A Bard's Tale
IC date: Spring 85, 1007
OOC date: June 14, 2012
PCs: Skyheart, Lavender, Dream-Daze
GM: None

A long yellow pegasus is wandering the square of the little port town with somewhat lost, but wonderous look on his face. His saddlebags appear stuffed to the brim and he holds a map out in front of him, occasionally glancing to it and then to the landmarks around. You think somepony who was used to the busy compact streets of a city like Manehatten would have found a small, open area easy to locate. Strangely enough, this is not the case. He carefully looks to his saddlebags and notes the wind. He has to be careful to make sure everything is secure. A poet by trade, he doesn't want any of his multiple parchments to blow away in the breeze.

Is it coincidence that new ponies always get a little lost in this harbor? Or is it planned that way? It's so common it must be by design! It sure gives the locals something to talk and chuckle about.

This evening another little pony is happily exploring the streets, taking advantage of the time between severe rainstorms during this, the season of Infinite Rain prior to summer's coming. Dream Daze has found that just after a good rain is a great time to take in the sights, when stray sunlight can just bounce off of all the rain-slicked buildings and streets and everything. It also makes her newfound hobby a little easier, since finding really interesting shiny objects is eaiser when they're glistening.

As it happens, Dreamy chances upon a shiny little glass bead about two feet from where Sky last stopped to check his bags. The lil' filly pounces upon the bead! Gets it balanced on the end of her nose, and sits in the street to admire her own talent. Look at that marble sparkle~

Skyheart sighs and just tucks the map away for now in a loose front pocket of his bags. Glancing up, the sky showed no signs of the rains abating. He lets out a sigh. "Great…" He looks around for some solace that moving here wasn't a spectacularly bad idea and sees a small filly playing with a small bead and watches curiously. He kneels down to her level and chuckles a bit. "Having fun there?" He asks.

So focused on the little round bauble she's got perched on the end of her nose, Dream jumps when somepony seems to appear out of nowhere and ask her a question! She exhales a loud breath, diving to catch the glass bead before it can hit the street again. Safe! Phew… With a pleased look, and a blush in her ears, the filly sits up again, re-balancing the bead on her nose and then peering at the source of the voice.

Dream sits back on her haunches, slowly and carefully, ears perked at the saddlebag-wearing pony, taking in the sight before answering his question with a slow, sure nod. And a happy-looking grin to boot. Better believe she's having fun~

Skyheart smiles and watches her for a moment, at least until a drop of rain hit his head. Looking up at the sky, he seems worried. "Does it always rain like this…?" He asks rather open-endedly. He hadn't heard of anything like this anywhere, and it looks like the rain was going to downpoor soon. He winces and glances back to his saddlebags with a sense of anxiety. They are full of paper and he doesn't want everything ruined.

Dream's eyebrows knit a bit together, the filly looking a touch confused herself. She looks up, but that makes the bead start to tip off her nose, prompting a wobble of filly head to keep the darn thing balanced. That's going to make it hard to answer questions…so with a bit of childish reluctance, she opens up a little pouch she's got hanging around her neck with nimble hooves, dips her head, and drops the shiny bead into the sack where it makes a pleasant 'clink' sound as it joins the other objects she's collected.

There! Now she's free to nod to her heart's content. Which she does, with enthusiasm. Of /course/ it rains like this right now! Who hasn't heard of the Final Rains holiday? Dream looks around to see if there's a calender, or a notice, or something… Surely even a harbor this size posts the season changes somewhere!

Skyheart half expects a crack of thunder to hit. Seeing nothing, but feeling rain oncoming, he looks around and then looks to the little filly. He shuffles around a bit and rubs the back of his neck. "Do you ah… Do you know if there's an inn or somewhere here? It looks like it's going to rain soon." No, he doesn't know anything about the 'Final Rains' as it's something he's never experienced before.

An inn! At least that's an easy question. She saw where the ol' Tavern was just the other day! Excitedly, the filly hops up to her hooves, nodding emphatically. She turns towards the port and begins trotting down the street, stopping after a few hoofbeats to turn her head and see if the strange visitor's following her yet. She even gives another helpful jerk of her head towards the port street!

Skyheart follows the little filly out to the boardwalk of the city. "This is so much different from the Manehatten boardwalk…" he mentions to himself. He looks around and tries to find a hotel of some kind. "So…" He looks at the rows of buildings. "Which one of these is the inn?" He asks.
Hopping along the street herself, Dreamy keeps tipping her head in the same direction she's roaming. Apparently she knows where she's going! Until she gets there. She stops in front of a place with the moniker, Rusty Bucket Tavern. That's where she points a hoof, looking all sorts of proud that she remembered how to get here. Point point!

