A Sweet Arrival
IC date: Autumn 78
OOC date: Dec 6th
PCs: Sugar-Rush, Sugar-Dart, Muzaji, Pumpkin, Hayseed
GM: None

Another fine autumn day in Horseshoe Harbor! Clear skies for miles around. Nary a cloud in the sky to smudge the horizon, making perfect weather for yet another boat to make dock without a hitch. One of those passenger boats! With, like, real visitors and stuff!

In fact, here comes one of those visitors now! The smartly-dressed canary-yellow pony steps off the boat's plank with an excited bounce that belies his age. He looks around with big brown eyes, taking in the dingy colors, the smell of years-old alcohol and faint traces of charcoal, and the general gruffness of the general population. He looks at all these things with a grin and a tap of one hoof impatiently.

"Ahh here we are! Horseshoe Harbor! Infamous den of not-pirates, ne'er-do-wells, and unsavory types. The edge of civilization as we know it!" the stallion chimes, turning his head back towards the boat. "Dart! Be a dear and bring the gear, would you? I can just /smell/ the opportunity oozing all over this place, and we shouldn't dilly-dally!" The purple-clad pony inhales a deep breath, promptly turning his head and giving a loud cough! "…Opportunity, and body odor. Yes, definitely body odor."

A high, piping voice can be heard coming down the street, belonging to the excited-looking orange filly trotting alongside her big sister. "An' then ah told Magpie all about that hill I found near the farm an' how that'd be a GREAT place to try using the go-karts we've all been making. An' once we put them together we're gonna have a big ol' race, just you see!"
Pumpkin's very excited about the races, you see.

Long distance to Sugar-Dart: Sugar-Rush also imagines the 'gear' being like..a big ol' heavy packload too. Like the mountain of party supplies from the About Time episode.

"I've got it, Uncle." A pale yellow pegasus is indeed gathering gear, hefting a saddlebag - and then a /much/ larger pack, which looks quite too big for the slim, delicate pony. She edges carefully down the gangplank, trying not to trip. Her red mane and tail are tied back in braids, and she wears a violet coat of her own, a lighter shade and with little golden swirls and hearts sewn onto it. Her right foreleg is encircled with a number of bright violet bracelets that jingle gently as she moves. She just looks like the sweetest thing, and boy is that pack too big for her. But she manages, looking around thoughtfully as she steps off of the plank and moves up beside the stallion.

New boats always tend to attract attention. Because new boats mean new oppritunities, in the form of new sucke*scratchedout*visitors. This is probably why Muzaji has her shop set up on a corner of the boardwalk with a view of most of the docks. I mean, other than much of the marketplace still being in ash and ruin.

Also possibly why she takes a peek down there with an antique spyglass much of the time, too.

Other than their really odd fancy looking dress the newcomers don't really strike much interest… until the zebra pans her view to see the pegasus hauling a heap of gear down the blank. Now now, what could be in all that…

Hayseed chuckles lightly, smiling down at Pumpkin. Foals get so excited about these things! /She/ has other things on her mind. …Like the upcoming Running of the Leaves. It's… a /different/ race! Hush. "Well that sounds like it will be a lot of fun. You'll have to let me know so I can come watch, hm? See who wins." Because a race is a race is a race, after all! She ruffles Pumpkin's mane lightly. "Though I'd say you have a pretty good shot, from what I've seen of that cart!"

"Careful, dear, careful." the older pony cautions, not exactly looking back, yet somehow knowing full well what his niece is up to. With her standing next to him, Sugar Rush helps steady the load with a gingerly placed hoof, eyeing the large pack with a thoughtful hum. "Hm… Did I pack the chocolate liquor? Now seems like a great time for a quick toast to making it here alive. All those stories about getting here being half the fight were so off-base!"

