A Glimmer Of Friendship
IC date: Summer 81
OOC date: September 9
Location: Daybreak Village
PCs: Wishy-Washy Ruby-Blossom
NPCs: Glimmer
GM: Applejack

Wishy may question Ruby's intentions as she leads the mare through the Wintersong and towards Daybreak Village - after all the hoofla with Winter weather in the middle summer who'd want to trek into the cold forest; say nothing of Wishy's little mis-step during her her initial visit to the town of other-siders. At least Wishy was given a nice warm and new scarf to wear for this little trip. "I'm here to follow-up on a little something-something, and wanted some company - before you ask." She offers the hot-blooded mare a silly, friendly grin.

Wishy-Washy actually wears a smile on this trip as she keeps good at close to Ruby. "I don't mind that. Just as long as there isn't zombies. I really, REALLY don't like zombies. Timberwolves? I can deal with. Will-o-Wisps? A-OK. Angry bears? Sure, I can dance around them no problem. Zombies? nuh-uh. no way, Jose. No chance, Lance.

Daybreak Village is much the same as it was last time, if somewhat quieter without the general noise of foals hanging around. Most of those now reside at the Horseshoe Harbor orphanage! This has, perhaps, led to some of the locals dragging their hooves more than usual, though others are probably happy to not have to deal with an increasingly impatient batch of kids that just want to see this crazy new world.

Today there are hardly any ponies outside. A couple tending to the bonfire, and the usual pegabrute guards flitting around, but hardly any faces to watch the pair of mares hoofing it into the quaint little village.

It might actually be a little spooky this way.

Ruby-Blossom blinks cutely at Wishy and gives her a curious a look. "You haven't run into any zombies have you? Please tell me if you have - that's really serious." Ruby looks dead serious - which is better than undead serious. She steps along with her attention focused on Wishy but seems to somehow watch where she's going. Arriving at the forest prompts Ruby to scrunch her nose and give the area a slow, discerning gaze. "mnn…" she rubs the back of her head. "I'm surprised - I really didn't expect them to ship the foals off to the orphanage…I thought." she shakes head and motions Wishy towards the Main Hall. "This way."

Wishy-Washy trots along, looking around at how sleepy and quiet Daybreak happens to be. "I have not, but a pony named Gamble mentioned that there might be some wandering the wintersong. I mean, Snowfield put my fears to rest, but I'd rather be vigilant then be shambling fetid glue." She walks up to the main tent with ruby, getting ready for the berating that pony with the clipboard will likely give her and her friend.

Ruby gives Wishy a relieved sigh and shakes her head. "We haven't seen any in almost a year, and I'd prefer it stay that way." That being said, the fact that Nightmare Night is a couple months away weights on Ruby's mind for a moment before she manages offer Wishy another big, affectionate smile. She lightly raps at the door to the hall with the tip of her hoof.

"If it makes you feel any better, zombieism isn't contagious." comes a voice from…right inside the Main Hall door. Which happens to be open, with Glimmer herself sitting at a makeshift desk they might have imported from the Harbor just for clerical and other work. She appears to be using a quill to write out something on parchment, though this pauses when she glances up at the two arriving ponies. Ruby gets the hints, just the barest hints, of something that might resemble a smile if you squint at the sun and then look quickly her way. Wishy-Washy…doesn't get a frown. So that's an improvement.

"Can I help you?" she asks, ears perked attentively.

Wishy-Washy waves to glimmer a bit and nods. "Yes. Snowfield assured me of that… by the way, it totally turned out that my little illusionary flair turned true; I did indeed vanquish the Windigo for you folks." Wishy gets a great and powerful smirk on her face, but then comes down from her boastful high to add. "Not that I expect any accolades. I simply wanted you to know that I knew what I was doing."

