A Broken Heart
IC date: Winter 45
OOC date: 2/2/13
PCs: Sodium Fizz, Rising Chaos, Spindrift
NPCs: None
GM: None

It's early in the morning in Horseshoe Harbour, and science is ahoof. Rather, science woke up early, and woke up magic so they could get down to business. With the alchemical mixture provided by Sodium Fizz, Rising Chaos was able to create her little gift. The final result is a glass heart, filled with glowing gold liquid. It currently resides in a small black pouch to block it's light, and is being carried beside the unicorn as the two mares trot down the beach.

Rising Chaos has a scowl on her face, even if only because of the early hour. The mare is, despite her usual schedule, not a morning pony, it would seem. She's also carrying far too much for it to be so early, in addition to the black pouch, she's carrying a dress and several books in her magical grip. The unicorn looks over at the pegasus. "You really didn't have to come, you know. I could have just given the gift and gone home."

"Perhaps so," said Sodium-Fizz, pulling the hood of her ratty cloak further down her head. "But I want to make sure there's no funny business going on, you know I have my reservations for this… Besides, I need to talk to Spindrift anyway."

Rising-Chaos adjusts her cloak, the only thing she's wearing right now as she left her saddlebags at home. "There's no funny business. If there was, I would not have enlisted you to help. I can mess things up without you. I just wanted to do it right." She scowls and moves faster, the unicorn doesn't look especially happy to be here. "Come along then, let's go find her."

No sign of the seapony yet. No wonder- the troops are able to comb the beach all the more effectively now that the storm has been tamped down a bit. You can see it in the middle of the harbour, penned in by four smaller cyclones, howling and rattling against its bindings, as the Spire trembles and sheds small showers of dust and loosened debris at the centre.

Two of the soldiers are coming this way, in fact. Thankfully, their hardass of a leader isn't among them, and the two armoured seaponies offer Rising and Sodium a smile as they pass them and continue up the beach in the direction the two Harborites just came from.

Still no sign of Spindrift, though. Something else does appear before long, though: a little whirl of sand, rising up off the beach, before a pair of coal-black eyes manifest. They peer at the two mares for a moment, obviously hesitant, before the black-eyed elemental surfaces enough to lift a sandy claw and gesture for them to follow.

Sodium-Fizz rolled her eyes as they walked. "Well, that explains it. You want me here because 'two wrongs make a right' then? That, as bleak as it sound, might actually work for the two off us," muttered Soda before falling silent at the approach of the guards. At the sight of the elemental the alchemist hesitates, a hoof raised defensively. At least till it beckons them onwards. "It seems we've got invitations…"

Rising-Chaos smirks for just a second. "Something like that, yeah." Then the elemental appears, and her frown deepens. Not that the elemental is intimidating, she can mess those things up bad. Rather, it's the nature of what it's doing. "Oh good, she's being mysterious. Perhaps we'll finally see her secret lair. At least we're being shown the way and I don't have to do even more magic" She was quite prepared to use a tracking spell on the heart, but that would have been dangerously exhausting. She starts trotting towards it, prepared to follow, for all her bluster she trusts Spindrift. "Well it would be rude to reject them, now wouldn't it?"

"Indeed!" said Sodium-Fizz with a chuckle, trudging after the magical mare.

The elemental keeps low- swirling over the beach in the manner of a low breeze, kicking up bits of sand along with it. It pauses every so often, looking back over its… its… well, if it had shoulders, it would be looking back over them, but the little lump-like swirl of air with eyes doesn't, so you'll just have to imagine. In any case it checks to make sure the mares are keeping up, before surging ahead another twenty feet and waiting.

The trip continues north, along the beach, past the buildings of the town's waterfront. Iron Stock sits on the little patio outside the foundry, and waves in a neighbourly fashion as the two wander by down below. No time to chat! The elemental is leading the pair further, beyond the edges of the town.

