A Nice Tour
IC date: Summer 66
OOC date: August 25
Location: Town Square
PCs: Quintessent-Rune Cross-Redfeather Magpie, Wishy-Washy Sunflower Skyflower Windrose Thunnini Moon-Willow Hoarfrost Heartsong Midnight-Sun
NPCs: Spin-Doctor, Bellows
GM: Diamond-Dog, Applejack

It's a nice, warm, clear summer's day out in the Harbor. The last week has been filled with the sounds of various bits of construction, as the newest additions to the area were put under construction. It's amazing that it only took a week to complete both projects! Maybe they tapped into the Harbor's local construction crews and their quick-building expertise.

As the paper had announced, in celebration of opening their doors to the public, NICE Co. had arranged to have a community event. A tour of the facilities has been promised to interested parties, followed by a lunch and open house at the new Harbor Orphanage. Thus have ponies begun to gather at a little clearing just in front of the new factory's doors, a half-mile hike north of the Town Square, perched where it can border the Wintersong Forest and the ocean cliffs. A convenient place for its own docks to ship NICE products out with.

The factory itself is a big blocky affair, a simple cube of a factory, the angular perfection marred only by a few small columns that may be steam-stacks. One side of the building is 'open' facing the ocean, though this is fenced off from general public access, leaving the front doors as the main entrance. The lower half of the factory has been painted a shimmery silvery grey, the upper half has been done up in a dark purple shade. All the trim is a soft pink, as is the sign above the main entrance that reads a simple: 'NICE Co.'

Near the front entrance, a small stage has been set up with the NICE Co. logo and a couple nondescript ponies in security-guard suits. This is likely where things will kick off.

"Well, this isn't exactly what I'd call a party, that Miss Chaos was mentioning, but it is something" ponders the overgrown foal sized griffon as she practically prances daintily towards the stage, half running half fluttering in wonder as to just what is going on here. Dr. Redfeather eyes the stage with curiousity apparent in here eyes as such places as this aren't what she's used to in the slightest.

Skyflower is hear with a suitably festive-looking hat: openings like this call for just a bit of dressing up, or at least Skyflower seems to think so.
Fortunately being a pegasus means its not hard to find a seat for outside events. Because you can make your own. Which is exactly what Windrose does, pushing a small cloud into place and sitting on it like a stool just over the audience area. No worrying about standing room only!

Quintessent-Rune would not miss the event for… at least a lot of rather mundane and common reasons, that is for certain. Having had her confidence trodden oven during the week certainly would not be a good case to not show up. Though it might be a good explanation for the way Quintessent's decided to show up. Grandly.

The midnight blue and black mare shows up wearing a very well tailored dress, though one that looks like it would have been made for a pony more than trice the length from the tip of Quintessent's muzzle to her tail. It's a silky afair of soft whites, greys and azure blues, of artfuly layered fabric and perl ornaments. And a redcielously long, tripple-layered train that'd brush against the dirt if not for the softly shimmering perls set in the trailing edges - floating well above the dust and dirt bellow.

Thunnini is there in her bucket-kart. New and unusual things are often interesting, and this place is both!

Midnight-Sun settles on the ground tiredly and trots the last few lengths towards the stage. His instinct for secrets insists he needs to be here, but he doesn't look festive about it. Sophie, on the other hand, has decided to be a hat and look about at all! the! ponies! She waves at the faces and fins she recognizes.

Curiosity had gotten the better of Wishy Washy, particularly with the advent of the orphanage… With all the little ones she had come across between going to daybreak and spending her time with Ruby Blossom, Wishy just had to know what htis was all about.

Garbed in something not quite as flashy and jingly as some of her more elaborate dancing regalia, it's still something that draws attention with the sheer bits of casmir that are wrapped about her legs and her head. if it wasn't for the fact that the cyan mare usually wrapps herself up in violet saddle arabian fashion, she'd almost be unreconizable between the hood and veil she wears for today's tour.

Up on the makeshift stage are a number of ponies- workers, it would seem, from the factory, as they're done up in pink or purple jumpsuits marked by the NICE logo. They're conferring with a distinguished-looking Unicorn stallion, tall and limber, with a grey coat and a warm grey mane. He's wearing a suit- brown, with a yellow houndstooth pattern- as well as a brimmed hat in a warm brown to match. He seems to be having a good time of things, laughing as he talks with the workers, checking frequently on the gathering crowd, and grinning all the wider as he sees it steadily growing.

Cross-Redfeather is in awe, and her head swivels about with a fevor, "Oh my, my, I'd never seen such show, such grandur, such grace" With a duck of her head she sweeps a wing towards Quintessent-Rune, "Beautiful atire, so formal, and graceful" and, and and a wide eyed stunned expression replaces the look of awe for Rune's dress, as she stares to Thunnini in awe, "Oh my, I , but, But you're a Seapony Right, Right? Oh my " Flutter, flutterprance, Flutterprance in place, "Oh my This place is so wild, "Such atire, such ponies, Pegasi, Seaponies, I, I'm in awe" she blurts as she seems to flutterprance in place.

Quintessent-Rune turned her plesant, if perhaps a bit stiff, smile towards Cross and gives her a nod in greetings. Then stiffens the second she say 'seapony'… though by then the griffones have already moved on.

Another of the NICE ponies near the nicely dressed unicorn is a more ashen-grey earth pony. He does not seem quite so happy to be here. Nor does he seem all that happy to be in official NICE uniform, his being a mixture of both the purple and the pink shades. He's the only one of the group with a hardhat, the word 'Forepony' stamped across the top of it. Most of the other NICE workers, uniforms and all, are willing to joke about or wave to the growing crowd.

Windrose leans over the edge of her cloud for a moment, which happens to be over the general vicinity as Rune is sitting. "What was that about seaponys? I don't seen anypony here but the squirt." Vage point in the direction of Thunnini with one wing.

Quintessent-Rune exhaled slowly, seeming to expel any tension with that, and glanced up at Windrose before turning towards Thunnini and noding slightly. "I do belive that… would be the seapony to which the griffones were refering too."

Wishy-Washy blinks a bit at the forepony, walking up to the grey stallion. "Excuse me, sir…?" she bats her eyes a few times, deciding to go with a more downplayed and demure approach. "May I ask your name, Mr. Forepony? I am Wishy Washy." She raises a forehoof to him, smiling a wry smile underneath the veil covering her snout.