Ruby trots into the hall and right up to Glimmer whom she gives a very, very friendly and equally quick cheek nuzzle. See friendship is magic, Glimmer! She steps away. "I wanted to come and see if there was anything I could do help out. Anything I could do to help with the matter we discussed before - or anything new." big, silly smile included! Wishy's little boast prompts Ruby to glance her direction. "I thought it was more of a team effort…" not that she was an effective part of the team that evening.

At the last moment, Glimmer puts up a piece of parchment. She may not be yelling or stamping her hoof, but close contact is still not quite her thing. "I've heard the story a time or two." Glimmer admits. "Though my understanding was that, as Ms. Blossom noted, it was more of a group hug that actually felled the beast. I understand you played an important part in tracking it down and figuring out what it really was though, and that's impressive in its own right. Few ponies have the courage to stand up to things of that magnitude." She nudges her glasses with a hooftip. "Especially magical and mystical threats of that level."

Then to Ruby, the purple unicorn offers a shrug. "Things here are quiet for the moment. That thing we discussed is still a problem, but the thing with the foals has taken a higher priority for the moment. Unfortunately I'm afraid it may have done Redmane more harm than good in the end to agree to this orphanage idea if he was trying to keep the peace."

Wishy-Washy frowns a bit as her ears flatten. "Yeah, but I was the one who came up with the idea to give it a group hug and I totally rallied everypony to give the hugs!" after a moment of scrunchy snout and listening to Glimmer, she blinks. "Is morale low around here…? I can come up and do a show that doesn't involve as much magic if you'd like…!"

Ruby ends up nuzzling parchment instead of of Glimmer's cheek - this prompts a discernable little whine from the mare who never takes well to denied affection. She plants her flank on the floor and listens to Glimmer, like a good mare. The mention of the orphanage prompts Ruby to crane her head to one side. "Honestly - I was surprised you guys'd let the foals go. I mean, foals are like sunshine - they off a brightness that can't be replaced." she scrunches her nose and glances towards Wishy as the boisterous mare offers to put on a show. She glances back to Glimmer, Ruby's questions will have to wait.

Glimmer nods slowly to Ruby, though she gives Wishy a hesitant look. It wasn't the 'magic' in the show that was the issue… It makes her ears tinge a light shade to ponder on, eventually dismissing the thought with a shake of her head. "I…think we'll be fine, Ms. Washy. That is, you're welcome to put on another show at your leisure, but I don't see that as a solution to our problems."

Then to Ruby, Glimmer's head turns, the hints of a frown forming. "It's not like that. Redmane always has everybody's well-being in mind when he makes his decisions. They don't come lightly to him, nor without ample research into the cause and effect of nearly every angle. But he does have a tendency to be hopeful for the best possible outcome to a situation, and sometimes lets that blind him to other possibilities. In this case…" She gestures outside. To the silence. "…The issue with the foals is whether or not /our/ foals should have been allowed to mingle with the outside world. Some believe they should have been kept where we can see them. Particularly if we are to return home anytime soon. Thus this ends up being more ammunition for their arguments."

Wishy-Washy frowns a little bit when she hears that harmony through dance will not be the solution, but frowns even further when she hears -that- "Wait, ponies want to go -BACK- to that…?!? From what I've heard, that is the last place anypony should want or desire! I mean… it's not like you folk crossing over has caused any instability, right…?"

Ruby rubs a hoof against her own cheek while pondering Glimmer's words - honestly these complicated things can be pain to figure out. "Change is scary." she glances towards Wishy-Washy. "Change brings uncertainty - sometimes ponies can find comfort in the things they've always known, no matter how aweful they may be." she glances towards Glimmer again. "I think you'd agree that no foal should have to go back to a world that bleak and unforgiving. But I think you'll also agree that something needs to be done to free that world, and give everypony a new start." she rubs her cheek a little more. "I'd lend a hoof if things came to it again." a heavy huff and a hoof pointed at Glimmer. "Instead of shying away from us - you should let us help. I'm happy to have you here - but I'm also happy to get you back to your world. But only if we can make it a place you can call home." she looks at Glimmer after her speech, totally like a foal begging for a cookie - only Ruby's cookies are hugs.