At one point it freezes, then disappears under the sand. Has it abandoned our intrepid villains? No- looks like it's just hiding. Another soldier is making her way in this direction, though this one is occupied by absently taking measurements with some device that resembles a clam shell hanging from a string like a plum bob. She glances up and nods in a distracted fashion to the pair before moving on in a southerly direction. A few moments later, the elemental pops back up, glances furtively at the soldier, then continues north in a little bustle. No waiting this time- it can be seen whirling along the beach approaching the harbour's northern cape, and around its edge.

Rising-Chaos nods politely to both Iron Stock and the guard as they pass, and continues to follow the elemental. She cant help but notice the fact that they are going out of sight, and her frowns deepens even more. "Oh good, this looks promising. there's no chance of foul play at all." She holds the dress high so it stays pristine. "I forget, did we have a backup plan?"

Sodium-Fizz gave Iron Stock a wave as they passed, it had been a while since she'd stopped over at the foundry. She might have to do that before to long. The guard doesn't get much in the way of a nod though, they were just in the way in their attempts to help Spindrift out after all. Sighing for herself she picked up her stride once more, following the elemental.

Turning her head ever so slightly Fizz gave Rising-Chaos a rather bemused glance, accompanied by a small smile. "Backup plan? Do something insane and run for it usually works well for me. Most of the time. I mean, I'm still alive. If a bet gnawed on…" One of Fizz's ears flicked, the one with the bite-mark.

A trap? No, no traps here! As the two round the corner, they find…

… a damp inlet carved into the sand in which a tidal pool of sorts has gathered, down along the beach, behind the ridge of the cape. Sodium may recognize the area as one in which it's possible to hide from view of those in town while still maintaining a view of it. Down by the water, Spindrift sits, sitting up like an assembly of twigs with a ratty black wig dropped on top of it. Her back is to the pair, and she's looking up just as the black-eyed elemental whirls up to get her attention.

"Where have you been…?" she asks, before turning to follow the creature's pointed claw, looking back over her shoulder. She spots Sodium and Rising, then, freezing in place. She still looks to be in poor health, emaciated and with a dull grey sheen to the colours of her coat and mane alike. And that inky presence at the edge of her eyes before has all but completely encompassed them- it's difficult to pick their pupils out of the surrounding blackness as she looks to the pair.

After a moment's shock she turns away, reaching up to draw her mane back a bit from her face, keeping her back towards the approaching pair. "Rising Chaos. Sodium Fizz. Good morning," she calls back in a hoarse voice. (As opposed to a horse voice. Everybody speaks with one of those around here.)

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes as they round the bend in to the inlet. "Oh yes, do something insane. That sounds foalproof, at least I'm good at it." Then they see Spindrift, and all her snark disappears. The mare looks, awful, there's no other word to describe it. Suddenly the unicorn wishes she brought food, or something, anything. Still, she keeps her composure and steps forward. "Hello Spindrift, good morning. It's been too long since I saw you last." Only now does a hint of a smile come to her face, Spindrift is a friend. Sodium is one as well, of course, but it's not the same.

"Yup, too long," conceded Sodium-Fizz after taking a moment to eye the seapony. Grey legs bore the alchemist forward briskly to Spindrift's side. "You look downright awful, Spindrift. But… I'm happy to see you, even considering the way we parted…" Fizz bit her lower lip, shifting somewhat uneasily before throwing a glance back at Rising-Chaos. "It seems Arcee have a few ideas to help… Also I figured most of the supplies I brought last time would be a bit…"

Spindrift outright cringes as Sodium draws near, hunching away from the pegasus. Her eyes are wide as she watches Sodium sidewise, hoof half-raised as though ready to cover her face, or maybe hide it. "You're… happy?" she asks, bewildered, as if not sure what she's saying. "You're not angry?" Gradually, she relaxes, though only in fits and starts. "I'm sorry, Sodium Fizz. I didn't want to hurt you… I never wanted that." She hesitates, then, twisting slightly to look back at Rising, but still keeps her shoulders hunched a bit, and only moves just enough to eye the unicorn. Hers is the manner of someone hiding something from someone, though it's easy to tell she doesn't have anything except a roll of gnawed seaweed in her lap. And yes, seaponies can have laps if they curl their tails in the right way. "Thank you for… for coming, though."