Flutterprance Flutterprance, "Yes, that, her?" she points a feathered wing to Thunnini, then pauses seeing Sunflower, "Oh, Oh you, are you alright, How is your head" distracted easily much, yeah, but Medical needs come before common curiousity. "From the other night on the docks, that, That was you right, I, I've seen so many ponyfolk lately, I, I just don't know ponies from ponies" she quivers, as she flutters in place above Sunflower

Sunflower blinks as she's babbled at by the vaguely familiar griffon, offering a confused smile. "I'm fine, thank you," she says. "What's going on?" She gestures at the assembled crowd with a hoof.

Eventually the suited pony starts wrapping up his conversations, the gathered workers departing, some lining up along the back of the stage. The suited unicorn makes his way to a lectern at the head of the stage, and leans down to speak into a microphone.

"Hello! Hello, and welcome, citizens of Horseshoe Harbor!" The milling crowd gradually quiets as they are spoken to, except for the parts that do not, who will probably keep on talking no matter how much they get spoken to, because Horseshoe Harbor is in the business of making things difficult.

The suited unicorn does not seem to notice. He's still grinning, and his delight shows in his voice. "Welcome, one and all, to the grand opening of Natural Improvements in Communities and Environment's newest and, most certainly, soon to be its best and most productive manufacturing facility!"

Scattered polite applause, some of which isn't even from the workers on stage!

"My name is Spin Doctor," says the unicorn, "I serve as corporate liaison with NiceCO's main offices, based in Manehattan, and I'll be serving as your tour guide during today's festivities. With me is our factory forepony, Bellows." He gestures to the hard-hatted Earth Pony near him.

Bellows manages a stiff bow but doesn't seem to appreciate the attention; Spin Doctor seems to be getting a bit of mischievious delight out of it.
Cross-Redfeather shrugs in response to Sunflower's question, as she turns her attention to Mr. Spin Doctor, and his appointed forepony. "Don't know, just fresh off the boat" is her only response. She beakily smiles to Sunflower then looks back to Thunnini still in awe of everything she's seen, and just today even, just Wow.

Quintessent-Rune's head snapped around, ears perking up attentively. Ah, it was starting. That was what Quintessent was here for. That and showing off. Well, that and showing off and having a looksy around for the future.
Wishy-Washy peers up at the stage… she at least gets names she was looking for, and more importantly, a reminder of where she might have heard of NICEco in her own travels. she decides it best to stay quiet and pay attention for now while noting the couple of ponies in the crowd she knows, particularly Bedwarmer Number 1 and Miss Rune who is thankfully turning more heads with her outfit then she is with her own.

Thunnini is paying partial attention to the announcements, but the smiling griffon is a bit of a temptation. The seafilly carefully poles her way over to the hawkish griffon and whispers "Hi, I'm Thunnini! What's your name?"

"Oooh it's starting." Windrose sits up and then plops into her cloud like it was a beanbag chair. "I shoulda brought something to drink with me."

After his very brief introduction, met with a grimace that might be mistaken for a thin smile under the right ray of sunlight and cloud shadow, Bellows the Forepony takes a single step sideways to turn his head towards Wishy. Whom he manages a slightly different grimace at as a way of saying 'sorry for being whisked away'. Or maybe he's just plain uncomfortable with all the spotlights. Not everyone can be a social butterfly.

A couple of the other NICE workers lined up take the moment of introductions to break ranks and trot off the stage towards the NICE factory. Presumably to get in place to open doors or push buttons or whatever it takes to keep the tour flow smooth.

Cross-Redfeather gasps a little, and settles down and turns to look to Thunnini "Oh my" she gasps, "Hello, Thunnini, I'm Doctor Cross Redfeather, but you may call me Cross if you like" she offers to Thunnini, "I've never met a Seapony,, I, I'd only heard tales of them, you I mean, I didn't know you were real though, I, This is just amazing really" murrchurp she practically squeee's though in griffon its a bit more highpiched and melodic almost.

"Since 965, NiceCO has been one of the fastest-growing manufacturing companies on Equestria's Eastern seaboard," explains Spin Doctor. "And though this is our first facility on this side of the nation, our products are found throughout Equestria, in homes and businesses, in offices and pockets alike. We pride ourselves on our adaptable manufacturing processes that can meet any demand at any time. As our tour today will soon reveal, this manufacturing center as well…" He gestures to the blocky building behind him. "… is similarly equipped. I think you'll all be quite impressed with the breadth of what we're able to accmplish- not only that, but how cleanly and quickly we're able to do it!" He pushes back from the lectern and grins. "And much as I'd like to give you a more detailed corporate history- it's something we're all quite proud of at NiceCo!- I'm sure you'd all rather get to the interesting stuff! So, if you'd care to join me, we'll be starting out from the main entrance, over here."

Spin Doctor, with a few of the remaining jumpsuited workers flanking him, heads down from the stage, making his way to the front door- broad and welcoming, with neatly-manicured topiaries and flower beds surrounding it.

Interesting stuff? She loves interesting stuff! Well, that and Windrose isn't entirely sure yet that there isn't some conspiracy behind all this, because -everything- in this darn town has conspiracies behind it. Why else does all the tourist material lie about their not being pirates? And if there is a conspiracy behind these factories and orphanges, as the town's resident One Sane Pony its her job to find out what it really is!

The pegasus hops off and gives her cloud a kick to disperse it, then glides down towards the other gathering ponies. "Why we would just -love- to see your factory and what -really- goes on inside."

Skyflower makes appreciative 'ooh's and 'aah's and joins the group making their way towards the inside of the factory.

Wishy-Washy starts to follow around, giving Bellows a simple and understanding nod. Her attention is on Spin Doctor and his expensive looking suit and that really… professional smile. yes professional would be the most polite way to describe it if she had to describe it out loud. It's a smile she has seen many a time back home as well as in her travels around equestria. Wishy ends up then lining up right along side Windrose.

Quintessent-Rune's smile took on a slightly amused nature upon Spin Doctor's cliam of the factory's manufacturing capabilites. Though even so, she set down the path in a suitable pace. She wanted to see the factory, after all - and that purely from a mechanical (and magical) standpoint rather than any belief of conspiracies.

With yet another flutterprance the griffon is up and bounding after the ponies in the tour to keep up with their gait and pace, furthermore to hear whatever the lead pony Mr. Spin Doctor has to say about this fastinating new facility. Dr. Redfeather takes more to her paws now so as she doesn't interfere with possibile overhead machines as she starts into the tour hopefully aside Thunnini

The front doors open as though by magic! Or by jumpsuit-clad workers pulling them open. The lobby, that being where the doors lead, is staffed by a single lone pegasus behind a big, brown, u-shaped desk, smiling her best corporate smile while hooves work to straighten papers and files.