Glimmer purses her lips, studying Wishy's expression. She leans just a bit closer towards Ruby. "You haven't explained the situation to her, have you." Without waiting for an answer, Glimmer straightens up and leans against her desk, hooves crossed atop her half-written parchment. "Yes. Ponies want to go home. Because that is home, and no matter how wonderful another place may be, home is home. There are those of us that have a great desire to go back, because there are ponies currently fighting for us to have a future in our proper home. It may be broken, but it is still ours." A momentary flick of her gaze to her hooves, then back up to Wishy. "Some of us want to stay and make a new home here. It is a valid option, but it has been given the label of 'cowards way out'…"

Really this was just adding to Ruby's words, so when the earnest mare's speech ends, and she sits there waiting for..something, Glimmer gets the hint. There's a look that might be a grimace, and then the purple unicorn reaches a hoof out to pat Ruby on the head, next to her horn. "I'm sure help will be a very welcome thing when the time comes." A pause. "IF the time comes."

This seems to really get to Wishy in a way that makes her fall silent; something that strikes a little bit -too- close to home. Although she doesn't start crying like she did the last time, she simply choses to fall silent instead, trying to gradually shrink away from both Ruby and Glimmer just a bit.

While a pat atop the head isn't what Ruby desires - it's start; see that wasn't so bad Glimmer. She scrunches her nose in deep thought, almost as if she believes concentrating will make the way back to the otherside a reality; then there's a wide, wide blink of those Ruby red eyes - clearly Ruby has thought of /something/. No doubt trouble is brewing for all parties involved. Wishy doesn't have much chance to shrink away as Ruby grabs the other mare by the foreleg - the kinda grip meant to remind Wishy she doesn't have to shrink away. "I think…cowardice isn't shying away from conflict for hardship; I think it's shying away from one's own heart."

Glimmer lowers her head a little, watching Wishy attempt to back up, stopped by Ruby as she may be. "I'm sorry if that sounded harsh…" she says, completely misunderstanding the issue. "It's not that we aren't grateful. We're all grateful that a bunch of strange, friendly, otherworldly ponies arrived to save us in a time when we would have otherwise outright perished. It's just a touchy subject around here because…" Again the unicorn gestures outside. "…we don't exactly belong here, and we're well aware of it. Change /is/ hard, some of us just aren't taking it well."

Wishy-Washy takes a deep breath, getting close to Ruby as she speaks up. "I have my reasons for never ever wanting to return to my home, is all. I realize that not only am I better off that way, but my loved ones back home also are, is all. 'tis why I travel equestria and the thing I call home can move at a moment's notice."

Ruby squeezes Wishy tightly, as if to emphasize her next words. "I don't think home is where you are born, or where you live. I think home is where you make it, and for me it's made by being around those I care for." she stares directly at Glimmer. "Your world needs to be freed so it can become a home - then there should be no arguement about who belongs where. I…" scrunching her nose again "I'm not good with words, alright? I just think one of you guys need to step up and remind everypony else that you have friends here. Ponies who care about you, what happens to you, and are here to help you." she gets all huffy - clearly struggling to make her point. "You are all welcome here. You are welcome to stay here and call our home your own; and you're also welcome to ask us for assistance getting back to a liberating your world. None of you are alone, and there's no need to fight amongst yourselves. It's important you all be true to yourselves, and find your homes. Home is worth fighting for, home is worth protecting - wethere home is here or there - I'll help you all find your home if you let me." Ruby's started to cry - maybe 'home' is something very important to her?

Stupid Rumble-Riot.

Such a teary moment! Glimmer has a very neutral face compared to the teary-eyed unicorn(s), leaning back again. "Of course you're welcome to help." she says, her voice quiet. "I just don't know the best way to do that yet. If you think of something…" she trails off, gaze drifting to her parchment where she stares off into space for a long moment. Eventually she gives her head a quick shake. "Anyway! I'm sure you two didn't come all this way just to join in the morose mood here."