Rising-Chaos looks on maybe feeling a little guilty she didn't rush to Spindrift's side. She's really not all that good of a friend. Still, she has business to attend to. The unicorn does soften though, and manages a smile. Taking a couple steps forward, and moving the dress out of the way, she brings the pouch up, ready to deliver the present. She wasn't addressed much, so she'll probably stay out of it for now, and it's clear Spindrift doesn't want her to know something. Rising deflates a little at the realization, and her smile becomes a neutral expression. "I've been worried about you, really. I'm glad to see you as well…" She scuffs the ground, fully aware that anything she'd say at this point would sound stupid. Fizzy is so much better at this.

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Sodium-Fizz gave Spindrift a morose smile as she took a step back, to reassure the seapony more than anything, before sitting down. "Not really… Well, a bit, in general… I've been moping for quite a while before this crazy-head 'adventurer' talked to me… And… I suppose you were right, after a fashion… Only I think…" The grey mare fell silent for several long moments before shaking her head.

"But! Yeah, we're worried becaus… Well, you're our friend. And I think," she shot Chaos a glance, "that we need to talk about Arcee's plan to try and help you before we try it…" One of Soda's wings shifted under her cloak before extending, a small paper bag smelling of warm bread and chili held between her feathers. "And I brought something to talk over."

Spindrift turns to eye the offered bag with her oil-stained gaze, and her wary demeanour softens a bit further. With a slight wince, she turns to take it and draw it close. Her gaze flicks up at Rising as it does, but not for long. Maybe that's what has her so cagey, especially as she turns her head and flicks a long, ridged ear, letting a curtain of loose mane fall in front of her face. "Thank you.. and you too, Rising Chaos, thank you for being here. Even if it wasn't to bring me something, or try something, I…" She trails off, tensing for a moment, nose scrunching up, and holds for a few moments before gradually relaxing with a low sigh.

"I'm learning how to… keep the heart still." She nods down to the Black Heart, in its familiar place on that chain around her neck. "It's not unlike some Eastern meditation practices I've read about- something about suppressing desire. I'm an amateur at best, but it does help a little." A mirthless chuckle shakes her shoulders for a moment. "It sure goes a long way towards making it even more dull out here, though…"

She's quiet for a few moments as he rattles the bag. "What do you have in mind?"

The black-eyed elemental, still watching, slowly sifts back into the water, until the dark pools of its eyes are lost amidst the swirling waters.

Rising-Chaos offers a small smile. "Well, I thought about fi there was anything I could do. Just about everything wouldn't work with that thing around your neck, even if you are getting better at keeping it quiet. So I decided to make something." She opens the bag and pulls out the glass heart. It's golden light shines merrily across the inlet. "I don't really have a name for it yet though. Any suggestions, Sodium Fizz? You know what it does, and we should give it a proper introduction." It's not like this is the first successful thing she's ever made, and that it wasn't exhausting. The effort used on this is going to take a while to recover from, and for an observant pony that tiredness is obvious.

Sodium-Fizz gave Chaos the look, the specific look that goes something like 'you're thinking of names now?' if put into words. After a moment she rolled her eyes though with a soft chuckle. "Right… it's the 'Bad Be Gone' elixir then," creative naming, that. "It's a rather interesting twist, a reverse of what the heart does. Arcee hopes it can balance out at least that, though I have some reservations about using it… It tampers with the mind, turn negative emotions into positive ones. It's meant for a good cause, but… Yeah, I don't trust mind-tampering." Fizz bit her lower lip for a moment.

Shaking her head Fizzy put one of her small smiles. "And I'm sorry I couldn't come help more… I wish I could, but… Yeah, all of us have our own demons to fight, at times…"

Rising-Chaos frowns. "That's doing it a disservice, miss Fizz." She holds the thing protectively, rather proud of herself. "It is the polar opposite of the black heart. It feeds off grief and despair to make hope and love. It's more than just an elixir, it's an artefact." She stomps the ground, there's a fine line between being proud and rambling to a friend who's hurting. She flattens her ears and waits for a response from the seapony.

