A School of Foals
IC date: Winter 33, 1007
OOC date: January 21, 2013
PCs: Dream Daze, Lavender, Magpie, Sadaka, Siyana, Spearmint, Thunnini
NPCs: Eddy
GM: Diamond Dog

Oh, sure, the hotel called The Berth is comfortable enough. It's space-efficient- the ceilings are a little lower than most ponies might appreciate, the hallways a little narrow. The beds aren't so big you can roll around on them endlessly. They keep it pretty clean, the muted marble of the floors and walls polished, the carpets all fresh and springy underhoof. The staff is friendly enough- even to outsiders that seem to have them all feeling a little bewildered and muted. And the view is nice, provided you enjoy a perpetual undersea twilight, the shifting starscape of the town stretching out around the towering profile of the hotel interspersed with the occasional passing fish. The food's not bad, assuming you like one of several dozen varieties of seaweed, curiously salty fruits, most of it prepared with a minimum of heat.

Really, it's not so bad. Just, you know, it might get a bit boring after a week.

As she has been since the Harborites arrived, Eddy is flitting about the hotel with her little precise steps. Somehow she manages to get work done from a makeshift office elsewhere in the building, though it's a wonder how, seeing as at any given time she is knocking on doors and asking how people are doing and sharing interesting information about the city such as its population levels and the median income and the names of the town's three oldest residents and the last time it rained. All the way up on the surface. Yes, we do keep track of that, would you like to see the records?

She is often accompanied by a handful of guards, though most of the time they are either carrying food to the various surface-dwellers who have ordered something in the way of room service, or if not, a stack of papers for Eddy to abruptly start leafing through and signing.


That would be Siyana, rolling off her bed to THUD HARD on the ground with an exasperated "UGGGHHHHHH!!!! I'm so BORED!! It was cool for like…a minute but I want to go explore or something because there is ONLY SO MANY TIMES" she hefts a ball with one hoof "that I can throw this against the wall!"

Magpie finds she rather likes the blue-green twilight outside (though she's STILL bitter about not being able to go out in it) and doesn't mind the food (she's had worse), but it's definitely starting to wear on her — both the 'nothing to do here' part, and the 'not sure what's happening back home' part.

So when the filly she's sharing a room with starts grousing (again), she's of a mind to go along with it. "Yeah, well, I'm kinda tired of /hearing/ you throw it, so — yeah, sounds good to me."

Thunnini rolls in, a slight scowl on her face. These water-carts are a good design, but they're intended for very young seaponies, and it's hard to get a decent position to pole her way along in it. And then there's the complications of finding something resembling a pole that she can use to push herself around with! She's making do with an old broom, but… it's not the same. "I wish we could go swimming together," she sighs.

Lavender leans into the room of complaining fillies and *huffs*. "Come on, we're underwater! It's not boring! Just look at this place, it's all fancy and all different and clean and…really dull," she says in a hushed voice so neither Eddy nor any responsible harbor-pony will hear. "Okay, I'm up for going out and getting in trouble."

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Sadaka is quite possibly the only foal neither bored, nor finding this terribly exciting. In fact, she's spent a good bit of the trip hiding under the bed trying /not/ to 'enjoy' the view. And think about bubbles. Bubbles! Bubbles are good. Bubbles are air. You can't drown if you're in a bubble. Right? RIGHT?! Meep. She peeks her nose out from under said bed now - and then ducks right back under as she hears somepony mention swimming. MEEP she says!

Sharing in the general boredom is one small unicorn filly. Dreamy's spent most of the week…sleeping. Between moments when it looks like adults might get up and DO something, she's just been snoozing, and having dreams. Of being a seapony. Which have been somewhat awkward and not so restful when one is, indeed, among seaponies. There may have even been an instance (or ten) of her dreams leaking into other pony's dreams…

Right now though, Dream Daze is bouncing on the bed to express her desire to Do Something Else. So it's all convenient when Lavender pipes up with the thought of an adventure. She's zips over to stand next to the bigger filly, adventuring hat askew and all grins. Bounce! Yes! Adventure!!!

Magpie peers at the filly she's mentally started to refer to as Meep. "Why /did/ you come on this trip, anyway?"

Sadaka extends a hoof from under the bed to point in Siyana's general direction. J'accuse!

Siyana rolls her eyes. "She's afraid of water, but she was just gonna hide at home if I left her there and she's supposed to be with us in adventures! So, I made her come with. And," she rolls to her hooves, "I'm making her come with again!" She pokes her head under and grabs Sadaka's pointing hoof in her teeth, draaaagging her out. "C'mon lazybones!"

Lavender trots on up happily to help Siyana move that unwilling zebra lump! "I'm so glad you're both here. It's been just forEVER since we all hung out and did things! Especially real proper adventures."

There isn't much in the way of armed guards to stop anybody from coming or going. People have been doing just that, even, with some of the adults on the trip- Goody Horseshoes and Muzaji especially- out and about in the city more often than they're in the hotel. You can just walk right out the door. They let you do that.

That said, the constantly hovering Eddy tends to follow anybody who does that. She has a way of knowing these things.

