A Restructuring Of Priorities
IC date: Winter 6
OOC date: 25/12/12
PCs: Rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus
NPCs: None
GM: None

Night gives way to morning - a dark a dreary morning courtesy of the coming winter and the horrid storms set in motion by Spindrift. Queen awakes with a soft groan of discomfort - her entire body aching from her numerous and extensive wounds. "Rising?" her voice soft. "Rising?" raising her voice to try and get the mares attention

Rising-Chaos is asleep at the foot of the bed, on some pillow. She's curled up around her cloak and covered in the few blankets not given to Queen Pegasus. Her fitful sleep is cut short by the mare's calls. She gets to her hooves quickly and trots around to the bed side. "Yes, my Queen?"

Without word or warning Queen throws her good front leg around Rising's neck to simply pull the other mare onto the bed - no trashing!? "I'm assuming…" glancing towards the window as she continues "Your vigilant watch of the shore was to prevent potential punishment, was it not?"

Rising-Chaos is pulled in to the bed, taken entirely by surprise. the question though seems to really hurt her. "Not at all my Queen, I was worried sick about you." She blushes and looks away. "I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found you." The words are sincere, she did not take the news well. The day without the pegasus she had been suffering panic attacks and almost gave up. She stays a respectable distance from her Queen though, doesn't want to worsen her condition.

Queen is certainly used to being told what she /wants/ to hear - which has made her quite apt at deciphering deceivers. The mare sighs heavily while staring out the window with her good eye. "I'm…glad to see you are alright."

Rising-Chaos nods, watching the pegasus carefully. "Are you alright, my Queen?" She makes to get up, suddenly worried. "I can tend to you more, if you are in pain." There is more than a small hint of fear in her eyes, but not /of/ Queen Pegasus. The only thing that frightens the unicorn right now is losing Queenie.

"I'm irritable and sore - there isn't a part of me that does ache - well except." wiggling her front right hoof - the only thing she's really moved since being dragged off the beach. "However, I'm fine." accompanied by heavy sigh. "There is one thing that bothers me. Amidst all the struggling for my life - I could only think about one thing.

Rising-Chaos frowns, making to look Queenie over. she worries that the bones may be broken, and her lack of medical experience could be devastating here. There is certainly a change about the mare, there's far less bluster and arrogance in her manner. Far less venom. Chaos has yet to decide whether this is because of something good, or something bad. "What was that, my Queen?"

With a light scoff Queen replies to Rising's inquiry. "I kept thinking about you." followed by a mutter. "How utterly ridiculous. For years I've cut down anything that might hold me back, might be a liability - and now here you are clouding my judgement. You know the worst part?" A long moment of silence. "I'm starting to grow comfortable with the idea."

Rising-Chaos freezes for a moment, mind racing. She's pretty sure that the whole 'thinking of you' thing is good. That comment about cutting things down is a bit worrying though. Still, everything should be fine, right? She did say she was comfortable with the idea, now to just figure out how to respond. eventually, something springs to mind. "I couldn't stop thinking of you either, Queen. I'm," she stops awkwardly. "Touched, you would think of me." Her voice trails off, not sure how to continue. The mare has gone through her whole life without any kind of close encounter like this, it's weird. She settles for lying back down, content that Queenie is at least not entirely broken.

After a few long moments of uncomfortable, awkward silence Queen turns her head to look at the mare beside her - quietly studying the unicorn. "Perhaps it's time that I…take a different approach to things? Perhaps it's for the better that those cowards turned tail and ran with the other ship."

during those awkward moments, Rising Chaos' mind is aflame. This is rather a lot to take in so early in the morning with her current state of mind. Still, she manages to catch up. "How do you mean?" She has a suspicion, but wants to confirm it.

Queen seems to struggle with the concept before suggesting "A lighter-hoofed approach perhaps?" the mare slowly letting her gaze drift upwards "Be a dear and fetch us some breakfast?

Rising-Chaos recognizes the awkwardness and gets off the bed. "Of course, my Queen. I will return shortly." Just before she goes, Rising stops by the door. "You should know, I'm going to support you, no matter what you decide to do, my Queen." She slips out of the room and down the stairs, a small shiver running down her spine.

With a huff Queen talks to herself. "What are you thinking…being so…soft." speaking the last word with more than a little spite. "Being soft will only slow you down…" Speaking aloud as if to convince herself to abandon her feelings.

Rising-Chaos bustles in to the kitchen. Immediately she tries to open some cupboards with her magic, to see what she has. She's forced to stop and clutch at her head, to soothe the pain. "Very well, earth pony way." She rummages through the kitchen, eventually putting something suitable together. She waits for the food to be ready, worrying about the Queen upstairs.

Queen while suitably grouchy and sore is safe enough left alone - the pegasi mare quite content grouching while staring out the window while waiting for Rising to return; her mind turning as she re-examines many things.

Rising-Chaos hurries to prepare the food to the best of her ability, and trots upstairs with the final product. She balances the tray on her back, cursing her inability to use magic. She nudges the door open looking in. "I'm back, my Queen, with your breakfast." She moves in and lays the tray before the pegasus. If she had her magic, she'd offer to feed the mare, but as it is, she's feeling a little useless.

