A Measure of Calm
IC date: Autumn 18, 1007 AC
OOC date: October 7, 2012
PCs: Brume, Carronade, Rising-Chaos, Seaside-Sunset, Spindrift
NPCs: Bonfire, Daffodil, Hearth
GM: Applejack

Horseshoe Harbor - Portside

The recent events certainly put a dent in everypony's schedule; that includes a couple day delay for a particular date. The twin mares sit patiently on a bench as they await arrival of Carronade, Friday night really showed them that Kludge was indeed not exagerating about the nature of this little Harbor town. "He should be here soon." The twins nod agreement "Very Soon." "He was kinda cute." "We wouldn't of asked him out otherwise" the pair chattering contently among themselves - each wearing a scarf to stave of the cold that begins to settle around town.

A bit of a delay, between the events, and that he spent a good part of Saturday putting his size and strength to use cleaning up some of the mess instead. But after that hard work was all the more reason to relax. Unsurprisingly the loud *thumpthumpthumpthump* of his hooves is heard before Carronade actually trots into view, wearing the pony equivilent to a windbreaker jacket to starve off the cooler autumn breezes. But the bassy greeting of "HELLO GIRLS" is no less cheerful.

From further down the boardwalk comes… not who the twins were expecting. In fact, a couple the twins don't even know at all! Of course, the same could be said for many people in town. Spindrift and Brume drift along at an easy pace, saying nothing but observing the boardwalk around them as they approach. There is a marked contrast in their manners; Brume, the tall and poised green stallion, wears a slight smile as he looks out over the beach, then the boardwalk, and then even the crater that lingers still in the street. Beside him, the slightly shorter Spindrift studies not the environment but the people- gaze sharp and focused, darting from face to face, analyzing each and moving on in short order. Carronade's bellowing greeting, echoing across the waterfront as it does, arrests her attention immediately, and she slows her pace to watch the lumbering stallion for a moment. Brume likewise slows, glancing at his companion, then over to Carronade, then back to Spindrift with a broader smile. "Oh ho! Someone has caught your eye, I see," he teases- earning a quick glare from Spindrift, before she resumes her walk. Brume chuckles to himself and falls back in beside her.

The large stallion is greated by a pair of large eyes - one pair Green and the other Blue; accompanied by a friendly "Afternoon!" in stereo." The pair hopping fof the bench to circle around the bench until both are looking up at the stallion. "Glad you could make it." "Very glad!". Blue and green eyes darting about, looking for flowers or candies, or anything else of interest! The mare pair grinning with amusement for the briefest moment before shooting a pair of waves towards the unfamiliar ponies, and chiming in stereo "Afternoon!" The pair seemingly in perfect tune.

The cold may be inconvienient to so, but it's a blessing to Rising Chaos, as it's helping to soothe her headache. She's laying down on a bench on the boardwalk, her wagon beside her with several of her books. She's wearing a thick fur cape and is holding her head, sipping some water every once in a while. She catches sight of all the unfamiliar ponies, giving them half hearted waves. Carronades greeting makes her wince, "Quiet, please."

Carronade achems slightly. "Would of brought FLOWERS, but," nods his head in the direction of the shops in general, "They're still CLEANING UP after the ruckus," he apologizes. Well at least he thought about it, and they say its the thought that counts, right? Pause. Then leans over a little to nose at the pockets of his jacket. "MIGHT have a GRANOLA BAR or something left over…" Then looks up as someone says to be quiet, looking confused. "HUH?"

The mare pair grin playfully before they begin to sway and bob their shoulders with a clearly harmonious timing. Seaside-Shimmer the green-eyed, green-maned sister hopping to the front to chime out in a sing-song voice. Tonight's your lucky night. Tropical-Sunset pops up behind her sister to chime. That's right. Prepare for an exciting date. Don't wait. The swaying back and fourth rhythmically making it difficult to discern between the two. It's time to get things started. Not for the fainthearted.

The two Mysterious Ponies look to the Twins as they are greeted, and again, their reactions are different. While Brume smiles, bowing in a showy fashion, Spindrift merely watches them for a moment, making no other gesture. The two don't approach too closely, however, instead drifting past, still observing the port. They perk up a bit at the sight of Rising Chaos, though. This one looks familiar. Spindrift's eyes narrow slightly. Brume offers her a slight smile before slipping past to approach the bench where Chaos rests. "Good afternoon," he says. "I recognize you. You were here the other evening during the…" He pauses, mouth open while he considers his choice of words, before gesturing back to the crater over yonder. "'Phenomenon,' were you not?"

