A Little Big News
IC date: Winter 45
OOC date: February 2
Location: Main Street
PCs: Jellybean Typhoon-Wave Magpie Ruby-Blossom Adelaide Jigsaw-Blade Gumdrop Valor

It's cold in the harbor today, but not as cold as it's been. The sun can be seen behind cloud cover and there's no snow on the ground. All in all it's a cheerful setting, but not half as cheerful as Jellybean: the captain of the weather team is literally hopping his way through town with the goofiest smile ever on his face. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!"

Adelaide is currently NOT building a snowfort. Instead, she's pouting on a bench because there's no snow, and snow is just awesome (especially now, when it should be the middle of summer). She looks up when she hears someone bouncing along the lane. She tilts her head at Jelly curiously, then hops up to flutter after him.

Magpie peers at Jellybean. Hm. Jellybean wears some goofy smiles, but this one looks like a 9.0 on the scale. She hops along a bit alongside him. "What's up with you, Skippy the Flying Pony?"

Jigsaw-Blade cocks a curious glance at the weather captain from her spot up on someone's roof, taking her two and a half-hour lunch break from roof repairs. Gotta love union rules. 'I hope that doesn't mean he knows it was me who tried to break into the weather shed last week… nah,' she thinks to herself, supressing a shudder.

VRRRROOOOOOOOM! A tiny figure hovers and buzzes down from above. Gumdrop the hummingryphon overhears the joyful words of Jellybean and floats like a helicopter just above. All the excitement seems to be getting her excited as well! "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmysgosh. Wait…ohmygosh what?"

Typhoon-Wave is not bouncing. She's kind of more hovering. Flitting, almost. Trying to keep up with bouncing Jellybean, hurrying along after him and looking… relieved? Amused? Perhaps a little nervous? All of the above! "This, uh, this is a good ohmygosh right? This is g-good."

Jellybean doesn't stop hopping. "Oh my gosh, Magpie, it's so wonderful!" Hop hop hop! Now he's mostly hopping in a circle. "I just heard the best news I've ever heard in my life! Just the best possible news I could ever hear in a million zillion trillion years!" Hop hop hop! "And I was just so surprised to hear it I'm still not sure I heard it right!" His circle having brough him back to face Typhoon again, he looks at her for confirmation. "I heard it right, right? You didn't say we were out of milk or something?"

Adelaide flutters down to perch on Magpie, tilting her head curiously at the bouncing gryphon. "What's goin' on?" she asks Magpie, peeking down at her unicorn perch. "Everypony's all… bouncy." She ruffles her faiths. "It ain't roight."

Magpie turns in a circle, continually facing Jellybean and hopping to try to keep him centered in her vision. But she looks more confused than excited. "What is it?! Did you find a really old bottle of wine? Win the lottery? Catch a magic golden fish and now he'll give you one wish?!"

Jigsaw-Blade takes a flap, and glides down to street level, with an eye towards finding out what's going on. She shoots a silent glare at Jellybean, and raises an eyebrow.

Typhoon-Wave blinks, and giggles a bit. "I… that… doesn't sound anything like what I said." She sets down carefully on the path, grinning. Then blinks over at Magpie. "Do… d-do goldfish do that? My brother's just kind of s-swam around in circles."

Gumdrop zooms around in tiny circles just above. Hopping? Good news? Never mind the fact that she's never met the pony before…but this all seems so splendid! "Did you get a giraffe? An elephant? An elephant riding a giraffe? A new jar of peanut butter? 20 pounds of new sugar? Whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat?"

Jellybean finally stops hopping. He trots in a complicated little circle which is as much 'tapdancing' as anything else, wings all a-flutter. "Then it's true? Oh my gosh, it IS true! It's amazing!" He leaps into the air and turns a flying cartwheel before landing again. "I'm gonna be a DADDY!"

Magpie peers up at her new Addyhat. "Uh, I…" She carefully picks up the hat, and puts it on the ground. "Not goldfish; a magical golden fish," she clarifies for Typhoon. "It was in a story Tale Chaser read me, where this fish got— WHAT?" She blinks at Jelly. Oh… that's something that happens to married ponies, isn't it? …Ruby excepted… "Oh, well— yay!" she hops for Jelly. "OH! YAY! I get to babysit for you!"

Jigsaw-Blade crosses her rear legs reflexively at the statement. "Um… Congrats. May your foals be numerous and multihued," she says, glancing back skyward. "Um… gotta go, roof won't fix itself bye!"