Or when boredom strikes. The young seapony leans in around the door. "Did someone say swimming!? Do you guys want to go swimming? We got the issue with the floats settled now so we could all go o/‘ swim-ming~! o/`" She turns and snags a paper off the stack her assistant- a big lug of a stallion who looks nonplussed to be a mobile desk for a bubbly pencil-pusher probably a third of his age- and glances over it. "Or we could go take a look at city hall. Do you like history? I love history, we could have a history lesson. Maybe we could go tour the shipyards! I hear a ship just came in that actually has some portholes glazed with broken beer bottles and- oh, wait, that’s yours, the one you came in on." She leafs through another paper.

Doubtlessly, Eddy would be game for galivanting about the town. It wouldn't be especially hard to figure out a way to distract her if someone wanted to go off on their own, though.

Magpie says "The last /proper/ adventure I had, I had to kill a zombie. Um… Re-kill, anyway… and throw a snowball at Nightmare Moon… and almost got eaten by a spider and almost froze to death." She pauses. "…This is a better adventure, even if it's more boring."

Thunnini climbs out of her water-cart and crawls over to Sadaka. "Come on, adventure with us! Please?" she asks the zebra filly, puppy-dog eyes active~

Dreamy sneaks in the other side of the bed, so she can push at Sadaka to help in the efforts~ She floats up an image of the group of foals walking underwater, and /enjoying/ it. …Maybe with Eddy as a Guide too.

Siyana wrinkles her nose at Magpie. "Z…zombies?" she muffles around Sadaka's hoof as she draaaags her fellow zebra. "I don' know eff I like fightin' — AGH!!" Eddy appears! And Sadaka is dropped, so that Siyana can whirl in surprise. "H…history?" she asks in dismay, muzzle wrinkling in distaste.

Eddy does a little prancey hop. "History~!"

Squeak and flail! Well, at least it's not a meep. Sadaka makes a valiant effort to stay under the bed, but what's one tiny zebra against three determined fillies? Moved, apparently! "But… b-but… I… we… w-we're… /underwater/, and I… it's… it's just a g-giant bubble, and… and… and I don't swim, and I r-really shouldn't get my wings w-wet, and…"

A little minty colt peeks into the room between Eddy's hooves. And 'peeks into the room between' translates to 'runs smack into'. Thump. "Whoops."

Magpie 's eyes get huge and shiny at the information that they finally got the "floats" (whatever those are) fixed. "Wait, wa- wait! We can go outside?! WE HAVE TO DO THAT." She looks down at Sadaka. "Oh, come on. You're ALREADY at the bottom of the sea. You can't get any MORE underwater than you are now. You can at least look around outside while you're here!"

"C'mon, it's all made for land ponies anyway!" Siyana says, nodding eagerly along to Magpie's words. "You'll be just fine. We'll protect you!" She nods to the group, looking hopefully at Sadaka. "And then…we can learn…history." :|

"Besides, swimming and flying are a lot alike!" adds Thunnini. "And now we have a chance to all swim together!"

"Oops!" Eddy's thin legs skitter about to make room for Spearmint, and she scoots to the side. "Sorry, Spearmint!" She knows everybody's names by now. She made sure she knew the first night everybody was in town. This is important. "Are you okay?"

She turns and smiles across to Magpie. "Yes, you can go outside! If you have protection. And technically, you can get more underwater if you'd like. We have several trenches nearby that go much deeper! Oh, oh! I should show you guys a deep-sea angle-fish! They're really swell. They're fascinated by angles! We once had a shipment of polyhedralberries get loose in there and there was so much measuring going on you could practically hear the angle-fish schools running calculations."

Lavender looks at Magpie with excitement. "Yes! We have to go out swimming! It sounds way way more fun than drowning. We'll be able to actually /look around/ and stuff and relaaax…Oh this'll be great. And I'm /sure/ you'll be fine, Sadaka! It's not like there won't be any sea ponies watching out for us I'm sure."

Spearmint blushes and smiles sheepishly. "No, sorry. I wasn't paying attention. I'm still getting used to the way stuff… echoes, down here." He twitches one ear, then the other. "What's an angle-fish?"

Sadaka peeks up through her hooves, gulping. "H-how is it like f-flying? I can /breathe/ when I'm f-flying!" She gives herself a shake, and then another, as if trying to get the idea out of her head by force, and then slowly straightens, wings tucked in and ears laid back.

Eddy is reviewing another paper. She turns and braces it on the side of the square muzzle of her 'assistant,' and scribbles a few numbers with a pencil held in her mouth. She talks around the pencil with the greatest of ease! "The floats let you breathe. Even underwater! Though if you'd like to come along while all your friends swim, we can probably round up a diving bell for you. It'd be your own little metal bubble with windows so you could look out and watch everybody else!"

Magpie says "Well, you can breathe when you're swimming too, right? That's what the thingies are for!" She looks down at Spearmint. "Um. I dunno if swimming is… really… your…" She waves her hoof. "Thing."

"I could help him swim," volunteers Thunnini. "He's helped me on land before, so it's only fair that I help him underwater."

