A Glorious Summer Day
IC date: Summer 59
OOC date: 18/08/2013
Location: Deep inside the Wintersong
PCs: Rising-Chaos
NPCs: Will'o'Wisps
GM: Snowfield

Since everything has come to a conclusion, there's some things that need to be tied up. Some things were easy, like the snow melting away within the day. Some things require a bit more leg work, which is why Rising Chaos is retracing her path (careful to avoid Snowfield's house, so as not to intrude) that she took when she went and looked for the missing mare. Instead, this time she's not in the deep forest looking for a pony, she's looking for a will o wisp, for the silliest of reasons.

There doesn't seem to be any sign of the little blue ball of light which danced around the pony on her previous trip into the forest. Perhaps it is playing with somepony else right now… or maybe she just needs to do something to draw its attention. Will'o'wisps have lives too, you know.

Well, that's fine. Rising Chaos can do things to grab attention, and she's determined to fulfil this promise, so that's what she's going to do. The unicorn pokes around the trails for a suitably open spot. Upon finding one she takes a seat, and her horn flashes to life. A pair of little illusionary lights start dancing around her, very simple, but hey, it's something. Rising isn't capable of a whole lot more.

That seems to do the trick! After a few minutes of flashing another glow appears in the trees in a familiar shade of blue. It flits between the trunks and trills musically at the light show.

Rising-Chaos spots it, of course. She's almost always very aware of her surroundings. that doesn't mean she pays it much attention, because that won't get it to come closer, probably. Instead, she pushes herself a little bit further, and uses her magic to make a faint sound to match the thing's trilling.

The mirroring sound seems to please the will'o'wisp! It bursts out from the trees and dances between Rising's magical lights happily, pausing every so often to go up to the pony's head and "brush" against it as a cat might rub against something it likes. The sensation of a creature made of magical energy making physical contact is somehow both cold as an ice cube against one's skin and warm like a spring afternoon.

Rising-Chaos smiles ever so slightly, out of satisfaction for luring the thing out more than anything. The sensation of it making contact sin't entirely unpleasant, either. In fact, the mere fact it's made of magical energy is pretty cool, and makes her feel more at ease. Magic can be controlled, more or less, she's in tune with it. "Hello there, I've come to fulfil my promise," she says, while keeping the lights and sounds going.

The will'o'wisp bounces up and down excitedly when Rising says she's here to play! It whirls around the mare's head a couple times before darting off into the woods with a joyful little shriek that sounds like a somepony pinging the highest note on a xylophone. After a few moments it comes back, bounces once more, and takes off again. 'This way!' it seems to say.

If she's going to have to move, Rising Chaos can't maintain the spells. So as she gets up, the lights disappear, but she does keep the music if possible, since that seems to be the best part for the sprite. At a more relaxed, careful pace, she follows her new playmate, wondering what kind of play it means.

Apparently it means hide and seek. Some thirty meters into the woods the will'o'wisp waits silently behind a tree for Rising to approach. Unfortunately for the little creature, being an animate ball of light in a dark forest makes for being a terrible hider. Its glow pulses and bounces as it quivers in anticipation of being found.

Despite being a grumpy nerd who barely understands what fun is, Rising Chaos was a little filly once. she has a basic understanding of SOME games, and hide and seek is one of the first ones you learn. So, once she catches on, which to her credit only takes a little bit, she makes a show of searching for the will o wisp. Purposefully checking the wrong location, since the actual search would be too easy. "My goodness, I seem to have lost track of it." Now, so long as she doesn't lose patience, this will still be good fun.

Eventually she makes her way to the tree the thing is hiding behind. "If I do not find it soon, I may have to turn back." Of course, that isn't the plan, since she starts walking around the tree, in order to spot the thing.

When Rising first walks past the creature's tree it 'peeks' around the side of it and emits a tinkling series of notes like a wind chime blowing in the breeze. Giggling, perhaps? It manages to keep itself under control on the second pass.

When she begins to walk around the tree the will'o'wisp bounces out from its hiding spot and directly into Rising's face. Boo! It trills happily and bobs up and down.

Rising-Chaos, upon being charged by her new friend(??), recoils slightly. Panic, you're under attack, get out of here.