Rising-Chaos hisses in pain as Carronade and the twins continue to be loud. She is about to get up and give them a piece of her mind when she's joined at the bench by two ponies. She carefully inspects them, at least slightly recognizing them, though not in name. "Yeah, I was, that was a rough night." She sighs, "I'm Rising Chaos, dunno if I've already introduced myself to you before or not. What are your names?" She smiles in an attempt to be friendly.

Spindrift doesn't draw too close to Chaos's bench- she gives the impression that if she's sticking around, it's only because her companion has decided that they need to stop HERE and talk to THIS one. She glances over to Chaos, certainly close enough to hear the conversation, but otherwise plainly giving the impression she is not interested in taking part.

Brume watches her for a moment, before turning back to Chaos with a rueful smile. "A pleasure to meet you, miss Rising Chaos. I am Brume." He offers her the same florid bow he directed to the Twins a few moments ago, and as he stands, gestures back to Spindrift, who has since turned her back to Brume and Chaos both as she watches a crowd further down the street. "My companion, here, though she is loathe to admit it, is named Spindrift. It is a pleasure to meet you." Drawing closer, he moves to stand beside the bench, and gaze out over the street. As he settles, he adjusts that bundled object he keeps strapped to his side. "Rising Chaos, ahhh. A most auspicious name. I trust in this town it lives up to its promise fairly often, hmm?"

Carronade had trouble keeping up with them in the first place! But at least they're cute as much as they are confusing. The big lug just sort of goes along with it, nodding his head a few times, and feeling relieved that they don't seem too upset about the lack of flowers or such. "OKAY! You girls asked, SO I presume YOU HAD IDEAS what to do?" There's a pause, and he gives his head a kinda bashful turn to the side as he scuffs a forehoof back. "Kinda NEW to this sort of THING."

The blue-haired mare slides in front of her sister accompanied by a clear change in rythm You're one lucky stallion. The pair nods in agreement as Seaside chimes in. Seaside and Sunset? Fun by the gallon. A good time's a sure bet! The pair now staring up at Carronade with big, playful smiles plastered on their faces. So how about it mister? they chime in unison clearly expecting a good time. They again chime out "Dinner!" "Take us somewhere nice." "But not too nice."xn "This just a first date." "Yup, just a first."Seaside-Sunset Twin grin!

Rising-Chaos watches Brume's elaborate bow, obviously impressed. She is taken in by the charm this new pny is shwoing, which in her current state, only makes her suspicious. "The pleasure's mine, I'm sure." She mumbles in reply. When Brume mentions her name she shoots him a glare, not liking the implication. "This town is very hectic, yes, from what I hear it's always been that way."

One may quickly get the impression that, while not dumb, Carronade can be as ponderous in thought as he is in form. If he realized his naturally loud voice was annoying other ponies he would probably feel bad, but at the moment he's too focused on trying to keep with the twins so the other gathering has gone muchly unnoticed. "OKAY, let's go see what's STILL OPEN after the BIG BOOM." He almost sounds a little sad he didn't get to see supposed boom for himself as he starts to meander along again at the Twins' insistance. "WHAT kinda FOOD to you like?"

Brume catches that glare and touches a hoof to his chest. "I apologize! I certainly did not mean to imply -you- were somehow the cause, of course- merely that, perhaps, it is fitting you should find yourself in a place where such things might be appreciated by true connoisseurs." He sets that hoof back down and offers Chaos a polished smile, and, leaning in slightly, speaks in a more hushed tone, more for Chaos than for the ROMANTIC DATE happening nearby, as the Twins talk twice as much and Carronade talks twice as loudly. "At least, if these others are any indication, the residents around here are more than happy to make a ~lot~ of noise."

Nearby, Spindrift, who is keeping an ear turned towards her companion's wordy ways, begins to mutter to herself, and reaches over to dig into a saddlebag for what appears to be a book. She still looks like she doesn't want to be here.

The twins fall into place beside Carronade - one to either of his sides - their steps a little quicker to ensure they can see one another by keeping a few steps in front of him. "We like just about anything." "Anything edible that is." "No icky things." "No bugs." "Nothing weird." Their path brings them closer to the trio of unfamiliar ponies at which point the pair chime in unison - much to Rising's dismay. "You three can come along." "it'd be like a double-double-date." Their attention quickly turning towards the big lug Carronade "Funny thing." "Real funny." "The night of that big boom." "The celestial bodies were aligned" "in a fahsion that would indicate" "The crossing of paths." A twin frown "Its unusual for the stars to be wrong." they sign in unison..

Carronade just… blinks a few times. Celestial bodies aligned. "… So CELESTIA and LUNA were up at the SAME TIME?" The simple pony makes a very simple and probably more literal than intended explaination of what they just said.

