A Storm Of Happy Feathers
IC date: Summer 24
OOC date: July 14
Location: Portside
PCs: Jellybean Typhoon-Wave Kludge Thunnini Magpie Steady-Binding
NPCs: Solid-Spectrum, Shooting-Star,Drizzle, Tropical-Front, Slide-Rule, Eddy, Gale, Misty, Grapevine, Cumulus
GM: Applejack, Winter-Solstice

Summer 24, Partly Cloudy. A typical weekend in Horseshoe Harbor, with a skeleton crew handling the docks for the one or two ships that have come through with trade goods. Many more ponies are hanging out around the beach area, chilling in the alternating shade/sun/shade/sun. It's a pretty good day to be a beach bum!

For certain ponies though, today has another meaning. A certain lucky couple of Horseshoe Harbor has been notified that they're going to have visitors today! Jellybean and Typhoon-Wave had been sent letters, informing them about the iminent arrival of certain parental units to help out with the wedding planning.

Now is the time indicated on the letter, but there are no immediate signs of arriving pegasus… How are the happy couple handling the delay?

Jellybean isn't letting this ruin his good mood. Yes, he's a bit nervous, but at the same time he hasn't seen his parents in over a year and he can't wait to see everypony again. So he sits with his fiancee at a portside bench, reading glasses on and fiddling with some paperwork for the finalization of the rebuilding of the weather shack. Busy, busy, busy!

Typhoon-Wave, on the other hand, is in a semi-perpetual state of nervous fidgetting, and today is no exception! She can't seem to figure out what to do with her wings - when she's not standing up and pacing, that is - and is just generally looking a teensy bit agitated. Though whether it's about the delayed arrival, or just about the impending meeting-of-families in general is anypony's guess!

Mind you, not everypony at the docks is here for meeting pegasus parents. A certain craftspony is making a pulley-elevator for a seafilly and her bucket-kart. "Okay, try pulling on the ropes now," Kludge calls down to Thunnini as he finishes hammering a few pieces into place.

Good day for the beach, yup. That's where Magpie is, sprawled out on a big blanket on the sand, with a oversized pair of sunglasses and a streak of zinc on her nose (Thanks, Ruby…), and doing absolutely nothing to help Kludge and Thunnini. She's instead flicking bits of sand at Sticky on his sunnin' rock, and giggling at the gecko's increasingly annoyed pushups.

Another boat lazily trudges its way into the harbor. Third one today! A small passenger ship, coming to dock to give the couple of pony workers something to do in unloading cargo. A gangplank is extendedfrom the deck, letting the small handful of boat-goers begin making their way onto the docks proper.

From this boat wander two pegasus. One, a silvery-grey stallion sporting a brown fiddler's cap, walking alongside the other, a light-purple mare with a fancy pair of sunglasses perched on the bridge of her nose. They're taking their time with the walk down the gangplank, apparently engaged in quite the conversation. Of which the purple mare is doing the grand majority of the talking.

Both of these pegasus would be recognizable to the waiting couple, should they happen to look in that direction!

Jellybean hears a familiar voice and looks up from his paperwork, fings a-flutter with eager delight. "Mom!" He gives Typhoon a happy nudge and hops away from the bench to go meet her coming down the gangplank. "Mom! I'm so glad you could make it! How was the boat ride? Did you like it? I think they're neat, but the first time I rode one I got a li'l sick." He smiles and nuzzles her. "I missed you all so much!"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and glances up, ears perking, then laying back, then perking up again. Even her ears fidget! She clambers off the bench and takes a deep breath before scurrying after Jellybean, though her gaze isn't so much on the mare as the stallion. "Er, hi, Dad. Glad you made it, I know it's a b-bit of a long way… how w-was the trip?" For all the enthusiasm her words might be lacking, she certainly does /look/ quite happy to see him, if still just a little bit nervous.


Magpie blinks over the edge of the rock at just the tip of Sticky's tail. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry, you're just cute when you're annoyed."

One baleful black eye peeks out.

"Come on out. I'll give you a cricket?"


"…okay, two crickets. I promise."

"…okay, okay, I get it. I'll come back in a little while. And I'll bring you a cricket."

Magpie trots across the beach and up onto the boardwalk. "Grouch," she mutters.

Steady-Binding is, meanwhile, still a few dozen feet deep underwater. He regards the underside of the boat with suspicion.

Various dark clouds are gathering on the horizon. What with light showers scheduled for today, that's to be expected, right? Surely that's all it could be. A bit of rain here and there.

Thunnini pulls on the rope attached to the pulley, hauling up the small elevator with herself and her bucket-kart. She gets the platform up to the level of the boardwalk, then looks over towards Jellybean and Typhoon. "Hey, are those Jelly's and Typhoon's parents?" she asks Kludge.

"Looks like it," replies Kludge with a nod.

Magpie's ears perk. "Jelly has parents?!" she asks, astonished. Gallops over that way. Who knew?

