startled at seeing other ponies in the forest."A-am I intruding on somepony's property by being here," she stutters, looking slightly confused."I can leave if I am."
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(OOC) Eclipse: I'm so glad Moka gave me those tips on how to make my poses longer.
Aliella tilts her head at Eclipse. "Hi, miss Eclipse. This isn't nopony's property… have you seen my papa anywhere?"
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: And back.
Quintessent-Rune leans over Aliella, peering down at the map. "Truly? Does it indicate where we should be heading perhaps?" she asked, doing her best to pretend she -wasn't- slowly seeking cover behind Servant while the bushes were rustling.
(OOC) Sadaka: RP is an art, it takes practice~ You're learning and that's good!
Those who take a peek at the map will see that it is very vague, having no locations on it marked, aside from one dot that is surrounded by trees. "Hmm," Aliella points to the marking, "We must be here." From that spot, one line goes north (indicated by a windrose on the top-right), then to the left, where one dot is surrounded by… houses? "I think it goes to a village of some sort. That's strange, though. Mama told me that papa was trying to explore an old temple. I don't see a temple anywhere… maybe somepony in this town knows!"

With that, Aliella wraps up the map and puts it in her satchel. She looks up to the sky in order to gain her sense of direction, a technique taught to everypony in her village. "Onward!" she shouts, pointing to what she believes to be north.
Tale-Chaser recollects his goodies once more and shuffles back towards the group. Bunnies, ha! Bunnies aren't something to be worried about. Most of the time. Buckworth's tome is returned to his saddlebags, and the seapony moves to follow the group. "A… a village?" he says, as he walks along. "There's… I don't know if there are any villages out here, though. There's, um, there's Daybreak, and somewhere out there there's the Kelpies, but…"
(OOC) Windrose: And now everyone actually knows what my name means XD
Pumpkin says, "Onward!" And then she starts following.
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(OOC) Tale-Chaser: AFK a few.
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(OOC) Magpie returns
(OOC) Pumpkin cheers.
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Visably relaxes when she hears that she's not trespassing and says "'Fraid not. I've not seen anypony else but you guys since I came out here but if you wish to avoid certain flora I would advise you to go left and not right. Your father would probably know to steer away from that stuff anyway. Most Zebras do."
(OOC) Aliella: Yeah, for the record, I'm not trying to alter the Harbor geography. I have my ideas~
(OOC) Aliella: And your poses have gotten a lot better, Eclipse! Glad to see it!
"You'd be surprised how often things can be close and you never know they're there," Windrose replies to Tale Chaser. "Some parts of these woods aren't entirely explored I bet." Then glances back over the zebra's shoulder. "Well, best way to find out where a map goes is following it." She hovers upright to put a hoof to her chest. "And fortunately I happen to be very good with directions… speaking of which kid, you're about 5 degrees off from north there."
(OOC) Eclipse: Yay. I try hard so that probably helps a little.
Sadaka blinks. "Village? Yeah, I don't know about…" she blinked and perked her ears at Tale Chaser's words. "Oh! Kelpies! I know the Kelpies! I gotta friend in that village!" She's back to bouncing again, though at least in the direction of 'after Aliella', nodding over to Windrose. "Yeah, Papa Blackbird says nopony really knows what's all in here. The Kelpies know lots, though, I think. But even they don't know all of it!"
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Aliella hops up and down at Windrose's words. "Oh my gosh, you were right! You're real good with this stuff, aren't you?" She extends a hoof to the pegasus with a wide, manic grin. "My name's Aliella, and we're lookin' for my papa! What's your name?"
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(OOC) Magpie duct-tapes Eclipse.
Magpie trails after the growing group with a rather bemused expression. "Hang on, I think we're really missing the point here. Like /seriously/ how did bunnies get a map? And why'd they bring it to you? I mean like — you, specifically, in the middle of the forest." She shakes her head. "…Does anypony else get the feeling we're being played?"
(OOC) Eclipse: Okay. This is getting ever so slightly annoying now.
Lavender gives Magpie a funny look. "What, like…someone set up a trail intending us to follow it? I mean, that kinda has to be what happened if there's a map, right? But um…I see your point. Is it her dad that made it or is it a devious trap?"
