A House Call
IC date: Autumn 51
OOC date: November 9
Location: Dream-Daze's house
PCs: Rising-Chaos Dream-Daze

See, you learn something new every day. Sometimes, learning said new piece of information requires the application of some amount of force. To learn the location of Dream Daze, Rising Chaos didn't have to exert THAT much force, but one of two ponies found themselves growled at and threatened anyway, for the look of the thing. She is looking okay! Not good, but okay. Her stance and movements are back to normal after that night, her coat in fine shape and her cape and brooch well maintained. The only difference is that ehr eyes are a bit less… Alive than normal, dulled. Still, she knocks on the door, and looks confident as she waits for (assumedly) a parent.

When the door opens, standing in the doorway is not a parent. It's a foal. A filly. A little, blue, unicorn filly, who's magicalness is cracking the door open. She peeks outside with curious amber eyes, studying the figure that has apparently appeared at her doorstep. "Um. H..hello." she offers, with a light, hesitant tone. "Can I help you?"

The little filly blinks. Twice! Then recognition settles into her expression, those amber eyes widening. "Oh..! Right… I uhm. Saved you. In a dream." She beams. "I'm Dream Daze. It's nice to see you again!" Because it's always nice to see friends, right?

Rising-Chaos blinks twice,then opens her mouth, then blushes in confusion. "My apologies, Dream Daze. I was under the impr-" that line of thoguht leads nowhere good, and does it fast. "Yes, you did, and that's actually why I'm here today. May I come inside for a moment? Is there somewhere we can talk in private?" Privacy isimportant, Chaos is going to do something she isn't proud of.

Dreamy's head bobs. "Sure! Come on in. Mom and Dad are at the shop, so it's just me and Star home alone. I'm still getting used to this…" The filly steps back ouf of the doorway, stepping her way into what seems to be a living room. One wall is nothing but shelves, covered with a multitude of music boxes. Otherwise there's a few of the usual things ponies may have in their living rooms. Cushions, a coffee table, lamps, bookshelves, that sort of thing. "Please close the door behind you!" she calls out, picking a cushion to lower herself into.

Rising-Chaos steps in to the house,closing the door dutifully. She remains absolutely silent as she walks over to Dream Daze, and then still without a worde, she hugs the filly as best she can. The mare isn't very good at hugs but the effort is what counts. "Thank you, so much, for helping me in that nightmare. I may not have been able to beat it so easily without you." She shuts her eyes for a moment, and her tone stays even, but still a nice gesture.

There's a moment's pause, as though the filly doesn't know quite how to respond to sudden hugs from bigger ponies! But she seems to recover quickly, hugging forelegs back around the other pony as best she can. "I..it's no problem. I've had to do that a few times lately. Nightmares are no fun, you know?"

Rising-Chaos releases the hug before it gets TOO awkward. "I do know,I have them most every night, but that was somehting else entirely. I have spent the last few days fortifying myself against another attempt by whatever malignant force made that happen. Next time it tries to interrupt my sleep, I will be ready, and more importantly, Iwill know exactly what and where it is." She sounds just a bit angry at the end there, but takes a moment to calm herself down. "Since I have been… Compromised, as it were, I would like to take some precautions just to make myself feel more secure and to remove some existing weak links. I have somehting I think you would enjoy helping with."

Hugs? Too awkward? Never! Dreamy sure didn't seem to notice. It takes a couple seconds after Rising stops hugging for the little filly to realize it's only going one-way now. So she lets go, settling back into her cushion. Does she look disappointed? Maybe. But that passes pretty quickly too! "Ooh yeah?" Amber eyes glimmer. She stands up in her cushion! "Ooh ooh what? What is it?"

Rising-Chaos takes a seat next to Dream Daze, because that filly has recently bumped on to the list of 'ponies that Rising Chaos actually kind of likes' due to her helpfulness. She smiles again, a more typical thin smile, and her horn lights up. "Well, I figured that one way something could attack me mentally would be through the things I have attatched to me. So I wanted to reduce the amount of such things in my possesion." A little white cloth head pokes out of her saddlebag, before Glyph wiggles out and on to the floor. "I seem to remember you and Glyph getting along quite well? Would you like to take care of him for a while?"

Dreamy peers at the little cloth head. Amber eyes stare at that which stares back, a little dainty hoof lifting to 'boop' the fake lizard on its nose. She giggles merrily. "Sure. He's adooooorable~" She glances up at the toy's true owner. "But… If he's attached to you, how does giving him to me help?" Those eyes widen. "Is he gonna eat /me/ first and then you'll know if he's coming after you?"

Rising-Chaos shakes her head. "I'll simply sever the mental connection for the duration of your caretaking. He'll just need a pony he can grow close to while that happen, since being around me has a risk of developing another mental connection. Him and I are very close." She looks at him to, with obvious affection. He's Rising's little lizard. "It wont be for terribly long, maybe a few days until I feel more secure. He can follow you anywhere, potentially."

Tanking that hit on the nose, Glyph keeps staring up at Dreamy. then his head whips around to Chaos, then back to Dreamy. He waddles forward, and nose bumps her back.

The little filly beams. "Awwww, you're adorable!" she coos to the little cloth lizard, plucking it up and setting it on top of her head. "Okay then. If you're sure it won't try and get mind-synched with you again." She grins, cutely. "Or eat me." Amber eyes try to peer up, where the lizard is curling and making a sort of makeshift nest in Dreamy's mane, next to her horn.

