A Reason To Fidget
IC date: Winter 57, 1007
OOC date: February 14, 2013
Location: Town Square
PCs: Fidget Jellybean Sugar-Dart Quintessent-Rune Lily-Heart

Stepping onto town square a pony who the residents thought themselves safe from after all this time. Fidget appears a dusty cloak about her, covered in paint splotches, bits of bubble gum and clumps of her own feathers. A bag that would make the happy mask salesman proud, way too large for her and bits of pranking paraphernalia hanging from it. Everything from joy buzzers, silly masks, water balloons jangle and announce her every step. You name it, she has it. Some how she looks older, but not an inch taller … "I'm BACK!" she declares happily to those gathered with a laugh that would make Dread Pirate Lavender proud.

Ponies everywhere in Town Square freeze, a chill running down their spines. More pranks? Here?! NOOOOO!! All around ponies run screaming away! NOT MORE PRANKS!!

But one pony stays: a white unicorn mare, with red hair and pink eyes, who blinks. "O…oh! Oh my gosh! It's you!" she squeaks, but it sounds a lot happier than the colt screaming, "IT'S YOOOOUUUU!!!" as he runs by.

Behind a small, bright pink, much-behearted stand at the side of the Square, there sits a pale yellow pegasus clad in a purple goat, one foreleg bearing matching bangles. Her red mane and tail are done up in braids, with little flowers woven in, because it's a /holiday/ weekend, and one must look festive! She pricks her ears at the sudden commotion, blinking as one of the ponies shopping at her little stall suddenly grabs his purchased box, drops his bits, and dashes off. "Well. You'd think a ghost dropped in!"

"I do not see why we should be purchasing further thread, Servant," came a voice from down one of the streets. "I fixed your seam, you are well once mor-… You do not like the colour? That…" It's owner, a blue and black pony, frowned at the plushy on her back as Quintessent-Rune walked onto the square. "I… Ugh, you drag me here for this? Fine, we'll buy thread, but only because we have arived at our destination. Now to… Where is everypony?"

A quick look around made Rune frown, how strange. Still, there were a few ponies here. "Pray tell, where is everypony? This place is… fairly deserted."

There's another pony who doesn't run away, but that's because there's work to be done. The weather is only a little cloudy, but Jellybean is doing his best to make sure that those clouds are in the right places. He's about to flop over on top of one and take a nap when he sees someone below that he recognizes. "Fidget! Oh my goodness, Fidget!" He flies down and proceeds to prance in circles around the mare. "I missed you! How are you?"

The bag is dropped onto the ground with a heavy THUMP, and followed by a noise that sounds like all an entire kitchen's worth of pans falling over. The top flies open and from within an insidious device is pulled. Long fant and metal, with a net set standing up straight in the back. A crank on one side and a way to balance and aim it by setting it on a wing and your head. A water Balloon is set into the net. Is … is that a mechanical water balloon launcher? Who in their right mind gave Fidget THAT. Lifting to aim it Fidget stops as she spots a pony she reconizes. Both Lilly and Jellybean leap forward about her. She can't just fire the balloon at them that wouldn't be very funny. Letting the weapon slump she smiles and bounces. "Oh my GOSH! Its been so long guys!" she leaps and manages to snatch them both up into a hug. "I'm glad I found you I have allot of pranking to catch up on, you guys wana help!?" her rear bounces and her wings flutter like she is going to bounce right out of her skin if she doesn't move soon.

Lily laughs and hugs Fidget, and hey, Jellybean too — why not? "Oooh!! Yes! I was just going to try and pick up some candies at the stand…" She nods to Sugar-Dart's stand. "But after that, I… I could try to help! I'm not very good at pranking, though."

With Rune asking, she blushes. "Our Fidget is a little infamous in these parts," she explains with a smile. "A true champion prankster."

"Is that so," muttered Quintessent-Rune. "Then I do belive I shall be making a strategic retreat myself and… is… that some form of baloon proppeling device?" The seapony cocked her head to the side.

Sugar-Dart peers thoughtfully out at the group of ponies that /didn't/ flee as though the apocolypse was coming. Such a strange town; a giant storm hardly keeps anypony inside, but one small mare will make the whole Town Square clear out in record time. Her green eyes narrow a bit - /is/ that some sort of balloon propelling device? Huh. Well maybe there's something to that 'flee' idea.

Jellybean blinks at the contraption. "Is this for decorating?" His wings flutter inquisitively.

"Awww shucks." Fidget rubs the back of hre messy mane with a hoof a hint of a blush touching her cheeks. "I don't know if I'm that good, Groucho Mask was a real champ, not sure I am his level just yet. I've been traveling and training to be the best though!" patting her launcher proudly, puffing out her chest to make sure she strikes the right figure. "Thanks Lilly I knew I could count on you. I have some chocolates in my bag if you want those?" digging into her bag without a thought and pulling out a can labeled 'Peanut Brittle' "Ignore the label I think there is chocolate in there." scratching her chin before being pulled back to her contraption. "This? Oh its my patented Water and ink ballon Launcer Mk VII or Wible! You don't want to know what happened to -1 through six." she winces.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to take your chocolates!" Lily gasps, "They're yours! Wouldn't you want them for yourself?" One might think she were politely avoiding the fact they were probably pranky chocolates, but she seems so whole-heartedly genuine that…well, maybe that's not the case. "Anyway, I wanted to pick up some special holiday chocolates, and I heard they were having a sale!" She trots toward Sugar-Dart, smiling brightly over her shoulder at Fidget and company. "How about I buy you each one? My treat!"

