A Sleepy Conspiracy
IC date: Autumn 58, 1008
OOC date: November 16, 2013
Location: Horseshoe Harbor - Main Street
PCs: Freeze-Frame, Makuru, Spearmint

A very sleepy zebra trundles down main street, yawning wide and zig-zagging across the sidewalk. Makuru hasn't slept well in days. Not since that horrible nightmare a few days ago… he managed okay the first couple days afterwards but a growing colt can only go so many days getting a couple hours of sleep a night before it starts adding up!

Spearmint is also acting a little oddly as he makes his way down the street. Slowly. He's not quite trundling… shuffling, morelike, like he wants to keep his hooves on the ground as he moves. He looks sleepy, too, but he also looks edgy. Nervous. One hoof hits a pebble and he nearly knocks himself over trying not to step on it. This is not quite normal! Even for him.

Bleary gold eyes see a green colt stumbling over himself. "Hey, Spearmint," Makuru says with a wave of his hoof that will go entirely unseen by the blind foal. He walks over to his friend and yawns again. "You feeling alright? You look like you're coming down with something."

Spearmint starts a bit at the voice. He blinks just as blearily in the general direction of Makuru, which is to say somewhere above him and slightly to the left. "Huh? Oh. Uh, hey. Hi. Makuru. Hey." He blushes, and kicks lightly at the pebble with one hoof. Very lightly. It hardly even moves. "Uh, no, I… I'm okay. Just kinda tired, I guess. …There aren't any bugs around here are there? Because I think I almost stepped on a bug."

Makuru shakes his head. "That's a rock. Not a very big rock, either." He moves alongside his blind friend and gives the pebble a kick, sending it skittering across the cobbles. "I don't think you're gonna find anything bigger than an ant out in the open like this, bugs like hiding where it's dark and they won't get stepped on." He yawns again, this time right in Spearmint's ear.

There's a low-floating cloud that lazily drifts by as well… it's still well above the rest of the scene, but it's very much there and sticking out like a sore thumb.

Spearmint gulps and nods slowly. "Oh. Good. That's good. Nopony wants to step on a bug. That'd be bad. Um…" his ears twitch at the yawn. "…Are you okay? You sound sleepy." He does not notice the cloud. He rarely notices clouds, see.

"Uh-huh," the zebra says with a nod. "I've barely slept a wink in days. Can't really get comfortable and when I do I wake right up again." Makuru will spare Spearmint knowledge of the nightmares he's been having on a nightly basis. What would his friend think if he told him that the zebra colt had been dreaming about killing foals and feeding them to his mother? That's downright disturbing, that is.

Freeze-Frame rolls over and starts to go into a free-fall out of her cloud before spreading her wings and slowing down enough to land softly next to Makuru, yawning a bit herself. "You too, huh…?"

Makuru nods weakly to his feathery friend. "Yeah, it sucks… oh, Freezey, you know Spearmint, right?" He points at the blind foal by way of introduction.

Spearmint gives a little wave not quite in Freezy's correct direction. Hey, she hasn't said much! He isn't entirely sure where she is yet. "…You guys are having bad dreams?"

Freeze-Frame trots on up and gives Spearmint a little wing hug. "Hello, Spearmint! I'm Freeze frame… and… yeah. I only hat it once, but… how when I go by my camera or look at my photo album, I start breathin' really heavy and shiverin'"

Makuru seems taken aback by Spearmint's amazing powers of deduction. "How'd you know?" he asks, surprise clear in his voice. "…yeah, every night now for a week. It's pretty bad." The striped colt shakes his head, ears drooping and head bowing sadly.

Spearmint flushes faintly. "Just a… lucky guess. I guess." He fidgets. "…I, uh, I sorta had one too."

Freeze-Frame blinks and pulls back from Spearmint a bit, tilting her head. "You too, huh…? This… seems a little bit -TOO- weird to simply be a coincidence. maybe we could have a sleepover and keep each other safe?"