Skyheart follows the estatic filly up until the point where she stops. He look up at the sign and raises his eyebrow. "Um… Huh. Must be one of those old tavern-inn places." He says to himself, "The Rusty Bucket? Sounds like something you'd see in an old pirate story." He mentions before looking down at the filly. He smiles down at her and ruffles her mane a little with his hoof. "Thanks." He takes out a bit and gives it to her. "You've been a big help. Now I just have to get out of this-" At that moment the rain started to pour again. "……………………Right." He lets out a sigh, wiping his mane out from his face.

Oooh a bit! Dream Daze accepts it graciously in her teeth, giving a happy little filly-buck~ The bit goes promptly into her Shiny Object sack, just before the sky turns the faucet on to drench everything. Dream huffs, shaking a hoof at the clouds! They couldn't have waited just a little longer! Then she scampers up to the Tavern door, where there's at least an awning to keep her from getting too soaked now.

Skyheart takes that cue and heads under the awning himself. He watches the rain with a bit of irritation and looks back to the filly. "Does it rain like this a lot?" He asks. Leave it to the newcomer to now know the weather patterns here. Rather odd for a pegasus in general, honestly.

That actually does confuse the lil' unicorn. What kind of pegasus doesn't know about the seasonal stuff? Honestly? Maybe one that's not from Equestria… Or… One that just never learned? Either way, Dream isn't in a position to ask. What she does do, is finally break into her little bit of magic knowledge.

Dreamy sets her horn aglow, closing her eyes for just a moment to focus…and then sends a vision to Skyheart! A vision of a calendar, set to this month, with this week circled in red and the words 'Final Rain' drawn over it. The vision fades, along with Dream's horn glow, the filly's amber eyes opening to peek up at the stranger, to see if he got the message.

Skyheart stumbles backward as his mind is being invaded by images he doesn't imagine himself. "Wah…" He falls right on his rump as he falls over and blinks a few times. "The hay was that!?" He says in shock. Magic was not something he knew a much about.

Amber eyes blink too! Dream looks suddenly spooked! This is the first time she's caused someone to..fall over from her talent. She bites her lower lip a little, ears pinning back, trying to make herself look small(er) and meek in the face of a potentially angry Adult. How does she explain her magic without using it now?

Skyheart is not angry. In fact he's kind of scared himself. "Wh-What was that…?" He asks again. He never thought a calendar could be so scary but there it was. He tries to sigh and looks up at the sky again. "Is this place cursed or something?" His mind races a mile a minute as he tries to figure out just what happened to him. "What's 'Final Rain'…?"

Double-surprised now! Dream slooooowly unhuddles herself from the little fillyball she'd almost become, and stretches herself a little closer to the stranger. She scratches her head, then pokes the curiously unknowledgeable pegasus gently on the leg, trying to draw his attention to where she's pointing her other hoof, which is at her horn!

Which is glowing again. A soft, pleasant blue glow, at that. She points from her horn, to his head and back. Surely he at least knows that unicorns can /do/ magic! …Then again he didn't seem to know what Final Rains were…

Skyheart takes a deep breath. "A spell… okay." He relaxes for now before winding right back up. "Wait. What kind of spell does that?" He asks, rather frightened. He sits back down and tries to sort it out. "Um… So ah… about the rain?" Changing the subject might be a good thing right now.

Dream Daze and Skyheart have taken shelter, now that the rains have actually started falling again. They're currently under the shelter of the Rusty Bucket Tavern's awning. Skyheart looks like he may have had a recent heart-attack, and Dreamy's looking like she's awful sorry to have done something. Like accidentally scaring ponies.

When Skyheart brings up the rains again, Dreamy ponders how she can explain it in less..um…mind-picture ways, lest she spook the poor pegasus again. She tries to do a little pantomime, pointing at the rains… Then trying to pretend like she's sniffing a flower! …No, no, that's not going to explain much. Oh dear…

Lavender trudges, because that's what one does when one hasn't been under the shelter of any form of awning. Damp and half covered in wet sand from the shore, she spies a pony she knows and a pony she doesn't. So! She shakes herself off of what sand she can, and trots over to that awning, more or less oblivious to the emotional state over here. "Hey! New in town? Enjoying the end of the season around here?"

Skyheart looks up at the rains again as another filly comes walking into view. "This is just how your weather team handles the end of the season?" He asks in disbelief. "If this happened in Manehatten we'd flood the streets!" He mentions to himself. He scratches the back of his head lightly. "Um… Yeah I'm new here." he finally admits.