Rising-Chaos looks appeased by Brume's exlanation, and settles down again. "Yeah, I know," she replies to his statement with a grimace. The twins walk by, continuing their constant chatter, Carronade's voice booms through the harbour. It's to much, chaos finally snaps. She leap to her hooves, her face contorted into a snarl. "Will you be quiet, please? Some of us and in quite a lot of pain here." She hisses, trying to keep her voice level.

Spindrift starts at Chaos's eruption, looking up from the book she now has perched in the crook of her foreleg, but still saying nothing. Brume draws back a bit, giving the lady her space. He smiles slightly as he waits for her to quiet, gives it a few more moments after that, before looking up to the Twins and Carronade. "Ahhh, thank you for the invite," he offers in response to the Twins. "But I wouldn't want to impose on young love." He pauses, glancing to Chaos. "And I suspect my associate, here, is in need of a bit of recuperation herself. Do enjoy yourselves, though! It's a lovely time of year to enjoy a walk."

The twins are clearly started by Rising's little out-burst, and a playful counter ensues as the twins attempt to catch Rising in a double-sided hug. "Come now." "Have you consider a cool a drink?" "Lemonade may help?" stepping away after being unusually friendly! "Our apologies." they chime in unison while wearing a sheepish grin. Their attention quickly turned back to Carronade. "Astrology is a hobby." "It comes naturally." the pair nod in unison. "The stars will tell those listen." "All matter of personal affair." A playful grin crossing the mare's faces. "Very, very interesting things." eyes darting towards Spindrift and Brume. "For example, birthdays might reveal star-crossed lovers.

Carronade flinchs a bit when someone yells to be quiet, ears slicking back briefly. It's not his fault his voice is just naturally loud. Okay it's probably more that it's apparently bothering someone that's already hurt than it is someone complaining. "Sorry," he murmurs out softly…. which for him is about normal volume for anyone else. The whole astrology thing goes over his head for the most part, getting a long "uuuuuuuuh" out of him. Then at the mention of hobbies he perks back up a bit. "I LIKE CANNONS" Then meeps and clamps a hoof over his snout remembering Chaos's annoyance.

Rising-Chaos calms down, her rage spent. The twins being so freindly and Carronade being so accomadating pleasing her to no end. She smiles a bit, "thank you," she says with a small bow. She turns back to the bench, taking her place once again. "And I will have to decline as well, I think all I need is a drink." She shoots Brume a look, an eyebrow raised. "Associate? Do you have business with me perhaps?"

Brume draws up, shaking his head. "Not at all. 'Friend' would have been too personal, after all." He smiles again, still maintaining that polished, collected demeanor. "Although it would be disingenuous of me to suggest I do not have alterior motives. I DID want to ask you about the other evening's phenomenon, as I know you saw it. My friend and I are…" He watches Spindrift for a moment. "… investigating the matter, but sadly, details are thus far hard to come by, and we've not yet been able to track down the foals that appeared that evening."

The mare pair turn their attention back to Carronade - offering a smile to the big guy. "It's okay." "There are plenty of appropiate times to be loud." "Some inappropiate ones too." The pair sharing a devilish little grin with one another before beaming up at Carronade again. Seemingly intent to enjoy their date rather trouble themselves with the current issues about town - in truth they are quite worried about the only other two ponies they know in this crazy place.

Carronade has gotten most of his energetic manner back by this point, though he's still trying to not be -too- loud, as much as possible for him, for the sake of Chaos's headache. "What where we… oh, YEAH. Dinner." Pause. Looks around. Then looks back to the other group. "ANYONE know what's still open after the mess?"

Rising-Chaos settles down once again, picking up one of her books with her hooves as she does so. "The explosion of magic? Seen isn't the right word, felt is better. I don't know much about it other than some ponies are gone, some ponies are new and that it hurt, a lot. I also was set back substantially on several important projects." she pauses to consider Carronade's question. "I don't know much of the local food, honestly I'm somewhat surprised we even have buildings anymore. The best I could offer is my kitchen." She gives a little shrug, offering Carronade a sympathetic smile.

Brume looks across and smiles to Carronade. "We're much taken with the fries at The Conch. It's a quaint little bar up that-a-way." He gestures down the boardwalk with a gangly hoof. "Isn't that right, Spindrift? What's that stuff they put on them?"

Spindrift doesn't look up from her book. "Salt," she says.

Brume ahhhs. "Yes, they're ever so salty. Potatoes! Marvelous." Shaking his head, smiling to himself, he gazes into the distance, before looking back to Chaos. "Felt, hmm? You're a student of the arcane arts, I am to take it?" As he says this, Spindrift at last looks up, glancing over, taking interest in the conversation at last. "And a sensitive one, too, then," continues Brume, "if the explosion leaves you feeling so under the weather even today!"