The purple mare's ear perks up! "Ooh! I hear my little Beanie! Have you met him yet? He's absolutely adorable!" She doesn't exactly give the silvery stallion much of a chance to answer though, picking up her pace into a merry trot all the way down to meet Jellybean halfway! "Oh my little baby! All grown up and ready to take the big plunge!" She's about as bouncy as Jellybean is, managing to get her forelegs wrapped around him in the biggest family hug she can give. "Ohhhhhhhh~" With a proper greeting given, she takes all of a half-step back, keeping a hoof on Jelly's shoulder. "The boat ride was fine, dearie. It's so interesting bobbing on the waves! A little slow, but interesting! Oh my but there are so many curious ponies that take the boat!"

The stallion, meanwhile, ambles a steady pace past Jellybean and his mother, giving all of half a smile to the happy greeting they're giving each other. Ah, family. "Hey kiddo." he says in an even voice when he's close enough to Typhoon. "It… Well, it's not flying, that's for sure. Wingless ponies have the darndest ways of getting around." There's no hug, more like…awkward shuffling, like he isn't quite sure what to do with his hooves. The stallion glancing towards Jelly and his mother again, then back to his daughter. "…So. Big day coming! I'm happy for you." In case, y'know, the letter didn't make that clear.

Jellybean makes a surprised little 'meep'ing noise and a deep nod of the head to Solid Spectrum. "It's v-very nice to meet you, sir. I'm glad you're okay with the idea of me and Typhoon Wave getting married. I promise I'll try to be the best husband I can be." And look! Ponies are coming this way! He gives everyone a wave, perhaps a trifle nervous all of a sudden. "Hi everypony. This is Grapevine, my mom. Mom, these are some of my friends. That's Kludge, that's Thunnini - she's a seapony - and that's Magpie."

Kludge waves back. "Pleased to meet you, sir, ma'am," he says with a polite nod of his head. "Name's Kludge, and I'm a craftspony specializing in woodwork and construction."

"And I'm Thunnini!" beams the seafilly. "Nice to meet you, Jellybean's parents!" Thunnini poles her bucket-kart off of the platform so it's on solid ground.

The dark clouds are getting closer. They sure are… hoofy. And they're not raining, which rainclouds usually do. In fact, it's swiftly becoming apparent that these aren't clouds at all, but flocks of pegasi! Who could have guessed? They're still a ways out, of course, but already the fluttering of many, many pairs of wings can be heard, steadily building over the sound of the surf.

Typhoon-Wave doesn't seem quite sure what to do with her hooves either. Perhaps nervous fidgetting is an inherited trait? She blushes, and gives a sheepish nod to Jellybean's mother, clearing her throat a bit; Jelly's greeting reminds her that she probably should be doing introductions! "Oh! Um, y-yes. Dad, th-this is Jellybean. Jellybean, this is my dad." She glances between her dad and Jellybean's mom for a second. "And I g-guess you've met…?"

Magpie waves when she's introduced. "Hi, Jellybean's Mom! Hi, Mister Typhoon!" She kinda expected a lot more family members, the way Jelly was talkin'.

Jellybean does look a trifle surprised about that, too. "Mom, where's dad and my sisters? Did they get delayed somehow? I was hoping I'd get to introduce them, too. I'm just so excited to see all of you again!"

Thunnini rubs a hoof behind her head with a small hint of embarassment. Shows you the easy-to-make mistakes you can make when you miss the early parts of a conversation!

Grapevine smiles cheerfully from behind Jellybean as he first talks to Solid Spectrum, and then begins to offer introductions of other Harbor ponies. She waves to each one, all smiles and joy. "Hello! Hello! Well hello! A seapony? Really? My word… I mean, of course I've heard /rumors/, but to actually see one! Oh, hello! Hello! It's so nice to meet all of you!" She slings an arm around Jellybean's shoulders. "My little Beanie has so many friends! Oh and this /place/! So outdoorsey and quaint! Just wait until your father sees it. Oh and the rest of the family too!" Speaking of family, when both Jelly and Magpie mention it, Grapevine casts them both a grin. "They're coming, Beanie. They're all coming. You didn't think anyone would want to miss seeing you get hitched, did you? Oh it took some /doing/ to get them all up and mobile and ready to flock over here, but…" She turns to squint at the horizon. "…They'll be here!"

Solid-Spectrum, given how much Grapevine is going on and on and on about things, seems happy enough to just…stand next to Typhoon and not be the general center of attention. He does nod to Jellybean once, offering him a smile, "I'm sure you'll do fine, kid.", and he nods to each of the ponies he's introduced to. "Yeah, we met on the ship. It was your brother's idea that we come first while everyone else got organized and ready. To make sure things here were prepared to accommodate their family."

Steady-Binding swims slowly along the beach, trying to find a quieter spot. He looks up toward the surface, keeping his eyes open for intrusions into the water by land-pony legs. He considers going back to the depths to wait until it's dark, but.. impatience will probably get the better of him.

