A Helping Hoof On The Boardwalk
IC date: Autumn 36, 1007
OOC date: October 25, 2012
PCs: Ginger-Spice, Gravity
GM: None

A rock is lifted and a grunt is heard, then the rock is dropped. You can see a rather discheveled looking gryphon poking his beak here and there, downright everywhere, looking for mice, vermin of any sort, well, really anything alive and edible. though by the looks of things he's not been doing well with his hunts lately. He looks scraggly looking, and occasionally you may even hear a dull grumble of hunger come from his stomache, followed by a frustrated groan as he continues his hunt. Burdy is not doing well in the range of getting food lately, seems this cold snap has pushed all his usual foodstuffs underground. He may even have tried digging some up as his foretallons are rather muddy looking.

"Well, ye're lookin' like ye might be in a tad o' problem there. If ye dunnae mind me sayin'," a voice spoke up behind him. A familiar one, bellonging to a fiery redhead unicorn mare. Ginger-Spice flashed him her usual, cocky grin, a steaming bowl of stew floating besides her in her telekinetic grip.

Gravity is startled a little by pony presence, then the dawning recognization of voice. He turns to look to the mare, swallows hard, definately recognizing her and a sudden shift in his senses brings up that scent of whatever she has floating beside her. Scent of FOOD. He doesn't yet speak, though you can boldly hear his stomache grumble 'want, need!' it practically begs before he can get a word in edgewize. His head ducks, eyes downcast not in good sorts, he wants to growl out something but he's quiet a momment more.

"Uhhh, critters I usually munch on, urr, are in hiding" he notes lightly, 'stomache growls out in annoyance, that of 'feed me' again. "Been tough lately" he looks up to her, then gazes over at that bowl, "H how much" he kinda cringes unsure of if he should even try, if he can handle it, but oh it smells sooooo good!

"What, for this 'ere bowl of stew? Tha' is easy," Ginger-Spice said with a chuckle as the bowl floated forward, "nothin'. Ye're lookin' like ye're needin' it more than I be needin' the bits."

"Thou' an appology for callin' my food grose would be nice."

Gravity actually cowers like a kitten, as he gratefully accepts that bowl, "I , I, I don't usually eat pony meals, umm food n stuff, so I urr, I'm sory about before" he looks downcast, as he sniffs at the stew, then practically attacks it. Old hunting habits show right through into his manners. He pauses looks up absoloutely beaming, "this" his tounge slurps around the edge of his falcon like beak, "This is GOOD" he announces looking somewhere between stunned, thankful, and absoloutely confused, "Really good" he furrows his brows, "The last pony food I had was gross, this This isn't!"

Ginger-Spice giggled impishly and half turned, wiggling her flanks, and her chilis and knife cutie mark, at him. "I ain't got a cooking cutie mark for no reason ye know! And I'd sugest ye get used to the idea o' eating pony cookin'. Will help ye fit in 'round these parts. Jus' make sure they know to get a gryphon friendly version o' it."

Gravity 's head practically turns nar backwards looking at you, "You, you mean you made that just for me?" his body follows his creepy head positioning, "m Most cooks wouldn't touch our fare" he notes, "Last thing I tried" his feathers poof some and settle down, "It wasn't right for me" he rumbles.

Ginger-Spice smiled. "Dun' get me wrong there. There isn't any… meat o' that kind of stuff in this," she waved a hoof at the more or less empty bowl. "But there's a difference between greens a pony eats an' the greens tha' a griffon can eat. Hay, jus' to name a example. Perfectly fine, if bland, pony food. Nae so good for ye griffons."

The gingerbread brown mare shrugged, her smile turning into a smug grin. "An', sure! Cannae 'ave ye go die on me when I can do anythi' to help, can I?"

Gravity looks up to her from his position slurping the last of that bowl right up. His tummy responds with a full rumble, and he turns to offer a strong belch, followed up by a quiet 'scuse me' then looks up with neearly unblinking eyes, heat tilts, and nods, then suddenly you find yourself assulted by feathers. The Gryphon actually hugs you! "You're a nice Pony, niceest Pony I've ever come across" he admits a little quietly.

Ginger-Spice blinks in shocked suprise as she's swept up in a feathery hug, the sensation of talons on her back making her shiver slightly. "I.. uh… Well, I guess tha' was bound to happen sooner or later, right? There's plenty o' nice ponies around, jus' have to treat them right, ye kno'?"

Gravity backs off a bit seeing her a bit disconcerted by that feather hug. "Treat em right, mmmhmm, I know, I know" he grumps a little, "sometimes iits fun to cause trouble though" he 'smiles' with a quip of his head, "little tricks, chaos here and there, little trouble n stuff"

Ginger-Spice smiles and whistles innocently, her eyes trailing of somewhere else. "I wouldn't know, I'd 'ave to say."

Gravity quips a brow looking to her curiously, "I /know/ that look, What are /you/ into?" he asks "Izzit Fun?" he asks with a big 'grin' on his beak, its really a combination of tweaked feathers on his head, some what of a spike of feathers that flares with emotion trouble making in this instance.