Seaside-Sunset pipes "Oh! You have a kitchen?" "Can any pony cook? "Or does that duty fall to us?" "We can make a couple dishes." "We're no gourmet chefs" "But we know what's tasty." Tropical-Sunset grinning at her sister who promptly flushes and responds "I'm not fat!" swatting at Tropical - despite the fact that both girls are trim and healthy.

Carronade uuuhs and turns his head to the other side as he rubs the back of his head with a forehoof. "Last time i TRIED to cook, the OVEN when BOOM and mom wouldn't let me NEAR the KITCHEN for weeks."

Rising-Chaos waves her hoof at the twins. "It's the stone hour on the outskirts of town, it has a lot of repairwork done, you can't miss it. Makes yourselves free if you like." She looks back to Brume, for the first time truly inspecting the pony. "I am a student of magic, yes. Normally not so sensitive, but that was too much for my mental defences to handle." sshe holds a hoof to her head, and winces again. "Anything in particular you wnated to know? Or did you wish you contract me to study it?"

"Word is that it conincided with the disappearance of a number of locals," suggests Brume, gazing thoughtfully towards the crater… for a given value of thought. He still wears a slight smile, as if considering the situation as one considers a charming fairy tale. "With nothing to have been found of them so far. It seems a reasonable assumption that while several unfamiliar ponies were brought to the town… others were taken away. An exchange, perhaps?"

By now, Spindrift is very interested. She's watching Brume and Chaos openly, slowly closing the book in her arm and returning it to her saddlebag.

Brume gestures about. "And though the relative lack of craters around here might indicate this was a one-time occurrence, I am curious… is this the first time such an event has happened here, that you can recall?" He tilts his head slightly as he looks back to Chaos. "I suspect it may have left some manner of magical residue- and if so, similar events in the past may have done the same."

The twins pipe "We simply couldn't invade your home." "Oh, heaven's no." "But we'd be happy to prepare dinner." "For all parties including our date." the pair playfully blowing kisses at Carronade while watching his reaction. Seaside turns to offer a smile to Rising, and then Sunset. "A hearty meal will do you good!" Their attention being torn towards Brume and Chaos' discussion - after all the only pony they /really/ know /is/ missing.

"Ponies missing ain't a good thing," is all Carronade really has to offer on that front, alas. He doesn't really know a lot of the locals other than a happenstance passing here and there. Fortunately the topic shifts back to food quickly, which is a subject his much more keen to. I mean, look at the size of him, he can probably pack away more than his share of grub. "HOMECOOKING is the BEST… BUT I don't wanna MAKE you cook onna a DATE if you don't want to…" And then they're blowing kisses at him, which makes the big lug get all bashful again.

Rising-Chaos appears to notice Spindrift for the first time, giving her a brief inspection before looking back to Brume. "A exchange of entities from one area to another isn't so unlikely. Yes, this is the first time a massive explosion of magic has ripped through the harbour, I would have remembered. Magical residue I am unsure of, there's so much background noise around here it would be hard for me to find any, but I can always look." She looks up at the cute couple, er, triplet, and sighs. "I won't be the one to stand in the way of a good date, I'll take you to my place if you like." she looks askance at the two strangers, "would you like to join us? We can discuss the event more in the comfort of my home."

Spindrift and Brume exchange a look, saying nothing, but considering eachother silently for a few moments. Brume smiles as he turns away to face Chaos instead. "You are generous to offer, but we'll stay here. I've already made too much of an imposition on your generosity." Drawing himself up, he adjusts the straps of his Wrapped Bundle of Mystery. "Your indulgence IS appreciated, however. The insight of a learned professional on such matters is always a boon."

The twins beam cheerfully. "So kind of you." "So very kind." "You're so nice!" "We like you." "Very much." their gaze turning back to Cannonade "We like you too." playful wink at the big lug. "We hope you have plenty to eat." "We might go overboard." "I don't think we'll go overboard." "True." both grinning at Carronade again.

Carronade LAUGHS… and then after a moment stops, realizing how loud his laughter is, and not wanting to upset poor Rising Chaos more after she was so nice to offer use of the kitchen. "I doubt even two of you can make MORE than I can EAT!", granted trying to be quieter just gets him down mostly to 'normal' volume. But the thought of food and the girls liking him has his spirits up all the same. "Let's GO."

Suddenly a yellow streak darts past!

"Nyah nyah, you can't catch me!" the blur of small pony says over his shoulder, at the two bigger fillies chasing after him.

