A Shredded Journal
IC date: Unknown
OOC date: July 21, 2013
Location: Snowfield's Cottage
PCs: None
NPCs: None
GM: Snowfield

An journal is found and promptly shredded by Snapdragon in a show of how incredibly brave he is. Though many pages are lost to the winds of the Wintersong Forest, some are saved through the quick action of Gustaff, Magpie and Twilight-Dancer. Later investigation by Dream-Daze, Hoarfrost and Wishy-Washy added additional pages to the manuscript.

It's just as well that Blackbird left as he did. As time went on it became increasingly obvious that our relationship wasn't healthy for either of us. He has a marefriend already. There is no reason he should be turning to me for the relief he so requires, nor should I be vying after his attention.

I knew this, of course, from the moment he revealed to me that he was in a relationship. It was only with our last parting that the reality of the situation truly sank in. Perhaps that is the reason it stung so when he ordered me away. This isn't to say I didn't deserve it. I don't know why I felt that pushing him so far was a good idea. Perhaps I thought if he turned his attention on me he wouldn't engage in more dangerous pursuits.

I haven't been back to town in a week. There are supplies enough at my cottage to last me for some time, and should I run low on anything I can always forage in Wintersong. Once some time has passed I may show my face but for now it would be best to not risk agitating the hornets' nest.

I went exploring the forest today to occupy my mind. If I can keep myself distracted then I can ignore the tightness I feel in my chest. No sign of snowbunnies this year, they must have learned their lesson after their last migration brought them so far south. Horrible creatures, snowbunnies. What manner of creature hunts by trying to appear as adorable as possible and then tears you to ribbons with its fur when you get close to investigate? Absolutely loathsome.

The foal from Daybreak came to bother me again as I was setting out to explore the forest. She was bound determined to follow so I let her stay close, though she desperately needs to learn boundaries. The landscape was not as I remember it. Where once the waterfall and valley were separated by several hours' trekking, now they are a short hike from one another. Could there be something out there manipulating it or has spending so much time in town simply left my memories of the land to moulder? I find the latter hard to believe, one doesn't spend years memorizing the safe routes through a land only to let a year away wipe them from her mind. I recall the Watcher saying something about wanting to look for something in the forest. The next time I see her I'll ask if this phenomenon is related. It's been too long since I gave her a Kiss.

The forest has claimed another victim, though I know not when. While I was out updating my mental map of the forest I found some jewelry. It's a beautifully crafted silver pendant with a tiny flask held within it, containing some manner of green liquid. Normally I would leave the trappings of the dead where they lie, but something about this kept my attention. Besides, should anything particularly terrible befall me I have my trump card stowed away in the cliff face, assuming I wish to use it. I admit, the thought of giving it back has crossed my mind before. Is a second chance really worth it if it's just to be spent living in stasis?

There is nothing new to report in Wintersong. I have yet to find any evidence explaining the apparent change in the forest's flora. This week I shall consult with the Watcher. I can't imagine she's moved her tent from the outskirts of town since I've been gone.

I think I've realized why I kept the locket I found a while back. It looks a little bit like his cutie mark, if you squint while looking at it. I really ought to just throw it out, but now that I've been carrying it around it would be disrespectful to the original owner to simply discard it.

The nights have been getting colder. I'm not entirely sure why considering that we're rapidly approaching the end of spring, but there you have it. My breath escapes as curling streams of mist and the blankets seem to do no good against it. It seems silly to go into town for thicker quilts so close to summer, however. I shall simply wait it out.

No sign of the creature icing over the forest, though I can definitely feel its presence. The coldness is no mere weather effect, it seems to grip the very heart. I know a number of relevant legends which might explain it but the most likely would be that a windigo has moved into the area. I can't think of any reason why one would have arrived in Wintersong, however, save for if the ponies of Daybreak were having issues. I shall be on my guard.

I won't be getting anything else from Daybreak. The ponies there are far too guarded against outsiders. Today my search for information was roughly halted by a pair of Bloodrages who chased me away from the village at spearpoint. It is no wonder a windigo is after them if they are going to be so quick to leap to violence.

I saw it! While looking outside after night had fallen I could see the creature in the trees, eyes aglow! I dared not approach the window, which as just as well because I could see it locking its gaze with my own as it lurked at the edge of the clearing. What it is doing here I know not for I keep my heart on a short leash. It's far easier to deal with ponies that way, even if it is lonely.

The windigo came back tonight. I saw it again as I passed the window, pacing through the trees. I fear no creature of ice and sorrow and ran outside to chase it off but when I had opened the front door it had already left. Perhaps it sensed my intentions and fled, windigos are supposed to be intimately sensitive to the emotions of ponies.

It comes back every night, haunting me from the edge of the clearing, trying to crack the shell of my heart and steal my warmth. I've already made that mistake once before and I shan't be doing it again. A thought came to me that if I close my heart then it may disappear into the night. The wretched creature won't be able to feed off of me if I don't let myself feel anything, after all.

Today the first blow is struck! It made the mistake of getting too close to the window and I gave it a taste of its own medicine! Though I could not see it well in the night there was no mistaking the icy flash of its glowing eyes and I chased it about cottage and clearing. I am not without injury after the conflict, unfortunately: the creature got me in the flanks and I can hardly feel them, the chill is so great. I haven't felt a cold like this since Scandeneighvia.

Between the remnants of the fight with the windigo and the injuries I've sustained I don't think I'll be able to make my trip to the Watcher after all.