Rising-Chaos watches the lizard for a while, before sighing. "No it is for the best, he will be safer this way." She think. "I mean, I will be safer this way. He can't eat you either, even if he were to try. That was just an odd way of playign on one of my fears." She settles in a little bit more. "I must confess that I had no idea about the extent of your abilities. You have quite a talent there Dream Daze, I am very impressed, and surprised you came to my rescue."

When talk strays more towards her talents, Dreamy's ears tinge a shade or two in a soft blush. "I don't…get to use that part of my talent very often." she confesses. "It's rude to dive into other pony dreams without their permission, but… This was an exception!" She leans a little closer to the older mare, adopting a conspirational tone. "There's something funny going on in pony dreams. But don't worry, I'm on the case!" Beam! That's supposed to be comforting, right?

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow in curiousity. "Indeed, I had heard that Quintessent Rune had a… Similar experience to myself. That is most alarming indeed. I trust you are up to the task, and you can come to me for assitance if you should require it." After all, the thing attacked HER. For all she knows, the next target is Spindrift, and at that point it's hit 3 of the 4 ponies Chaos likes the most, and that's the point where it is dead, whether or not said death is delayed. "I will agree that I would prefer if ponies stayed out of my head,it is a complicated place, but I am still msot grateful for your intervention."

Dreamy brings a hoof behind her head, her expression slightly sheepish. "You're welcome. I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been there. You might've woken up on your own!" That same hoof gives the little cloth stowaway a couple pats. Yay adorable living doll! "…Anyway this is my world, and I'll figure out what to do. Hopefully you won't have any more problems until then."

Rising-Chaos grimaces just the smallest amount. "I had Glyph there to help, and he was good for that. Those nightmares tend to stay with me for a while, thankfully I have a few friends who can help me through it." She watches Dreamy for a while, it's a lot for a filly to take on. "Just be careful, Dream daze. I know a lot about taking on more than you can possibly handle and it doesn't end well. Your… Friends, are here to help." Are they friends? does that count?

Just the mention of friends makes Dreamy's eyes practically shine. "I know! I have the best friends." And there she goes, bouncing over to hug the mare again! "That's why I'm gonna take care of this…" All the bouncing has jostled Glyph down to the little filly's back! It looks slightly annoyed by this, but goes about making a new nest anyway, settling down a second time.

After getting over the shcok of having ANOTHER hug, two in the same night, weird, Rising Chaos hugs back. "Alright Dream Daze, I am sure you will."

The little filly lets go first this time, trotting in a small circle with her little cloth passenger. Two short laps later, she stops in front of the magical mare. "So! Anything else I can do for you? Errands run? Adventures to be had? I feel like I've been cooped up forever…"

Rising-Chaos considers this for a while. "Well, maybe I can think of something, but you will have to give me some time. I will keep you in mind should I need anything Dream Daze, as always." Because maybe a small filly who can enter other pony's minds is a good use of resources! "But for now, no. Although Ishould amke the same offer, is there anything you need?"

But for now, no. Dreamy's face falls a wee bit, the counter-offer met with a simple wave of her hoof. "Company, sometime. Maybe ice cream! That's always good for company, right? Or… Or maybe a boat ride!" That lifted hoof is used to scuff at the carpet. "Maybe I'll come visit you instead! Oh! Uhm. Where do you live again..? I forgot." Eyes go wide! Her head dips. "I'm horrible for forgetting…"

"you haven'tforgotten, I don't think I ever told you. I live in a wagon that is usually parked within sight of Quintessent Rune's house. I like to travel around." rising Chaos tries to smile, to comfort! "I am best foudn at my office in the orphanage, as it is where I spend quite a lot of my time. I can certainly take my lunch break to keep you company, perhaps we can even have more of us if you like. Do you know siyana?" Look at that growing circle of friends she has. TWO ponies, count em, that's more than… one.

"O..oh! That would explain it." Dreamy says hastily, all smiles and sunshine again. "Sure! I'll just come visit the orphanage sometime." Her eyes get wider. "Surely I have lots of friends there, too… It'll be awesome!"

Rising-Chaos nods, she sin't surprised Dreamy would have friends among her orphans. "I look forward to it, Dream Daze. Perhaps I can take many of your out for ice cream. It is my job, after all." Rising gets up, leaving? Maybe. "It was good of you to entertain me Dream Daze."

The filly's bouncing around slows to a stop. "O..oh, leaving so soon..?" Hoofscuff. "I suppose you have important things to do, yeah. Orphanages don't run themselves!" She beams, trotting towards the door, letting her magic wrap around the handle to open it. "It was great to have you drop by! I'll make sure to take good care of Glyph for you."
Rising-Chaos looks confused. "Well, I had finished all my business here. If you had something you wanted to do, I woiuld be more than happy to stay. I have nothing pressing for a while, a date wiht Spindrift late ron but I am hardly in a rush."

Dreamy ponders. Visibly lifting her head with a 'hrm'. Then lowering it with a 'rgh'. "…sigh. Nope. But I'll think of something for next time!"

Rising-Chaos nods. "well I'll be off then. Next time we will have more to do, then." She walks over to the door, and then out of it. "Please enjoy your time with him, and make sure he's happy. He's rather important to me." Then, before she can embarrass herself further. "Talk to you another time, Dream Daze." and she's gone~