Dreamy pokes her head out from under the bed, now that zebra-extraction is done with. She flashes Sadaka an image of her, in a bubble, floating around underwater~ Cuz' that's what she imagines is going to happen with these 'floaty' thingies. Either way, she fixes her hat, and trots up to greet Spearmint too, with a little mental hello. Like, literally, a tiny Dreamy waving, so that he can keep focused on other conversations and whatnot.

Spearmint blinks and tilts his head. "Swimming? We're going swimming? …I don't know how to swim," he admits sheepishly, blushing and scuffing a hoof shyly. He blinks and waves back to Dreamy, though, smiling faintly. "Mom never let me go in the deep water. …Well I never really tried."

Sadaka blinks. "I-it… it does?" She tilts an ear slightly. The diving bell sounds safer. …But also kind of like it might not be worth leaving this current bubble to begin with. She blushes, pondering this for a moment. "W-well…"

Magpie says "Oh! Can I get a seashell out there? On my own? Souvenir!"

Lavender nudges Magpie, "Who knows…Maybe there's more than seashells! Maybe there's even…sunken ships! And treasure! And gooold."

"Try the float thingy! We can try it just a little and if you don't like it you can do the bell thingy." That is Siyana's advice! She also waves at Spearmint, and belatedly realizes that this is the most useless gesture. "Oh, er, hi, Spearmint! Um. You gonna come with?"

Magpie coughs. "Uh… we-well, if they have gold and treasure, they probably own it already." Halo.

Eddy looks up from her paper as she's putting it back on the stack balanced on the back of her associate, and smiles at the gathered foals. "Sure, there are shells! We, uh, there aren't really any sunken ships all that nearby. Seeing as this is a town and all, that sort of thing tends to get cleaned up a bit. But shells! There are shells! And fish. And seaweed! And street signs. And exciting urban development!"

She makes her way over to a window and peers into the streets outside. "So much urban development!"

Dreamy's eyes go big. Sunken ships! Gold! Treasure! And…and… Underwater things! She starts hopping in a spazzy little circle, her mental images getting a little shakey and haphazard with how excited she is. Just… Just gotta /goooooooo/!

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Thunnini clambers back into the water-cart, ready to go swimming when the others are. "This is gonna be fun~!" she grins.

"Let's just go!" Siyana hops, not quite as caffeinated as Dreamy, out into the hallway. "Cmon! We'll find shells and…treasure and gold and urban development somewhere that is NOT THIS HOTEL ROOM."

Sadaka gulps a bit, scuffing a hoof. "W-well… I… er… um… …okay," she finally squeaks, ears flattening just about as soon as she says it. Meep.

Lavender wiggles around. "Yes! Let's go!" She chases Siyana excitedly.

"Okay!" crows Eddy, tucking her pencil up behind an ear. "Follow meeee~!"

A most exciting journey ensues! The party travels from the snug marble confines of the Berth, through the tunnel streets of the city's Port district, and to a building near the towering elevator at the heart of it. Soon Eddy- now accompanied by a few more guards in addition to Mr. Desk- is leading the bunch into a large, round structure, ringed by columns and supporting a domed ceiling- one made of a translucent, smokey glass, offering a view of the ocean above. In the center of the chamber is a round pool, in which cold ocean water sloshes about. Gleaming spheres are set along the walls of the hole, such t hat one can look inside and see all the way down to the sandy floor of the ocean, well-lit even despite the darkness of the deep beyond.

Assorted chests and cabinets line the walls, and beside the pool is a large, tarnished bronze sphere with a few small glass windows in the side and a heavy, wheel-locked door.

"Okay, so! If you want to swim, you'll definitely need a floaty. But we might be able to rustle up a foal-sized diving suit if you'd like." The twig-legged near-filly makes her way to a cabinet and swings it open- inside is a pony-shaped suit of brassy armor with a bulbous glass head. "But these are heavy. You can't swim much with them. Still, some surface-dwellers prefer it to the magical floaties! They say being out in the ocean without some kinda armor leaves them feeling exposed. I don't know what they feel exposed to!" She turns and offers the group a narrow shrug. "Fish nibbling on their behinds, maybe! Tee hee! That won't happen. You don't have to worry about that."

(OOC) Sadaka peers at Eddy.
(OOC) Sadaka is not convinced.

The guards shake their heads as Eddy mentions this. "Nope," says one. "No fish behind-nibbling will happen at all," assures another.

Then they exchange anxious glances and swallow heavily.

(OOC) Dream-Daze: Thus the adventure began, with several happy floating foals…and one zebra in a wetsuit walking in slow-motion behind them.
(OOC) Sadaka: XD

Magpie trots forward. "I'll take a floaty!" …whatever that is.

Dreamy stares at the guards. And tries /very hard/ to suppress the mental image of big fishes chewing on ponytails. In fact she can't really help herself. Her magic is almost automatic that way, as natural to her as talking is to others. So everybody gets to share in that little happy daydream, of swimming foals with nomming-fish for tails…

Luckily it's a short-lived image, as Dreamy immediately bounds off to investigate these floaties. Oooooooh she wants to swiiiiiiiim!