Bellows is last in the line following Spin Doc, occasionally leaning towards one of the other workers to whisper something that sends that worker scurrying off to fix a tilted picture or water a plant, or otherwise perfect the surrounding landscape. An eye on all the details, that's what he's here for. Yep.

"Nice to meet you, Cross!" Thunnini beams as she poles alongside the doctorgriff. The seafilly looks around, inquisitive as usual.

The doors are hauled open by a pair of workers, and Spin Doctor heads inside. "Alright, let's get the show on the road! Follow me, if you would!" The option remains to not follow him, but nothing seems to be going on outside, aside from a couple of workers trimming the hedges or planting more flowers.

Back inside the factory, the doorway opens up into a broad, lengthwise atrium. Tall, glass windows allow plenty of sunlight to stream in, shining off polished floors and clean walls. It smells like paint, and timber, and furniture polish. A receptionist's desk, currently unstaffed, sits across from the entryway, with a broad, half-moon shape that allows it to overlook these common areas outside the factory floor.

"These here are our worker commons," explains Spin Doctor, gesturing about. "To the left is the cafeteria, while to the right are our accounting and payroll offices, as well as some living quarters for times of high demand and overtime pay." OVERTIME PAY, PEOPLE. "You may notice it appears to be more facility than we yet have ponies to staff it with- and you'd be exactly correct!"

Spin Doctor turns to face the crowd, grinning broadly. "That's because we're looking to hire much of our workforce from the local community. I'd encourage you all to look upon what we are presenting as an example of the sort of clean, productive, and rewarding work environment you all could be enjoying yourselves. Also, there's ice cream."

He gestures to the cafeteria section, where round tables are arranged like polka-dots in the atrium floor. A few workers are nibbling on ice cream cones.

Spin Doctor grins, then turns about towards the next set of doors- one leading from the Commons further into the building. "We'll move on to the main event in a moment."

Of course the first thing she'd see when the door gets opened is another pony with another fake smile… Wishy walks in, her eyes scanning about to the small details around the room as various introspection fills her mind… She liked that most of the folks from Horseshoe Harbor she's met have been genuine… maybe these manehattan folk will pick up on that and having a factory like this around the place won't be as bad of a thing as she's making it out to be?

Cross-Redfeather peers about looking fastinated, also looking to the other ponies whom have joined in on this tour curious of their apparent looks of mistrust, is that? "Pardon me sir, Mr. Spin Doctor Sir, you have yet to say just what this factory will produce?" a duck of her head and a flick of her wings in a ruffling motion sets her out to hover just about head level with the other ponies so that she may be noticed more.

Quintessent-Rune threw a quick glance around the room - less than impressed, really - before turning back towards Spin Doctor. She could care less about the the cafeterie or worker housing - though the fact they were understaffed and looking for local staff was interesting.

More workers scurry about, the ones from the entrance letting the lobby doors close so the can trot up and push open the next set of doors, leading to the factory proper. Bellows gently brushes his way up to the front of the line so that he can better direct traffic. The tour's getting to places he actually cares about now, it's in his best interests to make sure nothing's out of place.

Windrose watchs those workers closely…. but all they are doing it straightening things that didn't get properly put in place before. Borrring. With a huff of nothing suspicious to see yet she turns her attention back to the actual tour.

Spin Doctor leads onward, through the second set of doors, smiling and nodding to the workers that keep them held open.

The bulk of the building is taken up by this, the factory floor. It's one large, massive room, ceiling supported by tall metal columns that leave more room for things down below. The tour group enters onto a metal walkway that rings the floor, overlooking it like a balcony. Regular stairway provide access to the floor below.

A dozen assembly lines stretch out across the shop floor, leading from the east, to the west. These are filled with all manner of gleaming machines- presses! Rollers! Pistons! That thing has wibbly-wobbly bits on it. That one over there is… er… it's spinning? Another one seems to be juggling little cans of paint for some reason. But though the machines hum, idle and ready, nothing is yet being produced. There's a bit of color here and there, a paltry number of workers staffing lines they seem woefully understaffed to manage.

Spin Doctor makes his way to the railing of the walkway and looks down. "And here's where the magic happens! Or the toasters, or the shoes, or whatever else we're called upon to create. We're gathering here the results of nearly five decades of research into the fastest, cleanest, safest, and most efficient methods of manufacturing. As I said- if you can dream it up, we can make it. If you'll look to the west…"

He gestures down that way. There, broad shuttered doors open directly onto the bay, and a sheltered, secure docking facility. "… you'll see our shipping and receiving, where we import raw materials and export finished goods, right onto the boat and ready for delivery, to Seaddle or Los Pegasus or all the way to the Griffon Kingdoms or Zebreka."

Skyflower is looking at the machinery with interest: her primary area of expertise is of course chemistry, but she does respect ingenuity in all forms.
Moon-Willow has arrived.

Spin Doctor then turns to flash a grin to Cross Redfeather. "And, young miss, you'll find that there's very little we CAN'T produce. Manufactured goods of all types- that's what NICECo is all about. That, and turning that production into real benefits for the community." He pauses. "And happy, healthy workers, too." He leans back and considers, a hoof on his chin. "Well, we're about a lot of things, really!"

And Skyflower isn't the only pony that enjoys creative solutions to problem. Quintessent Rune looks around as well, golden eyes roaming from one side to the other in the grand room - and trying to pick out any and all points of weakness.

Windrose's hooves clink as she leans over the railing and lets out a low whistle, her conspiracy search forgotten for the moment. "Wow, this is even more impressive than the weather factory in Cloudsdale."

Cross-Redfeather nods to Spin Doctor, "Fastinating arrangements, To the Zebra lands and Griffon lands as well you say, that is quite expansive" she bobs her head listening though is occasionally brought from her curiousity, by noises of the factory, which snap her senses around, causing her to look this way or that, darn those keen senses of hers, but she does look back to the rest of the factory and the presentation at hand, "Thank you Mr. Spin Doctor.

Moon-Willow hums thoughtfully. "This actually seems like the perfect place to try and work." She say quietly. "Excuse me sir! Um…I was curious if your in need of some strong hired help?" She may not be horribly smart but her strength often makes up for that.

Bellows trots off down one of the side catwalks, where he can help a pony putting up a poster. It's one of those encouragement posters. The one with the adorable kitten hanging from a tree branch and the 'Hang In There!' slogan plastered beneath it. One may notice that same poster, or similar cheesy office enthusiasm things, are present at pretty regular intervals along the factory walls. A moment later, help given, Bellows trots back to the group to keep in line with Spin. Such a quiet forepony.