Typhoon-Wave perks her ears a bit. "Oh, good, he's coming too? I w-was a little worried he'd be busy." She blinks and tilts her head. "Oh, that was nice. How, uh…" she glances up, blinks again over at the cloud that was not quite a raining cloud, and then gapes over at Jellybean for just a second or four. "How big /is/ your family?"

Jellybean looks confused for a moment and then looks where his mother is looking. Recognition dawns. "…everypony's coming? I thought it was just going to be you and dad and my sisters and my sister's family? The letter didn't say anything about this." His wings flutter nervously and he looks to Typhoon. This is perhaps a little bigger than he planned.

Magpie looks 'round. "What?" she asks, confused. "What is it? Why's everyone lookin' weird?"

"…how many relative /are/ coming, any… way?" inquires Kludge, turning his head to look where Jelly is looking. The craftspony swallows heavily. "Oh my…" he says in a whispered voice.

Faint shadows start to criss-cross the waterfront as the first flock of pegasi arrive and circle about. They're like vultures, in search of food, souvenirs, and reasonably priced lodgings. The sound of their wings is a mighty flapping; the chatter of voices can clearly be heard as they admire the rustic settings and all the boats and start trying to look for these pirates that are supposedly not here.

And from the flock shoots a single small bullet of squealing energy. It rockets towards Jellybean and tumbles to the ground beside him, rolling end-over-end, soon revealing itself as a dusty blue colt with a lemon yellow mane. He's upright after a moment and clattering over to Jellybean on skinny legs. "UNCLE JELLYBEAN! UNCLE JELLYBEAN!" Around and around and around the older Jellybean goes the colt. Tug! Jelly's tail is tugged. Tug! Jelly's wings are tugged. "UNCLE JELLYBEAN HI! We just got here! Hi! Hello! We've been flying SO LONG we saw a bird we saw trees did you know how many mountains there are between here and Cloudsdale? I counted there's probably at least thirty two! I've been practicing napping, just like you do! Look! Look what I can do!" All movement suddenly stops, as the colt is instead on his back and immobile for all of three seconds before poppin back up and resuming his rapid orbits. "That was refreshing! Where's your house? I want to see your house and your weather shed can you make a rain cloud it's kind of hot where are the boats where why how when please"

Nearby, another pair settle down- a tired-looking mare with a coat somewhere between blue and purple, who heads over to try and intercept the colt. "Eddy, dear, calm down, give your uncle some space." She smiles kindly to Jellybean. "Hey there, little brother. Eddy's been so excited, it's all we could do to keep him from flying off without us."

Behind her, a darker blue stallion adjusts a pair of delicate reading glasses and looks around in a somewhat dazed state. He's laden with more bags than any one pony should reasonably carry and slowly sagging to the ground beneath their weight.

"The first one didn't, but when we told everybody about it, we had to send another letter to tell you all about it!" Grapevine, still all smiles, looks to the cloud of approaching wings. "I'm sure it just got lost in the mail. Ohh, Beanie, I better go sort out where everybody's going to be landing!" Which is about when Jellybean gets tackled anyway, so that's convenient!

Solid-Spectrum has a sober look on his face, watching the storm of pegasus bodies, wings, feathers, and everything descends upon the Harbor. "Your brother wouldn't miss it for the world." he notes to Typhoon, "Keep an eye out for him, he might be on the tail end of this hurricane. I'm going to find my bags and try to get a good room before they're all snapped up, alright?"

Magpie ducks and covers as a flood of pegasi come in. She yelps and runs to go grab Sticky — his grouchiness aside — and unceremoniously sticks him to her horn. "Ahhh! It's an invasion!" she squeals.

Typhoon-Wave gapes. And gapes. And gapes some more! She takes a step back away from the little foal-shaped ball of energy, who is adorable but wow she's a bit tired just from listening to that. Hoo boy. "Uh… right. Right! Um, I'll k-keep an eye out. Er, there's a pretty nice inn down on Main Street, and, um… I think the Champagne Bay has rooms for rent."

Jellybean is very quickly overwhelmed by the blue-and-yellow blur's enthusiasm, trying to keep facing him and eventually tripping over his own hooves. He stands up, noses his sister fondly and gives his nephew a friendly little noogie. "I'm glad you could make it, but I'm a little surprised to see everypony else here, too. Everypony," he says, turning to face his friends and his fiancee, "this is my big sister Misty, my nephew Eddy and Slide Rule. He's my brother-in-law." Pause, hoofscuff. "And I guess the whole Cloud family is here too." He smiles bashfully. "It's news to me."

Thunnini just stares at the massive pegasus flock with an awestruck expression. It's not that they're pegasi; it's because… "There's so /many/ of them!" she gasps.

Magpie runs in panicky circles on the boardwalk until she identifies that none of the pegasi appear to be weilding weapons, torches, or tax forms. She slows down and canters over to Jellybean then. "You have" She waits for Eddy then starts again. "You have" Right. "You have a big" Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. "big family!"

