A Worse Idea
IC date: Autumn 52, 1007
OOC date: November 10, 2012
PCs: Stormdancer, Ginger-Spice
GM: None

Ah, morning. Celestia's sun is just cresting the horizon, brilliant rays burning through the early fog rolling in from the sea. The fog's not the only thing rolling- The room, too, seems to rock and creak in the slow steady rhythm. The… fairly ramshackle room. With a single bed, far too small for the two ponies currently tangled up in it, said early morning sun landing -right- in their eyes.

Stormdancer is frantically poking Ginger in the shoulder with one hoof, whispering into her ear. "Spicey! Spicey! Wake -up-! Come onnnnnnn-"

On the far side of the room, what appears to be at first glance a piece of abstract art turns out to be some sort of congealed jelly, slooooowly dripping down the wall. A double hoof-full of bottles and mugs roll about on the floor as room tilts one way… then the other… then back… and again…!

Ginger-Spice groaned loudly, putting a hoof to her pounding head - or tried to anyway, none of them seemed able to get anywhere near. Instead she settled for pressing her her head against the nearest firm surface at hand. It feelt like somepony had let lose the entirety of the Canterlot Musical Marching Band inside her head. Twice! Still, she could hear her name, and her internal clock insisted that it was time to get up anywayt.

"Wha' issit…?" Opening her eyes she was greated to the sigh of a blue coat. Turning her head she peered up at Stormdancer. "Wha'…?" Her face scrunched up. "I feel sick… the world's all rollin' about…"

Stormdancer looks disgustingly awake- Though rather bedraggled. Sometime during the past… who knows how long… her wings lost their bandages, bare but for a very fine coating of fur and a few scraggly feathers. And there's only one-! No, wait, the other's there. Just pinned under the gingerbread brown unicorn, forcing the pegasus to bend at an awkward angle. She shushes her bedmate with her free wing, looking around quickly- then sighs in relief. Still whispering: "Finally! We need to get out of here, fast." Her mane, pulled loose from its usual style, flops over one eye, causing her to shake her head- then wince. Awake, but not hangover-free.

Ginger-Spice winced, her ears flattening to her head as she pouted at Stormdancer. "Wh-… Ouch, my 'ead… Why're ye whisperin'? Ye're lookin' jus' awful…" To be fair, so did the unicorn as well, her red mane standing wildly on edge, her coat stained from… something or other.

After a moment she lifted her head from Stormdancer's chest. "Um… would ye maybe… um, care tae move jus' a smidge… I think I've lost the feelin' in a leg…" And more importantly, she ain't whispering.

Frantically, as the faint sound of hoofsteps on wood becomes audible- "Keep it down! We- 'least I- can't be here!" Stormdancer actually looks… worried. She wiggles her various limbs, stuck and intertwined with the other mare as they are- -Something- has to pop loose! Though the contortions seem to be pulling on something, forcing her to bite her lip and let out a lil' 'peep'.

Ginger-Spice seemed suprised, she'd never really seen Stormdancer worried about anything before. Still, suprised doesn't make stop her from offering a helping hoof herself, after a fashion, squirming in a way to pull a limb free from somewhere so they can extraciate themselves from the pile of limbs.

Grunts, and thumps, and creaks from the poor, tiny cot of a bed- And a pop! Stormdancer seems to hover in the air for a moment, gloriously free… before gravity re-introduces itself, dropping her in the mess on the floor with a clatter. And an "ow."

"Aha!" Ginger-Spice smiled brigthly as the pop sounded through the room, a smile spreading across her muzzle in the time it took her to hit the floor on her side of the bed, her hind-quarters still halfway trapped in the sheets, a leg kicking slightly. Hitting your head in the floorboards is not what you want to do when you're hung over. "Oww… Me head…"

Clop… CLOP… clop… CLOP… Heavy hoofsteps approach the door… and pass on by. A large blob of jelly finally detaches itself from the wall, landing on Stormdancer's muzzle with a splat. Her eyes cross, and she sniffs. "… Grape?" Otherwise, she just sprawls there, limbs splayed out, panting. "… 'least I -thought- this's the Rusty Bucket…"

Ginger-Spice groaned again as she rolled onto her chest and got to her hooves , blinking in a attempt to get the room into focus. And almost tumbling to the ground again as the room tilts. "Does the bucket… uh… 'eave like thi'?"

Stormdancer mirrors Ginger's attempts to get upright, stumbling and skating. "The Bucket's- whoa- a ship what was- eep!- turned inta a tavern- look out!" A sudden lurch sends the already unsteady pegasus careening face-first toward's the unicorn's flank.

Ginger-Spice eeps as Stormdancer plants her face in her flanks, toppling the gingerbread brown mare back onto the bed. From there she raised a hoof. "Well… this does seem like a ship, dunnit? A ship sailin'… Kinda…"

Stormdancer hees lightly, dazed. "Soft landing…" And shakes her head again, bouncing a couple braincells together. "Thing is, I kinda have a really, really big tab, and the owner said if he ever saw me there again without the bits, he'd-" She coughs. "Well, don' matter what he said. Just that I'd rather not see'f he was serious."

Ginger-Spice nodded, her gaze sweeping across the floor, "Well… there's nae way he'd sell ye bottles on th' floor, I guess… so it cannae be there, then! …right?" Ah, the morning-after deduction capabilities. "An… ye thin' ye could pull yer face o' my 'rear… Please?"