Windrose turns a bit to point a hoof at her flank and the flower petal map compass that is her cutie mark. "You could say that." With a chuckle she turns back to bump her hoof lightly to the zebra's. "Windrose. Maybe I should stick around and make sure you kids don't get lost." She pauses, then turns a bit to lean towards Magpie. "And why are you here? Looking for a Lover's Leap for you and your fishy coltfriend, eh?"
Pumpkin thinks about it for a moment. "Ah don't know. Maybe we're just lucky?"
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Aliella rolls 1d20 (Ali's nice and sweet and all, but…) — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

(OOC) Eclipse: BAH!!!
"They could be… real smart bunnies?" Sadaka suggests back to Magpie. "Or… or maybe her Papa knew he was lost and he gave the map to the bunnies an' trained 'em and sent 'em for town hoping they'd give it to somepony who could come find him like we're gonna."
(OOC) Sadaka: because bunny training is totally a thing zebras can do, yup.
(OOC) Pumpkin: Well sure.

Without warning, Aliella drops her satch and turns to Magpie with a look of anything but kindness. "Listen, you," she shouts, "My papa's one of the smartest explorers in Equestria, and you're saying we're being… /set up/ when we're trying to find him? What if we were looking for your parents, huh? I'll bet you wouldn't be saying the same thing."
(OOC) Aliella: ^With permission from a good sport.
"I've seen a thing or two in thus forest but never something like this. I would like to help find your dad Aliella, that is if your other companions don't mind," Eclipse says and gestures at the other ponies in the group, with a slight twinkle in her eyes."As for the bunnies the only thing I'm bothered about is the fact that that they look adorable."
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: Back
Magpie shrugs to Lavender. "I'm thinkin' trap, but —" She freezes and rounds on Aliella. "Shut your mouth! SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH! You don't know anything!"
Oh, cringeworthy. "Aliella…" Qintessent-Rune came up short here, should she really inter-… Ah. "Miss Magpie, Miss Aliella… Might I perhaps offer the suggestion that this is not the time and place for a situation like this?"
Pumpkin watches the argument going on and doesn't say a word, looking fretful and worried.
Magpie stompstomps her hooves. "I'd do ANYTHING if it would get them back! But you don't have to be STUPID!" Apparently feeling that doesn't convey her feelings entirely, she adds, "…STUPID!"
Aliella freezes. The older filly's reaction brings back a plethora of memories to her. In these memories she carries the same reaction. /Nuh-uh! My papa's just fine! You don't know anything about him!/

Hanging her head, she approaches Magpie, finally raising her head. "You, um… I don't know if…" A tear rolls down her cheek as she looks away for a moment before finally turning up, and suddenly tears burst from her eyes as she wraps her forelegs around Magpie. "I'm sorry. I miss my papa. I really do. I want him back."
(OOC) Aliella: The 'italics' are supposed to be thoughts/memories
Tale-Chaser slicks his ears back. Yelling! It isn't scary, it's just bad vibes and he'd rather everypony get along. He hesitates, then slips forward to put a hoof around Magpie's withers. He's about ready to say something supportive when Aliella gets apologetic… Thank goodness for the mercurial pride of youth.
At the sound of all the shouting, Eclipse jumps into a tree and says in a voice that is barely audible, even to the bunnies "Please don't argue. That's how friendships are torn and that's the last thing we want."
(OOC) Aliella: I realized that I've had Aliella be purely optimistic for far too long, so sorry if that was a drastic change of mood
Lavender gets in there close to both Aliella and Magpie. "Aliella! I'm sorry! I just…I was thinking out random ideas, and I got too much into the adventurer…thing. I'm sure everything's going to go fine…"
Sadaka lays her ears back at the yelling, looking torn between wanting to jump in and support Aliella, and not quite wanting to 'get involved'. She casts Magpie a glance and idly reaches a hoof to itch at the ear that is sporting a rainbow-shelled earring, and apparently decides to go for the 'not getting involved' option for now. At least it seems to be working itself out! So after a moment she clears her throat, a bit nervously. "…It might be a weird lead, but… but it's all we got. Why would anypony try to trap us? And… and if somepony is, than somepony knows what we're up to, and maybe there's more to all this. So… so we can't give up that easy." She looks around, gaze casting over Pumpkin and Lavender - the two most familiar faces /not/ fighting - for support. "…Right?"