Wishy-Washy takes this all in quietly… she's certainly is glad that they aren't trying to peddle this mass-produced dreck back home… if there is one thing she enjoys about her xenophobic homeland, it is the strong emphasis and praise placed on the skill of individual craftponies.

"Indeed, miss griffon! My pleasure. In fact, that's one of the things that made Horseshoe Harbor the prime location for our first Western facility," explains Spin Doctor. He begins wandering to the east, towards the end of the factory opposite from the (un)loading bay. "You've already got access to many distant, exotic ports- some VERY exotic indeed! As a popular hub of travel and trade, it simply made sense to put ourselves here, at this intersection of ponies and commerce."

Towards the eastern end of the shop floor, a glass-walled office, hanging from the ceiling, lords over the head of the assembly line. Spin Doctor gestures towards it. "This is Foreman Bellows' office, where production is managed. It is from here the call to build is issued and put into action, as we'll see shortly! Now, then- what should we make in demosntration? Any suggestions?" He turns towards the crowd, smiling once more. "Dinnerware? Toys? Hats? Let's hear some ideas and see what we can make."

Quintessent-Rune throw a glance out towards the factory line before turning back towards Spin Doctor, her polite smile on her muzzle as always but with a little something added to it. "Perhaps manufacturing a manner of automatization for a number of anciliary operations that ties into the effort of production?"

Wishy-Washy finally speaks up, looking sternly at the business pony. "Statues of brass."

Moon-Willow blinks. "Hats? Really?" Knowing a few hat designers in Canterlot who would be horrified it makes her slightly curious.

Cross-Redfeather says "You really can produce anything at all, what sort of things are you importing to make this possibile, and from where?" she asks in curiousity and then looks to Rune, "you mean to ask him to create" she pauses, "I think you are saying, atomatons? drones, replacements?" wings flit wide for expression as she lands beside Quintessent-Rune, "fastinating idea, novel approach truely" with that she looks to Spin Doctor for input, "Is this even possibile?"

Windrose turns her attention to Spin Doctor. "Whatever you make, it should be something you can give away to the tour to celebrate this important occasion," she suggests. Because everypony loves to get free stuff, right?

Quintessent-Rune turned her head to glance at Cross, her smile spreading ever so slightly. "Whyever not? It is completely fesable, though perhaps not through purely mechanical means as far as I am aware - though I am hardly party of the groundbreaking manufacturing methods of NiceCO. The methods by which I would facilitate automatization of processes would be through the art of enchantment - golems in particular, are incredibly profficient at simple, yet repetetive tasks and are as mobile and dextreous as nesecary for a wide range of tasks."

With ears perked, Spin Doctor listens to the various suggestions. Rune's earns a raised eyebrow and a slight grin. "Spoken like someone who has ideas about the business! That is admittedly beyond the scope of our operation- we don't produce durable goods of that nature here- but it may be something we expand into, especially as our operation grows. This is, after all, only the initial step in our development plan." He turns and nods to Wishy-Washy. "Brass statues, eh? And…" To Moon-Willow, he frowns thoughtfully. "Hats? Alright, then- if you'll give us a moment, we'll see what we can do!"

Spin Doctor turns away to confer with a worker, a pegasus who listens intently. The pegasus nods, frowns, then turns to launch off the balcony and flap across to the offices above the eastern end of the factory floor, disappearing inside.

A few moments later, lights start flashing at various machines and workstations down below. The workers waiting get to get started go to town, confuring machines, and even rearranging them with the aid of winches and pulleys that descend from above to haul one device to another line.

Spin Doctor, watching all of this, turns and listen to Windrose, then grins. "An excellent suggestion, miss." He makes his way to a little brass tube along the railing, one that connects by way of a series of pipes to the offices, and leans down to speak into it. "And make 'em collectible!"

Moon-Willow can't help but choke. "You'd replace ponies with golems, when that job could be used to feed families?" She asks aghast at the idea of golems being used is just simply appauling.

Cross-Redfeather looks to Rune, then to Spin-Doctor and sighs, "too complicated for the first run operation" there's a bob of her head and a twist to one side, "Miss, I think I'd like to discuss this with you further at some time in the future, that sounds quite fastinating" she admits freely as she glances back to the production line and Spin Doctor as well, "Hats?" there's a furrow of her browfeathers, and a glazed look to her, "hardly usefull things" Pfffffffts and a wing wave of dismissal, "Clipboards, paper, comfortable pens, for talon writing, ink that doesn't run, useful stuff"

Quintessent-Rune glanced at Moon Willow from the corner of her eye. "Indeed I do, if the job can be done by a golem as well as a pony, zebra or gryphon that ponies time can be better spent doing something else rather than wasting their time doing a - if you excuse me, Mr Doctor - rather menial task."

Windrose has spent her share of time in the weather factory (and is one of the reasons she'd rather have a job 'in the field' out here) so she's mildly interest in watching the factory workers readjust the plant for the new project. "It's kind of like when we have to change for different seasons." She pauses, then looks to Spin Doctor. "How often in a day can you change the factory to do a new project?"

Moon-Willow puffs out, wings fluffed. "I'm afraid some ponies arent as TALENTED as others." She growls. "There a those that also prefer 'menial tasks' if it pays then no job at all." Living on Nocturnes kindness with absolutely NO income has clearly begun to get to her.

Wishy-Washy pivots her ears a bit so she can hear the argument between Rune and Moon Willow that may break out. she keeps her eyes on the moving parts of the factory at this time, however.

Sunflower has been pondering the request for manufacturing suggestions for a time. Should she ask for something? Should she remain silent? What could a place like this even offer one such as her?

Suddenly a thought occurs to her. Well, it won't hurt to ask. "What about bread?" she calls.

Spin Doctor flashes Cross a grin. "Sorry, miss- we'll have to try those next. Still, I hope you'll enjoy what we're about to make." He goes to surveying the operation, and comments to Windrose as he does. "It depends on a number of factors," he says, "Most signicantly the investment our current production represents. Larger runs of goods, for example, require greater dedication of resources and ponypower, so in the possible but unlikely event we've got all twelve lines producing a single product, it may take as much as a day to reconfigure for something else. Still! Twelve lines typically means we can produce just as many things at once- and keep some lines busy while others are being serviced."

Several of the blinking lights down below turn green. It seems assembly line #5 is ready to go, and several workers wave up to Spin Doctor. He waves back.