Quintessent-Rune cocked her head to the side once more and looked after Lily before glancing at Fidget and Jellybean. "I keep hearing a mention of a holiday, what -is- going on?"

Jellybean perks up. Chocolate! "I should pick some up for Typhoon while I'm at it." He's blushing a little, wings doing that fluttery thing. To Sugar-Dart: "Excuse me, miss? Do you sell chocolate-covered strawberries?" He's never actually talked to Typhoon about what she likes in the way of candy, but his guesses tend to be pretty good.

Fidget actually seems a little disappointed you didn't even take a look at her 'chocolates'. "Um ya!" she tosses them back into the bag. "Er-ya! Its Hearts and Hoofs day! Man I can remember that was the best time of year for me. Champ match maker and selling prank chocolates!" following Lilly to the stand, her equipment left where it lies for the moment. Ponies know better to poke their nose into a pranksters gear. Ears perking "Typhoon? Ooohoo!" she giggles "More to add to my wall, still i thought you where perfect for Sadaka …" she hums to herself making some mental notes. "So!" she wheels about on Dart. "I hear your trying to move into my matchmaking market. I've never had to prank a competitor before." her smile may remind the sea pony present of a shark.

Sugar-Dart blinks and perks her ears. Customers! She puts on a sincere if small smile and waves a hoof. "Hello! Welcome! Yes, indeed, quite the holiday fare. Strawberries? Well, of course!" She blinks over at Fidget, looking genuinely confused for a moment. "What?" Blinkblink. "…Oh. Oh! Oh, yes. That." She clears her throat a bit, turning slightly pink. "Well, I wouldn't say… market. My uncle and I are candymakers, miss. Now, I suppose the two occasionally cross paths, but…"

"Oh, strawberries," Lily blinks. "Um! Do you have any special things for the occasion? I heard there was a special." She looks at the group and smiles, "Feel free to order whatever you like! It's payday today!"

"Hears and Hooves day, I've heard that before as well," muttered Quintessent-Rune as she trotted after the other mares - and Jellybean, who's just a class of his own. "What, really, is that all about?"

Jellybean flappaflappa. "It's a day where ponies celebrate being together with the ones they love. Sometimes family, sometimes," he blushes, "a very special somepony."

Fidget's elbows come to a rest on the counter her hoofs propping her head up. Shark smiling at the candymaker. Its funny no pony actually said you where a matchmaker as well. "I'll haaaave." she draws out her words. "A rum truffle." odd choice but she seems to know what she wants. "Thank you Lilly! Your always so nice to everypony." Balancing ehr treat on her nose as she bounces about waiting for the others to finish getting their treats. "Ya! Its what Jelly said, spend time with loved ones, find your special some pony, remember lost ones." she pauses her bounce but for a second before bouncing on again Chocolate still on her nose.

"Right," said Quintessent-Rune after a moment, a very small scowl to her otherwise plesant - and very bland - expresion is the only sign of what's going on in her head. "Well, is all good and well then. At least I will not be disturbed working that evening."

Sugar-Dart hands over the truffle, clearing her throat and re-composing herself. Ahem. "It's quite a popular holiday for exchanging little trinkets… candy and flowers and jewelry and such." Perhaps it's difficult not to commercialize the holiday when you work in the market? "We do indeed have specials!" She offers to Lily, as she fishes a box of chocolate strawberries out of a cooler for Jellybean. "Plenty of things just for you and your special somepony~" That was a bit of a sing-song there. She motions to a shelf on the right, stocked with little boxes of chocolates, pairs of lollipops bound together with ribbons, small bags of taffy. All of it is heart-shaped. Most of it is pink.

"Um! Could I please a couple of boxes of chocolates, then? I'd like to pass them out to ponies. In fact…could I please have, oh…thirty boxes?" Lily smiles benignly, as if this were not an odd request. "If…if that's okay," she adds with a self-conscious blush.

"Have you found your special some pony Lilly?" Fidget asks before bouncing the chocolate up and gobbling it up out of the air in one bite. A blissful expression crosses her face before she settles back down. "I kinda left before I found you one. I didn't mean to do that sorry." looking a little bashful before sprining back. "I should totally get back on that for you! We can quest for the perfect pony for you! The perfect mare you and I must find ~/o" she sings, raising a hoof happily to the sky. "Ooh Thirty boxes? Are you planning a prank or something?"

Jellybean fishes out some money for the strawberries and gives everypony else a smile. "I think I'm going to go give her these now." He has the goofiest of grins just now.