Spearmint shuffles in place, ears twitching. He doesn't much like the sound of a heavy suit. That doesn't sound too fun to walk in! But he's still not entirely sure about learning to swim by being thrown right in the deep end, as it were. At least a heavy suit would keep his hooves on the ground! "…What /are/ floaties?"

Thunnini doesn't waste any time in clambering out of the water-cart and into the watery opening. She swims around in the round pool, warming up her muscles.

Magpie giggles quietly at Dreamy's dream-image, not at all afraid of fish. Fish aren't dangerous. Unless they're sharks. And the seaponies wouldn't let THOSE hang around town, right? Right. She gives Spearmint a nudge. "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll take you to some interesting stuff to… um… feel."

Lavender pretty much doesn't stop bouncing excitedly. "I'm not afraid of any fish… I really want to try the floaties…this is gonna be great!"

As the image of tails being nibbled drifts through their heads, the guards do a little hop and one of them turns to look back over her shoulder. Eddy does a little dance in place, narrow hooves click-clicking over the tiled floor, but doesn't react, otherwise.

"The floaties?" she eventually says, smiling to Spearmit. "Let me show y-"

Her pale aquamarine color suddenly turns a curious shade of pink as she blushes from her face down to somewhere around her withers. She just told the blind foal she would show him something. Quick! Quick! Think!

"…. sh-show yy… your friends… the floaties and then they can describe them to you" Her tone of voice is approaching an anxious squeak. "andthenmaybelettryoneon"

Reaching over, she hastily hauls open another cabinet, revealing several racks of… colorful, gleaming rings. Rings with adorable spots and little flippers and cute little faces. Rings that look, for all intents and purposes, more like pool toys.

Eddy, still blushing, covers her mouth with a hoof. "These were originally developed in a bygone age to help foals who weren't very good at swimming. They've since been adapted to help surface-dwellers navigate underwater. They're enchanted to help ward off the cold and the pressure of the ocean, but also to let you breathe as well. We've, uh, never really figured out how to change their appearance, though…"

Indeed, even as Eddy explains this, a Zebra surfaces in the pool, wearing swim goggles and, around her middle, a bright green tube that looks like an adorable turtle. She flashes the group a look of surprise and then smiles self-consciously as she hauls her way up and sees to divesting herself of the float and conversing with another Zebra off to the side about how unusually nibbly the minnows are today.

(OOC) Spindrift http://mylittlewiki.org/wiki/Floats
(OOC) Magpie: Oh god
(OOC) Sadaka lays claim to the purple duck for Spearmint.
(OOC) Sadaka: it will clash adorably.

Siyana perks up. "Oh rad! I want one of those! I'll be the weirdest zebra in the ocean!" And that suits her just fine!

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(OOC) Magpie: I call the mudkip one.
(OOC) Lavender: Dibs on the orange-with-blue one :D

Sadaka blinks, peering over at them. "Those… th-those let you breathe underwater?" She asks, skeptically. They're just ring things! How would that even work?!

(OOC) Sadaka: I love how we're all going 'ha I call this one'
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Well they are!
(OOC) Sadaka: I know, that's what I said. :|
(OOC) Dream-Daze wants the purple turtle. >.>

Magpie gives the floats a deeply suspicious look. Is this like that thing where you give the foreign ponies something weird to eat just to see if they'll do it? But…. ah well. She picks out a pale blue ring with orange fins and a fishy-froggy face…

(OOC) Magpie: I do kinda love the ducky ones.
(OOC) Sadaka: the ducks are adorable.
(OOC) Sadaka: I have a strange enjoyment of the lobsters as well. They're so weird.

Aww how cute! These floaty things are adorable! Dreamy beams at the whole lot of them, and…shoots Spearmint a little image of just what it is he's getting himself set up for. Swimming underwater in an innertube. Yup!

Then she hops up and pokes at a purple turtle-shaped one, looking up at Eddy with big foaleyes. Can she have this one pleeeeeease?

Siyana runs over and noses one of the floaties too: the blue fish with purple fins. "I want this one!"

Lavender stares, then cocks her head to the side like a confused dog. The gears in her head turn, and she tries to reconcile big adventurous not a kid filly! with these are kind of cute filly!. But eventually the reality of their /magic/ /powers/ set in, and how very cool they are, and she reaches up onto a rack and pulls down unbidden an orange fish float with blue fins that she imagines looks kinda like a shark (it doesn't.) She whirls around with it. "Eee!"

"They really work! They really do!" protests Eddy, going from embarassed to worried that everybody won't believe her. "See- here! I'll show you." She may only be a few years older than anybody else here, but the tall, skinny Eddy has a height approaching an adult mare, so she can easily reach up, pluck the requested float off its hook, and reach down to wedge it over Dream Daze's head. "Alright, now, step your front hoof in- there we go! Now for the other… ah ha!"

And that's the story of how Dream Daze got dressed up in a rubber donut shaped like a purple turtle. Eddy smiles gratefully and then gestures to the water. "Go on! Hop in." She then reaches up to start haulingd own one for Siyana, and a couple of guards likewise start helping to dole out the tubes.