Magpie struggles a little against the filly-hug, scowling still, but finally she relents and hugs Aliella. "I know you do. We just gotta think. I don't — exactly know what's going on here, but it doesn't make sense. That's scary."
Windrose rears back a little in the air. "Whoa, mood whiplash. Don't mind Magpie kiddo, sometimes she says things without really thinking about it first." Then her tone turns to a deadpan. "Trust me, I live with her." But then rolls back again to her usual chipperness. "Com'n, now that we've gotten the party disagreement moment out of the way, lets get back to wherever this little adventure is suppose to be going, huh?"
Aliella sniffles a bit before raising her head once more. "Okay… you're right. It's just… it's the only other clue we have right now. Maybe the smell on the map matched the smell on my hat. My papa's smell. But still… what other choice do we have? We gotta keep going. When the sun sets we can set up a camp and talk it all out." Before turning around and trotting forward, she leans into Magpie's ear and whispers, "I'm sorry… especially if you… … I'm sorry." And so, the filly picks up her satchel, and with a wave to the rest of the party, trots onward. "Miss Eclipse," she shouts as she marches, "you're more than welcome to join us!"
Pumpkin is standing with Sadaka right now, both in the sense of physical proximity and general attitude towards this situation.
A slightly panicked voice comes from a tree overhead, saying "Umm, guys. I can't get back down from here."
Tale-Chaser lowers his leg, watching Aliella for a moment, then turns towards Magpie and gives her cheek a bump with his nose.
Lavender nods her head rapidly back at Sadaka. "Well if course we're not going to give up. Yeah! All we can do is follow every lead we've got and we're sure to succeed."
Windrose sighs and flaps over to help Eclipse out of the tree. "Don't you unicorns have like levitation or some such?"
Magpie gives T.C. a nudge back and sticks her tongue out at Windrose. Nyyyeh.
Glad to be back on the ground, Eclipse says "Thank you and yes they do but only to a certain degree. I can only levitate things that are small enough and speaking of that, would you like a hoof carrying some stuff?"
(OOC) Aliella: Anyone object if I time-lapse a good portion of the walking?
(OOC) Windrose: Time lapses is good
(OOC) Windrose: TRAVEL BY MAP! </muppets>
(OOC) Eclipse: No objections here
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: go for it!
(OOC) Aliella: ok, gimme a sec
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: Go on.
(OOC) Sadaka totally approves of travel by map.
(OOC) Pumpkin: Movin' right along o/`
(OOC) Aliella: Also, is it safe to assume Ali is leading the way?
(OOC) Eclipse: Shuya thing Miss A.
And so, for what may be two hours or so, the foals and older company trot along. A few conversations and laughs are had along the way, but all is suddenly cut off as a shout is heard. "Uwaaaaaaaah!!!" Before anyone knows it, Aliella, who had been leading the way, is out of sight. Those not far behind her can see a hole that must have been covered up by leaves. Looking into it, one can see Aliella, holding on to a hind leg and writhing in pain. "Ow! It was a trap! It hurts! Someone help!" In a single moment, all of her pep and optimism appears to have fallen, and been replaced by pain and suffering. "I want out of here! Someone, please!"

Finally standing up, the filly claws at the wall in a vain attempt to climb it, but in her frustration, does not give up. "Stupid hole, stupid map, stupid forest- hey…" Her positive energy returning to her, she shouts from the hole. "I think I found something!"

Pumpkin hears the shout and jumps. "Hold on, ah brought some rope! We'll have you outta there in a jiffy, Ali!" She starts fiddling with her bags, nosing pockets and trying to remember where she put the rope. It's actually hanging from the pack she handed off to somepony else. Let's see how long it takes for her to remember this.
Tale Chaser is skittering around the edge of the hole, scrawny legs all aflutter! "Oh, gosh! Maggie! Your rope! Oh- Pumpkin! YOUR rope! Somepony, rope!" He flops at the edge of the hole and reaches down with his forelegs, waggling his hooves at Aliella.
