A Curmudgeonly Coach
IC date: Spring 16, 1008
OOC date: July 23, 2013
Location: Snowfield's Cottage
PCs: Hoarfrost, Snowfield

Ah, spring. For ponies from the Winter Nightmare the very idea that one can just chase away the cold weather is likely to be foreign and strange, perhaps even unsettling. For a certain snow witch, however, it's downright bothersome. Winter is her favored season, and the previous winter was hijacked by that accursed tower in the harbor that turned all of the beautiful snow and ice into warm, heavy rain.

This is not the only reason Snowfield is currently sulking about near her cottage, but it's certainly a factor. The little unicorn is sculpting snow, preserved by Wintersong's natural magics, into geometric shapes and then disintegrating them in frustration so that they coat the ground again.

Little Hoarfrost trots through the Wintersong like it is her home. Taking in deep breaths of the refreshingly cool air. Patchwork bags heavy and noisly clanking about with every movement from a day of scavenging the trash of the harbor for lost treasures, and little things to repair. Among these two umbrellas she has stuffed between herself and her bags. The little pair of red eyes watch from the trees as her mentor so casually make perfect geometric shapes from a substance that would naturally resist such ridged form only to turn them to nothing a moment later. Wordlessly, as she has discovered words often seem to make her teacher all the more grumpy, she steps out and summons up her magic to try the doing the same. A descent looking rectangle comes out of her firsts try, too bad she was going for a square.

It's hard not to notice the clanking saddlebags that fail to sneak into the clearing. Cerulean eyes dart in Hoarfrost's direction to confirm the intrude's identity then go back to focusing on the crafting at hand. Snowfield grabs a large swath of snow from the ground and forms it into long cord, snaking it around and through itself into what appears to be a monkey fist knot.

» Hoarfrost rolls 1d10 (Does she have da Magics?) — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

Glancing up Hoarfrost tries to see if Snowfield noticed her work, but already she has moved onto something new. Is it a lesson? Scrunching her face, Hoarfrost watches trying to figure out what sorcery is being use to make snow into a knot, or even how to make it string like. Tossing her snow brick aside she tries to weave her own snow cord. Its passable maybe even good but knotting it seems to through her for a total loop. Grunting in frustration she makes a snowy tangle ball before stomping on it with frustration. "I blame the heat." grumbling and trying again.

"Heat is no excuse for lack of skill or talent," Snowfield says, breaking her own silence now that Hoarfrost has done so first. "You've been developing your levitational strength but neglecting your fine control. Ambient temperature has no effect on your ability to know where your magic is and how it moves." She tosses the monkey first towards the foal, where it lands a few meters away with a soft *piff* sound and crumbles.

» Hoarfrost rolls 1d10 (DeMagics!) — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

Hoarfrost's ears droop a little but she seems no less determined to get it right. "You don't have trouble with snow when its warmer?" she seems a little concerned that maybe its just her or her imagination. Trying again the little unicorn does not do much better the second time. The knot forming this time but the string isn't right and falls to pieces as it starts to tighten in on itself. No excuses are made this time though and she tries again at once. "Teacher, I haven't seen you in town at all since the snow got chased off by the mean weather ponies. You don't like the

"You don't like this spring thing either? They wont move the cold from the forest will they? We can keep in here right?" Weather ponies still seem to vex her and she isn't sure why spring has to come at all. The world without snow seems … wrong to her.

"Warm weather means I make my own snow. No amount of heat can take my magic away from me." This would normally be the part of the demonstration where Snowfield grabs moisture out of the air and turns it into a fine layer of frost, but it's already below freezing here in the forest. "Wintersong has its own magic as well. A whole team of weather pegasi couldn't warm this land. The best they could hope for is to fight the tides of clouds to keep a patch of land sunny in a storm."

Once more Hoarfrost drops the 'T' word and once more Snowfield grimaces. "Stop calling me 'Teacher', I am no such thing to you or anypony else. I keep to myself and expect others to respect that."

