A Broken Guardian
IC date: Winter 7
OOC date: 26/12/12
PCs: Rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus
NPCs: None
GM: None

The house of Rising Chaos stands on the outskirts of town as a testament to pony hope. It's stone foundation and solid construction seeming to say 'here I am, and here I shall stay' especially in light of the coming storm. It's owner shows none of it's fortitude, however. Rising Chaos looks barely able to support herself as she moves in through the door, dropping off a small bag of supplies she purchased on the way home. Her eyes are unseeing, distant, as she takes a seat on her favourite chair. After a couple moment of silence she curls up tight.

As Rising nears her front door she can see Queen Pegasus staring down at her front the top floor window. The bed-ridden mare having somehow managed to get to the window where she sits - looking down at Rising expectantly before the mare trots inside - this leaves Queen waiting for several long moments before she calls downstairs. "Rising?"

After a few long moments, Rising Chaos lifts her head and looks up. Queen Pegasus needs her. It takes a minute for that to sink in, but when it does she gets to her hooves. A quick stop to gather the supplies and she's up the stairs to her room. Nosing her way through the door and making her was to the side of the bed.

Queen can be found leaning against the wall near the window - more or less propped up against wall; numerous scratches mark up the floor and clearly outline the path she took to drag herself to the window. "Rising." looking to the door as the mare arrives "I've been waiting for you." a hint of a smile as she says those words while her lone blue eyes roams across the mare. "You look…vexed. Come tell me." says the mare slouched against the wall and clearly in no condition to be out of bed.

Rising-Chaos frowns at the mare. She's no medical expert but she knows when something is this wrong. "I'll be fine, my queen. though you won't be missing me much any more. I will not be leaving this house again for some time." She drops the bag and moves over to her Queen. "For now I'd like to see you back in bed. I don't want any harm to come to you, my Queen, please." Her face is passive, carefully so.

Queen quietly stares at Rising from where's she slumped against the wall, next to the window overlooking the front door - a long silent stare like a defiant child. "I'll get back into bed once you explain to me what's got you so troubled - do you really think you can hide something from me?" her tone firm, demanding but then suddenly softening. "Do you feel the need to hide something from me?

Rising-Chaos slumps slightly, she'd hoped to avoid this. "I've lost, my Queen, against Spindrift. There's no option left that won't destroy me utterly . At one time that option had it's appeal." Her hoof rests on one of Queen Pegasus' shoulders. "But not any more. Now I want to live, and be free. So I gave up." She shivers at the last sentence, but it was said with conviction. "Now please, come to bed so I can tend to your wounds."

Queen watches the mare intently - listening to Rising's story. "What do you mean 'gave up'?" she begins to push herself upwards with her front right hoof - as predicted she's in no condition to move let alone be out of bed; she must have been down right tenacious to crawl to window as scratches along the floor emphasize. "Choosing to live - that is never losing. The seapony mare will be dealt with - the problem is our approach is too simple, too strong hoofed. Every problem has a solution." slumping forward before pulling herself several inches along the ground - refusing to yield despite her terrible physical condition.

Rising-Chaos sneers to herself, before moving to help Queen Pegasus. "I mean I'm through fighting her. I no longer care about it and just want to stay home and not have to be afraid anymore!" For the second time today her voice raised itself, and for the second time today she's embarrassed by it. She pauses for a moment before continuing to help Queenie. "I don't want to run the risk of losing what's at stake, like you. If that means abandoning the town, then fine."

With Rising's help the mangled mare manages to make it back to bed and flop onto her side with a loud "Oof." a laboured breath or two before she speaks. "I've no intention of losing you - I think I've made it clear that I intend to have you by my side." Glancing towards Rising best she can while laying on her side. "Just don't think me soft because of it.

Rising-Chaos searches through the bag until she finds the healing potion she purchased. shaking her head at Queenie's implicating. The pegasus is the toughest pony she knows. "You are not soft, my Queen, far from it." Chaos offers the vial, it should help a lot more than the unicorn can. "I just don't want to be afraid any more. I don't want to fight. I hope you understand."

Queen-Pegasus takes the offered vial while softly jesting. "A stay at home mare, hmm?" tugging the cork free before downing the whole vial - regardless of she was supposed to or not. Her blue eye settling on Rising before growls softly as the healing potion shoots right to her worst spots - broken ribs, injured legs, mangled wings; certainly she won't heal over night but this she do wonders to speed things along. "Ahhh…" she hisses. "I've had this one before, ah." shivering at the intensity "You must of asked for something quite potent!" her body tensing before she falls limp against the bed.

for the first time today, a smile plays across the lips of rising Chaos. Seeing Queen Pegasus take the potion has been the best thing to happen all day. She nods, pleased by the recognition. "Only the best for you, my queen. Your health is my top priority." She sits down, leaning on the bed. An idle eye goes down to the bag, hopefully her other item doesn't have to wait too long before being completed.

Queen lies entirely still for several minutes before reaching over to gently touch Rising's hoof. "Even if I give up my malicious ways - I've no intent of giving up my search, or becoming a weak pony. You needn't fight, nor fear for Queen will take care of her Rising."

Rising-Chaos places her muzzle on Queen Pegasus' hoof affectionately. "You make me indescribably glad, saying that my Queen. With you as my protector, I feel safe." It's visibly true, the mare seems to relax for once. A small smile on her face, her worries have become far fewer. "About your search, it seems we were interrupted. Would you like me to pursue what I can while you are recovering?"

Queen offers a small shake of her head. "No - I'd much prefer to have you by my side during this period. I'm confident those meddlesome townfolk will settle matters with Spindrift - at which point we can lure the most adventurous into doing the hard work for us. The promise of riches, a few prime clues should enough enough to set them in motion - while we keep the most important details to ourselves, including the compass."

Rising-Chaos climbs on to the bed, smiling. "I think I can manage that. And sending a few of these ponies on adventures sounds fun. They need the exercise before they become erratic." She speaks from experience, she can't just sit around and do nothing. "For now though, you need your rest, my Queen. I'd like to not see you out of bed until you are feeling better."

Queen huffily replies "Being in bed is so drab - have you any idea what it's like to go from my lavish life style to this…simplicity? You simply can't expect me to lie here without entertainment." suddenly pulling Rising up against her. "Perhaps I'll have you sing and dance, yes? Juggle?" Queen quite teasing at the moment.

Rising-Chaos nods, knowing what she means. "I'll see what I ca- oof" She wasn't expecting to be pulled so close. Giggling, she hugs back. See, this is what she wants now, not all the drama. "For you, my Queen? Anything. Though I can arrange some rather more entertaining things for us both. My home is yours, for as long as you like."

"I'm glad to hear you'll keep me entertained during my stay." Queen chuckles softly in reply. "I will send you to fetch that silly zebra merchant at some point - I do believe I've a unique request to make of her." holding the smaller unicorn close while chatting it up.

Rising-Chaos snuggles in close as well, feeling better than she's done in weeks. "I can reach Muzaji, of course. Do you have any other requests?"

Queen settles back while leaving her good hoof around Rising. "I'm content for the moment - that particular draught is quite draining." shutting her good eye to rest.