Dreamy had just given up hope on being able to adequately describe this whole season-change bit! Lucky for her Lavender arrives just in time to put things right, prompting a little reverent bowing of worship from the lil' filly!

Then the moment passes and Dreamy just..falls backwards onto her back. Whew!

Lavender turns her head to the side and gives Dream just the /strangest/ look. Then glances apologetically back to Skyheart, "I'm sorry. I've only known her for about one ice cream party. She's a little odd." She prances a small circle around the fallen filly. "But, the rain! Well it certainly helps that we're right next to the water. Wait, so is Manehattan right? Well…we don't exactly have paved roads. So I guess that probably helps it a lot too…"
Skyheart nods. "The weather is different because of all the tall buildings." He explains as carefully as possible. From the sound of this filly, she was significantly more knowlegable and stable than the one he was talking to earlier. Basic information should come easy now. "Well um… I was told there's an inn here. Is that correct?"

A little odd? Huff! Dream puts hooves on her hips and sticks her tongue out at Lav. She's not /that/ odd! But now that, y'know, spoken information is being given and all that, she settles her rump back down onto the ground, and tugs on the pouch around her neck, rooting around inside of it… But her ears are still twitching. She's totally into this conversation!

Lavender sits up and scratches her head with a hoof, actually putting some thought into that. "Well we hadno, that one burned down. Andno that one burned down too. Actually wait! Just around the other side of the tavern, I think there's some rooms. Well until that place burns down too."

Skyheart blinks a few times, having a hard time accepting that ANYTHING could burn down in this weather, let alone access the gravity of what she just told him. "Um… It's not expensive is it? I don't really have a whole lot on me." He admits as he looks at the door of the place.

Dream's ears flat back. Why didn't he say so in the first place? She pulls her nose back out of the pouch, tugging the bit she'd stored there out. She flips it up into the air, catching it nimbly on her nose, just so she can leeeeean over towards Sky and offer it back to him! Y'know, just in case. Not like /she/ needs it or anything.

Lavender frowns and thinks, "I really don't have any kind'a idea. I mean…of course I just live with my parents, and—Hey Dream, ooo, do you have a job around here or something?"

Dream's ears perk up, still offering the coin up towards Sky! She finds it hard to move her head when she's balancing things… Maybe she should practice that. Hmmm. She sloooooowly starts to shake her head, but the coin just won't stay balanced, which makes Dream try to wobble to catch it, overcorrecting, and ultimately ending in a sprawled filly! The coin bounces with a merry sound, coming to a rest next to Sky's hoof.

Skyheart watches the coin for a moment as it lands on his hoof. He chuckles a bit. "I um… Thank you." He says as he looks over to the other filly who commented on a job. He isn't sure who is being asked but might as well answer. "Uh… No, not yet. I justmoved here." He looks back at his overstuffed saddlebags and winces. He hopes no papers got too messed up in the rain.

Lavender ponders those saddlebags, and comes up and leans forward to peer at them. "Weeell, what do you do? And what's your name, anyway? I'm Capt— uh, I mean, I'm Lavender." She looks away, seeming more than a little embarrassed. And sad? Well, it passes. "There's plenty of stuff to do around here. We're kind of a popular port for all kinds of ponies and zebras and griffons and stuff! At least when there's not all the warships out there."

Dream rolls onto her belly, crawling along the flooring to come up alongside Lavender. There's where she parks her rump yet again, looking from Lav to Sky, and then to Sky's saddlebags. She's curious what he does too!

Skyheart pauses. Warships? That wasn't entirely comforting. Then again, if this place, really is such a massive trade hub, then defending shipments would make sense. Still they seemed curious as to who he was. "Um… I'm Skyheart. I'm a writer," He explains, "I moved here from Manehatten to try and see if I couldn't do better in a new venue."

Lavender beams. "Ooh! Yeah, there's lots of stuff to write about out here. Especially if you like pirates. Because hoo, boy." She looks around. "Have you written anything before? Do you have any of your books with you? I don't read much, but I can see how it might be fun~."

Writing, hmmmm… Now there's an idea Dreamy hadn't considered before. She could learn a thing or two from this writerpony. Yes… Lav's doing an awesome job of asking all the curious questions that she'd ask if she were in her place, so..she dives back into her neckpouch, and pulls out another shiny item! The glass bead from earlier. Which she attempts to start balancing. She's on a /mission/ darnit!