Sugar-Dart blinks and perks her ears. "Thirty? Well! Planning quite the party, aren't you!" She deposits Jellybean's bits in a small box under the counter, then moves to the shelf to begin counting out treats. "All chocolates, then? Uncle does make wonderful chocolates~"

Quintessent-Rune cocked her head once more, standing back slightly as she eyed Lilly and Fidget not quite sure just quite what's up. With a roll of her eyes she shook her head before turning her attention to the merchandise instead. "Chocolate, you say? I would not mind trying it, myself…"

"All chocolates, please!" Lily smiles brightly, and asides to Rune, "One of the boxes can be yours, if you'd like! It's for everyone." Of course, then Fidget is asking about her, and she blushes. "Me? What? No, oh no no, I don't have a special somepony. But that's okay! I'm sure I'll find one eventually."

Fidget nods and takes it in stride. "I'm glad! Er- I mean that, I'm glad you know your going to find one!" grabbing up her launcher again she trots back into the square. "I think its about time people think they are safe again now, so its prime time to lob some balloo-." TOONK!! The thing goes off on accident … Firing up up up into the air and whistling as it returns to earth.

Sugar-Dart chuckles faintly, nodding over to Quintessent. "Well, these particular chocolates are better off shared, but I'm sure we can find you something tasty for yourself. Do you have any particular preferences in your choice of chocolates?" She starts stacking the boxes as she counts them out carefully. That's twenty, twenty-two, twenty-four - balloon. She pauses to watch said balloon's path through the air, tensing a bit and looking quite ready to react should it come anywhere too near her merchandise!

"I wouldn't know, I've never tried chocolate before," admited Quintessent-Rune, giving the sweet treets a critical - and sceptical - eye. Then she didn't as the water-filled balloon fell over her head, bursting in a spray and leaving her black mane plastered over her face with the bursted shell of the balloon sitting upon her head like a rather comicaly undersized cap.

"Then… again, perhaps I shouldn't try it. I seem to have foul fortunes when it comes to being introduced to new things," the seapony groaned.

Squeak! Lily leaps a little as the balloon bursts. "Oh! Oh no! It's okay, it's just a little water… Chocolate is really good. You should try it!" Fretfully, she scoots her boxes aside and gives her an apologetic look. And looks to Fidget. "Do you have anything to… unprank someone?" she asks.

"Un … prank?" Fidget blinks not sure words can be used like that. Hopping onto her bag she starts to search. "Um towel that rubs ink on you? Noo Itching powder cloth? Pepper Tissue? Oh! I have my traveling cloak." the filthy thing is tossed over rune. "There that should dry her off. Its a real good cloak!" she bounces around the seapony proudly. "Are you feeling unpranked?"

Sugar-Dart blinks. "Oh, dear." She rifles around under the counter, pulling out a few dustcloths. More meant for cleaning up small candy-related spills, but they'll have to do! She offers them to the seapony. "Here."

Lily can't help but laugh a little. "Oh, dear. Well, that was a good effort! I'm sure she feels a lot better!" She smiles hopefully at Rune, still giggling a bit.

The seapony stood stock still under the dirty cloak for a moment. "I belive I'd have prefered to be wet," Quintessent concluded after a while, her voice completely level. "I am used to wet, I like wet. I do not, however, like this cloak. It smells funny. And it makes my scalp crawl…"

Silence, then Rune whimpered loudly and scrampled, pulling the cloak of her and tossing it asside. Giving the filthy garment a nervous look she backed away gingerly, raising a hoof to her head but seeming half hesitant to touch it. Ugh! That thing was filthy! What if she'd caught some kind of awful ground-pony creep. They had that, right? After a moment of indecision she scratched herself behind a ear, to begin with. No matter, it still itched like hay, phantom itch or not…

Fidget's wings hum up to speed. "Um … I will take that as a yes!" she insists grabbing her things and trying to abscond before she gets in trouble day one. She was trying to be good honest! "Bye Lilly! We will go pranking later!"

Sugar-Dart tilts an ear, hesitating a moment before digging out a not-so-heart-shaped box of chocolates from a different shelf. "Here," she offers them to Quintessent, "it seems like you could use a treat today. Variety box, so you can see what you like best. On the house. Er, stall." After all, a free sample now can lead to a regular customer later, right? Maybe!

"Oh! Ah, bye, Fidget… Welcome back…!" But off she flew, and Lily blushed, picking up her boxes. "Perhaps I should go as well… Thank you for the chocolates, miss! — oh! Gosh, I almost forgot." She nosed into her saddlebags and deftly tossed enough onto the counter to cover the boxes, plus a nice tip. "Happy Hearts and Hooves day, everypony!" she says cheerfully.

"Yes, happy," groaned Quintessent-Rune. "I already find the bile rising in distaste for this event."

Sugar-Dart chuckles. "Eh, you get used to it. It's not so bad. And it usually doesn't involve balloons - well, not like /that/, anyway. You both have a good day now, and enjoy those chocolates!"