"Daffy! Come on!" "You shouldn't run around without supervision!" the pair whine, having issues in keeping up with the little bundle of speed. "What if you get lost?" "Or hurt!"

Rising-Chaos treats the twins and Carronade to a smile. "the pleasure is mine, I'm sure." She nods the Brume and Spindrift and reharnesses her wagon to herself. Just as she is about to lead the dates off to her home, a small streak of foal-like adreanline rushes towards her. "I thought we were done being foals." She growls, putting herself in the way of the little pony. She treats the yellow pony to a glare. "I've had just about enough of this."

Brume and Spindrift both pause, eyebrows arched, as the foals zip by. They exchange a look, Brume smiling in a satisfied fashion, before he moves to intercept as Rising herself just did. "Looks like sometimes the answers present themselves," he muses to his companion along the way.

"Hello! Hello," he says, waving down the foals. "Slow down now, be careful! There's still a lot of damage on the street, you wouldn't want to trip and hurt yourself!"

"Eep!" comes a sound from the yellow streak, a split-second before the little colt crashes into and practically bounces off of Rising's body! Sent tumbling, the little one lands in a sprawl, but the giggles rising up from him say how hurt he is over the crash.

"Heheh that was fun~"

The two purple fillies make a surprised face, practically falling on the tumbled colt! Hearth, the straight-maned filly, scoops Daffy, the yellow colt up, checking for bruises, or scrapes, or anything. "Oh no! Are you hurt?" Bonfire, the mohawked purple filly, meanwhile favors Rising, and probably Brume too with a first-confused, and certainly mixed-reaction expression. "Was that..necessary? You could've hurt him!" Pout! Her initial 'fury' melts right quick though, being mad certainly not within this pony's nature, leaving her looking more unsure about yelling at any of the locals. "…But uh, thanks for stopping him?"

A pair of giggles can be heard as Rising steps in the path of a rushing foal. "How cute." "I didn't think she'd be a mother." "So many foals." "So many." a pair of glances towards Carronade - follow by a fit of blushes and laughter between the twins; it couldn't be more clear that the twins think alike or even together. The pair suddenly noticing "Twins!" the chirp in delight before rushing over to interfere in all matter of business "We haven't met other twins before." "Indeed we haven't!" the twins suddenly finding themselves under hug-attack.

Carronade just… blinks a couple of times as a foal comes running through, followed by two more older fillies. And these Twins go to hug the other Twins, and hoo boy hopefully those twins aren't as hard to keep up with in a conversation as these twins are. In the end just settles on doing the polite thing to do, seeing as getting dinner is going to probably be slightly more delayed. "HELLO THERE"

Spindrift bites her lower lip, watching the foals intently. THEY have answers, she's sure of it, and it's hard to resist trying to wring them out of them. Only a carefully leveled gaze from Brume seems to keep her at bay, but she remains hovering close, still watching the trio.

Brume smiles to her once more before looking back to Hearth and Bonfire. "Have you three been acclimating well to the town? You seem to fit right in."

Rising-Chaos looks completely unamused, the last thing she needs is sobbing and giggling foals. "I wasn't going to hurt him, or he'd be hurt, as it is he's probably fine." She dismisses the filly's worries airily. She turns, obviously eager to get away before the foals become dramatic or worse, cute. She gives the twins and Carronade a smile. "Shall we?" She motions away from portside, indicating that they should be leaving. Her expression becomes glassy when she is ignored and the twins move to snuggle the other twins, and Carronade seems to want to talk. Chaos unhitches herself and sits down in a huff, of course this couldn't be easy.

Daffodil's giggles intensify when Hearth and Bonfire are beset on both sides by another set of twins! How uncanny! Both the purple ponies look immediately shy, possibly downright uncomfortable, hugs from strangers being an…interesting way of meeting someone new. "Oh uh…" "It /is/ kinda rare…" the pair admit of their twin status, gently disengaging from the hugs so they can keep Daffy from dashing off.

Naturally Daffy's only too eager to answer Brume's question. "We're settling in fine! This place is /so awesome/! I didn't know the sun was so cool!" He blinks, "I mean warm! Or hot?" Wriggling free of Hearth's grasp, the yellow colt begins bouncing around both sets of twins. "And everyone here is so friendly! And fun! And even the grumpy ones aren't trying to kill us, so everything is /awesome/! I love it here!"

The twins realize these little foals are the fore-mentioned new arrivals from beyond - an expression of surprise clicking into place as they figure out with a soft "oh!" and a big smile. They pop back up onto all fours "Sorry Miss." "Miss Rising was it?" "We didn't intend to keep you waiting. "Our apologies.

Rising-Chaos waves to the lvoebirds, "drop by my hosue whenever you're ready, I'd love to have you." She trots off out to the outskirts of town.