Wishy-Washy sees Ruby's eyes start to water up and immediatley takes her friend's snout into her chest, wrapping her hooves tightly around Ruby's head to let her cry out if need be. "shhh… I think the daybreak ponies can figure it out…" she turns her head back to Glimmer and nods. "Give her a moment… I just followed her out here so she wouldn't be alone coming out this way."

Hugs are always welcome, very very welcome - the only thing better than a hug? A hugwhich or a hugpile. Ruby's tears are brief and honest - the mare whiping her face against Wishy's soft coat with a sniffle. "No pony has to be morose." she objectionally mutters. "Glimmer should..remind all the other ponies that there's no need to be sad." she wipes her face against Wishy again before hugging the mare - albiet a bit too tightly. She manages to push away just enough to settle beside Wishy while wiping her eyes with the back of her hoof. "Just…" she forces a smile, an extra big smile. "Yeah…"

"As I told you before." Glimmer says, and once more comes soooooo close to a smile. So close! Really smiles are Redmane's department. "This is something we'll figure out. You must admit, there are worse problems we could be having. Like windigos. Professor Redmane will figure out the right thing to say when it matters most, and we will all be fine."

Wishy-Washy's face starts turning a bit purple as Ruby Crushhugs her, but then she quickly catches her breath once Ruby lets go… she nods, but doesn't relaly have any reply for Glimmer beyond that.

Ruby-Blossom stomps a hoof. "If you really care about Redmane then it's time you pony up, Glimmer. A true friend helps a friend in need. Redmane needs your help, you need to try hard and do what you can." she huffs while giving her hooves a final dry with the back of her hoof - she's done honest. She shakes her head before huffing cutely. "I'll hush…but I have another question, about something on our end."

Glimmer actually frowns at that. Frowns, and tips her ears back. "For your information, /I/ do the bulk of /his/ research. /I/ do most of /his/ work. And /I/ am frequently talking to the other villagers about what /needs/ to be done." …So much for warming up to the 'outsiders'. Glimmer's Glare has returned! "Is that what you really came here to do, then? Lecture me about what /I/ am doing?"

Wishy-Washy shakes her head. "hey, Ruby didn't know that. there's no need to get snippy at her! she just wants to help!"

Ruby-Blossom draws a little circle on the floor with the tip of her hoof. "No…I just meant…" she gives Glimmer the biggest, more adorable pout - complete with big wibbly eyes. "Ruby knows Glimmer does alot…I just meant…" wibbly wobbly lower lip. "I think Glimmer is a good mare who has great potential as a friend…if she'd just try." Ruby proceeds to look down at the ground and sniffle loudly "Messed up…" she mutters quietly.

Glimmer certainly seems to have gotten the wrong idea. "I'm a good mare, but apparently I'm not trying to be a friend and I still need to 'pony up', as it were, to help my own ponies." she says flatly, glare shifting from Ruby to Wishy and back. The unicorn heaves a weary sigh, turning her attention back to her parchment, the quill that had been levitating so quietly beside her resuming the work she had let be interrupted before. "I appreciate the…" she pauses. "…Advice. Are there any other gems of wisdom you'd like to fling in my face or are we done here?"

Quiet and calm - a sense of over-welming peace; this is the peace before the storm. Without further warning Ruby /pounces/ over the table with full intent of tackling Glimmer; this by no means an act of violence but rather affection. "Stupid Glimmer! You're always so mean to me! I came all the way out here to see you and help! I was just trying to cheer you up and encourage you! I always say the wrong things but that shouldn't matter cause we're supposed to be friends!" Ruby rambles and whines - having hopefully pinned Glimmer to the floor under her. "Mou! I think you'd be an even better leader if you just warmed up a little!" Ruby huffs loudly and pulls Glimmer's cheeks. "Smile for once!"