(OOC) Typhoon-Wave: best parental blessing ever.

Adelaide squeaks as she gets relocated. She pouts, then launches into the air to flutter around Jellybean. She ooohs at the cartwheel. "Neat!" she tells Jelly. "Um. Congrats. That's somethin' ponies tell othah ponies when they foind out th' fuhst… no, wait… hang on, now Oi'm all confused. An' Oi lost moi pehch."

Clang! Roll roll roll. An outrageous mustache emerges from a manhole, attached to a palomino pony with curiously curved ears. He speaks up, with a curious accent. "What's all the commotion about? You are all making it very difficult for me to hunt sewer beasts, what with your hopping and wild mass guessing." Beasts which at this very moment endanger the lives of everypony! If they're real. But they probably aren't. But they might be! The subterranean adventurer swivels his head around and spots a few familiar faces.

Gumdrop lets out a shrill chirp of delight. "Babies! Babiesbabiesbabies!" The bite-sized birdy gives the father-to-be a bite-sized hug. She seems to only be able to hold still for just that quick moment before she's buzzing again. "I…….." her brain short-circuits for a second, "ISHOULDTOTALLYMAKEYOUACAKE"

Typhoon-Wave watches Jellybean cartwheel, giving a relieved huff. "So this is definitely good. Good! Okay. G-good." Not that she had any real worry that it /wouldn't/ be good, but… well, it's Typhoon. She's always nervous about something. She blinks over at Jigsaw. "…Oh. Er, th-thank you! Um, good l-luck with the roof?"

Ruby's distinctive ruby-colored mane slowly rises from behind, followed soon by ruby-red eyes, then a small turquoise muzzle, and then front legs held wide apart; these very legs latch firmly onto Typhoon from behind in a firm, affectionate, and possesive hug! "Foals~" she begins to laugh maniacally. "FOALS!" then suddenly releases Typhoon and sinks back behind the other mare. Omninous!

(OOC) Typhoon-Wave is legitimately gigglefitting over here, omg that mental image. XD

(OOC) Ruby-Blossom: I just hope this doesn't prompt Typhoon to hide in her cloud house, huddled in a corner, hugging herself out of fear of Ruby.

(OOC) Typhoon-Wave: luckily, Ruby's kind of Typhoon's best friend, so she can't exactly hide from her.

Magpie facehoofs hard. "….Moooom, you're being evil again! AND EMBARRASSING ME!"

(OOC) Ruby-Blossom: Ruby hasn't even begun to embarrass Maggie~

Valor says "Evil?! Where?" He falls back into the manhole with a clatter, forgetting that one must have his hooves on a ladder in order to benefit from its elevational properties.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and goes still for a moment, ears tilting as she glances over her shoulder. "Uh." Well that happened.

Adelaide blinkblinks. She zips over to peek over Typhoon, then lands on the mare's back to look for Ruby. "Wh… where'd she GO?" she asks in wonder and awe and a little bit of fear as she vacates one Typhoon Wave to peek behind the bench, too. Just in case.

When Typhoon glances over her shoulder, Ruby takes the oppurtunity to slip around front of the other mare and take a seat in front of her. "Foals~" she chimes; glancing towards Magpie. "Itsy-bitsy cutesy-wootsy cuddly-wuddly Jelly-Wavy foals~" pressing her front hooves together and wiggling her bottom in excitement.

(OOC) Jellybean giggles. "I think we have a song number here."

(OOC) Magpie: Everyone chanting "Foals, foals, foals foals" while Jelly and Typhoon do a patter song with Ruby?

Jellybean hugs Gumdrop, then flies over and hugs his wife, the big dopey smile on his face. "I'm going to be a daddy! You're going to be a mommy! Isn't that great? Isn't that just wonderful? I can't wait!"

From atop the roof, Jigsaw sings in counter-melody, "Always pooping-in-a-diaper, crying-at-3-am-foals~"

Magpie says, "They're not your foals, they're not your kin! You're just supposed to cheer for them! It's not about you, it's not about me, just tone it down, okay, Ruby?"

(OOC) Typhoon-Wave: …nice, Magpie. XD

(OOC) Magpie: Never challenge my impromptu poetry skills. I used to play Zecora.

(OOC) Adelaide gets into a Poet-off with Magpie!

(OOC) Adelaide loses horribly.