But then she remembers where she is, and calms down. She even puts on a small, thin smile. "Ah, there you are. You certainly got me. Is it my turn to hide?"

Is it? It must be! That's how this game works! The will'o'wisp zips around in a circle and nestles into the trunk of a tree, presumably having 'turned its back' so that Rising can hide. Every second or so it jingles as it 'counts'.

Rising-Chaos turns the music off, because we don't want to be too obvious, now do we? The unicorn looks around the clearing for a suitable spot, eventually seeing a small rise in the ground, with a tree growing beside it. Perfect. She lays down there, the branches keeping her out of immediate sight, it's just easy enough to be fun, without being too easy to be boring.

Back at its counting spot the will'o'wisp makes a sound much like an alarm clock as it finishes counting and races out into the trees. Without having to worry about keeping its footing in the snow or tripping over loose tree roots the little ball of light makes short work of exploring the area. Unfortunately, it also seems to be kind of stupid— it passes directly over Rising Chaos twice without spotting her! Eventually it comes to a halt a couple of trees away and bobs slowly in place, thinking. Clearly this pony is a champion hide and seeker.

Clearly, Rising Chaos must practise for hours a day to get this good. Or, she's just hidden herself a little bit too well, time for a hint. She lights her horn up just slightly, more to have a magical signature than for any specific spell. Maybe that will help? It will certainly tell her something about will o wisps.

The wisp stops bobbing immediately when Rising's horn lights up. Its glow dims conspiratorially as it begins to drift towards the tree hiding spot. It is such a clever little ghost~

Oh so very clever, and totally not receiving help from the hiding mare. Rising makes sure to take a note of it's change of behaviour though, since she can get a feel for what it's doing just by looking for the concentrated area of magic.

The wisp sneaks around the back of the tree, hoping to catch Rising but 'surprise' by approaching from behind. It tries to float directly behind her head and then brighten its glow to full blast with a happy chime!

Rising-Chaos, again, almost panics when the thing surprises her, but catches herself more quickly this time. Instead, having let it get there, she just turns to catch a glimpse of it. "Oh, well done, you've found me. You're quite clever." Doesn't she just sound so sincere(??). since hiding is no longer on, she restarts the music, not that she'll be able to do it for much longer, she's getting exhausted mentally.

The will'o'wisp darts around happily at the compliment and begins mimicking Rising's music happily when she starts making it once more. Then it darts off into the woods again. Follow, follow~

Rising-Chaos gets to her hooves, wincing slightly at the multi tasking, but certainly does follow the sprite. Theoretically, the only problem is going to be finding her way out. Hopefully, she's got that covered, given the chance to rest.

The will'o'wisp moves at a decent clip, although never so quickly that Rising will lose sight of the light. She may be distracted, though, as other lights appear and flit between the trees in all manner of cool colours from green to turquoise to purple.

Rising-Chaos has grown to be quite good at ignoring things that aren't important. So, as the music dies down, because volume is hard, she keeps her eyes on HER will o wisp. She takes a note of the others, of course, but isn't going to stop for them unless it becomes necessary. She might lose the chance to play~

It does beg the question of what, exactly, is happening.

The will'o'wisp slows to a stop when Rising's music disappears, allowing the unicorn to catch up to it. It chimes questioningly at her as if to ask why she's not singing any more.

The other lights in the forest echo the chime.

Rising-Chaos suddenly finds herself being trilled at by a lot of floating lights, who are very close. It doesn't help that she is deep in what is generally known as a dangerous forest and far from home. totally normal. She gives the one she's been following an apologetic look. "Sorry, I don't have that much energy. If you want more music, I'm going to have to rest for a while, it's very draining. It doesn't mean we have to stop playing."

The wisps seem content to let Rising rest for a moment. The first wisp begins to ring with a slow but friendly little ditty and float around the area bobbing gently. Soon other wisps begin to join in with it, jingling with harmonies and countermelodies until the forest is abuzz with a symphony of chiming and lit with cool starlight.

Rising-Chaos takes this as a cue to rest. It won't get much done, unless the wil o wisp leaves her for a good couple of hours, but it's better than nothing. She curls up on the forest floor, perfectly comfortable. She watches in appreciation as the lights dance around her, though. It really is beautiful.

She's allowed to be grumpy and also appreciate beauty, shush.