Upon Rising's arrival Queen begins to push herself towards an upright seated position - this takes much effort and many a grunt and groan from the pegasi who is clearly uncomfortable to say the least. "Rising. Take a seat. Join me." taking a moment to look over the prepared meal. "I've been thinking that I do intend to keep you by my side - you're important to me." quickly glancing away from Rising and the offered breakfast. "You should keep this in mind.

Rising-Chaos obliges, taking a seat beside Queen Pegasus. She leans in, offering the mare all the support she can. She manages to not let her sigh of relief escape her lips. "I am glad, my Queen. I would truly be lost without you." She doesn't know what to say, her fears and doubts clouding her mind. So instead of taking a risk, she just stays quiet. Chaos also makes no movement for the meal, she isn't hungry.

Queen move to place her good hoof on Rising's shoulder in a comforting manner once she's settled. "Rising. I may be battered and broken, but I won't be beaten. While I may be unsure of my next move at the moment - I've the time to plan things out. I'm not lost, I'm not confused - I'm simply planning." so says the mare incapable of standing.

Rising-Chaos nods, leaning in even further to the Queen. Chaos really believes the mare, despite her current condition. It's been one of her firmest beliefs that Queen Pegasus can beat anything, and is a mountain of strength. "I know, my queen. I will be by your side, you have my full support." Suddenly a lot less awkward when she just speaks her mind. "Would you like to stay here for a while? Or will you be off to find your own accommodations?"

Queen gently brushes her hoof against the top of Rising's head before reaching down to partake of one of the fried eggs on bread that Rising brought back. "Eat the other." Not asking Rising to join but rather telling her this time. After taking a lady-like bite, chewing, and swallowing she speaks again. "I've no intention of leaving your side - even if I were able-bodied enough to do so. As for the Vanity…it's my understanding that my cabin survived? Perhaps it will be possible to relocate it…"

Rising-Chaos eats as ordered, reluctantly. She smiles though, at Queen Pegasus' reassurances. "Thank you, my Queen, I need you now more than ever." She nods, remembering the ill fated final flight of the Vanity. Yes, your cabin survived, I was in it. It's locked so nopony could plunder it. The keys are on my desk."

Queen turns away so she can devour her egg-topped toast with some unlady like fervour - ensuring Rising doesn't get a good look at her hungrily devouring the food. She takes a large sip of the accompany glass of water before sitting silently a moment. "That's good to know." brushing her hoof on a napkin before touching Rising's shoulder again. "I'm glad to have met you. I hope you'll understand if I don't put you in mortal danger again.

Rising-Chaos looks away while her Queen eats, as is polite. She shivers slightly when touched again, being torn from her thoughts. "I'm glad as well my Queen. I think I could use some time without being placed in fear of my life." Her words rings with conviction.

Queen lifts her hoof to gently brush it's back against Rising's cheek. "I've not intention of harming you, nor of letting any harm come to you. I protect what is mine, and intend to treat you properly. Although I already detest being bedridden - at least I'm in good company for it.

Rising-Chaos moves in to hug Queen Pegasus, which brings her some measure of comfort. She feels like the pegasus is perhaps giving her too much credit, but one does not argue with a queen. "I am thankful, my Queen. For my part I will be treating you right as well, your every wish is my command." She smiles, genuinely. for the first time in weeks she has somepony who cares about her, it feel great.

As expected Queen tenses at being hugged - likely both from the unfamilar sensation, and from her battered state; she does however return the hug by wrapping her good leg around Rising. "I will need your help acquiring a few items. I won't deny that I feel particularly vulnerable, and my flint lock would go a long way. On that same note I'm wondering if you, or some pony you know could whip up some bullets. I simply can't go shooting everypony that confronts me - perhaps something more subtle…glue, pepper - things of that nature?" she suggests while seeking Rising's input.

Rising-Chaos hold her Queen tight for a few more moments, relishing the feeling of security. She quickly thinks back to her time in the cabin, trying to remember the location of the pistol. Suddenly, and idea pops into her head, it's perfect. "Of course my Queen, and I can fashion some ammunition for you, non-lethal, am I correct? I have a few ideas on how to stop ponies without hurting them too much."

Offers Rising a small nod. "We'll give take that approach - a broad assortment could be very useful." Hoof reaching up to pet the mare's mane. "You'll need to bring back some gold for Stormdancer as well - I did offer to pay her for getting you back here safely.

Rising-Chaos finally lets go, and leans against the Queen's side. "I can do plenty of different kinds, it should be simple." She winces at the mention of Stormdancer though, that's a painful memory still to be worked out. "I can arrange for that as well, I have my own repartitions to make with her." She paws at the bed nervously for a moment. "For now though, do you mind if I get back to sleep? I haven't been able to for several days now."

Without another word Queen hands rising the tray so she can place it aside, and then proceeds to wiggle down under the covers. "You may - but I won't have you sleeping at the foot of the bed like some dog. So I expect you to stay right where you are - where I can keep an eye on you, and keep you safe."

Rising-Chaos obligingly removes the tray form the bed. A quick glance at Queenie is followed by a smile as Chaos joins her beneath the covers. "Gladly, I'll sleep soundly with your protection, my Queen." Soon she's curled up and drifting off to sleep. It may still be a fitful, disturbed slumber, but it's better than the unicorn has had in days.