Makuru stares blankly at Freeze Frame. "A sleepover…?" His head cocks to the side slowly. "I dunno how that'd help, once you fall asleep then you're basically on your own."

Spearmint sits back on his haunches - very carefully, as if slightly scared of sitting on something by accident. "I, uh… I dunno if mom'd let me have a sleepover. …Do you think that'd work?" He blinks and points at Makuru - well, at his tail. He was kind of close! "Yeah, uh, that."

Freeze-Frame frowns and grumbles. "But if one of us woke up, we'd be there to comfort each other? I dunno, it was a dumb idea." She slumps a bit and looks back to her cloud she was resting on as it drifts away.

Makuru shakes his head at Freezey. "No, it's not dumb! It sounds like a good idea! I just… I dunno. We could comfort each other if we woke up, and that'd be nice…" He frowns and scuffs a hoof on the ground. "It'd just be nicer if I could have somepony in my dreams when it's getting scary, not just afterwards when I'm already all worked up."

Spearmint nods slightly. "Yeah…" he blinks. And frowns, and slowly tilts his head. He looks… thoughtful. And a bit surprised. "…Huh."

Freeze-Frame blinks a bit and perks up, turning about. "y'know… there's one thing I remembered when I was dreaming the other night… Before I woke up, I saw Dream Daze in my photos.

"You… you did?" Makuru frowns at the thought. "Dreamy was in my dream, too. A bunch of foals were, but she really stood out. Kept telling me I had to wake up…" Wheels turn slowly in his head. "…saaaaay. Her magic lets her go into ponies' heads, right? Maybe we should have a sleepover at HER house!"

Spearmint nods slowly. "She showed up in mine too! She let me see what was going on, I think. An' told me it wasn't real and I should wake up." He tilts his head. "Well, she doesn't go into your head. She just… y'know, shows you stuff. In your head."

Freeze-Frame blinks and hums. "Yeah, I think we do need to ask her what's up! More importantly though, I got my allowance today! I was thinkin' instead of getting props n' stuff like I normally do that we go and get some candy! y'know… 'cuz I was sick over nightmare night."

Makuru shakes his head and taps one of his temples with a forehoof. "Nuh-uh, she was definitely in there. I didn't even realize that I wasn't thinking my own thoughts until I started seeing, like, memories and stuff from her." The mention of loading up on sweets makes the zebra blanch. "Ugh, no thanks, Freezey. Dreamy and I went out twice on Nightmare Night wearing different costumes. I don't wanna see candy ever again."

Spearmint tilts his head. "Well, it… it was a dream. It's different." He blushes faintly. "I, uh, I could get some candy I guess. Sure."

Makuru shakes his head again, more emphatically this time. "No, in town! In the dream she was definitely a different pony, we were talking to each other. Back on Nightmare Night we were planning what was gonna happen and I kept coming up with these ideas that were really her in my head." He sits back on his haunches and waggles his forehooves in Spearminy's face in the universal sign for 'spoooooky~'. Once again forgetting Spearmint is totally and utterly blind.

Spearmint wrinkles his nose a bit. "…Are you waving your hooves in my face?"

Makuru says "…yes."

Freeze-Frame 's ears flatten against her head, but she nods understandingly. "I'll see you around, Maku! c'mon, Spearmint!" with a couple of beats of her wings, she's airborn and lazily gliding along above the street, making sure to yammer on about innane things like her newest script she's been writing or something as she does so to keep Spearmint in the know of where they're going.

Spearmint blinks. Twice. "Uh… okay." Try as he might, it's hard for him to see Dreamy as spooky. "Well, uh… I guess I'll see you later?" And he trots off after Freezy. Except he doesn't trot, he just keeps on shuffling. Shuffleshuffleshuffle.

Makuru nods and waves to his two friends. "I'm gonna go to Dreamy's house and see she wants to have a sleepover tonight. Her parents are really nice, I don't think they'll mind 'cause it's not a school night. I'll catch up with you guys later!" He trots off in the opposite direction.