At the mention of his name, Eddy stops his rapid running to hop up into the air. "HELLOOOOO" he chirps, before dropping back to the earth and resuming his racing. He soon falls into circling Typhoon wave, makes four passes, then skids to a stop and peers up at her with a suspicious glower. "You better be nice to my uncle Jellybean."

Misty smiles at the nuzzle, nosing Jellybean back, then moves to try and catch Eddy. Eddy takes to circling Typhoon at a brisk enough trot to evade his mother, though his glare never leaves Typhoon for a moment.

Slide Rule drags himself over, and blinks at Jellybean as if through a fog. "Oh, ah- hello again, Jellybean. It's good to see you." He stares at the nearby pegasi for a few moments before looking to Magpie, and nods a few times in agreement, reaching up with a hoof to mop his brow.

More pegasi are landing. A second cloud is arriving. Assorted greetings are exchanged. Jellybean finds his hoof being repeatedly shaken by cousins and distant relatives that hardly have time to introduce themselves before they're bustled out of the way. A pair of teenage fillies with fancy curly mane styles start interrogating Typhoon: "Do you have a dress yet?" "Do you know what the cake looks like yet?" "Are you two having foals yet?" "Your mane looks really pretty, who does it for you?" "Do you guys have flowers yet?" "Wow, I don't see any pirates at all?" "Are there going to be pirates at the wedding?"

Eddy chirps up. "You better not have pirates at the wedding!" He seems to think this is Typhoon's responsibility.

Typhoon-Wave blinks down at Eddy, wilting a bit under the glower, then looks over at the pair of fillies. "Uh… Well, no, n-not… well I was thinking… eep!" She turns quite pink for a second. "…Er, we have a town s-stylist who… I'm not r-really sure, I think…" And then another blink down at Eddy. She sits back on her haunches, looking somewhat overwhelmed. "…We didn't… /invite/ a-any pirates…"

Magpie twitches. This is Jellybean's family, after all. But… But on the other hoof… Well, they did all come dropping in at once, which is kinda rude, and there's a huge crowd all standing around and that speaks to certain instincts… Wonder if anypony has shiny, hopefully valuable stuff on 'em? She begins to circulate through the crowd.

Kludge opens his mouth. "Nah, pirates aren't that big of a problem. The entire /town/ burning down is much, much more likely," is what he *thinks* about saying… but he closes his mouth instead. No need to panic the visitors, especially when there's so many of them!

Jellybean frowns a little in between an endless parade of hoofshakes and well-wishes. "Eddy, that's not very nice. You should be more polite to her: once we get married she's going to be your new aunt, after all." He blinks. "I'm a little confused, though: we haven't even finished setting things up yet. Is everypony here to help?"

Steady-Binding decides to risk a look. Some ways down the beach from the pier, he comes up to the surface, and his head pokes up out of the water. He stares at the pegasus crowd with wide eyes and a deepening frown. ….But then, maybe this is an opportunity for him - maybe with a crowd that size, his arrival will pass unnoticed, he thinks. Unless those ponies all already know each other, but with that many of them, that would, of course, be impossible.

"SORRY" says Eddy, who tumbles over to Jellybean and resumes circling around him. Sometimes he flies, other times he rolls. He seems to be propelled by some internal form of momentum unrelated to how effectively he's actually using his limbs. "I'll be nice although I still want to see the weather shed and here, look! Look what I can do!" It doesn't matter what he can do or if you look, he's gonna do it anyway.

Misty sits down nearby and mops her brow with a wing, sighing. She turns and offers a smile to Slide Rule. "Honey, go and check on our reservations, would you?" Slide Rule nods and teeters about to start lugging everything down the docks. "Yes, dear~" He seems grateful for the excuse to escape the noise.

The two teens near Typhoon just sort of hang out, like teens do.

More pegasi are landing. One starts picking his way out of the crowd: a thin, grey-coated stallion with a familiar looking mane of dark red curls and a cutie mark depicting the outline of a house. He approaches Jellybean and Typhoon, carefully sidestepping Eddy along the way. "Hello, son. This must be Typhoon Wave." He regards Typhoon thoughtfully, then reaches out to offer her a hoof.

Magpie appears to have found a half dozen coins and a necklace with a nice shiny gem on it (not sure what kind it is). Just layin' there on the ground, naturally. She didn't get into anypony's luggage. Don't be ridiculous. She tucks her finds into a little bag and hums a bit as she trots around s'more.

Jellybean gives his father a nod, an oddly restrained gesture for the usually demonstrative stallion. "Hi dad. Was the flight all right? I read something about a summer storm that might've drifted in your direction." Wordlessly he snaps out a wing and folds it over his nephew, pressing him close for a hug. "I'll show you the house once everypony's settled down. I took your advice about the foundation." To Typhoon, he gives a smile. "Honey, this is Cumulus, my dad."