The conveyor belts start to turn, and the devices along it start to hiss. From a hopper at the head of the line, little hunks of assorted colors are being fed into another machine, which starts churning out little cookie-sized disks of metal. Some are copper, but others are a glossy blue, green, purple or red. These steadily make their way down the line, entering one machine, only to emerge from the other side in a slightly transformed state. Workers bustle from one machine to another, adjusting dials, inspecting products, turning them 90 degrees here or flipping them over there before they're fed into the next device.

Spin Doctor gestures. "Of course, as you're all doubtlessly aware, an operation of this breadth requires quite a bit of power. Here, too, NICECo's expertise in all matters manufacturing is Horseshoe Harbor's benefit. We've harnessed the latest and greatest in eco-friendly power generation in the form of a state-of-the-art LeyLux Unidrive(tm) Energarium."

He points to a looming shape in the far corner. It resembles a big furnace, one that contains a brilliant green fire, from which a hundred different silvery pipes snake out, across the walls and ceiling, or into the floor. Attentive viewers can see these pipes emerging from the floor here and there or descending from the walls, interfacing with machines and devices throughout the factory floor.

"Simply put," continues Spin Doctor, "It's all of the electrical output of a large dam without the need for a river and with a paltry minimum of waste production."

"As for bread," suggests Spin Doctor. He grins back at Sunflower. "Some things are just best left to the professionals, like food. We do probably have some back in the cafeteria, if you're looking for lunch. That said, we WILL have catering available at the orphanage to look forward to."

Wishy-Washy blinks and hums. "wow. So no need to worry about smog blotting out the skies or any seepage getting into the water, huh? That is… admittingly quite amazing, actually." Wishy's skeptisism starts to melt. Maybe they really -DO- mean well! Nopony really wants to make a community suffer by using them, no matter where you are. they just take the very corperate route of going about doing this.

Cross-Redfeather can't help but watch the operation with interest, gazing from one machine to the next, "It is a fastinating process admittedly" she coo's softly though has a look of concern to the power source, "But what is that burning?

Sunflower has, so far, been largely uninterested in the tour. Oh, she's been oohing and ahhing, duly impressed with all the Industry, but she's mainly here because a lot of other people are here, and nothing she's seen has ignited any sort of passion in her.

When her attention is drawn to the furnace, her eyes go wide. Green fire is an…evocative color.

Thunnini is looking around, her eyes wide. She's sticking close to Cross, and being surprisingly quiet. So much new stuff to see~!

With the factory humming to life, there's suddenly more things for Bellows to do! Now his part in the factory operations becomes clear. Things are pumping down the conveyor belts, machines are cranking out the little brass collectable hats, and Bellows is shouting orders to the skeleton crew of ponies to make sure the demonstration goes well. From machine to machine he trots, practically hovering behind each of the workers at their given stations, the exact words of his orders lost amid the echo and noise of the machines themselves. Only the volume of his voice can really be heard.

Eventually the collection of objects makes it to the end of the line, each of the small collectible items being deposited into a box. Bellows waits for the current production, carefully calculated to match the crowd being escorted through the factory, to end and for the machines to stomp their last industrial stomp, before hefting the box of hats onto his back and maneuvering through the catwalk maze to rejoin the rest of the group. Wordlessly, the box is passed off to two other workers, who set it down next to Spin Doctor, the gleaming, freshly minted, tiny, collectible, brass hats.

Spin Doctor shakes his head. "We've already installed redundant measures to contain any unexpected- and highly unlikely!- waste products as a result of the manufacturing process. We even have plans to convert assembly lines 11 and 12 into scrap reclamation processors to help ensure our production is as efficient as possible! And- I think we're about to see the yield of our little experiment, here. Stand by…!" He makes his way to the box and leans down to peer inside, and grins.

Sitting up, he holds up a hooffull of little brass hats. "And there you have it. Modern manufacturing in action. Please, everybody, help yourself. It's a limited run! Make sure you collect all six colors."

Midnight-Sun had been quietly following the crowd to this point, taking note of details certainly but none too involved. When Spin Doctor points out the generator, however, his expression focuses. This is a new thing in his considerable study of the theory of magic. He makes a mental note of the device's name — taking a physical note would be involved and stand out — and lines up for his tiny collectible hat. What? Those things are cute!

"Most impressive," murmured Quintessent Rune as she walked up, peering into the box. "From concept to finished product in no time at all - figuratively speaking at least." Quinty nodded for herself and shot Spin Doctor a glance. "And I do belive, Mr. Doctor, that I shall be looking into visitng your office in the near future - to discuss ideas about the business."

With that Quintessent drifted away towards the bulk of the ponies of the tour - not that she'd blend in with them considering her outfit and the large multi-layered train of fabric floating behind her.

Moon-Willow finds her gaze caught on the strange colored flames, her argument temporarily forgotten. "Um…is that a spell that makes it look like that?" She asks nervously.

Cross-Redfeather gazes at the production effort with a mixed response, turns looks behind her looking where the colors and peices started from, trazing this way and that with a talon in the air, turns looks back over her shoulder again, at the box of tiny hats, then back to the production floor eventually turning back to join the crowd, to recieve the production of that, tiny hat. "You need that" she points to the generator, "to produce that?" she seems to ponder the effiency of the furnace to the size of the output. "Fastinating" she comments still with some curiousity, "I look forward to seeing its other production runs, of more substantial products." Flutterhop and in line she is for her hat, though she looks entirely curious of the process still.

Wishy-Washy blinks and looks on in, looking over the various colors to see if there's any differences between them besides color… the clean perfection without any noticable weld marks is particularly an odd site for wishy… but she eventually settles on a blue one that she takes.

Thunnini takes one of the hats, quietly marvelling at it. "It's kinda cute," she finally says with a small smile.

"I'm sure we'll have much to discuss!" says Spin Doctor, flashing Quintessent Rune a grin. He stands back as he watches ponies go about admiring or collecting or not being especially interested in the tiny hats, only to shift and look up to Moon Willow. He grins. "In a sense, yes! The light is a side-effect of the process. It may be frightening, but I assure you it's all flash and quite safe. The Unidrive(tm) Energarium works by means of breaking down high-energy fuel crystals; the green fire is a side effect of the process. Let it serve as a reminder, however, of how eco-friendly the process really is."

The hats are nice. They're made of metal, and they're small, so they're not very PRACTICAL. You could maybe use one as an ash tray or a cereal bowl, or collect a bunch and throw them like little ninja stars if you fancied yourself an eccentric villain. But, hey. How many other groups of ponies in Equestria have a box of multicolored brass hats to enjoy right now? Yeah? One. One other does. But they don't appreciate what they've got, not like the citizens of Horseshoe Harbor most assuredly do.