"Well, I cannae say I don't enjoy causin' mischeef from time to time. Thou' I don't have anythin' brewing right now, save for stew… And food, tha' is serious bussines, ye dunn prank with tha'," Ginger-Spice stated firmly, emphasising it with a nod. A moment later her grin broke across her muzzle once more. "Though I cannae say no to a good prank once in a while, I mus' say!"

Gravity 's little feather spike rises like a red flag and he laughs, "Oh this I good!" he just grins, "I can see us being good friends!" he laughs, "Oh, by the way, Um, I don't think I introduced myself last time we uhhh met, er encountered each other" he heh heh's some, "I'm Gravity, or just Grav

The gingerbread brown mare smilled and held out a hoof. "Name's Ginger Spice, and I am the best cook ye'll ever see!"

Gravity takes that hoof in his talon, he's at least gentle about it as he can actually grip hoof to talon. and returns the jesture. "Spicey, sounds good to me, and yeah, you are a good cook, n' care alot, Mmsory about what I said before, ad' no right to judge bout that"

"Eh, I got it sorted out after tellin' 'em a meany ol' gryphon tore up my license," Ginger-Spice giggled, "an' sorry for beein' a bit of a jerk myself."

Gravity gives a wings only hug and smiles, "no hard feelings" his beak bumps to your shoulder quck like and he steps away and ponders, "This town is pretty wrecked, ya found a place to stay yet, I know ponies tend to have places of their own to stay, exept for the flyers that just make up their own cloud places, but eh, I was just curious fore the snows hit n stuff?"

Ginger-Spice smiled and pointe down the boardwalk, "Well. I stay over there. Place called th' Rose 'n' Thorn Inn. Not tha' great, but it's cheap whi' is just fine an' dandy. As for the town… I honestly cannae tell you, I got here a week or so ago an' it was already all wrecked when I got here… Honest!" The last part came with a giggle.

Gravity laughs some, "cool, might find a place to stay, pending I can earn bits n stuff, I usually fend for myself, but eh, I don't know if this place gets coldcold, or not" he comments, "The critters don't usually drop out this quick" he offers, "or I'd still be munching mousies" he laughs. "This place has a pathetic but very welcoming name, Its false advertising, It should be Called Distaster Bay or something like that

Ginger-Spice flinced, pulling a face. "A'right, I got to ask ye… Can ye please /not/ talk meaty… food? Please…? I feel like I 'ave to throw up…"

Gravity looks down a bit, "Err, sory, habits n all, you grew up on one thing, me another, Sorry, I won't talk about em' anymore s sorry" he looks down

Ginger-Spice smiled and gave Gravity a pat on the shoulder. "Dun' worry about it, just… Keep it in' mind. Mostly ponies 'round 'ere, and most of us cannae really stomach the idea of eatin… Ye know."

Gravity nods a little, "its what I grew up with so, normal talk n stuff" he smiles, "now I'll just mention hayburgers n stuff" he nodnod's with a little laugh, "So my hayburgers have been a little hard to catch lately, they've been all burrowing underground where even My tallented talons can't reach!" he laughs

Ginger-Spice pulled a face, a not so happy one in fact. After a moment she sighed. "Well, I nae did like hayburgers to bein' with, the mental image tha' gave me didnae do that much damage…"

Gravity holds a talon up like he's saying stop, or I surrunder, "Ok, no food subjects besides the wonderful stuff that you concoct, I could talk about that anytime" he smiles and ponders, "Is there ever any work I could do, to uhh, maybe make some bits, or uhh just get some food from time to time?" he asks sounding a little sheepish, "cause I really don't have much on the way of bits" the burd mumbles a little as he fishes through this tight flightjacket he's got on and manages to fish out two bits., "eah, thats all I've got"

"I cannae say 'bout that either… I work my own kitchen, so I nae have the need to keep abreast the job market. Thou' since there looks like a lot o' ponies gone missin' lately, there might be a few openin's… Think one o' the town weather pegasi got lost, 'monst others. Might want to try there?" Ginger-Spice rubbed her muzzle as she thought out loud.

Gravity nods some, "Never did well with that, but couldn't hurt, what with the season change up going down here soonish" he notes, "I can kick clouds with the best of em, though really I'm better at disapating em' n shreading clouds than anything else. "A little bit of talon and wings action there, and I can rip em to shreds like a er, um, yeah" he nods stifiling a little laugh before shutting up.

Ginger-Spice smiled and nodded, refraining from commenting on where that was going. "Good! Would hate for ye to get stuck out in the coald when ye can avoid it." After a moment she giggled teasingly as well. "An' I'd be happy to have another payin' customer, o' course."

Gravity smiles back to he, "Thanks for the rescue there Spicey, don't know what I would have done had ya not gotten me that goodyumyum's" he smiles, "And next time yeah, I'll happily be a paying customer, I'll also work if ya need me, or need anything carried anywhere, do mail service, that sort. Cause, well, I do have wings and I'm right quick with em!"