Skyheart winces but shakes his head. "Not quite. I'm a romance poet, actually." he clarifies. "I can't say I've ever written about anything like pirates. I ah… I don't write anything too action-related." He tries to think to himself for a little while before looking back at the door to the tavern. Hopefully the place would have room when he finally came in.

Lavender blinks her eyes a few times, "Oooh hey…Now /here's/ a pony who needs to meet Fidget, don't you think Dream?" She grins, and at least hopes the other filly has met said pony. Seeing that bead, she circles around behind Dream and starts nudging her closer to the pegasus. "Wuzzat you're thinking?"
Dream has certainly met Fidget! Once. And mistook her for a mummy at the time, so it was a very…interesting meeting. Nontheless, the memory makes Dream nod, because that's /definitely/ the sort of pony a writer should meet to get ideas about…stories. Oh yes…

Then she gets nudged! She almost drops the bead, but already she's getting somewhat better at this whole balancing act thing, and manages to somehow keep it from rolling off her nose whilst she's scooted closer to the pegasus! What's she thinking? … Her horn glows for a few moments, the filly sending Lavender a little daydream. Of Dream, on a tightrope, balancing a giant super-shiny bead, in front of a crazily cheering audience.

Such is her world~

Skyheart looks at Lavender for a few moments. "Who's Fidget?" He asks, hoping to get a little information about this pony before he does something stupid. Still, he watches the filly balacing the bead on her nose again. "Um…" No… Explanations aren't likely with what's going on here.

Lavender topples backwards and stares at Dream. This is like that ice cream thing! "Whooah, how did you do that? You got in my /head/! That's so awesome! Uhh." She rolls over and looks up at Sky. "No, Fidget is uh, she's kind of a…She's a shipper pony, I guess? She tried to set people up sometimes so I think she'd have plenty to talk about for that kind of thing!" She smiles helpfully.

Dream blushes~ At least this time wasn't a freak-out… The lil' unicorn beams happily that her vision was well-received, the glow of her horn fading quick before she makes Sky uncomfortable. Her ears perk. The mummy tries to set ponies up with each other? What? That…sounds weird. She dips her head down, marble and all, and drops the shiny item off at Lav's hooves. Like a peace offering! Or, y'know, just a gift.

Skyheart thinks to himself for a while. "Shipper? Well I guess that would make sense in a port town." Oh yeah, he's oblivious. "Well ah… I don't know how much I can write about package crates." He mentions randomly. "Well ah… Do you know if anyone might enjoy having a poet around? I do need to find a job soon. These fillies seem to know a good amount about the town.

Lavender peers down close to the marble, "Sooo shiny… Maybe Fidget was right and I should be a treasure hunter after all." She snatches it up happily. "Well Fidget might be a good bet. And…I dunno who else? You could just write poetry for ponies and see what happens."

Dream wrinkles her nose. Poetry… She knows nothing about poetry. Nothing! Though she's read stories about bards. Maybe a poet is like a pard? The lil' uni filly tips her head, peering those amber eyes of hers up at Sky, then at the Tavern. ……

Her horn glows, very subtley, sending Lav another vision. She /would/ include Sky, but his reaction to her first vision gave her the impression he'd faint if she did. Anyway, Lav gets the vision. Of Skyheart, singing some crazy sort of love ballad, in the Tavern. In front of a fireplace. Surrounded by piles of coins~ Good idea?

Skyheart shrugs. "Perhaps I could but ah… I don't know a lot about the town yet. I want to make sure what I write will be accepted." He comments. "That's why I left Manehatten in the first place." He shuffles a bit to himself as the fillies grow silent. What was going on now?

Lavender looks over at Dream and grins giddily with the shared joke. "Yes, yes! He should totally do that! Hey mister, uh, Sky! Do you /sing/ by any chance?" She runs around to behind Sky and starts headbutting him in the direction of the tavern's front door. "You could perform poetry in here and become fabulously wealthy!"

Dream practically bounces~ That's such a wonderful idea, she could scream! Which..honestly for her just sounds a lot like excited breathing. Yay! She joins in the gentle headbutting of the poet-pony towards the Tavern doors. Better get practicing!

Skyheart blinks a few times at the questions. "I… I ah.. well.. I mean, yes, I can sing but- Hey!" He gets pushed into the tavern doors. He had yet to realize that it's a permanently docked ship. The inside is decorated with all kinds of naval decorations including pirate memorabilia. The ponies that dot this area don't look like the kind that would fit in with the scrawny, well-groomed, city-pegasus like Skyheart. "Um… Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Lavender starts nodding rapidly with a big grin on her face, intentionally silent like the other filly. Onwards she urges him! Onwards…to a stage! The other ponies give a very strange look to the proceedings.