The show is quite lovely and continues for many minutes. The wisps are really getting into it when suddenly—


Without warning a loud, low sound echoes through the forest. It seems to come from everywhere and nowhere at once, filling up one's head and one's chest with the strange and unnatural tone. A few minutes later the sound repeats, a haunting refrain far different than anything most ponies would have heard before.

It causes the wisps to stop their own song and perk up.

A couple of important things happen all at once for Rising chaos. Firstly, she doesn't run away. Secondly, she doesn't panic. Thirdly, she doesn't get angry. This is an accomplishment, and she takes a moment to be proud of it before calmly shifting to a seated position. "What was that, is there a problem?"

The wisps begin to bounce up and down, but whether it is with excitement or agitation is impossible to discern. Another chest-rumbling OOOOOAAAAAUUUUUUUUOOOOOO fills the area and the trees begin to illuminate with an unearthly teal light.

That isn't much of an answer form the will o wisps, but it's something of an answer from the forest. Rising Chaos gets all the way to her hooves now, tensed and looking around. She's pretty drained on magic, so she can't be very tricky, but maybe whatever is coming is friendly. Yeah, let's tell ourselves that.

The light appears to be coming from overhead. As the source of it comes to a stop directly above Rising and the wisps the area is filled with shafts of teal light.

UUUUUUOOOOOOO the thing bellows in its low, haunting voice, the tone pitching up at the end as if it was asking a question. The wisps respond by trilling back cheerfully and then dancing around Rising. Whatever it is the wisps seem to think its friendly! They prod at the unicorn and float up into the treetops to try and encourage her to fly up as well!

They do not seem to realize that unicorns, on the whole, can't fly.

Rising-Chaos may not be able to fly, but she can look up. So she does so. Will o wisps trusting something isn't exactly the best judge of character, but it's all she's got to work on. So what is this thing?

Thanks to the trees and the bright light the only thing that can really be judged is 'large', 'bright' and 'teal'. A few wisps seem to realize that she can't float up to meet the thing in the sky like they can and begin to poke at her to get her to move in a particular direction. Now that some have gotten close it may appear to Rising that not all of them are pony-shaped. A purple wisp seems to have the silhouette of a cat's head inside of it while a pale green light looks vaguely like a parrot.

Rising-Chaos doesn't much care what shape they are, will o wisps are fascinating. Slowly relaxing her guard, she follows the path the sprites are giving her. It's been a very, very interesting day.

The wisps guide Rising to a break in the trees where the sky above is clearly visible. After a minute the source of the teal light follows along, becoming visible over the tree line. It's enormous— easily twenty meters long if not longer. Where the silhouettes of the other creatures are hardly visible amongst their glows this one's so big that it's difficult to NOT see the fins protruding from its side and the long, wide tail.


The creature sings down at Rising again, swimming through the air to the crest of the trees so that it can get a better look at her.

Rising-Chaos's bravado shrinks significantly upon seeing the thing. that's big, that's really, really big. Not that she panics, because it seems friendly, and, after all, seems to be about as ethereal as her other friends. She stands up straight and approaches it. "Hello there, my name is Rising Chaos." It tends to be a good idea to be extra polite to massive things.

The giant will'o'wisp — a whale'o'wisp even! — sings down at Rising as she introduces herself. The other wisps sing and chime happily in response. Apparently it approves of the unicorn! That's good! They begin to bounce and dance more, happy that their largest comrade has made a new friend as well.

Rising-Chaos is only too glad to have it like her. It could come in useful later. For now, she musters all her remaining power, to generate the music again, it'll only last for about a minute, but maybe it will be enough to make them all even happier, and then she can go home and sleep. She's earned it, maybe.

Hooray, music! The wisps of all sizes begin to sing along with Rising's melody, flitting between the trees and spinning around the clearing in time with the song. The whale in the sky flaps its fins and does a slow back flip over the forest. Now that they have a new friend to entertain they seem more than happy enough to play amongst themselves.

Well, okay, maybe she can stick around for a little while to watch them. they really are a little bit cute, not an adjective Rising Chaos stick on many things. The music fades as she lays down, gathering her cape around her to keep warm. She'll definitely have to do this again, it fulfils a fantasy she hasn't had in a long, long time.