Oh, the new ponies. "Well its GREAT that you're ENJOYING IT," Carronade offers cheerfully enough. Then turns back to the Twins and Rising as dinner comes back into the conversation… but then Rising already wandered off. But with an open invitation! "Well I guess there's NO HURRY now." Odd how his loudness seems to emphasis key words like that.

Brume waves politely to Rising and Spindrift watches her go with that same silent, analytical air, before the two turn back towards the strange foals. "So glad to hear you're enjoying yourselves! Yes, the sun is quite warm. Take care not to look directly at it, though." He waggles a hoof as one might waggle a finger. "It'll hurt your eyes-"

"Have you found the other two missing foals yet?" asks Spindrift, treading on her companion's advice with the sudden, harsh question. "Two are missing, correct? And you had a fourth. The unicorn. Where is she?"

Hearth and Bonfire look a touch confused. "They aren't foals…" Hearth says. For that matter neither are they! The only foal around here is the little yellow squirt. Whom even now is still bouncing, though around Brume this time.

"We haven't found them yet, no." Bonfire adds in, her head dipped slightly. "Spectre's out looking for clues. That's why she isn't here. We're supposed to keep an eye on Daffy there, make sure he doesn't run into trouble."

Daffodil sticks his tongue out at Bonfire. "I wasn't going to run into the forest or anything! I'm still making friends with the sun! It's my best buddy!"

The three ponies do try to wave at the other fleeing twins! Because, y'know, manners and all that.

Aw, turns out the Twins have to go. "SEE YOU LATER!" Carronade calls after them with a wave. Or more like booms. Then turns back to the others. Blinks at the little guy. "No, you ran into Rising Chaos." Pause. "Unless Trouble is her middle name."

Brume turns in a slow circle, smiling as he watches Daffodil, and laughs after a few moments, *ever so delighted* at the colt's antics. Spindrift watches them all for a moment, eyes narrowed slightly. "Indeed? Where is she searching? Has she found any lead yet?" She leans forward slightly, her above-average height all the more apparent. "What can you tell us about the spell that brought you here, anyway? Why did it go wrong? Can it be reversed? Can-"

Brume steps in, reaching up to silence his counterpart with a hoof on her chest. Spindrift sighs and draws back, quieting. "Forgive my friend, here. She's concerned, that's all," he glances towards Spindrift briefly, "as it has become apparent that the same night you four arrived, many others in this town disappeared. You're not the only ones with missing friends, now, it would seem."

Daffodil giggles with Brume, his bouncing course adjusting so that he can end up hopping on top of Carronade's back! Because ponies with loud voices deserve the attention of foals! "HI!" he shouts, trying to mimic the tone he'd heard. "Oooh, /was/ her middle name Trouble?" His head tilts. "Why do ponies say their middle names are weird things like that? Trouble? Danger?"

Hearth is doing her best to not look panicked, but that's difficult to do when she doesn't know /anybody/ around here. She just hopes that all the ponies are as friendly as they seem to be, and that Daffy's antics do as the little colt intends, making everybody laugh.

Bonfire seems to be the closest thing to a spokespony when other, more social members of their group aren't around. Even so, she's dipping her head under the onslaught of questions Spin's shooting her way, casting Brume a thankful look when he intercepts. "Oh, no worries. We're all kind of in the same boat here, right? We're lost, and apparently you have ponies that are lost elsewhere." She frowns, "I just hope they didn't get /lost/ lost back at our home. If they ended up with our friends, though, they'll be fine."

Carronade doesn't even budge as the comparitively tiny foal jumps on his back. Nor really seems all that bothered by it. "… Come to THINK of it, I don't REALLY KNOW," he rumbles in reply, after snickering a bit at the kid trying to sound like he does. "Some ponies just SAY odd things." He shrugs his broad shoulders, though carefully as to not dislodge the kid. "LOTS of NICE PONIES here. You'll be FINE." They just hope their own missing ponies are at least managing. The whole disappearing/new ponies thing kinda gives him a headache if he thinks too hard about it

"Yes, I suppose we are in the same boat," suggests Brume, smiling again. It's a rueful smile, though, bittersweet, as he looks out at the ocean. "Always looking for someone important." He's quiet for a few moments, while behind him, Spindrift scowls and turns away. She's the one to break the momentary silence, and thankfully for the newcomers, it's with a touch more patience than before. "So you don't yet have any leads, you weren't expecting to be here, and you have no way to find out what went wrong and how to fix it?" When Spindrift turns back towards the group, the tense ire she had previously carried herself with has been instead replaced with a certain weariness.