The two adult zebras hang off to the side, watching curiously, like most of the zebras here in the port district do when they see Equestrians, of all things, running around free and not on leashes.

Magpie wiggles her way into the floatie. She looks down at herself. THen looks around the room. "You can never," she intones seriously, "EVER say anything about this to Ruby."

Spearmint blinks at the image. They don't /look/ super magical. They kinda remind him of his rubber ducky. …That he totally does not have anymore, nope, because that sort of stuff's for little baby foals. :| But he edges forward a bit anyway. "So we just… wear 'em?"

Dreamy does a 'her lips are sealed' motion to Maggie. She won't say a word~

Then she jumps into the water! Kersplash! Floatie thingie and all. She honestly has /no/ qualms about believing in strange magic. This isn't much different than things she's dreamed about. …For that matter, she isn't entirely sure she isn't dreaming /this/ up now. So she takes a breath, and trusts the magic, and nothing can possibly go wrong with this!

Magpie possibly missed a bit of a loophole there with Dreamy. But no time to notice that, it's time to get in the water! Adventuuuuure! Splash.

Sadaka prances in place, backing away from the pool as the splashing starts, and then prancing more in a nervous, tight little circle. Internal AAAAAAAAHHHH time. She glances from the floaties to the metal bubble to the pool to the floaties back to the wing contraption currently strapped around her middle. "Uh… um… er… uh…" Articulate today, clearly.

Thunnini cheers as each foal jumps into the water. The more swimmers, the merrier! Maybe they could go chase the minnows~

Lavender doesn't really accept help and doesn't bother to look for correct ways to put on her floaty shark ring, so she flails a little and faceplants as she tries to get it on right, but eventually it works! "Geronimoooo~" Into the water with a cannonball.

Siyana squirms her ring on and then grins at Sadaka. "C'mon! It'll be fun, I promise!" She plucks one of the rings at random and walks over to the other zebra, dropping it over her head and nuzzling her gently. "We won't let anything bad happen to you."

The rings, once exposed to the water, constrict ever so gently so they assume a snug fit, while showing no outward sign of a size change. Magic indeed! What's more, water that is by all accounts uncomfortably chill merely feels cool when one is exposed to it while suitably equipped by a floaty. Though 'float' is probably a misnomer, since they don't actually seem to be buoyant.

"Alright! That's the idea," encourages Eddy. "Breathing water is a bit trickier! I understand a lot of surface-dwellers start to, well… panic, when they try, ha ha ha! But take your time, get used to it. You two, would you join them in the pool? Make sure they have someone to fish them out if they start to have trouble."

At Eddy's direction, a couple of guards hop into the water, then swiftly don pendant-like phylacteries, their back legs blending into tails and fins erupting from their backs. They hover near the edges of the pool, one grinning as she watches, the other offering, in encouraging tones: "Just don't think about fish nibbling on your hooves, and you'll be fine."

Eddy observes for a moment longer, before making her way over to Sadaka. She tilts her head as she peers down at the wee zebra. "You don't have to go in if you don't want! I understand it's scary. I already think it's pretty brave that you came even this far! But if you think about it, just going a little farther won't be that much worse, will it?" She then smiles cheerfully. "Still, if you want to stay, I can tell you about the stamps we're going to start issuing next week! Won't that almost be as much fun as swimming around in a whole new world?!"

Magpie says "Sadaka, hurry! Into the water! DON'T BE A FOOL!"

(OOC) Sadaka: XD!
(OOC) Sadaka: I'm totally gigglefitting over here.
(OOC) Sadaka: so I can drown, or I can die of boredom. WHICH IS WORSE
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Drowning in boredom.

Magpie pushes her head underwater, just in case somepony says "stamps" again without adequate warning. So. This breathing thing. How does it work, exactly…?

Sadaka blushes, blinking over at Siyana and then down at the floaty around her neck. She gulps thickly, taking a deep breath - and backing up another step. And then forward two. And then… back one more. We're getting nowhere fast. Prancepranceprance. AAAAAAAHHHHH. And then… stamps. :| She peers up at Eddy for a moment, then lets out a big breath in a huff. "…I-is there… somewhere I can keep my w-wings?" she finally squeaks out. "I d-dunno if they c-can get too wet." It wasn't exactly a question she'd thought to ask of her papa before being tugged down here!

Thunnini looks at Maggie, then gets a playful grin. The seafilly sneaks up on the piebald pony, then starts tickling Maggie mercilessly!

Dreamy's swimming around already~ Gleefully playing an impromptu game of tag with Thunnini!

Said game of tag doesn't get very far. Thunnini's already busy. So the mute unicorn joins in the tickling instead. Cuz' that'll get Maggie breathing in a big hurry, right?

Siyana brightens at Sadaka's question, hopping in place. "Yeah!! That's the spirit! Awesome!" she beams.

Lavender is off pretending to be a dolphin! A pony dolphin. Whinny-splish! Whinny-splish! And dive!