» Hoarfrost rolls 1d10 (DeMagics!) — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

A sorry smile creeps over Hoarfrost's face and the spell fails as she is distracted with further repromanding for dropping the dreaded 'T'. Trying her best she tries to just wipe the more embracing failure aside hoping that one wasn't the one that got noticed. Frustration is starting to show on her face, and she tries it for a fourth time. Why can't simple levitation be easy? She is at the age where she is supposed to be getting her mark and she is positive this is her talent! Eyes focusin on the snow before her she puts her all into it, horn glowing brighter still. She is going make this her talent, she has to. The snow swirls about and …

» Hoarfrost rolls 1d10 (DeMagics!) — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

"OH COME ON!" Hoarfrost falls back into the snow.

The snow swirls about and… continues swirling. Perhaps Hoarfrost has not yet become used to casting in a naturally magical area like Wintersong, for the forest seems to wrest control of the levitation spell from the little filly and let the snow spiral lazily off in all directions in an incredibly unspectacular spell failure.

"You've got too much on your plate," Snowfield says with a roll of her eyes. "You're trying to hold a loosely packed material in form and weave it at the same time, that's beyond your skills right now. Figure out how to tie a knot out of something that doesn't collapse when you let go first."

» Hoarfrost rolls 1d10 (Knot tying a Pirate clasic) — Result: 4 | Sum: 4

Its hard to tell just how much snow she covered herself in as it blows back into her face and knocked her back, all white pony and all, but she seems to be shaking allot of it from her coat and mane. Chest fallen with her ears and head drooped you think you might even see a bit of an embraced blush on her face through her pearly coat. "M-maybe its just the levitation bits I'm no good at? Maybe if I tried actually like doing proper ice magic?" peeking up through her bangs at the tiny ice witch, Frost's mane still styled suspiciously similar to Snowfield's. Still she does as she is asked. First rutting around in her bag for some string and gives it another shot. Again a failed attempt at a knot. "Who invented knots anyway? Stupid sailors." she grumbles unable to untangle it with her magic. That doesn't go so well either. Maybe she does just suck at levitation?

The taller (for a given value of 'taller') unicorn turns to begin heading back to her cottage. "You're in the wrong place to be learning ice magic. Everything here is already frozen, you won't be icing it any more or less than it already is. Leave the forest if that's what you want to practice." She appears to have dispensed all of the wisdom she intends to today.

Hoarfrost's head droops even lower making her seem all that much more small before her looming teacher. Biting her lower lip she takes a deep breath trying to keep her composure, "G-good idea." voice full of mock confidence thinly veiling the weight of the most discouraging lesson, even forcing a little bit of a smile.

Snowfield stops and glances over her shoulder. "And stop feeling so sorry for yourself. Nothing is more irritating than a unicorn who gets discouraged when her magic doesn't work as she expects it to." She shakes her head and moves to the front door, standing within the frame momentarily. "Honestly, have a little dignity. You won't do anything right if you think you'll mess it up." That's… almost a pep talk? In a prickly, insulting kind of way?

Hoarfrost is still a kid, and at the core of the issue its less she failed, and perhaps more so that she failed in front of the pony she wants to impress most. No impress isn't the right word, she just wants to make her teacher proud. "Sorry Snowfield." she turns a little hoping the ice witch misses the tears that were forming get whipped away. "I'll do better next time." with a weak chuckle and scratching the back of her head with a hoof she adds, "At least I can't do much worse right?" another smile, and this one is only half faked. "I better get back to Daybreak before it gets dark. Thank you for the lesson." giving a polite bow she turns with at least her dignity in tact.

"I didn't teach you anything," Snowfield said firmly. "I'm not your instructor and I don't give lessons. Now get out of here." She keeps her eyes locked on the foal so long as Hoarfrost remains in the clearing.

Wiggling under her packs and making sure her gear is good to go, especially her umbrellas, Hoarfrost makes her way into the forest. "I am grateful none the less." she says to nopony in particular. Exiting the the clearing the canter of her pace is not as cheerful as when she entered, but she seems at least refocused on her mission to become the Snow Witch's best student.

Once the filly has gone Snowfield sighs and leans against the door frame. "'You won't do anything right if you think you'll mess it up'? Who do I think I'm kidding." She walks into the cottage and closes the door behind her. "If being full of yourself was all it took to succeed… oh, whatever."