Wishy-Washy is not happy about Glimmer's attitude at all, glaring back with the same ire as the purple unicorn. "All we ask is that you be friendly, and all you do is hide underneath a shell of sarcastic dreck! No… I had no business here other than to support my friend, so I'll be taking my leave. Having a conversation with you is the audible equivalent of ingesting the blue leaf I hear Oh-so-fond stories about, I would imagine. Come, Ruby!" Wishy does a dramatic turn and sticks her snout in the air, trying to telekinetically drag Ruby out by the tail. then she realizes she managed to grab nothing with her aura as ruby has always pounced over the table. Ruby seems to have handled the situation in a manner better then she did herself.

Glimmer has all of a split-second to look up in /such/ surprise at the flying body-tackle Ruby launches into! "WhaHEY!" Pinned down, the unicorn's glare is gone. It's more a wide-eyed look of shock, that turns into surprise, and slowly melts back into a neutral expression.

At least it isn't a glare anymore.

"I warm up just fine, thank you! I'm not going to..lay here and explain myself. If you're here to be friendly, be friendly, and stop trying to force the issue!" She turns her head, puffing her cheeks out huffily. "I was warming up just fine before you started implying things."
Snowfield has disconnected.

Ruby flails her forelegs wildly. "I'm sorry! I know you work hard, and I know you're stressed." flail flail flail "I'm sorry. I just don't like to see friends unhappy. I just wanted to help bring a smile to your face." she huffs and slumps slightly "But I messed up." she climbs off of Glimmer and offers the other mare a hoof. "We'll go now. You're always welcome to come visit…" tone suggesting she knows Glimmer won't.

Wishy-Washy ulps a bit and is… actually thankful that Ruby's outburst covered her own as she just quietly slinks out of the building now…

There's so much Ruby in the way that Glimmer can't notice Wishy exit! At least until Ruby gets off the sulky mare and offers a hoof. Which she accepts, sitting upright. She rubs her face with her other hoof. "I get it, really, and yes. It's very stressful right now. So I'm sorry if I haven't been the nicest of hostesses." She glances sideways, but there's no second pony to look at. So she looks to her parchment instead. "I thought I was doing fine until the 'pony up' comment. I wasn't even mad…" By then Ruby's wandering out too, Glimmer's gaze snapping up to watch. "Oh. Okay then. Come again soon…"

Ruby glances over her shoulder at Glimmer then offers a friendly little wave. "Ruby thinks Glimmer does a good job - just needs to smile more often." she wiggles her hoof again then hastens her pace to catch up to Wishy whom isa couple yards ahead by this point. That little meeting to so heavy, clearly Ruby has to do something to lighten the mood. Stealthily Ruby hustles after Wishy and when she's inches away groans in a raspy voice. "Braaaains." only to bite the side of Wishy's flank a split second later.

Glimmer watches the ponies leave, then glances at her desktop. She rearranges a few things knocked out of place during the tackle, glances back towards the door, and then towards the spot Redmane usually sits doing things. It has…a mirror. For mirror things. Another glance to the open door, and Glimmer sneak-steps over to Redmane's desk, peering into said mirror. Neutral face. She tilts her head. Tilts the other way. Puts both hooves to the corners of her mouth, and..lifts. Smile! She lets go. Neutral.

"…this is going to take some work." she mutters.

Wishy-Washy lets out a blood curtling scream as her horn lights up and sparks with electricity, the instinctive look of murderious rage on the unicorn's face as she whirls around. When she sees it's ruby she quickly rears up and her horn shoots the ball of energy it had formed into the sky, the magic making a loud crackle as it explodes in the sky like a clap of thunder.

Ruby swiftly rushes Wishy out of Daybreak before anypony realizes Wishy has startled the populus once again; there's no denying she's grinning ALOT. She knows she got Wishy good.