Magpie squeaks and lets out a big stream of bubbles when she's suddenly assaulted. She squeaks and struggles, gasps—

"Of course!" says Eddy. "There are lots of lockers handy for storing things you don't want to take underwater. Just, you know, normally they're not… not wings. Anemone, can you go find an open locker for us…?" One of the guards nods and trots off.

Breathing underwater first takes a willingness to actually open your mouth and attempt to do so, which the brain is sort of programmed to stop you from doing. Those brave enough to do so, however, find the sensation a little surprising- water rushing into one's mouth and nose, but only a short ways, before what feels like a warm mist rolls down into the lungs instead. There's a bit more resistance, a bit more viscosity to the water than to plain ol' air, but eventually it starts to feel almost like plain ol' air.

The ring of water leading down from the chamber opens up beneath the building, which is propped up over the ocean floor on long, thick columns of stone. One can see the sand and rocks spreading out from below- untamed ocean floor- as well as a few streets winding off into those portions of the city beyond the walls of stone and glass that keep the tunnels and port buildings sealed up. The ocean burbles and thrums, a constant, low roaring noise, and extends in all directions like a gloomy blue sky. Compared to the tight, humid confines of the air-filled portions of the city, the outside portions feel positively vast, dwarfing a pony with their immensity.

Also, there are fish.

Siyana prances on her hooves, watching the water and wanting to join in… but she's gonna stick by her friend, darn it. She plants her hooves down with a force of will, waiting by Sadaka and helping her get the wings off, if need be.

Sadaka nods slowly and gets to work unlatching the contraption before she can talk herself out of it. Said wings flutter nervously the whole time. This is a terrible idea aaaaaaahhhhh.

Spearmint meanwhile has edged his way up to the… well, edge, of the pool, feeling a hoof around it to make sure he doesn't walk straight on in unfloatied. He dips a hoof in the water, pulling it back quickly. Cold! Brrrr. "They make it less cold… right?"

Dun dun…
Dun dun dunnnn…
Dun dun dun dun…

The blind foal isn't going to get a chance to have his question answered. Suddenly a SHARK (or, mute filly pretending to be a shark) rises up from the pool to wrap arms around Spearmint's neck, dragging the poor foal into the waters! It may come with a quick mental vision of exactly who Spearmint's assailant is, just so he doesn't, y'know, panic too much. And that's followed by another image of the sheer vastness of the ocean all around! Cue mental slideshow of ocean floor, and FISH! So many fish!

"Yep!" says Eddy, in response to Spearmint. She gestures to one of the 'lifeguards,' who drifts closer to the blind foal, keeping a worried eye on him. "Temperature modulation. Helps protect you against the extremes of underwater temperatures! It'll still feel a little cool but you'll be safe."

Magpie flails a little, then inhales water, and splutters and flails s'more, and then sorta settles down, drifing down from the ring a few feet. She tugs Thunnini's tail with a scowl. "This feels weird," she says, but she doesn't /appear/ to be drowning, so… huh. After a bit of thought, she elects not to go back up to the surface and have to go through that whole thing again. Instead, she starts flailing her hooves to try to push herself along into the open water. Is this what pegasi feel like all the time?

SQUEAK AND FLAIL! Spearmint does just that. SHAAAAAARRRohwait. Blinkblink. Or… not. Okay. Whoo. Crisis averted. Not getting eaten. Still, he clings to Dreamy with all four hooves, eyes wide as saucers as he tries to take in the mental imagery and apply it to the pretty much /nothing/ he feels around him. Veeeery tiny colt. VEEEEERY big ocean. O,O

Thunnini swims around, hugging each of her friends that has joined her in the water so far. She even gives Spearmint a comforting nuzzle~

As soon as the wings are off, Siyana makes sure Sadaka's ring is fastened, and she noses her. "Hop on my back and we'll go swimming together!"

Eddy is in the middle of explaining these things when… DREAM DAZE ATTACK! The near-filly shrieks with surprise and shock and starts gesturing frantically. "Fish him out! Fish him out! Don't let him-"

One of the guards nearby, hovering close, is backing up and waving Eddy off. "He's fine," she says. "Don't worry."

Eddy proceeds to flop about on the floor, hyperventilating.

Dreamy beams at Thunnini when she catches up to where she's been swimming Spearmint around. Then an idea strikes her, and she shoots Thun and Spearmint a quick image of the blind colt hanging onto Thunnini for a swim! Surely clinging to a /real/ seapony is going to be more fun than clinging to a non-seapony when in the water, right?

Lavender floats along, and seems to have invented the backstroke! She kicks along in the water. "These are the best! Eddy, you're wonderful!"

Thunnini grins at Dreamy. "Great idea!" the seafilly beams, swimming over so Spearmint can hold onto her.

Piggy-back ride! Okay, zebra-back. Well that works. Sadaka blushes but nods, moving to climb onto Siyana. And CLING.

Spearmint seems a biiiiit reluctant to let go of Dreamy. THERE'S NOTHING UNDER HIS HOOVES WHAT THE HAY. He slowly releases his grip, though, one hoof at a time, flailing a free one out to reach for Thunnini. HALP.