Spindrift quirks a brow at the presentation of the gleaming heart-shaped flask, clearly intrigued, enough that for a moment she stops trying to hide her face from the pair. "Intriguing," she muses, turning slightly towards it. She looks down after a moment, focusing on her little bagged chili bun, and opens it to start rooting around inside. "You have nothing to apologize for, Sodium Fizz. Both of you have already done far more than anyone could have ever expected of you." She withdraws the bun after a moment, and regards it calmly. Centring herself again, maybe.

"The Heart… consumes hopes, at the same time it channels despair into raw magical energy," she explains. She licks her dry lips to little effect and then nibbles a bit at the bun, careful of the sweet chili doom that waits to ambush her at the centre. "Your elixir could either help ameliorate that considerably… or greatly exacerbate its effects. I am not sure which."

Rising-Chaos grimaces, she would be the business pony here. "That's why I made it like I have. This is designed to give only as much hope as it takes despair, as close to a 1 to 1 ratio as I could make. That way, it should sat least cancel out some of it's effects. I've also prepared several failsafes so that if things go wrong, or if it stops working as intended, it will become nothing more than a pretty light. Anypony with basic knowledge of magic could turn it off manually as well." Nervously, she floats the thing over to Spindrift, and offers it to the seapony. "It's yours, if you want it."

Sodium-Fizz leant forward, seeming about to gingerly place a hoof on Spindrift's shoulder. She halts herself though and lets her hoof drop after a moment and she turns, giving the vial a somewhat suspicious look. "Indeed, that's what it's meant to do. It might work, might not… I just want you to be sure what it does Spindrift, that it messes with the way you think and feel to make this happen. Subtly too, but… I'd never have had a hoof in making this if I it wasn't for the fact I think it could help…"

Spindrift regards the floating elixir curiously, but makes no move to take it, not yet. Firstly, she has her bun to nibble on. Secondly… "How is it activated?" she asks. She nods to the sand beside her. "Set it there for now, please." She mulls over another bite, and winces at the chili burn, though she toughs it out. Still, when she moves to speak, it's not without a slight cough. "So hot, ugh." Gulp. Her black eyes flick up to Sodium for a moment. "You think it may help… but you nevertheless have reservations. For reasons beyond that which I just mentioned?"

Rising-Chaos nods, setting the things aside. "You just have to wear it. Physical contact with the necklace I've attached it to should be enough to get it's effects." Rising sits down, feeling like her part here is just about done. "I'll have reservations about everything I do. I'm not a mare who's creations work very often. I make failsafes so at least you won't get hurt thanks to my weakness." She shrugs, not seeming too bothered by it. "I hope it helps, I really do."

"Don't worry about that Chaos, if you screw it up my screwup will screw it back right," said Sodium-Fizz with a uneasy chuckle, eyeing the vial for several moments before looking up at Spindrift. "And yes, I have my reservations about this… But they're born from the fact I -know- what it is like to be under true mind-effecting magic, and… it's terrifying to look back at it after the fact. That is why I'm not certain… But I figured we should at least offer you the chance. I mean, Arcee said she'd do it herself, but," another chuckle, "I doubt she'd actually manage the preparations part."

"So yeah, I'm just going to make sure you know that… if it works as intended, you might not like it after it wears off. Messing with your mind is a strange and, in cases, horrible thing…" Sodium-Fizz smiled. "About it not working, I'm not so worried. I'd at least get a chance to go 'I told you so' before we all die, so I'm fine with that."

Spindrift nods slowly, taking a few more shaky bites of the bun as she listens to the cases both mares make. Her gaze rests on the gleaming glass heart the entire time. After a while she swallows and sets the half-eaten bun aside, reaching up to delicately wipe the corner of her mouth with a hooftip. "As it stands, Sodium Fizz, attempting to feel much more than nothing brings me pain. At this point, I think that even artificial feelings may be preferable to a void."