Brume watches her for a moment before looking to Carronade with a smile. "It's not so bad, Spin. This gentlestallion here has the right idea of it. If they're truly stuck, they're stuck in a good place, aren't they?"

Neither of the two purple ponies look all that sure about the fate of those whom are missing. "We wish we knew…" Hearth says, eyes going downcast. Bonfire doesn't seem willing to add anything to that thought.

"I'm sure they're fine!" Daffodil chirps from Carron's back, echoing the bigger pony's thoughts. "I mean, we're fine, so they're probably fine too. Anyway it's better to have faith that anyone who's lost will keep themselves safe until help arrives." Because help always arrives, right?

Carronade laughs a bit as he turns to give the foal a gentle hoof-noogie playfully. "Little fella's GOT the RIGHT IDEA." Ah, the optimism of youth. And fortunately some ponies never really grow out of said optimism. Or are too dense to let it go. Not really a bad thing either way, there

Spindrift reaches up to rub her face with the back of a hoof, eyes closed. "Yes. Yes, he does. Hopefully they're fine now that you three are here," she says, though her tone doesn't exactly sound hopeful.

Brume chuckles quietly. "Well, then, you might as well have help," he says. He sits down, hopefully putting the tall, lanky stallion on a more even level with the twins. "Can you tell us about your friends? What were their names again…? Ahh- Maelstrom and Hurricane, was it? What do they look like that we should know who to keep an eye out for?"

"Ahhh death noogies!" Daffodil squeals, squirming under Carronade's attack! "Noooo!" The little tyke rolls off the bigger one's back, giggling the whole time, coming to a sprawl on the ground alongside. He blinks up at Brume, "Maelstrom and Monsoon. Stromie and Soonie!" he says with a wide grin.

The twins manage a look of relief when all the friendliness they had found upon arriving in the Harbor proves to be genuine. "Uh…" Hearth begins to say, but Bonfire beats her to the punch. "Maelstrom's a big lug of a unicorn. He's going to be really hard to miss if you find him. He's kind of loud and crass and annoying when he's trying to prove he's better than Monsoon."

Hearth gives her sister a nudge, "Monsoon is a quiet pegasus with three raindrops for a cuite mark. He's kinda hard to miss too. Probably because neither of them are from around here, and they'll probably be like us in being all amazed that there's a sun."

Carronade laughs at the tyke, but refrains from getting too rowdy considering his size. Speaking of which. "… So KINDA like ME but with a HORN," he muses. "And LOUD." But more crass and annoying. Where as for all his strength and loudness Carronade is just a big lovable lug. Like a Big Brother Pony. That's right, I went there and made that joke.

"Ahhh, well. This town DOES get many visitors and passers-through, so your friends may blend in better than they think," suggests Brume, before grinning slightly. "Still, if they are always sitting about and admiring the sun, that is probably a good indication. We all have come to take it for granted, I suppose. Ah, here! One moment." He turns to dig about in the wrapped bundle at his side. Spindrift, still looking weary, watches the three in the meantime. "So you're the Elements of Harmony, then." She lifts her chin slightly. "Or at least a different set. Interesting. Which is which?"

"This little fellow is clearly Laughter," suggest Brume, as he finds what he's looking for: a pair of sunglasses. Reaching over, he tries to perch them on Daffodil's nose. "Here. Believe it or not, some of us find the sun MUCH too bright, so we wear these."

Daffodil blinks as the sunglasses are perched on his nose. "Oooooh…" he oohs, nudging them up and striking a cool (to him at least) pose. "We would /never/ use these where we come from. When it's always night, you don't get to wear cool things like shades." He turns to Hearth and Bonfire, waving his arms, "Lookatmelookatme!"

The twins do look, and they both giggle too. Really when the incarnation of Laughter does something silly, it's difficult to not follow suit. The question of who, exactly, is which element goes unanswered for the moment, as the twins get some of their nervous energy out amid their giggling.

Carronade chuckles a bit as well, deep bassy sound that it is. Fortunately he's not getting too carried away. "SUNGLASSES make the light dimmer so you can SEE… Maybe your world needs MOONGLASSES that make things BRIGHTER instead then," he offers, trying to make a joke of the opposites

Brume settles back, smiling, clearly pleased to see the colt enjoying the sunglasses. They are, of course, sized for an adult, so they're a bit big- but hey, everybody knows wee ponies have adorably oversized bobble noggins anyway, so it's not THAT big a difference. "Very impressive," he says. "We'll make a proper sun-worshipper out of you yet, lad." At Carronade's joke, he glances up to the other stallion with a grin.

Spindrift bites her lower lip as she watches. As the laughter dies down, she turns her attention to the twins once more. "And you two…?"