Magpie dashes to the edge of the hole and stretches her neck down. Her intense concern sort of evaporates when the filly 'finds something' and stops acting like she's mortally wounded. Eyeroll. "I'm sorry, what was it you said? It's a what now?" She shrug-shuffles the rope SHE brought off of her saddlebag and starts unwinding it.
(OOC) Pumpkin: You know what we need here? A ten foot pole.
Eclipse rushes to the hole and whinces when she sees how deep it is."That must've hurt, Aliella. Are you alright?" she asks, with a voice full of sympathy and kindness.
Aliella continuse her clawing at the wall while waiting, doing her best to support herself on her injured hind leg, but eventually gives in to the pain and lies back on the ground. "Owie… it's… it's a wall… maybe a door… I dunno… but… ooh…" Slowly rummaging through her saddlebag that fortunately fell with her, she grabs hold of the whistle given to her by the strange unicorn and taps it against the wall, the resulting sound being a fairly hollow sort of tinking. "Something's in here, guys, I swear! But…" She hangs her head and pouts. "I don't know how we'll get in."
Sadaka blinks and scrambles forward to the edge of the hole, peering down. "Aliella! Are you alright?" She flutters her wings, looking about ready to dive in after her, but… but she's not sure she can take off from inside a hole like that. Or carry another filly, for that matter. She prances in place, think think thinking, then… blink. "What? What'd you find?" Crisis momentarily forgotten as curiosity wins out again.
Lavender shoulders Magpie and glares at her, "Hey…Just because you were right does't mean you should tease." Then whispers, "But it kinda really is an official adventure now, isn't it? Here, let me help with the rope…"
(OOC) Aliella: I swear, I'm trying to get more action and excitement going on, it's just tricky finding something that gets everyone involved aside from the typical timberwolf encounter and whatnot.
Some days it's good to be a pegasus. This day is one of them. Holes don't stop you when you can fly!

It also doesn't stop her from reaching over to bop Magpie lightly on the head when she picks the wrong moment to rub in being right.

"Someone give me a rope and I can hover down to her with it."
Windrose posed that, yes
Long distance to Aliella: Sadaka notes that if we're going into ruins, she has a couple ideas for puzzles/traps that might come up, and can totally GM surroundings if need-be.
Aliella pages: I'm totally up for that. See, since nobody knows of any villages or ruins around the area, and we've got this strange wall… who says the ruins can't be underground? :D
Sadaka blinks. "Wait, there… there's a door in the hole? …Why is there a door in the hole? …Do we gotta go in the door? Does that mean we all gotta fall in the hole?" She looks puzzled by this idea.
(OOC) Quintessent-Rune: I think I maybe should drop out… A slow decline in good mood has kinda impacted my ability to add anything to the scene in general by now.
(OOC) Aliella: It's okay, I know that feeling.
You paged Aliella with 'works for me! XD'.
(OOC) Tale-Chaser awws, and hugs Rune.
(OOC) Sadaka nods. "You can fade into the background, Rune, it's a big enough scene that ponies can fade in and out."
(OOC) Eclipse snuggas Rune.
(OOC) Magpie also Runehug
Tale-Chaser pushes up from the edge of the hole, since his hoofy flailing isn't working. He bites his lower lip and looks between Magpie, Lavender and Windrose, then turns back towards Aliella. "Is it locked? The door?" He twists about and tries to get a look at it. "If you got a running start could you hit it really hard and maybe break it open that way?"
(OOC) Pumpkin hugs Quint.
Quintessent-Rune has left.
Aliella pouts once again. "But I can't." She gestures to her hind leg, which she is apparently trying to keep from any sort of pressure. "I was so close, too." Looking once more at the door, she turns to TC. "It's hollow, but there's no way to open it. Maybe if we dig around more…"
Eclipse says "No need. I have a bobby pin and a screwdriver so I could unlock it if I need to."
(OOC) Eclipse: Bah! That may be my shortest pose this scene.
(OOC) Sadaka: sometimes short poses happen
(OOC) Eclipse: True.