And now it is time for 'a bit overwhelmed' to fade back into 'extreme shyness'. Typhoon's fidgetting her wings and flushing pink and looking somewhat sheepish and may possibly be hyperventilating just a little teensy tiny bit. She manages to nod to Cumulus, and after a hesitation that might have been a little too long she recognizes the extended hoof and reaches to shake it. Her "H-hello, s-sir," comes out as rather a squeak, though.

Cumulus is a skillful hoofshaker. It manages to be just the right strength and duration to be cordial and welcoming for someone clearly has little constitution for something more robust. He is obviously taking stock of his future daughter-in-law, but he doesn't seem unkindly about it, just curious. "A pleasure to meet you, Typhoon Wave." He turns back to Jellybean. "We saw that storm, but a few of your cousins intercepted it and kept it back while we passed by. I think it was being shipped up towards Minneighsota." Leaning back slightly, he lifts a hoof and rubs his chin. "Good about the foundation. I took a look at the house from afar when we were flying in. Seems fairly stable. You don't have any problems with sunset penetration by those bay windows? That's a concern, you know, in western coastal communities like this." He turns his head. "And where is the weather shed? I didn't see it on our way in."

Eddy reaches up and tugs on one of Jellybean's wings. "JELLYBEAN JELLYBEAN When's the next rain scheduled? I wanna see you make it raaaaaaaaaain. Can Typhoon make it rain? Is it true you guys broke up a hurricane we heard about that uncle Forecast says it wasn't supposed to happen at all he's gonna be late but he's very interested to hear all about that"

Off to one side, a sulky grey colt is picking his way out of the crowd and dragging over to the group. With a long, dark grey mane that hangs in his eyes and wings that drag on the ground rather than remain folded, it's a wonder he doesn't leave a slick of rain-soaked pavement in his wake.

Somewhere in the crowd, a voice can be heard: "My wallet!"

Magpie is suddenly very interested in talking to Eddy. "Oh, yes! There was a witch with an evil magic jewel that was making a storm to drown all the surface lands!" That might be exaggeration. But not much.

Jellybean nods a little to Magpie. "It was very scary and I was a little worried. Typhoon did a lot to help prevent it, actually." He gives her an encouraging little smile.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and blushes, though she does seem to relax ever-so-slightly at this. "Well it wasn't exactly a normal h-hurricane, but, um, y-yeah, we kinda h-helped break it up. It was a real big storm either way, though, lots of w-wind and rain and it was even d-dredging stuff up in the Harbor…" she trails off again, clearing her throat and fidgetting with one hoof on the cobblestone. Yup! Big storm. And it wasn't her fault that time!

Magpie says earnestly, "We blew it up by hugging." She pauses, distracted by the gray colt who is an island of grumpy stillness in this cheerful chaos. Heads over that way. "You okay?" she asks.

Steady-Binding nudges his necklace up with a hoof, and ducks out of it. In an instant, he goes from gracefully treading water to clumsily treading water. He tucks the necklace into his saddlebag, and swims toward the beach, making a lot more noise than he'd been planning to.

The grey colt stops and stares at Magpie through the curtain of interfering bangs. "I'm fiiiine," he says, unconvincingly. He watches her a moment longer before dragging towards Jellybean and co. once more.

Eddy is enthralled by the story. "A witch?! A jewel?! Hugging?! Wow that's amazing I can't wait until I get to join a weather team and do that myself maybe I can be a weather apprentice here mom says soon I can join the Junior Cloudbusters if I try hard enough and stay in school and and and" Misty makes her way over to hook a wing around the motormouthed colt and guide him away. "Let's go see if we can't find your father, hmmm?" She turns and smiles back over her shoulder to Cumulus. "I'll come find you later, pop."

Cumulus nods to her, then looks back to Jelly and Typhoon. "Well, whatever caused it, good job taking care of it. I had my doubts about the weather situation when you moved here, son, but it sounds like you're doing a good job keeping things manageable." He's still wondering about that weather shed. He's about to ask again when the sulky grey colt draws close, bringing with him an uncomfortable aura of chill and dampness. "… ahh. Jellybean, you remember your cousin Drizzle, yes?"

Drizzle looks about with the same mane-curtained stare he gave Magpie. "Hiii," he says. "The flight was really long and I'm pretty tired. Oh, uh…" He shrugs at Jellybean's hooves. "Congratulations… I guess…"

Jellybean waves goodbye to Eddy and Misty. He flaps his wings eagerly and gives Drizzle a hug. "Hi Drizzle! It's been a while! How are you doing? Are you still in school? This is Typhoon: Typhoon, this is my cousin Drizzle." Jellybean's relentless cheerfullness comes to the fore.

As Jelly waves to Eddy, Eddy whirls about and waves back with three legs and two wings. He still seems naturally buoyant enough that he can still be guided down the street by practiced sweeps of his mother's wings.