She quiets, and stares at the elixir for a few moments. She reaches down, then, catches the chain from which it hangs, and lifts it up to drop it over her head; the glass vial clinks at it rattles on both her collar-like phylactery, then settles beside the obsidian weight of the Black Heart.

Nothing appears to happen at first, and the seapony furrows her brow, looking out at the grey winter ocean. Slowly, a tinkling noise can be heard- the two hearts, rattling against one another. The Elixir of Bad Be Gone bounces a bit as if alive, jostling it against the heavier Black Heart. At the same time, the Black Heart's surface… flickers and wavers. Ribbons of grey cycle through its surface, an animated and marble texture. Spindrift squeezes her eyes shut and moves to brace a hoof against the sand, focusing. "It's- I think it's working, but…"

Rising-Chaos watches it carefully, her horn bright as she tries to follow what's happening on a magical level as well. the unicorn moves over, her expression one of concern. Despite all of Sodium's 'reassurances', Rising has no idea if it will work. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm just speaking my peace, a warning. Not an argument for either side," muttered Sodium-Fizz as she settled back. For a moment anyway, then she leaned forward curiously, her silence reflecting just the same question Rising-Chaos voiced out loud.

Spindrift squeezes her eyes shut more tightly- not only monitoring the forces at play, but finding herself caught between them. Her look of concentration grows increasingly intense, soon bordering on outright discomfort.

Between the two hearts, a powerful chain reaction builds. They feed upon the very things the other produces- but the Black Heart not only feeds off of hope, the despair it produces is magnified. With every cycle the power fluctuating between the two increases, until soon, they're positively bouncing against each other.

Spindrift gasps, doubling over, reaching up with a hoof to clutch at the rattling flask of golden elixir, stilling it. "It won't… it can't h-hold-" she stammers, voice strained. Her look of discomfort soon becomes one of outright pain, her ears slicking back and a spasm running its way through her spine, throwing the seapony back against the sand. "Nnngh! Aahh-!" Her eyes fly open, and a brief shout is torn from her lips, before, with a bright flash, a magical burst erupts where the two artefacts collide!

Spindrift is thrown back, skidding through the sand, a wet furrow dragged into it. Golden fluid and shard of glass scatters across the beach and towards the water- the elixir of hope bursting from its containment, contents catapulted like buckshot into the surf. But so, too, does the chain that supports the Black Heart break, one of its rusty links fracturing- the fel artefact falling like a leaden weight to Spindrift's side. Gone is the black colouration- replaced with a dull, inert grey.

Spindrift gasps and goes slack, back against the sand, a dribble of dark fluid oozing from one nostril and, unpleasantly enough, both ears. When she flicks her eyes open, their color is washed out, but the inky black presence is gone. She stares up at the sky, clearly dazed, and speaks in a tone to match. "Your… theory is sound, Rising Chaos…" she breathes. "But the magnitude… of the elixir was… in sufficient to completely balance the reaction…"

Rising-Chaos sprints forward o follow Spindrift when the reaction occurs. This si just what she had hopes to AVOID, it seems the failsafes didn't work as intended. "It wasn't supposed to do that! It was just supposed to make you hurt less." She skids to a halt and hugs Spindrift. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry," she babbles. It seems that when something BIG happens, she can be roused to action. The dress was dropped to the sand, Spindrift is more important right now.

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Sodium-Fizz is hot on Arcee's heels, though with the unicorn throwing herself onto Spindrift in a hug the alchemist stands above, looking down worriedly.As she did her wing shifted back and forth under her cloak before producing one of the familiarly black healing elixirs Fizz always seem to carry. "Spindrift… Are you… well, not to bad? You took a bit of a whalop there. Also, you look a fair bit less… black…"

Spindrift still looks pretty gross, of course, all scrawny and underfed, with her tangled mane with its split ends, and her washed out colours all over. There's also a mix of blood and black ichor oozing from the holes in her face. But at least her eyes don't look like an oil spill anymore. She doesn't respond much to the hug, rattling around like a paper doll in Rising's grasp, her head slung back and gaze swirling at the murky winter sky above. "Nnhh," she breathes at last. "Don't worry… I am…" She winces. "I feel as though I've been dashed on the rocks, but…"

Slowly, her head turns, and she blinks at Rising, then Sodium above her, then turns to regard the Black Heart… now grey. Grey Heart? She reaches out with a hoof and grabs the broken chain, dragging the artefact close. It remains inert, even as the seapony's hoof brushes over its surface. "You've quelled it… for now."