Spin Doctor rubs his hooves together and grins to the group. "And that concludes our demonstration of the manufacturing facility. We'll soon be leaving the premises and will reconvene at the new Horseshoe Orphanage, opening just off of Town Square. We'll have workers available to help lead the way. I hope you'll all join us for the conclusion of today's presentation- as well as the opportunity to hear how you all may join the NICE Co team!"

Windrose puts a hat on her head, adjusting it a few times to not squash her curls. It mostly just sits on top of them due to its size anyways. "Cute but impractical. Perfect for collectables!" Of course she makes sure to get one of each color, because her perfectionism wouldn't allow otherwise.

Moon-Willow grabs a red hat, thinking it might be a nice gift for Hoarfrost. She quitely contemplates if any job avalible would pay well.

With the machines shut down post-production, workers are already fanning out to cool down and tune up the machines after their first-ever run. Bellows cocks an ear to Spin's speil, but keeps his eyes on the workers. As is his duty, after all. Mention of the orphanage makes his ears flick, the big forepony sidling up next to Spin. "Am I needed for that, or can I make sure we're in tip-top shape here?" Well what do you know. He CAN speak words!

Wishy-Washy has no intention of joining the Nice Co team, but stashes the hat into her saddlebag before nodding. "It is all rather impressive, Mr. Doctor, but I myself am more of a performing artist than anything. that being said, I am interested in seeing the orphanage facilities and meeting the staff; as a matter of fact, that was the chief reason I attended this tour!"

Midnight-Sun hoofs the tiny red hat he's collected up to his partner, who tries it on. She has to hold it on with two legs, but the spider manages to perch the hat on her cephalothorax so that it looks only extremely goofy. Midnight meanwhile lets himself be hustled along towards the exit with only a long thoughtful frown for the "energarium".

Thunnini thinks for a moment more, then snags enough of the little brass hats to complete a full set. Yay, treasure!

Cross-Redfeather does take a red one, of course. She places it neatly into some gause, and places it into her pack for later study. Yes, she is going to study it and mess with it in a scientific manner! 'health concerns' or somesuch. "Thank you for the tour Mr Spin-Doctor, it was most educating" she chirps out with a quirk of her head., "Thunnini, would you like me to carry all thoes for you, I have ample room in my pack?"

Spin Doctor pats Bellows on the shoulder. "I think I can get it from here, Bell. Make sure everything's holding up, and remember we've got that landscaping crew coming in in an hour to- actually, you know what? You're the man in charge, here." He grins and makes to follow the crowd out. "I don't need to tell you how to do your job."

While workers lead ponies back from the factory floor, out to the commons and then back outside, Spin Doctor pulls up the rear, sauntering along behind everypony else. He does stop to check a little silver pocketwatch, though, frowning, then nods. They're making good time. He snaps the watch shut and hastens to follow.

The tour is over, the factory closed. Ponies are ushered out the way they came, and given little pamphlets about NICE Co. and job opportunities. But this was only half of the festivities planned! For NICE is about more than jobs. They're about…the future!

Thus now we have a sunny evening in front of a newly constructed two-story building at the corner of Main Street and the Town Square. Whatever was there before, it's been turned into a solid structure of brick and mortar, using all the latest in fireproofing construction methods to keep it generally safe from Horseshoe Harbor's reputation of rampant fire breakouts. Right now the front double-doors are wide open, allowing any curious pony the chance to peer inside at the facilities set up for lost foals.

Within the Town Square, not too far from the orphanage building itself, a small booth has been set up with NICE Co.'s logo plastered on a banner hanging above it. A friendly-looking volunteer has been set up behind the booth, just ready to pass out little pamphlets about NICE, their vision for helping the future by helping needy kids, and success stories about other communities that have had NICE Co. move in and help them out.

Another tent nearby has been designated for food. Heaped high with a pile of fruits and vegitables, this is the source of the promised 'dinner' meant to be part of the open house.

Naturally ponies have been allowed to wander in and out of the place all day, with a single security pony set up to make sure nobody goes and does anything silly to the orphanage before any of the orphans get a chance to actually live there. However, there have been notices that Spin Doctor from NICE Co. will be showing up shortly to answer questions for the community, and point out some of the nicer niceties contained within the NICE sponsored building.

Wishy-Washy is levitating a cob of corn that she idly munches at as she reads one of the pamphlets she was handed. the veil is around her neck as she munches away. She does have a lot of questions for Spin Doctor.

Thunnini is looking around inquisitively. While she's not an orphan, looking around at the future home for fellow foals is still fun.

Moon-Willow trots over to the booth too get a look at the pamplets. "Hello!"

Magpie is standing there in front of the NICE Co. Orphanage sign, glaring at it suspiciously. Rrrr….

Spin Doctor arrives, as planned. He's without the little escort of workers he had before, striding up to the orphanage and looking around slowly. Not much of a crowd just yet! He smiles about, nods to the volunteer at the booth, and makes his way up to the open doorway to lean all casual-like up against the frame, one foreleg crossed in front of the other. In contrast with the fairly structured factory tour, this seems to be more of an open house.

Which is fitting. 'Cause that's kinda what it is. It's a big house. And it's open.

So much food. Really it wants to make Hoarfrost cry. So long having lived hungry and there is just piles of it everywhere. The filly hasn't even taken any yet. Its all so weird to her. Carefully she aproaches the food and starts to collect a little, by little. Less than most ponies take. "Waistful." she mutters to herself looking rather grump a more miniature copy of Snowfield, trotting to find a place to eat her food.

Wishy-Washy once she sees Spin Doctor wander up to the door, she quickly disposes of the corn before walking on up to the door. she stops by Magpie. "Hey. You should be happy, Maggie. there's a place for little fillies and colts to stay without Miss Ruby taking them in!"

Windrose throws her hooves in the air over her head at the sight of the orphanage. "Finally! Now all the little homeless brats won't end up in Ruby's place!" … and then a moment later she shrinks back with a nervous chuckle when she realizes she said that out loud AND wasn't the only one thinking it.
Magpie makes a grumbly noise and glances over at Wishy. "I've been in an orphanage before." She doesn't elaborate, but her scowl deepens as she trots inside to see just how bad it's gonna be.

Moon-Willow catches sight of the fimiliar coat color. "Hoarfrost!" She smiles brightly as she approaches the filly. "I'm glad I found you! I have something for you."

Windrose blushes a bit more when she realizes Magpie is here as well. "Aahehe." Rubs the back of her head with a hoof. "Sorry Maggy. I didn't mean it like that."