Magpie sighs. "Here, hold this, I'm going down." She tosses one end of the rope to Tale Chaser and, without really waiting for him to agree, starts to slide down the edge of the pit, using the rope to keep from just dropping…
Long distance to Aliella: Sadaka checks. "What sort of ruins might these be? Like, trap-wise, would I be looking at things earth ponies probably made, unicorns, pegasi, or something else?
"No, you use the ropes to climb down." Uuuugh. Which is what Magpie does. "See, like that… Oh geeze." Windrose quickly plops to the ground and puts a hoof on the rope so it doesn't slide off. Then leans over to look down the hole. "You're suppose to tie it off first, not hand it to the nerd-pony who'd probably fall in on top of you." Sheesh, kids.
Tale-Chaser nabs the rope and has a few seconds to frantically wrap it around himself while running away from the pit, so he can flop over and make himself into a big pink achor. Maggie's quasi-controlled descent drags him slightly through the dirt, and he meeps. "S-say when to pull you back up!" he calls back, head lifted and turned hole-wards.
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: achor = anchor
See, that's totally why Windrose is helping. He'd just slide in!
Aliella pages: I'm thinking made by zebras or earth ponies.
(OOC) Aliella: I'm a little confused. Are ponies still coming down?
You paged Aliella with 'so rustic traps, nothing magical. That rules out animated statues and elemental floor panels, but those can be tweaked~ I'll think of some stuff.'.
(OOC) Windrose thinks only Magpie actually climbed in so far. Everyone else is just talking about how?
You paged Aliella with 'actually, zebras might be able to animate statues with voo doo magics. :/a'.
Instead of using the rope like somepony sensible, Eclipse just yells "Geronimo," and jumps down the hole. This is a decition that is regretted as soon as she lands at the bottom and that is shown via a rather loud scream of pain as she lands flat on her back.
(OOC) Sadaka is still standing at the top trying to figure out if they need to go in the hole or not. XD
(OOC) Eclipse: *decision
Pumpkin is standing near the edge of the hole. "Do you want us to go down there or stay up here?" Pause. "Would any of y'all like a sandwich, maybe?"
Aliella pages: Could be interesting!
(OOC) Magpie: I'm just dying laughing at TC's reaction. :D
(OOC) Magpie: Tie run run run flop.
(OOC) Eclipse: Imagine falling with ragdoll physics.
(OOC) Lavender: This is the best XD
Magpie pause. Shouts up, "HEY! Anypony got one of those lighty things?"
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Aliella rummages through her satchel once more as she lies on her side. "I did bring a torch just in case, but I dunno how to get it lit. Here!" A torch emerges from the satchel in the filly's teeth as she points it to Magpie.
(OOC) Windrose afks again. She's just here, holding the rope with the bookwormfish
"Hold on!" calls Tale Chaser, back to the hole. He frees one leg from the tangle and twists about towards his saddlebags- thankfully, his scrawny physique lends itself well to minor acts of contortion- and digs around until he pulls out one of those marbles. With a few shakes, the glassy sphere begins to gleam with a soft, cool light, and the seacolt rolls it towards the pit.

And misses. It rolls to the far side and sits in the dirt. "Uh- someone… someone toss that in?"
Sadaka blinks, still looking a bit confused as per what they should be trying to do. She edges a bit closer to the hole, skitters back, blinks a few times. "What lighty… oh!" Oh, yes. Those! She twists around to scoop up the one TC dropped and turns to drop it down into the hole. "Here!"
"Thanks…" says Tale Chaser, watching Sadaka, then turning to look up at Windrose. "Uh, can you- help hold this while I, er, find something better to tie it off agains than, um, myself?"
Magpie starts pokin' around at the door, since nopony else seems to be. If it's got a lock or a handle, that'd be something. If not? Maybe a kick'll do it?
Lavender decides to take a rope down. But decides to skip the climbing thing! She makes sure nobody else is on their way down it, then grabs onto it at the edge of the pit and sliiides on down at a rather rapid pace. "Whee!…Oof!" The ground is still a thing that exists at the bottom. Oof. She rolls out of the way of the bottom of the rope.