She closes her eyes and rests her head back against the sand for now, sighing slowly. "It's too early to know if I am truly free of its grip, but for the first time I am free to hope that I am. Thank you, my friends."

Rising-Chaos releases her grip, hearing that Spindrift is fine. The unicorn coughs, and takes a step back awkwardly. "I'm glad, really. Everypony deserves the chance to hope, at least. Its the least I could do, for…" She trail off, and just scuffs at the sand again. She really doesn't have the power to help Spindrift with healing, so Sodium Fizz will have to do that much. with a panicked yelp, she races back across the sand to her dress and books, and picks them up. with a bit of concentration, she cleans them off. In reality, the distraction is just that, a way for her to stop being so terribly awkward, but Rising would never admit that.

Sodium-Fizz glanced backwards at Rising-Chaos before rolling her eyes, an amused smile on her muzzle. That done she sat down by Spindrift, gently putting a foreleg behind the back of her head and lifting her slightly while bringing the vial of healing potion to her lips. "Indeed everpony must have a chance of hope, and what are friends for if not that? And I must say, I've never seen Rising Chaos being that… un-her." Soda chuckled for a moment. "Either way, drink up. It'll help."

Spindrift nods quietly, sitting up a bit, and reaches out to accept the offered vial in her own grasp and toss it back. She winces slightly as she swallows- maybe it tastes bad! Maybe her taste buds are still smarting after the bun- but slowly, she relaxes, a grateful sigh rolling off her lips. She passes the emptied vial back to Sodium and closes her eyes. "Better…" she says. "Though now I am just… tired."

The hoof coiled around the "Black" Heart drags it closer and up against her breast. She winces slightly, though relaxes, as the anticipated sting fails to manifest. Eventually she cracks an eye open and looks up, towards those parts of the storm and the Spire still visible. "This is not over yet, though," she says, regretfully. "The town is still threatened. It's… encouraging to see that it has lasted this long. I don't know what the visiting Outrider forces did, but it helped." She stares a moment longer, then settles back again. The seapony watches Sodium a moment, then lifts her head to peer down the beach towards Rising. "Why do you have a dress?"

Rising-Chaos makes to hide it behind herself, almost as if she's embarrassed. It's hardly a racy thing, being more of a business dress than anything. "I have a date tonight for the Parade of Lights. I wanted to look my best, but it's a surprise. I had to bring it with me so my Queen wouldn't see." She moves on, blushing slightly. "Of course it isn't over. Though I'm sure there are ponies who will try and make it so soon. This was never about the spire, it was about your well being Spindrift." She's still standing some ways down the beach, watching the two other mares. Despite herself, she smiles. The thing may be broken, but it worked! Kinda, at least.

Sodium-Fizz nodded. "I was curious about that myself actually… I'd forgotten that was today, though… I usually don't care much for it…" The grey mare shuddered for a moment, sticking out her tongue. "But yeah, now that it's over… at least this particular part… I hope… Lets see about helping you pull yourself together, eh?" Fizz smiled down at Spindrift.

Spindrift watches Rising for a moment, then quirks a brow. "Parade of Lights… a holiday?" She turns and looks up towards the town, or at least the direction of it. "I wasn't aware."

Slowly, she pushes herself upright, still wincing slightly, and assumes a seated position atop her half-coiled tail. The seapony nods towards Rising. "Then I hope it goes well." She glances up at Sodium. "I'll be fine… for now, at least. Your stake may have ended, but I must still try to put right what I've done- of only to get its… its voice out of my head." She nods towards the storm-wrapped Spire.