"Oh, look," a soft voice states from a group approaching the building, "we're in time for supper." Heartsong is trotting down the path from the direction of Wintersong, a gaggle of foals on her heels. She's looking a bit… well, nervous, as per usual, but she's obviously doing her best to smile and be cheery. "Now doesn't this place look nice. Look how big it is. Why, I bet it's plenty roomy in there." Positives~

Wishy-Washy follows Magpie right along, giving Spin Doctor a gentle nod before following the piebald into the complex.

The inside of the orphanage is, as one might expect from a new building, very well built and clean. The main floor looks like where most of the 'living' happens, with rooms for general playtime, 'meeting' rooms for adoption discussions or other meetings, a kitchen, and a dining area. Each is fairly spacious, built to accommodate a good amount of little lost ponies given the numbers found to exist between the Harbor and Daybreak. The whole place has a 'old time grandma's house' feel to it, with warm lighting and homey antique-ish decor throughout. Just updated and (hopefully) foalproofed enough to keep from needing to replace everything too often.

The upstairs seems to be the sleeping area, several rooms set aside to accomodate various groupings of ponies, up to and including offices and sleeping quarters for any staff. It's meant to look as comfortable as possible.

Speaking of staff, there don't appear to be any… No NICE-organized ponies here, running the show! Not even a single scrap of purple or pink in sight.

Hoarfrost flinches as her name is called and it looks like she might try to hide under the table. Though seeing who it is calling her she seems to come to her senses and manage a smile. "Hi

Hoarfrost flinches as her name is called and it looks like she might try to hide under the table. Though seeing who it is calling her she seems to come to her senses and manage a smile. "Hi Moon." the filly waves careful to keep one eye on her food. "You got me something?" she seems a littel surprised. "I don't got anything to give you though." eyes widening as she spots Heartsong's group and eeps trying to hide again. Sneaking away from the group to come check things out early might end up getting her in trouble.

One of the foals in Heartsong's group is bouncing along, the little unicorn's horn aglow and pulsing with a warm light. It's Night Light! And he ain't nervous at all. Shoot, what's a place geared towards taking care of foals got that he hasn't seen yet? "I'm hungry Miss Heartsong! Can we eat yet? That was a long walk!"

Moon-Willow pulls a tiny brass hat colored red from her saddle bag. "You don't have to give me anything." She laughs, "Thats not the point of a gift. But this reminded me of your eyes so I thought you might like it." She casts a suspicious glance behind her, and shifts to hide Hoarfrost from view. She holds out the hat with a soft smile.

Spin Dictor turns to gesture into the building, as Magpie and Wishy approach. "Welcome, ladies! Please, step inside, look around. The whole building is available for perusal. Explore to your heart's content." He puts his hoof back down and looks over the radually growing crowd, furrowing his brow slightly at the approach of Heartsong and her foals. He makes his way down the steps to the street, to approach Heartsong. "Welcome, miss! From the look of you, you're one of the ponies from Daybreak Village, am I right? I'm led to understand there are quite a few foals living up there."

Windrose isn't far behind Magpie and Wishy, hovering just above the ground like usual. "Not bad, not bad at all." Or maybe she's just glad that there's hope there will be more room around Ruby's place with another option for lost little ones to go. "What about species other than Ponies, doc?" She shifts midair to turn her attention to Spin Doctor. "There's quite a few griffons and such around too, after all."

Magpie stomps her hooves as she explores. This place looks… nice. Really nice. Grrrr. Stop making me like this place, darnit.

"I don't think that is going to fit on my head." Hoarfrost giggles relaxing visibly from the sight of the silly little thing. Giving Moon Willow a hug she takes the little gift and places it in her saddle bag. "Thank you Miss Willow. I think I should get back to the group before they know I am missing. Do … you want to come along?" quickly she stashes the food she has left into her bag for later not whating to waist anything. Slipping through the crowd she pushes into the back of the Daybreak tour group.

Wishy-Washy looks around as well, starting to explore around, particularly upstairs… nopony here. huh.

Moon-Willow trots beside Hoarfrost. "So why are you with them?" She asks curiously.

Heartsong glances back at the glowy unicorn colt, smiling warmly. "I'm sure they won't mind sparing some food for us before we look around. The Professor said they'd promised supper." She jumps a bit at Spin Doctor's approach, blushing as she turns to face him. "Oh! Oh. Y-yes. Hello. Yes, er, we're from Daybreak, sir. …I… I suppose we do have a lot of foals." From the way she says this, though, she's never considered that to be any sort of problem! Especially compared to the alternatives.

One of the foals, a little pink-and-green unicorn filly that is far too garish to blend in /anywhere at all/, looks up at Hoarfrost's approach. She peers. /Peers/. She knows what you did yes she does and she is… not going to tell because that would be rude. But she's going to /peer/, little Strawberry Surprise is. Peer so hard.

"Supper!" little Night Light chimes, but before he can prance off to grab a snack, there's a new pony showing up to ask questions. He straightens up like a big pony, right next to Heartsong, trying to look as tall as a little squirt can look. "Hey mister! Why're you giving us a house?" That is, after all, what he thinks of this whole moving thing.

Spin Doctor grins to Heartsong. "Of course. I've spoken with Mayor Redmane- he's a very kind fellow, isn't he? I really do get the sense he cares about your town and its people. It's encourage! It truly is. He did mention interest in the orphanage himself…" Slowly he looks over the gathered foals. "Well, I don't know what arrangements you have for them already, but if it's ever needed, a plight such as theirs is exactly what we were hoping to address with this orphanage. And…"

He turns to grin to Windrose. "We can accommodate griffons as well. We might need to work a bit in the case of sea ponies…" His gaze wanders over to Thunnini. "But we won't rule them out entirely." He spreads his hooves helplessly as he looks between Heartsong and Windrose. "That said, management of the orphanage won't be up to NICE Co. We're helping to fund its construction, yes- but it will remain the property, and the responsibility of Horseshoe Harbor. Nobody knows how best to look after their own, after all. We're just looking to make it a bit easier."

Thunnini waves to Spin Doctor when he looks over at her, then poles over to the Daybreak foals.

Trying not to look anywhere in particular Hoarfrost just ends up looking shifty eyed and her snout scrunch's a tad. Nope no sneaking here. "S-stop staring Surprise." perhaps sounding a little defensive tail flicking in agitation. Head lowering to use her long mane as a shield against the STARE, hiding behind it like a curtain.

Also amongst the Daybreak foals is an earth pony filly with an orange coat and a deep red mane. She's already made her way to the snack table, and she's just cramming apple slices in her mouth and she just doesn't even care if she's taking too much 'cause she wants 'em and they're there. The little squint she casts around the crowd suggests she may even be relishing the opportunity for someone to tell her to stop just so she bust out one of the lines she's got ready, like, 'you're not the boss of me' and 'it's a free, if wretchedly cold and sun-abandoned country' and her favorite, 'I do what I want.'