(OOC) Aliella: Working on it~
As the other ponies work on their rope situation, Aliella does what she can to uncover the rest of the wall. As she works farther to the left, a carved image comes into view, apparently depicting a pony of some sort. "Hey, uh, whoever has light, c'mere a sec." She continuse running her hooves across the entire wall as fast as she can in spite of the pain in her leg. "I think I got something!"
(OOC) Windrose returns
Magpie levitates the glowy marble thing over.
Once Magpie is safely down Windrose just flies down to see what everypony else has found. "You guys are crazy, just jumping down here and what not."
(OOC) Sadaka: how big is the hole?
(OOC) Sadaka: like, is it getting full down there or is there room for us all to come down?
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(OOC) Eclipse: Internet just died. What did I miss?
(OOC) Aliella: It's pretty big. 20 feet in diameter
(OOC) Magpie: The intenet is? :D
Sadaka gulps, giving her wings a few little flutters before moving to the edge as well. She digs her front hooves in and slowly lowers herself over the edge, wings spread and ready to flap like crazy should this prove to be a terrible idea. At least there's not water down there! …Right? She freezes with a squeak. "Th-there's no water down there r-right?!"
Eclipse has disconnected.
Eclipse has connected.
(OOC) Eclipse: BAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
(OOC) Windrose gut punchs Eclipse's internet
(OOC) Magpie: ANd then eclipse was a sheep. ;D
"Of course not! C'mon, Sadaka!" Upon closer inspection, Aliella assumes the picture to be that of a zebra, judging by her feeling of the carvings. "I'll bet you this is the real door." Tapping it with her whistle, it makes an ever louder klinking sound.
Tale-Chaser ties the rope off around a… a tree. Yes. A tree. A nice, sturdy tree. With a nice, sturdy knot, or at least a tangled mass of not-so-sturdy knots. Once they're settled, he goes to lower himself in carefully.
Windrose folds her forelegs as she hovers over the group so she doesn't take up room on the ground. "So how do we open it then?"
Sadaka seems placated by this, gulping a bit and letting herself slide down into the hole, hind hooves scrabbling and wings flapping a bit to try and keep it more 'controlled slide' than 'fall'. She still lands with quite the thump, shaking herself off and blinking around before climbing back to her hooves.
Pumpkin has remarkable traction. Or maybe it's the weight she's carrying pressing her down. Either way, she's making her way down the hillside slowly but steadily.
Getting back up, Eclipse looks all over the door for a lock but fails to find any obvious ones."How can I unlock a door when I can't even find the lock for me to pick," she says, a little disgruntled.
Magpie waves the light up and down along the carvings, poking around at the edges of the 'door'. It has to be a door, right? She taptaps her hooves along the edge of it.
Lavender furrows her brow. "Hey, maybe it's simpler than that. I mean this is an adventure right? Abracadabra! Open sesame! Open, you door…thing! Release thy treasure!"
Magpie joins in shouting at the door. "Abracapocus! Hocuscadabra! Melon! Cantulope! Casaba!"
Windrose stares at Lavender and Magpie. "This is an adventure, not a flutterpony tale."
(OOC) Windrose just used flutterpony in place of fairy, yes
"Flutterpony tales can be adventures, too," asserts Tale Chaser, poking a few rocks around with a hoof.
(OOC) Aliella: Sorry guys, I'll be back in like 5
(OOC) Magpie: NOOOOO
Magpie gives Windrose another tongue-stick-out. "I don't see YOU doin' anything to open the door."
Sadaka peers up at the door. Most specifically, the carving. Is it doing anything special? Does it have a button on it, or a switch? Can she stand in the same pose as it's in? She gives it a shot, trying to figure out what to do with her wings. Hey, this stuff works in Daring Do books! "Maybe it's a… puzzle or somethin'. Is there a secret switch?"
(OOC) Aliella: Really sorry about that
(OOC) Aliella: I mentioned to my dad that I was gonna buy a cable for my mic some day later so he came in to try and help fix mine
(OOC) Aliella: Wasn't about to be like "DAD I'M PONIES"
(OOC) Sadaka: XD
Aliella pages: Did you have anything in mind for the puzzle?
You paged Aliella with 'not for this one, though I could come up with something real quick if you need me to.'.