Daffodil strikes another pose, practically strutting his way to sit in front of Hearth and Bonfire. Who seem a little surprised with the question drected at them. "Huh?" "Us two what?"

"Your Elements." Daffodil stage-whispers up at them, grinning at the taller fae-ish ponies. "Right?"

"Oh!" Hearth says, blinking. Bonfire offers a shrug. "I guess my element was Generocity. My sisters was Kindness. Spectre is Honesty."

Daffy pipes up again. "Soonie was Loyalty! And Strommie is Magic!"

"Huh" Carronade muses. "Generocity and Kindness as twins. The two do tend to go hoof in hoof."

Spindrift nods slowly, satisfied with the answer. She studies the three more closely… well, Daffodil, he's obvious, but the other two… eh. They seem sweet enough. After a moment, though, she pauses. "'Was?'" She narrows her eyes somewhat as she thinks. "Does it no longer apply when you don't have the foci?"

Aftera few moments, Brume elaborates. "The jewelry."

Spindrift rolls her eyes for a moment. "Mmm. I suppose after the initial status is attained, the foci ARE required to subsequently wield their power. I don't see why they would have been physically separated from their owners in the crossover, though… an exclusion, perhaps? They may have been left behind, as there were already elements here…"

As she talks to herself, Brume sighs and smiles. "Nevermind her. She's very interested in artifacts such as the elements. Hopefully we can think of a way to find yours, though."

"That would be very nice of you." Hearth says softly, idly stroking a hoof through Daffy's mane. "We don't quite understand why anything happened the way it did."

Bonfire gives a faint snort, "It could've been Strom's fault. His magic is a little wild sometimes. But we won't know until we find him! Hopefully Spectre found a clue or..something. I don't like just waiting."

"Though this place /is/ the nicest place we've ever had to wait." Hearth giggles. Throughout this exchange, Daffy's striking pose after pose, apparently nothing ever gets old with this kid. The sunglasses fall off during a more vigorous 'kung-fu' stance though, prompting Daffodil to blink and rub his eyes at the sudden introduction of light again to those tender orbs.

"I think…" he says, picking the glasses up with a hoof, "…I think this time the clue…" He puts the sunglasses on, flashing a bright grin. "…Is gonna come find /us/."

Somewhere down the street, a citizen of the Harbor pipes up. "Yeeeeeeeah!" He's promptly tackled into a nearby alleyway.

Carronade wells. His date didn't quite go off yet, but they did make some of the misplaced ponies feel better, so it's not a lost cause for the night. He picks up the sunglasses, deposits them back on Daffy's face, and then gives the kid one more light noogie. "Okay, you ponies TAKE CARE. I'm gonna go get something to EAT since that DINNER DATE got delayed again." He turns and trots off, hoping -this- doesn't turn into some sort of running gag as well

With a chuckle, Brume pushes himself up and takes a moment to settle his bag and his cloak. "It would certainly help, lad," he says. "I only hope it's happy to find you when it does." Seeing Carronade leaving, he turns to wave to the stallion. "Best of luck! Again, the fries at the Conch! They're lovely!" He looks back to the three newcomers, then across to Spindrift, who has falling quiet once more, gnawing a hoof pensively. She catches his glance, then nods slowly. Brume smiles back to the three. "I suppose I'll let you get back to your race for now. I'm sure you guys want to see more than the same old waterfront and hear annoying questions that don't have answers. You can keep the glasses if you'd like," this to Daffodil. "They look far better on you than me."

Spindrift reaches up from her teeth to smooth her dark mane back. "Where are you three staying for now? I'd like to know where to look if we ever find something and want to tell you."

"We're staying at a tavern." "At least we think it's a tavern." the twins say, "But we're not wanting to impose so we're keeping our eyes open for a suitable campsite."

Daffodil grins, both at having been allowed to keep the sunglesses, and at the prospect of camping. Frankly, everything excites this foal. "I've never gone camping before. We can't go camping back home because it's always cold! Unless you cound making snowtunnels to sleep in, but that's more like survival than camping." He taps his chin. "It's still fun though."

Hearth shakes her head. "Anyway…" she says, giving Daffy another ruffle. "We're pretty easy to find. Hopefully soon this whole mess will be cleared up somehow and we'll all be happier for it."

"Hopefully," echoes Brume, smiling again. He turns to go, but not before dipping into a florid bow, one long foreleg drawn in against his chest. "Thank you for your time, ladies. Be careful, but do continue to enjoy yourselves." As he rises, he flashes a grin at Daffodil. "You too, scamp." Spindrift watches the three for a few moments, then nods to them, before turning to walk off with her companion, still looking a bit Thoughtful.