(OOC) Jigsaw-Blade: The first one to win, wins!

Ruby-Blossom slowly leans back until her front hooves touch the ground behind her; precariously peering at Magpie. "It's not about Ruby~ It's about foals, and how wonderful having foals is." she sticks he tongue out then snaps forward to plant her front hooves back on the ground in front of her. "Congratulations~ I suppose it's time we help you get some practice in, foal rearing is serious business."

Adelaide flutters over to plop down next to Ruby, looking up at her. "Are… Are you a NINJA?" she asks in awe.

Typhoon-Wave returns Jellybean's hug, and gives Ruby and exhasperated if amused look. She's… she's actually getting used to this sort of thing. Wow. Who knew. Of course then Ruby goes and makes a statement that brings the nervous look right back. "…Practice? We… we babysit for Blackbird sometimes."

Jellybean kisses Typhoon and then lands. He coughs into a hoof, looking meek. "Anyway, that was my good news. Sorry for making a scene."

Magpie pffs. Waves a hoof at Typhoon. "Oh, don't worry. They practically raise themselves. Lookit the dragon twins!"

Ruby-Blossom glances at Magpie, rather deadpan "That's the example you want to use? Well, I guess if foals raise themselves you don't need this weeks allowance…"

Magpie says, "Teenagers are a COMPLETELY different thing."

Gumdrop perks her head up into the air in a sudden alarm. She buzzes around in rapid circles chanting, "Ohnonononononononononono!" out loud. Her eyes have panic set in. "Gottago Gottago Gottagogogo!" With a burst of air much like a departing helicopter, the gryphon ascends and vanishes as a blur in the blink of an eye.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and lays her ears back slightly. "Oh… dear." She hadn't thought about that. She /definitely/ hadn't thought about /teenagers/. Did she /have/ to look at the dragontwins like an example? Was… was that normal for foals? Oh dear indeed.

(OOC) Magpie hugs Typhoon. I AM HELPING.

Jellybean blinks, wingruffles. "How are the other twins doing, by the way? Your little ones?"

Ruby-Blossom beams "They're spectacular! Reading to them all the time, we play games like peekaboo and rolly-polly-wolly-bally-wally, and they seem to enjoy eating Snapdragon's cookies and watching his reaction. Good thinge there are plenty to go round."

Magpie says, "I like the bally wally one."

Ruby-Blossom gets up, trots to Magpie and throws her frong legs around the filly; big hug time! "They like playing with you too, Maggie. You're such a good big sister~

Magpie awwww.. "I try," she mumbles.

Jellybean giggles, throwing a wing over Magpie fondly. "I think you're a great big sister. I can't wait to be able to introduce our foal to you. I'm sure you'll be a great…" He thinks. "Cousin? Would that be the right term?"

Ruby-Blossom 's hug has managed to now ensare Jellybean as he got a little too close; this squishes Magpie in between. "I'm sure Magpie will be happy to impart all her foalish wisdom!"

Typhoon-Wave smiles sheepishly. "They are pretty cute." She blinks, and tilts her head. Cousin implies blood relation, right? But if Jelly can be 'Uncle Jellybean' to Sadaka and to Ruby's foals, then why can't Magpie be a cousin? "That might be right."

"Mmgh. Naw, I'm just a friend," Magpie mumbles, squooshed.

Jellybean thinks for a moment. "Goodness! There's so much we have to do!" he says to Typhoon. "We're going to have to get furniture and everything, remodel the spare bedroom, read up on what to expect… there's a lot." He smiles. "But I'm sure we'll be able to figure it all out!"

Ruby-Blossom releases Magpie and Jellybean before hopping to her hooves. She trots up to Typhoon and provides another big, big hug before releasing. "Come on by, you can help me tend to the twins!"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and smiles sheepishly, returning the hug. "I… I c-can do that. That might be an okay idea. I, uh… wow. There /is/ a l-lot to do." She blinks, and blushes, ears laying back. "…There is a /lot/ to d-do."

Magpie waves a hoof. "Oh, you got months and months to wait! Don't worry." She hugs Typhoon tight. Oh— "Uh… just… don't invite Winter Solstice to your foal shower. She gives scary gifts."

(OOC) Jellybean: You mispelled 'awesome,' Magpie.

Jellybean knows that look: he trots up beside Typhoon and gently puts a wing over her, leaning up. "It's going to be fine, honey. We're going to be okay, and soon we'll have our own little one to take care of."