He begins rummaging through the pack, while it's still perched upon Dart's back no less, making a fair amount of clanking and clinking, banging and tinking. "It really wasn't /that/ big of a whirlpool… The sea dragon was /obviously/ fake." Clang! "…And the captain seemed to sail so much better after he got drunk!" He pulls back, a bottle and two tiny glasses balanced on his head! "Such a nice fellow."

The purple-dressed pony merrily trots about alongside his kin, all grins and giggles. A toss of his head sends the bottle and glasses up into the air! The two glasses, he catches, one in each hoof. The bottle, captured by his mouth, the cork mysteriously vanishing somewhere during the trip so that all he has to do is a quick pass of the open bottle to have both glasses filled. Another tip of his head sets the bottle down, and one hoof offers one filled glass to the other yellow pegasus. "Here's to our success!"

"Ah will, ah promise!" Pumpkin trots an excited little circle around her big sister's legs. "But it's not as amazin' as your race. Ah wish ah could do the Running of the Leaves. Ah know ah could run the whole thing, ah just know it!" She sees Muzaji's stall and peers curiously. "Ah wonder what they sell? Can we have a look, big sis, can we?"

The younger pegasus gives a faint chuckle, standing as still as she could while her uncle does his rummaging. No, no, take your time. She's got this, really. No hurry.

"Well, you like boat rides," she points out, glancing back at him. "I thought the sea dragon was rather impressive. Colorful, at least. And loud." She follows alongside him, ears twitching, pausing only to reach for the offered glass. "And more to come, I hope! We've only just begun, after all."

Hayseed grins faintly. "Maybe next year, sis. I'm sure you could finish it all too! But you don't quite have enough stomp to do much for the leaves." She blinks and glances over at the stall. "Well, sure, I don't see why not!" Always a good time for a little window-shopping! Especially around this town, one never knows what they might find.

Well that was needlessly flashy, but it got the job done at getting drinks. Wonder what two of those sorts were doing in this town? Oh if only she could listen at long distance instead of just see — she should consider learning to read lips or something. Muzaji was debating going to investigate herself, but catchs sight of approaching ponies out of the corner of her eye as she puts the spyglass down. Business before being a nosey neighbor.

Okay, calling it a 'shop' is a bit reaching. It's more like some pony set up an elaborate stall against the backend of a wagon parked on the corner, but it gets the job done until the trader has stirred up enough (legit) business to afford a full, proper shop. But she's at the counter all smiles and big purple eyes by the time the farmers get closer. "Welcome I say, what brings you this way, on such a lovely day?"

A tiny clink of glasses heralds the completion of the toast, Sugar Rush promptly draining his glass and tossing the empty container back on top of the pile of supplies. The bottle (corked, of course!) follows suit! "Yes, yes! Many more to come! One step at a time, I say."

Without really waiting for his niece to finish her drink, the elder pony's ears perk. Something /interesting/ is about to happen! He just knows it! His head swivels this way, and that, and fixates on an odd stand just down the walk. "Hm! Speaking of beginnings. Come along, m'dear, we've wasted enough time celebrating. Time to go introduce ourselves to our future clientele!"

With that, Sugar Rush promptly starts to trot off down the boardwalk, towards the curious looking stand, and the assorted ponies gathering there!
Sugar-Dart blinks and nods, hurrying to finish off her own drink and sticking the glass in her saddlebag before trotting after him, casting a glance up at the pack to make sure it stays balanced. Off we go, thataway! It's a good a way as any, isn't it?

Pumpkin waves all friendly-like to Muzaji. "Howdy! We're just havin' a sister's day out. How're you? Ah'm Pumpkin an' this here is mah big sister Hayseed." Big smile. Oh! And more new ponies! They get a wave too! "Howdy!"

Hayseed smiles as well, giving Muzaji a nod in greeting. "Hello there! Yes, just a day about town. Too nice a day to stay all cooped up inside, I say." She nods to the approaching ponies too, blinking. "That's a mighty big load of stuff you've got there, strangers!"