Eclipse looks closer at the door and finds a discreet metal stud on the bottom left of it. Curiosity compells her to push the stud but it does less than a three legged donkey.
Eclipse has disconnected.
Eclipse has connected.
Eclipse looks closer at the door and finds a discreet metal stud on the bottom left of it. Curiosity compells her to push the stud but it does less than a three legged donkey.
Aliella pages: Eh, I got so far behind that I'm just gonna look at people's different atttempts and pick one that works
(OOC) Eclipse: Why did a three legged donkey come to mind when I was typing that pose?
(OOC) Magpie: Sounds racist.
The stud rattles for a moment, apparently on its own, then stops.
(OOC) Magpie tries to make TC stop rattling. ;D
(OOC) Aliella: I said studs, not sweet hunks of stallion~
(OOC) Windrose: … Since when is nerdboy either? o_o
(OOC) Magpie: q.q
(OOC) Pumpkin: Don't worry, Magpie. I think your coltfriend is a studmuffin.
(OOC) Eclipse gives TC a hoofshake then offers a milkshake but it's interupted by the eaeth shaking during an earthquake. Who can guess what word I was hiding in that sentence?
(OOC) Tale-Chaser: o-oh my
(OOC) Magpie eyes Eclipse.
(OOC) Eclipse whistles innocently.
(OOC) Magpie doesn't get it.
Aliella pages: I'm thinknig of wrapping up once we get inside. Maybe a cave-in or something
(OOC) Eclipse jumps on a tumble dryer and it makes her shake.
You paged Aliella with 'sure, works for me. next week we can explore the ruins proper'.
(OOC) Aliella: I'm gonna wrap this up soon, guys
(OOC) Magpie: Ah…
Windrose sticks her tongue back out at Magpie. "I'm not gonna be the one to set off another trap, either," she retorts.
(OOC) Eclipse: aww.
Magpie tries once more. "Swordfish!" Then she shrugs. "I'm out," she says, having expended her knowledge of secret passwords, and unable to find any special secret panels or whatever.
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Tale-Chaser trots across to the door, reaches up, and knocks gently on it.
Aliella eyes the stud curiously, and without a thought, attempts to yank at it with her teeth. The stud removes itself with amazing ease, and before everypony's eyes, the door collapes. Not into broken bits, but perfect cubes. Revealed now is a cave, lit by some odd source of neverending flame on the walls.
Eclipse has reconnected.
Eclipse has partially disconnected.
Magpie was looking the wrong way and missed Aliella. She blinks and stares at Tale Chaser's hoof. "That was AMAZING!" she gasps.
Eclipse says "Well that was easy."
Sadaka blinks and stares up at the door as it falls apart. "…Woah. I've never seen a door made of blocks before," she finally states, peering in curiously. That's /neat/.
Pumpkin whistles. "Well ah'll be."
Windrose huhs. "I guess in the end that door was nothing more than just another brick in the wall."
(OOC) Magpie: You mean all in all?
Tale-Chaser pokes at some of the cubes. "Seems like it'd make it real hard to close it back up. Y'know, like… if it strarted raining or somethin'."
(OOC) Windrose: If I quoted it directly it wouldn't be as funy
Magpie scoops up a few blocks and dumps them into her saddle bag. They're kinda neat and weird and she hopes she can figure out how to stick 'em back together later.
Sadaka seems to have a similar idea to Magpie, albeit for potentially different reasons. These are /weird/, and she wants to find out more about them! Because blocks don't usually do that. She scoops a few into a saddlebag with her papers, intent on taking them right on back to her Papa for further examination! …Well. When her Papa got home, that is.
Eclipse looks through the cubes for the stud and when she finds it she puts it behind her ear, where nopony would dare take it from.
(OOC) Sadaka: we're gonna loot this place
(OOC) Sadaka: of course, we're mostly a bunch of kids, so we're mostly gonna loot it of stuff that 'looks cool' instead of, like, treasure and stuff.
(OOC) Sadaka: unless the treasure looks cool.
(OOC) Eclipse: We're tomb raiders!!!
Lavender tilts her head to the side far enough that it looks like she's going to fall over. "Heehee. This is the best secret tunnel ever." She eyes the cubes…licks one…shrugs. "Ew."