Magpie's mane droops, almost as if she'd gotten it damp in the last twenty seconds, and the smile sort of slips off her face, replaced by a vaguely annoyed frown. She slinks after Drizzle. "Hey. What's that s'posed to mean?" she doesn't quite demand.

Typhoon-Wave nods, clearing her throat. "Thank you, sir. Yes, Jellybean's d-done really great for the w-weather team here… we wouldn't g-get anywhere without him." She tilts an ear and blinks over at Drizzle. This… this is an expression she recognizes. "Oh, hello."

"Yeah," says Drizzle, who remains unresponsive to the hug. He doesn't protest, at least. "Though I'm not doing so great. I almost failed math last semester." He siiighs and worries a little circle into the dirt with a hooftip.

Cumulus clears his throat and looks to Typhoon, nodding. "Good to know. And from what he's said, you're a large part of that." He regards her for a moment, then smiles politely, and turns to Jellybean once more. "I'd best go find your mother. Good to see you, son." Touching a hoof to his red curls, he turns and starts to make his way off back into the crowd.

Drizzle siiiiiiighs. "I'm hungry," he says. "But I don't like seaweed. I guess that's all you got here, huh."

The seemingly endless flock of pegasii starts to dwindle. Most bodies have found their way to the dockside now, the ones that have already been introduced and/or greeted moving on to seek lodgings or arrangements, guided by the ever-helpful Grapevine somewhere towards Main Street. A veritable sea of cheerful feathers and faces wishing Jellybean and Typhoon well, congratulations, and finding other family members to greet too.

But the 'important guests' aren't quite done yet! There's a whistling sound of displaced air… Two streaks of jet-stream cloud off in the distance are rapidly approaching, one a trail of white and the other a trail of dark grey. Streaking across the sky in parallel, until they're practically right above the Harbor, both streaks then separate away from each other! They arc about, begin to curve back in, and stop…when they have the perfect shape of a heart outlined with the cloud trails. Then they streak through the heart straight down, making two halves of the heart-shape picture! A moment of pause… Two letters appear in the heart-halves. The left has a J, the right has a T.

Moments later the streaks sail away from the cloud-art, aimed towards the port!

"And what's wrong with seaweed?" pipes up Thunnini in response to Drizzle's complaint. "I think it's pretty tasty!"

Drizzle turns to look at Thunnini. Or at least, that's the impression one gets. Mostly it's a bunch of grey mane. He stares for a few moments, then sighs. "Oh, great. She's got a fish tail," he says, without bothering to explain why this is an issue.

Jellybean smiles. "I'll see you later, dad." Drizzle, meanwhile, gets a confused little blink. "We've got all kinds of restaurants here, Drizzle. You want to go for a nice salad or something later tonight, maybe? There's a mare in town who makes the best salads." He smiles to Magpie. "Don't take it personally. He's just a bit gloomy, is all." Another giant hug follows.

Magpie glances over at Thunnini and lets out a grunt: "Ungh." Suggesting with the sound that Thunnini is ever so tiresome and couldn't possibly understand why that was obviously a ridiculous statement.
Steady-Binding staggers up onto the beach, and stands there, catching his breath, his legs shaking. He watches the mass of ponies, and wonders: is it always like this?

A gaggle of pegasi marveling at the beach- so sandy! so watery!- stop and stare at Steady, who has a strange look about him. They then go back to chattering amongst themselves. There's quite a few. They're very wingy. Eddy is nearby, power-constructing a sandcastle out of soggy sand. A weary-looking Slide Rule shows up after a moment to gather him up and escort him off the beach; Eddy reaches down and scoops up several hooffulls of sand to bring with him along the way.

Jellybean looks up at the cloud-heart and lets out a little gasp, hopping up and down. "Ohmygosh, did you see that? That's got to be Gale! But who helped her with it?"

Typhoon-Wave looks up at the aerial show, ears perking - for a moment she looks just as excited as Jellybean! "I'll bet that's Star, he would plan /something/," she says at just about the same time as Jellybean speaks, then blinks and glances over at him, tilting an ear.

Drizzle accepts the second hug with a grunt. "Salads are okay…. Iiiii guess." He looks around the group and shrugs. "… okay, see ya…" He stares at Magpie for a few moments, grunts, then shuffles off after the tide of pegasi heading towards main street.

Steady-Binding doesn't even notice what little attention he attracted. He stares quietly up at the cloud art. He hasn't even shaken the water off - he just stands there dripping and shivering.

Jellybean and Typhoon's comments are validated moments later when the twin streaks of clouds zoom into view, acting in unison and with such pin-point accuracy! There's an audible sound of air braking, slowing either quick-moving body enough so that when they collide with their respective siblings, neither Jelly nor Typhoon will suffer an injury greater than the effects of a bone-crushing hug.

It should be noted, both of the ponies are in full Wonderbolts gear, goggles and everything! A blue-nosed stallion with a soft white mane 'tackles' Typhoon, scooping her up off the ground in that previously-mentioned hug! "Sis! We made it! I know we're late, but we had to finish a routine! We got here as soon as we could!"