"Indeed it is a darling day, with winter soon on its way. But where are my manners?" Muzaji makes a shallow bow with a foreleg across her front. "Muzaji's the name, dealings the game. Propietor and stuff-getter; hard pressed to find one better." Then leans foreward on the counter, propping her head up on one hoof… well, looks like the newcomers are doing the hoofwork for her.

Rush is skipping by the time he arrives at the booth, friendly nods given to the two farm-type ponies, and the shop proprietor. "Hello and good day, my fine fellow equines! Lovely day, isn't it?" He tips his head, all prim and proper for the moment. It doesn't even occur to him that the other shopkeep used very similar language not ten seconds ago! "What have we got here?" he continues, craning his head up to peer at Muzaji's stall and what have you.

Sugar-Dart blinks and nods over to the group as they approach. She also looks up at the stall with interest. A merchant, clearly! This town has promise for such things, after all. She glances back at the pack again. Maybe they need a stall. Or a cart! Carts can move.

Pumpkin peers curiously at the load the two pegasi are carrying. "What've y'all got there? Are you movin' into town? Ah hope you like it here! Horesehoe Harbor is REAL friendly, ah promise!"

Hayseed chuckles. "Friendly's one word for it. What brings you all to town? Just passing through, or are you sticking around for a while?"
Since when do full grown stallions -skip- about? This guy might be a few apples short of a bushel. Muzaji maintains her pleasant shopkeeper demeanor though, standing admist everything from common nicknacks and tacky Harbor souvenirs to exotic dried herbs hung from the poles and foreign looking trinkets. "Why yes, that is quite a load you're hauling there. Prehaps you should do your friend there a favor and invest in a wagon?"

"Yes! Moving in!" Sugar Rush affirms, his grin only growing wider with the attention turned, for the moment, towards him and his niece. "I was in the market to expand my own humble little shop to another place, and I heard so many great rumors about this little port town. So…"

HIs ears flick, gaze shifting from the smiling little filly to the shopkeep and her exotic wares. "Hm? Wagon? That's a nice thought, but we were looking for something a little…bigger than that, even. We have a porta-stall for traveling sales, so why waste bits on a wagon?" He flashes a winning smile to his sunny kinspony. "Isn't that right, Dart? Save bits where we can, so we can spend them where it counts!"

"Oh! Where are /my/ manners?" The eccentric pony skips back alongside Dart, giving a low bow. "I, am Sugar Rush, owner of the Candy Kingdom candy store. This is my niece and assistant, Sugar Dart. It's a pleasure to make port in such an exquisite little town!" Again he grins, favoring Pumpkin with it. "Especially if the ponies are as friendly as you say!"

Muzaji almost flinches at the mention of a shop, but it proves unnecessary when he mentions it being a -candy- business. Whew. No compatition there. In fact, it could be potential instead. "Ah, portable arrangements, that works too." Every so often she glances at Dart's burden, especially now with knowing what these two are dealing in. "Well my friend, if you are ever in need of exotic ingredients I may be able to help you out…. for the appropriate finder's fees and so forth, of course."

Sugar-Dart nods cheerily. "Exactly that, Uncle." Wagon? Who needs wagons! She shifts a bit, just enough to make the bracelets jingle. Not heavy at /all/. Nope. Oof.

She smiles first at the merchant, then at the pair of sisters. She would bow too, but… well. "Glad to hear it! It looks friendly." Well, mostly. That part over there looks… burned? She tilts an ear curiously. Hm. Ahem. "I'm sure we'll settle in just fine in that case!"

Pumpkin's jaw drops and she rears up on her hooves. "Did y'all just say candy? Ah gotta tell all mah friends about this! Why, we've never had a candy store here in town before!"

Hayseed blinks and perks her ears. "We haven't! That will be something new." And nice! She might have a bit of a sweet tooth. Just a little. "Well, we're glad to be the first to welcome you! If you need any help getting things set up just send word, our family's always willing to lend a hoof." Well, most of them. The twins might just make things more complicated. Depends how pranky they're feeling today.