"'s comfy!" Stormdancer complains, before wobbling back and plopping to the floor, using the bed for support. "And… I'm not really sure. Wasn' -this- bad las' time I was here, but th' place -was- exploded by that crazy unicorn…" There's a loud, growly rumble, and she has the good grace to look at least a little embaressed.

Ginger-Spice peered at Stormdancer, rather curiously. Then at the walls. Then back. "Ye're… hungry? Ye cannae be tha' hungry… I mean… All tha' jam. Not 'nought up there to be all the ones fro' the floor." Another rocking of the… wherever they are sent her tumbling of the bed and up against Stormdancer.

"Y-ye know…" she stammered as she looked up into the pegasus mare's eyes, "this… place is really hard to 'ave a conversation at, ye think we can leave?"

Stormdancer puts on a grin, rubbing the back of her head with one hoof. "'s not -so- bad-" *Creaaak* "- But sure! Can't think why n-"

A loud -whump- from outside, and an even louder knocking on the door follows, along with a slightly screechy: "Captains! Crew's ready fer inspection, an' Navigator Parsley reports we're due fer Stalliongrad in three weeks time!"

Ginger-Spice blinked in suprise, her eyes darting to the door before returning up to Stormdancer's face as she peeled herself of the pegasus' chest. "What did we -do- last night…?"

"I dunno," Stormdancer chirps back, helping Ginger to her hooves. "But it oughta be fun to find out!" She pauses. "- Did that fella say 'Captains'?"

Ginger-Spice gave Stormdancer a worried look before making her way over to the door and magicing it open, peering out into the hallway beyond. A gryphon?! And the pegasus stallion next to him, dark grey, three-tone monocrome mane, eyepatch and about six different sabers. She eeped and slamed the door shut, turning back to Stormdancer.

"I… think… they're, um… sailors," even Spice would have picked up the local… distinction between sailors and 'sailors', "and they… don't look like they're not expecting us to be here."

Stormdancer perks up, trotting forward. "Well, it beats having to pay a tab!" And pauses. "Ohhhhh. Drat! Can't go to Stalliongrad, I've got work t' do for Boss Chaos!" The blue mare pouts. "An' it's been -forever- since I've seen Gran-Gran, too."

A knock came on the door, this time definatly that of hooves on wood. "Ma'ams? Are you quite done… enjoying yourselves in there? We rather would like you out on deck."

Spice on her part shot Stormdancer a curious look, "You what… Oh, you work for Rising-Chaos…? And… Um… Maybe we should head out on deck? Maybe just ask them to turn about and head back…?"

Stormdancer eh-hehs, starting to push open the door. "I'm sure they wouldn' mind-"

"Captains on deck!" the gryphon belts out, getting the crew's attention (and dazing Stormie.) Immediately, a chatter from the crew starts up- a fierce-looking, if cheerful, mix of ponies from all tribes, zebra, and a few other Gryphs. Snippets of conversation float up to the ears of the wayward ponies. "… meaner'n they look-" "- Dreadbeard never had a-" "- fed 'im 'is own peg-" "- -all- the jelly?!"

Ginger-Spice stepped onto the deck next to Stormdancer, her eyes scanning the deck. Catching a snipped of whispering she blushed… She wasn't -that- mean! Even when she's drunk… Drunk? Ah, that would most likely explain the two dozen sot-smeared kegs of rum and ale tied down on deck.

The swordy pony chuckled at their expression, "Captain Fireflank, Captain Skilleton. Wellcome," he sweept a dark hoof across the deck of the ship, "to the Dread Crab!"

The gryphon rests his talons above the hatch the mares exited from, leaning in to talk to the two. "Crew's mighty thrilled ta' not haveta sit in Horseshoe Harbor waitin' ta sell our haul, Captains. And we're all glad ta be rid of Dreadbeard- Let th' seaponies scrape his hide!"

Stormdancer glances over at Ginger, then back to their new friends. (Well, hopefully they -stay- friendly…) "Ah-heh. Right. We -do- need to go back-" The gryphon squints at her, his feathers puffing up a bit. "- eventually! Eventually. After they solve that lil' shambly problem, sure." She pastes on a grin and turns it to Ginger, giving a little half-shrug.

Ginger-Spice shoots Stormdancer a glance from the corner of her eye. She was grinning? This… would be interesting, very interesting! And kinda deranged and dangerous! And she was grinning? After a moment Spice's normal cocky grin spread across her muzzle as she strode forward. "Right then! As you were, everypony! And gryphon! And zebra!" She came to a halt, turning slightly towards the two seeming head-honchos, her voice dropping. "Um… what are we doing, my memory is a bit hazy…"

The grey pegasus stallion smiled and turned halfway to look at the two mares, his single eye narrowing slightly. "I… figured that might be the case. We're going treasure huntin'… After a fashion."

Stormdancer blinks as Ginger seems, well, okay with this! She composes herself, holding her head high and taking on a moderately, well, -military- stance, wide-legged and proud. "Meaning?" She looks over to the side at the crew- many of which are still chattering about- and snaps out "Oi! Look busy you lot!" before turning her attention back to their seconds-in-command.

The stallion smiled. "Why, cleaning out the hold of a Royal Equestrian Treasury Ship, of course!"