Likewise, a plum-nosed mare with an olive green mane has Jellybean in a similar deathgrip. "Big bro! Oh my goodness it's so good to see you! It's been for/EVER/!"

Magpie gives her head a shake as Drizzle moves away. Wha— what just happened? She felt so… strange and… teenagey. She blinks at the two fliers who just came in, sidles over to where they're hugging their respective siblings. "…why are they dressed up as Wonderbolts?" she stage-whispers to Jellybean.

Jellybean returns his sister's hug. "It's good to see you too! That was a great routine!" To Magpie: "Because they're Wonderbolts?" he says to Magpie. "I mean, I knew Gale was in the Wonderbolts but I didn't know that Typhoon's brother was ALSO a Wonderbolt." Pause, blink. "That's your brother, right?"

Typhoon-Wave squeaks and giggles, flaring out her wings as she's picked up - but she seems to be rather used to this. At least enough to return the hug with ease! "Hey! Y-yeah, Dad said you were coming… I w-was worried you wouldn't, I know you're r-real busy, but I w-was really hoping you'd m-make it and…" she blinks down at Jellybean. "Oh, uh, y-yeah! This is my brother."
There are still a few stragglers landing, but most everypony has arrived. As evening starts to set in, that's probably a good thing. The waterfront businesses are enjoying a rash of customers as a bunch of out-of-towners start indulging themselves on local cuisine (even the bits that aren't fried and/or alcoholic!) and piratey souvenirs.

A large, round shadow starts circling about above the group, though, amidst the sound of tiny, fluttering wings.

Both of the Wonderbolts grin as it's acknowledged that they're relations, turning (with their armfulls of sibling) and coming together to create a big ol' group hug! The tender moment lasts long enough for a few of the other pegasii around to pull out cameras and make a proper photo-op out of the situation, then Jelly and Typhoon are set down so the two new ponies can land, next to each other but with the stallion in front of Jellybean and the mare in front of Typhoon, sitting up as proud as any celebrity should be.

"Of course we're gonna make time to see two special ponies get married." the stallion says, pushing his goggles up and extending a hoof towards Jellybean. "Shooting Star, Phoon's older brother. You must be Jellybean!"

Likewise does the plum-colored mare hop forth and outright hug Typhoon. "I'm Gale! Welcome to the family! We have sooooooo much to tell you guys later… Y'know, after you've been mobbed by everypony else."
Magpie kinda jawdrops. Even SHE'S heard of the Wonderbolts. "You never SAID ANYTHING!" she accuses… well, both of 'em really. She does soften a little at the big group hug. She looks between the two 'bolts. "…are you dating?" she asks out of the blue.

Jellybean says "It's nice to meet you too! Typhoon's talked about you. She said you were a trick flier, but she never mentioned you were a Wonderbolt!" Magpie's question makes Jellybean look at the two of them questioningly, then break out in a huge grin. "You are, aren't you?" He starts hopping up and down again. "Oh my gosh! You are, you are you are!""

Typhoon-Wave blushes faintly and returns the hug, though with a slight amount of awkwardness - not unwilling, just, as usual, shy! "Uh, n-nice to meet you," she manages. "We, uh, w-we've kind of been… m-mobbed. …Are they g-going to do it again?"

Steady-Binding looks around nervously, glancing back and forth between the crowd, and the deep sea. He hesitates, and, finally, approaches the other ponies.

Gale giggles at Typhoon's question. "They might. The Cloud family's pretty friendly that way!" Then both Gale and Shooting Star promptly blush, scooting back next to each other to strike a cheesy pose once Jellybean starts hopping. They're both grinning, of course. "Well we were trying to save that bit of info for later…" Shooting Star says, winking at the little piebald kid that asked the question first.

"I should've known you'd figure it out soon as you saw us." Gale quips too. "So we'll just get it out of the way. Yep!" Gale turns and throws her forelegs around Shooting Star. "We're dating. We met when I managed to get a spot as a back-up, and really just hit it off. We just didn't know what families we came from until we both found out about your wedding at the same time."

"That was an interestingly awkward day." Shooting Star notes. "Imagine finding out you're suddenly dating your future sister-in-law! It sounds weird, but that's how it goes!"

Magpie clasps her hooves by her cheek. "It's not weird, it's romantic!" she protests, grinning all goofy.

Jellybean stretches out. "That's wonderful! I can't wait to hear more about it." He is, however, starting to look a little tuckered out. "Maybe we can talk about it over dinner soon? I've got to drop off some paperwork at the mayor's office," he says, indicating the small bundle of papers he tucked away under one wing. "I'm still surprised that everypony made it."

The circling dark shadow does a few more circuits, pauses, and then its source descends like a force of nature.