"All the more reason this is a great opportunity!" Sugar Rush notes, sharing in the little farm filly's enthusiasm. He does a merry little prance about his niece and her too-big burden, giving the mass a soft pat when he stops. "Everything we need to get started is present and accounted for. We just need a place…" He, too, shifts a glance towards the burned-out main street.

But then offers of aid and assistance pipe up! Rush's attention returns to the assortment, the older pony bouncing in place. "Of course, of course! With enough help, we could have a proper store up and running in no time! Then all could come sample our selection of spectacularly sumptuous sweets!" As for the idea of…exotic ingredients? Rush levels a curious look to Muzaji, and several of the curios and whatnot. "…Well, I do have a talent for experimentation. If you know of some interesting things that might make a sweet flavor, I might be open to spending a few extra bits here and there for them. But they better be good! I can't have sick customers now, that's just bad business!"

"Unless you're a doctor." Muzaji laughs lightly at her own bad joke. "You may be surprised at what I can find, but that will come all in due time."
Sugar-Dart chuckles faintly. "Indeed. No competition makes it easier getting started, definitely! But we probably shouldn't experiment /too/ much," she prompts her uncle, "until we're settled in and have things all set up. Don't want to scare off customers with something strange!" She sing-songs this, ears twitching.

Pumpkin blinks. Something strange? "Do y'all make butterscotch? Or peppermint? Oh! Oh! How about toffee? Ah love toffee!" She's certainly excited about this prospect.

Hayseed giggles a bit. "Calm down, Pumpkin, give them some space… they just got here!" Her ears perk. Oooooh. /Toffee/. "I'm sure we'll be stopping by as soon as they've got their shop set up, don't worry."

Sugar Rush can't help the brief hoot of a laugh he gives to Muzaji's quip. "Touche!" he agrees. "Such wit! I see why you've turned to shopkeeping. You must make a killing out here."

The topic shifts towards delishious delights then, Rush's ears perked by the enthusiasm behind that one word. Toffee. Mmmhmmm! "Why of course we do toffee. Toffee, taffy, gumdrops, lemon drops, vanilla drops, cinnamon, peppermint…" He starts to bounce around, his tone turning into sort of a sing-song. "…Wintermint, spearmint, minty-mint, gummi fruit, gummy worms, gummi gams, butterscotch, rum disks, so many delicious dishes of delectible delights!"

It's Dart's comment that finally reminds him of where he is, the stallion giving a soft cough against a hoof. "…And some more exotic flavors, too, of course. But those are usually saved for special occasions and rare treats. Nothing harmful, but sometimes odd." A pause. "…I guess. /I/ always like my new flavors."

Sugar-Dart giggles a bit at her Uncle's… enthusiasm. "All sorts of treats," she agrees with a nod. "Sweet, spicy, sour, salty…" Some salted candies are nice, after all! "Sometimes strange."

Pumpkin's mind is alight with visions of delicious candy treats. It's just as well that she isn't Dream Daze. "Ah'll help!" she says, "Ah'll help you build your store! Ah'm great at buildin' stuff!"

Sugar Rush looks pleased with the general enthusiasm. And the offers of help! Definitely those. "Excellent." he chimes, trotting back to stand tall aside his pack-bearing niece. "I shall make arrangements with the local real-estate managers to locate the perfect place to plant a proper candy emporium. And then, if you both are willing to lend a hoof, we'll accept all the help we can get setting up shop. The sooner we get set, the sooner you can have your sweet tooths noshing on tasty treats!"

Hayseed chuckles and ruffles Pumpkin's mane. "It's true! She's a good hard worker," she agrees proudly, smiling. No slackers here, not /her/ little sis. "We'll gladly help you out. What's the point of being neighbours if we don't help each other now and again."

Sugar-Dart nods cheerily. "Yes, thank you all for the offers! What a warm welcome. I think we picked a good town after all." She looks over at Sugar Rush, nodding. "With any luck we'll have things set up in no time."