Wishy-Washy ends up coming back down, keepign within earshot of Spin Doctor. sometimes it's better just to listen before asking one's own questions first.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Night Light's desire for food outlasts his attention span with asking the strange cheerful pony why he's giving free houses away. He slinks off instead to join the orange earth filly in enjoying some tasty fruity nommables from the table. His preferred treat are oranges though, because he learned a neat trick with his horn! An orange floats out of the pile, and…peels itself! Then the peel is promptly eaten, because why not, and the orange munched on afterwards. Mmm~

Moon-Willow reaches out a wing a pulls Hoarfrost to her protectively. "Staring is rude." She gently chastises the pink and green foal.
Heartsong nods, though she blinks a bit and tilts an ear at that last bit. "Who, um… who's going to take care of the f-foals here, then?" she asks curiously. She's a little hesitant to hand them off to some random NICE pony. Taking care of the foals is /her/ job, after all!

Strawberry turns her gaze to Moon Willow. Does this foal just have no setting besides 'piercing pink stare'? She doesn't even look accusing. Is it possible to stare apologetically? After a moment she gives a little snort and starts staring at Spin Doctor instead.

Moon-Willow perks up. "Um…if theres a job opening I'd be happy to help run the orphange." She says.

Spin Doctor raises his eyebrows and shrugs slightly, looking over the crowd. "I'm afraid we don't yet have somepony to fulfill that position! It's really someone that knows Horseshoe Harbor and Daybreak's communities- somoene who already lives here in town. As such we really must open up the job opportunity to everypony and hire a likely candidate."

Hearing Moon Willow volunteer, Spin Doctor smiles and gestures to her. "Like so. You're interested, miss, are you?" He nods to the table. "Take an information packet, then, if you haven't, and we'll get some interviews scheduled very soon!"

Spin Doctor then turns to flash Strawberry a bright grin and wink.

Moon-Willow nods. "Thank you!" She decides to stay with Hoarfrost for now and get the packet later.

"Do we have to live here?" Hoarfrost pipes up rather meekly still trying her darndest to hide behind her mane. "I mean … not that it isn't nice and all but i like the forest." the question is perhaps as much for Spin Doctor as it is for Heartsong. The filly glances up for a moment to shuffle and place Moon Willow between herself and everypony else. Not to mention Strawberry Surprise's creepy eyes.

Spin Doctor turns to call out to the crowd. "And let that stand for everybody! If you're interested in a staff position here at the orphanage, we DO have openings AND a great need! We'll be having interviews this coming week, so please, stop by and make sure you take an informational packet before you go!" He makes his way back to the door and just inside, then turns to call out. "I'll be here all evening if you have any further questions- please, come find me! I'll be happy to assist you with whatever you need."

After calling out, he turns and finds Hoarfrost asking questions in his general direction. He lifts his gaze to look to Moon Willow, and smiles kindly. "Is she your ward…?" he asks, nodding to Hoarfrost.

Wishy-Washy nods… interesting. they're gonna hire people on. Too bad Ruby already runs a business. She's also glad to see Moon Willow set up. regardless, she makes her way over to Spin Doctor. "So… is there any sort of contract that people applying for positions here are filling out as an agreement with NiceCo, or is that all to be between the local government?"

Heartsong blinks over at Moon-Willow, with the most appraising look the teenage filly can manage. (She's not very good at it. It's hard to look appraisingly shy.) She shifts on her hooves. Then she looks down at Hoarfrost. "Oh. Oh, well, um. I… I like the Forest too. But this is safer. And doesn't it look nice? And we can visit the townsponies a lot more, and make new friends." She blinks, seeming to realize that 'we' is a bit presumptuous. She's not entirely sure /she's/ invited to the orphanage, after all.

Somehow Strawberry has moved from the back of the group to the front. How such a garish pony pulled this off without being obvious about it is anypony's guess. She stares up at Spin Doctor, and then over at Wishy. Apparently that's a good question! Or maybe Wishy just looks interesting. STARE.

Moon-Willow blushes. "Oh…um…no…" She looks back at Hoarfrost. "But…I was hoping to adopt her if she is willing." She says softly.

Spin Doctor nods to Moon Willow. "I see. Well- that won't be up to me, of course, but it's very encouraging to see a member of this community willing to step forward to care for another! It really tells me NICE Co couldn't have picked a better place to establish a presence."

The tall unicorn turns and smiles to Wishy, reaching up to tip his hat back a bit as he regards her. "The latter- for the most part. Hiring has been outsourced to NICE Co- we'll be handling the interviews, sourcing candidates, negotiating pay and the like- but after the hiring process, all employees will be working solely for the Horseshoe Harbor government."

Night-Light trots back to Heartsong and the rest of the foal group, bumping up next to Strawberry. Whom he has floated a little strawberry to, because sharing is caring or something. He looks much happier now that he's had some fruit to nosh upon. "Hey! Does this place have any secret passages? Or hidden rooms? Or good hiding places? Ooh! Does it have ghosts?" He kicks idly at a piece of cobblestone. "I miss ghosts. The hive had ghosts, they were fun."

Spin Doctor shakes his head to Night-Light. "No secret passages or hidden room, sorry. It's hard to clean them out when the staff can't find them! There are good hiding places, though. We had a trained hide-and-seek expert come give her seal of approval. And no ghosts- that we know of. But, if we find any, we'll let you know. Maybe you can adopt them, hmmm?"

What? Adopt? This is news to Hoarfrost! All these ponies trying to adopt her. First Ruby then Moon, … what about Snowfield? "I um." retreating a little more this time she has no pony to hind behind. At least Strawberry isn't giving her the all seeing eye at the moment. "I um …" managing to get nowhere again and not managing much more than a bit of fidgeting. How do you respond to that?

Moon-Willow sighs. "I understand. Its fine. I promise you dont have to do anything. Okay?"

Heartsong smiles down at Night Light. "I'm sure you'll find plenty of good places to play. And maybe some new friends to play with! Now… come on, let's all take a look around inside, okay?" And she turns to head for the building. No more questions from her!

Strawberry Surprise stares at the surprise strawberry. She opens her mouth slowly, leeeeeans up, and noms it right out of midair. Omnomnom chew chew. This earns Night Light a… grateful stare? Sure.

Night-Light is used to things like that. He's happy with the results, thusly turns, and follows the other foal group. "Yay new places to explore!"