Flop, flop, flo- Eddy pops to her hooves. "Oh!" She turns and fishes about in a small pouch slung around in her neck. "I forgot! I can do this myself!" The seapony fishes out a pendant formed of a delicate dilver chain, interspersed periodically with bright sapphires that set off the aquamarine color of her coat. She dons it quickly, and with a *poof* that smells like efficient paperwork, drops to the floor with a proper seapony tail.

Then she realizes she's still a ways from the water. With a scowl she shrugs the phylactery off. Poof! Legs once more. The seapony trots her way over to the edge of the water, dons the phylactery once again, and poof-flops into the water with a splash.

"There we go!" she says, darting about underwater in a loop that brings her back up to where the school of foals lingers near the surface. She beams a smile at Lavender. "Thanks! I am just a lowly civil servant, however. The real hero here is the Silver Shallows Council of Urban Management and the Office of the Port Registrar. Maybe you guys can meet him later! The Registrar, that is. He has a tattoo of a pegasus on a cloud! Isn't that exotic and kind of manly?" Twisting about, she swims back down to the ocean floor, moving swiftly. Her skinny profile on land has translated to a narrow, needle-like body, with quick little movements analogous to her precise, clicking hoofsteps on land. "Okay, I think we need to find SHELLS."

And with that, Siyana grins. "Hang on tight!" And she gallops, charges, and leaps into the water! And as soon as she does, she grabs tight to Sadaka's forehooves around her neck, making sure she doesn't flail her way off into the nether. Then again, she inhales, expecting to have a secret air pocket or something and instead gets water, and a lot of sputtering in confusion. HRK?

(OOC) Dream-Daze has never thought of a pegasus on a cloud as manly. Until now.
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Is it Snowflake? :o
(OOC) Magpie: No, see, a manly sailor would have a mermaid, right? So what does a manly merperson get?

Magpie drifts quietly beneath the others, watching them play and struggle. She shifts a little to make sure her saddle bags (which she is wearing) aren't under the floaty thing. Then Eddy is there, and — wow. Gosh those seaponies are /fast/. She waggles her hooves and it's slow going…

Dreamy naturally helps this transition, giving Spearmint a nuzzle just before he's fully in Thunnini's capable…fins? Then she lets them go~ And starts swimming around with the rest, applauding Lavender's backstroke! And Maggie's..pony-paddle? Yeah! And and… SIYANA AND SADAKA! Yaaaay, the zebras all made it into the water!

Sadaka clings. And WAILS. Until they hit the water - then she clams up right good. Hold breath hold breath holdbreathholdbreathholdbreath… zebras probably aren't supposed to be blue. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH GASP. Cough cough choke sputter. Then a somewhat more vocal "AAAAAAHHHH!" and more clinging. But she's not dead yet, so that's a success. Yay?

Thunnini nuzzles Spearmint, then swims around with him, starting at a normal seapony pace but slowly picking up speed and increasing the acrobatics. She's careful to make sure he doesn't lose his grip, but she's certainly having fun~

HRFLE HRRK RRNffffhhhh hoooo. "Hhhh, that was weird!" Siyana coughs, snorting water. "It's a lot like my dad's neti pot things! Just gotta remind yourself you're not drowning. Right? Whoa!" She spies Eddy. "You're a real seapony! … I mean, I knew you were a real seapony, but…" Idly, she reaches around to wrap a hoof around poor Sadaka, and hug her awkwardly.

Spearmint spends a couple more minutes just clinging, because this is /weird/. But… you know… once the weird goes away, and you stop thinking about how weird it is to breathe something that /resists/… well… then this is kind of cool! He loosens his grip - just a tiny bit! - and slowly starts to relax. This is… sorta fun! Wheee!

Magpie pony-paddles her way towards the city proper down below. After a few minutes of this, she starts to realize that it is a long, long way away. It didn't LOOK that far.

The attending guards hover close to Sadaka and Siyana, not interfering, but clearly ready to totally interfere should it look like it's necessary. They cast Eddy a little glance. Blind foals? Hydrophobic foals? This is a good idea?

Eddy flashes Siyana a grin. "I'm a real seapony! It's true." She drifts close to reach up and pat Sadaka on the shoulder. "You made it! Welcome to my world~!" The seapony gestures expansively to the ocean beyond!

… which is mostly rocks and murk and an octopus that looks a little nonplussed to be suddenly in the camera shot, hurrying out of view with a little flail of its tentacles. Then a beer bottle slowly drifts down from above. Eddy frowns and swims over to look up and squint. "Oh! I can see the bottom of the Rusty Bucket from here!" She stares a bit longer. "Wow, there's some really rude language written on the bottom of it! You guys have an interesting way of decorating ships!"

(OOC) Sadaka: …there would be, too.
(OOC) Siyana dies.

Magpie looks up. Her mouth moves as she sounds it out. Oh! Hey, she knows that word. And that one! "What I wanna know is how they even GOT it there?"

Magpie says "I mean, like, maybe they were keelhauling somepony and he stopped to write something rude on the ship as revenge?"

Siyana says "Maybe it's just crude seaponies?" She squints up at the words. "Or magic?"