There's a bone-rattlng WHUMP as a pegasus about twice as tall as Jellybean and just as broad lands behind him and Typhoon. The pair of them find themselves beeing swept up in a massive hug! "JELLYBEEEAAAANNNN!" squeals a voice like a bassoon. "I CAN'T BELIEVE you are getting MARR-IIIIIEEED! Mwa! Mwa!" Huge kisses ensue, leaving smears of mango-colored lipstick on Jellybean's cheek. "And YOU must be TYPHOON! Honey, you are just a PEACH! Just look at you! My, my! Such a fine catch for our little Jellybean, woh-ho-ho-ho!"

The one doling out the hugging, of course, is a pegasus mare who looks better suited to rolling down tunnels after meddling archaeologists than flying around with the aid of her teeny little wings. Her coat is a bright green, her mane a rich purple beehive, and her smile is a mile wide. She also has pies. Jellybean and Typhoon are dropped back to the ground and find fresh-baked pies shoved into their hooves. "And it's a good thing we're having this wedding, yes it is, yes it is! Get everybody warmed up for Gale and Shooting Star's, hmmmm?" The big mare smiles broadly at the Wonderbolt pair over yonder and bats her overly darkened lashes at them.

"That's fine!" Gale says, grinning and bouncing up to scoop Jellybean in one more hug. "We're all in town for the next what…couple weeks or so? Plenty of time to catch up on things. Oh…" She leans a little closer to the groom-to-be. But before she can say anything else, WHUMP! More family! "Auntie!" Gale squeals, her thought-train promptly derailed. "You made it! Oop…" She scoots out of the way, because she's definitely not the target of affection tonight. Instead she bounces over to Shooting Star, also smartly staying out of the way. "Shall we go tend to the family? Help round up strays and stuff?" "Yeah. We'll catch up with'em later."

Shooting Star sneaks one more hug in on Typhoon, and then the Wonderbolt pair jets off to go lend helping hooves to the pegasus effort.
Jellybean is scooped up, hugged, kissed and granted the miracle of pie all in short order. His smile is wide enough that it's a wonder the top half of his head doesn't fall off. "Auntie! I was hoping you'd make it!" Another hug, carefully-constructed to keep the pie steady, follows. "Oh my goodness! I'm so happy you're here! Everypony's here! It's amazing!"

Eeep! Typhoon certainly wasn't expecting to be hugged! Nor was she expecting pie. She blinks up at the mare, then down at the pie, then over at her brother, then at Jellybean. Open mouth, close mouth. Sometimes there are no words. Luckily this mare seems booming enough that she doesn't feel too bad about coming up silent - she's still trying to parse out if 'peach' is a good thing to be. She likes peaches? So yay?

"Aww, honey, what's the matter? Do you not like pie? Here, will some cookies do? A plate of cookies, neatly wrapped up in pink cellophane cinched shut by a bow-adorned ribbon, is set atop Typhoon's pie. "Oh, she's just precious." 'Auntie'

"Aww, honey, what's the matter? Do you not like pie? Here, will some cookies do? A plate of cookies, neatly wrapped up in pink cellophane cinched shut by a bow-adorned ribbon, is set atop Typhoon's pie. "Oh, she's just precious." 'Auntie' turns and smiles back to Jellybean, clasping her hooves at her cheek. "You're going to be the most handsome little gentleman up there on that altar! I just can't wait! Oh, my little Jellybean!" Another hug. Squeeeeze. She lets the poor wee stallion go after a moment and hikes herself to her hooves. "But I can't stay, I promised I'd go find your sister and catch up with her. It's practically a family reunion! My my my! Last time we had so many Clouds in the sky your uncle Forecast started demanding to know who had filled out the permit, WOOH HO HO HO HO HO HO"

More hugs are distributed. Magpie and Steady Binding find themselves holding little paper baggies with cookies inside. The big pegasus mare starts the laborious effort of taking off, little wings humming behind herself. "We'll have lunch, Jellybean! Bring that fiance of yours, she's looking much too skinny! Bye bye, bye bye!"

Typhoon-Wave blinks. "Oh, n-no, ma'am, pie is go-…" Cookies. …Cookies are good too! She's left looking a bit dazed after all that, letting out a breath slowly. "…Wow."

Magpie blinks at her hooves. How did… cookies just happened. Not that she's complaining but how did cookies happen?

Steady-Binding stammers out a quiet "Thank you," long after the generous pony has moved on. He holds the bag in one foreleg, noses it open, and peeks inside. This.. is almost exactly the opposite of what he was told the surface would be like.

Jellybean is bouncing up and down with excitement now, pie on his head. "This is going to be so exciting! I can't remember the last time the whole family was in one place and they're all RIGHT HERE!" He gives his fiancee a loving little peck on the cheek. "I need to drop off these forms with the mayor and then I'm going to go freshen up: I want to see where everypony is going for dinner. Everypony," he says, to the crowd in general, "I'm so happy you all get to be a part of this. I want you to know that I want the whole town to have fun, okay? This is my home and that means that you're all kinda my family, too. But for right now I've got to go take care of things." With that he starts trotting off towards the mayor's office.