Rising-Chaos smirks. "Yeah, I've never heard of it before a couple days ago, but it should be fun. The ponies of the Harbour won't let some light showers get in the way of a nice celebration." Her teasing done, she eases back in to a more neutral, worries expression. "In all seriousness spindrift, my stake isn't done. That spire, that thing, isn't going to be beaten so easily, you need help. I plan on giving it to you." Her gaze grows deadly serious. "I'm not going to let some stupid magical towers destroy such a beautiful pony."

Sodium-Fizz quirked an eyebrow. "Speaking of Spindrift now, or your Queen?" she asked, almost teasingly. "Nevermind, Arcee is right though. We still have some vested interest in this being solved satisfactory. Also, you're out of your mind if you think I'm going to leave you out here like this, you know."

Spindrift keeps an ear perked towards Rising, listening, futzing in the meantime with the broken chain around the Black Heart. The chain was always an aftermarket addition, so to speak- the artifact itself, aside from its dull, inert color, doesn't appear damaged. The seapony's futzing freezes, though, as Rising goes and calls her -beautiful.- Spindrift looks up, directly at the unicorn, staring at her for a moment, before looking back down to the Heart. She reaches up with a hoof and sifts her ratty mane a bit, tugging a few of the tangles loose. She glances up after a moment at Sodium. "I think right now the only thing I really want is to rest," she says. "You don't need to stay for that."

Rising-Chaos growls. "I was talking about Spindrift, of course. I may be in love with my Queen, but that doesn't mean I can't see beauty elsewhere." the unicorn stops before she embarrasses herself further. She listens to Spindrift and gives a little nod. "Very well. You rest up, I'll see if I can visit you tomorrow. Maybe bring down food or something. Is there anything you need? Anything at all?"

Sodium-Fizz chuckled. "I've not seen, I think, Spindrift all proper before so I'm not sure what I can say about… I mean, the first time I ran into her I was out-of-my-mind crazy. Now she's… Well!" Soda looked down and prodded Spindrift. "And sure we don't, but I certainly will anyway. After I fly and get you some dinner, I think…"

Spindrift shuffles slightly where she sits. All this talk of attractiveness seems to have her more flustered by the moment. She certainly still looks pretty awful, all but skeletal in her thinness. She has dried blood on her temples, too, and is trying to discretely wipe it off her nose with the back of a hoof. As she does, she glances up to Rising. "No…" she says. "You've already given me enough." After a few moments, though, she furrows her brow and adds, self-consciously, to both Rising and Sodium… "Some food WOULD be nice, though."

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes, she wasn't only talking about physical beauty, here. Though Spindrift does have plenty of it. "She was quite the sight, really. I was either enraged or terrified the whole time, but I remember." The mare turns as if to go, but pauses. She looks back for a moment. "I can't give you enough Spindrift. You're in a bad place, I want to help you get better. That's my choice, I can only hope you'll let me help." With that, she's off, trotting back towards town. She's smiling now, not bothering to hide it.

Sodium-Fizz smiled thinly for herself as she looked after Rising-Chaos, a soft laugh rising from her throat before she glanced down at Spindrift and poking her in the side again. "Oh dear, Arcee actually likes you. I must say, I'm rather surprised, it's not often I've seen her smile. She's right though, you're in a bad place, and she… We… have taken it upon ourselves to help you, if you let us."

Fizz chuckled for herself as she stood up, her wings spreading. "I'll be back in a while with food. And maybe a brush or two… I'm looking forward to getting a look myself, after all." The last sentence was downright teasing. With a beat of her somewhat oversized wings the pegasus hauled herself into the sky to shoot of in the direction of the Harbour, her curly tail and mane streaming out behind her like a soft stream of purple cloud.

The seapony lifts a hoof to wave to Sodium as she goes, then lowers it. After gazing in her direction for a moment, she lowers herself to the sand and relaxes, head pillowed on a foreleg and eyes closing.