Lavender raises her eyebrows. "Oh my!" She grins. "I will have to remember those. And call Salty and Mwai some of those. Just to see what happens."

"Or a drunken bet?" suggests Thunnini as she swims by.

GASP GASP GASP. STARE. Sadaka hugs onto Siyana for dear life and gapes around, eyes wide and round. Wow it's big down here. And kinda colorful. This would be really really cool if it weren't a TERRIFYING ENDLESS EXPANSE OF DEATH. "This is not like flying at /aaaaall/," she wails, but stays clung on where she is. Hey, if she's talking, she's breathing. And hasn't passed out yet! Let's call this progress.

"What's it say?" Spearmint calls over, ears perking. Wow, things sound /weird/ underwater. He wonders exactly how he /can/ hear, what with all the, you know… water. And pressure. And bubbles. And… eh, just say magic and roll with it, right? Right. "What is it? I wanna know!"

Eddy puts her hooves on her hips at the suggestion of crude seaponies. "Well, I never!" she says. She then waves a guard over, and instructs her thusly- "Go tell the Port Authority about that and have something be done about it! I can't imagine how much of a scandal it's caused since it pulled into port a week ago!"

A short distance away, a crab pauses, mid-scuttle, looks up, reads all that profanity, and then sheds a single tear before scuttling onward. So rude. So rude.

Eddy huffs and starts poking around on the ocean floor again. "Shells, shells…"

(OOC) Magpie: ….did you just do the seapony version of the crying indian commercial?
(OOC) Spindrift: no, but

The sinking beer bottle lands near the crab, who pauses once more, stares at it, then looks off into the distance, and sheds another tear. Underwater.

Magpie looks longingly towards the city. But.. shells, she guesses. Sigh.

Siyana hugs Sadaka, kicking her with her back legs to try and stay upright. It…works okay? They sort of still drift downward, toward the sad anti-litter crab. "I bet it's nothing no one's ever read before," she offers to Eddy. Pausing, she glances around and gestures Dreamy over. C'mere, silent unicorn!

Dreamy's coming along in an efficient enough ponypaddle~ Right behind ya Siyana! This is /so/ much better than bein' cooped up in a hotel room all day.

Magpie says "I think you mean nothing nopony's /never/ read before."

Lavender water-wriggles over towards Magpie. "C'mon! Sunken treasure! Or at least something shiny. We gotta find something to go home with."

Magpie ohs! Right. She follows Lavender.

"Let's ditch the fuzz and get outta here!" whispers Siyana to Dreamy. "Can you mind-transmit that to everyone? Makea break for it for a REAL adventure!"

Magpie leans over when she gets close to Lavender. "Pssst." She looks around to make sure there's no seaponies too close. "We won't be able to get anything awesome right now. We gotta come back out after it gets dark. When everypony is asleep."

Thunnini is swimming nearby, close enough to hear the discussion. "Gotcha," she nods, a grin on her face. Several foals, adventuring in the seafilly's native habitat? This should be fun!

The ocean floor spread out further beyond the initial 'landing' underneath the moon pool. It's a rocky sort of floor, however, seeing as most of the town is built in the crags and canyons formed by the confluence of several trenches. This sandy little plateau sits beneath the port district, but beyond that, the ground drops away, dark water beckoning along with numerous nooks and crannies.

This is sort of in the middle of a city, sort of, so the underwater flora doesn't get TOO wild. Still, as one ranges out from the "moon pool" chamber, there are corals of increasingly interesting color and assorted plants- some long fronds that wave to and fro, others coiled up like springs, still others that fan outward like leaves on a bush. Small fish dart about between the plants, many wholly unfamiliar to even a seasoned ocean-going surface pony.

Eddy currently has her head in a little cave. "Hellooo? Pretty shells?" The guards lean in and peer in along with her, before Eddy squawks and draws back, an irate eel latched onto her face.

It keeps her pretty busy. If one wanted to sneak off they could totally do that.

Ooooh. Dreamy's eyes widen! She winks to Siyana, looking to the other foals, her glowyhorn put to use for one vision at a time. A vision of the foals sloooowly letting Eddy swim ahead, and then the whole gaggle of foals making a break for other parts of the water. For /adventure/! And exploration! And fun!

Lavender leans back in towards Magpie. "When everypony is asleep? Will we be able to get at the floaties then?" She then gives her a suspicious look. "Wait a sec…Do you mean out in the water or…" That 'or' sparks a nervous but happy grin. "Oh my."

Magpie wells. "I was just gonna sneak a floaty and go, y'know…" She waves towards the seapony city.

A hermit crab scuttles along a short time after the Sad Crab departs. It passes up the beer bottle, then pauses, scuttles back, and stares at the green glass with claws thoughtfully snipping at the water before it. The crab proceeds to divest itself of its current, unfashionable shell, waggle its squishy hermit crab back end into the bottle, and then totter off wearing that instead.

Sadaka blinks, looking between the other foals. "We're coming back /again/?!" That would have been loud if it were not so squeaky. Whyyyyy would one repeat this experience? …Because they got dragged, obviously.