Dream hadn't yet been brave enough to venture into Adult Pony Territory like this… So this is an adventure in itself! Makes her giddy, it does, urge/nudge/headpushing the poet onwards to the stage, and then hopping up after just to see what the view's like from a stagetop.

The pony patrons at this time of evening don't look all that friendly. Dream squints out at them, holding a hoof up to shade her eyes. They don't have bags of bits either. At least not in plain sight. …Maybe the bags come later. Oh well~ She looks up at the poet, and makes a gesture like 'Go ahead!'

Skyheart cringes as he look at the two small fillies urging him to look on the seedy crowd and being to sing. He gulps and looks back at them. There were eyes on him now. This was bad. "I… I don't know if I can-" He looks back at the tavern as more and more looked at him. He was half prepared to be tossed out the moment he opened his mouth.

Lavender nudges his side. "C'mooonnn, go for it, you'll be great!" A couple more headbutts, she nudges Sky to the middle of the stage, then she leaps off the stage across an unoccupied table and up to the bar. "Oooone juice," she asks the bartender as she spins around on a chair, flipping a bit onto the table. She receives it with a begrudging look, and sips it happily as she watches the uncertain pegasus.

Wha? Hey! Dream leaps off after Lavender! She's not performing, so she doesn't belong up there anyway. Alas, she gets to her seat too late to try and piggyback an order of juice too… So she wiggles to an upright seat, clops her hooves on the tabletop, and blinks at the now-stranded Skyheart. She waves his way~ See? The fillies are still there! Be brave, fair bard!

Skyheart sighs and clears his throat. He searches through his saddlebags for a poem or song read off. When he does finally have a sheet of parchment in his mouth, he retracts his head from his bag only for a small gathering of purple feathers to have made their way into his mane. He looks aboslutely ridiculous. This gets a large chunk of laughs from the roaring crowd.

Lavender giggles a little bit. She lets herself spin again on the barstool-chair-thing, and raises her mug towards the stage. It's /amazing/ how fast a young filly can get drunk, and on a completely non-alcoholic beverage at that! "Yeaah Skyheart!"

Dream can't shout… This makes her sad. So she does the next best thing, drumming hooves on the tabletop! Yeah! Go Mr. Bard, go!

Skyheart looks around at the tavern before sighing. He clears his throat and pauses hesitantly. He holds his paper in his hoof, quills still in his mane. Wait. he brushes those out and they scatter around him on the ground. He looks at his parchment again before starting softly and shakily. He's clearly having trouble starting.

Lavender starts flailing her hooves in the air at the stage while rocking forwards and back. "C'mooon, reeeead! You can do it Sky. Make yerself famous in here!" She starts drumming her hooves as well. The crowd is watching.

Hmmmm. This doesn't seem to be working very well. Dream Daze looks around, seeing if anything might seem..helpful somehow. Then she eyes Lavender's juice. She bites her lip, quickly magicking up a little vision for Lav, of a filly bringing Skyheart a drink! That might give him the courage he needs to sing!

Skyheart sighs and looks at the group. He tries to clear his mind sing out what he had in front of him. It was a fairly standard fare for one of his talent- romance. A tale of a moonlight night overlooking the water and the peaceful calm being shared by a pair of lovers. It's a soothing, and idealistic style, if a bit old fashioned. He hoped this wasn't too dissonant to the overall tone of the seemingly rough-and-tumble place. Hopefully they all had hearts as big as their drink intake.

Lavender sits up. Despite Dream's urgings, he seemed to be doing quite right on his own. Lav smiles to herself and to the rest of the bar… It quiets down a bit, the riotous noise making way for Sky's voice to come out clearly. Apparently…even sailors can appreciate poetry.

Apparently Dream's little side-vision wasn't necessary after all! That's good. She knew Sky'd make a good bard. Somehow. But it /is/ late… And a softly crooned bout of peaceful words does much to remind the filly of that fact. She yawns, big and wide, resting her head on crossed arms upon the tabletop. In short order she's snoozing. It might not have meant to be a lullabye, but it worked all the same.

Skyheart finishes his song slowly, taking a few moments to watch the crowd's reaction. Taking the fact that he's still standing right where he was when he started as a good sign, he smiled to the crowd and looked over at the two sleepy fillies. "Oh dear…" He trots off-stage and looks at them. "You two look tired. I think you need to head to bed soon." He advises.

Overall, the crowd doesn't seem to know /what/ to think. But they aren't hostile, and some of them are even nodding to each other. Lavender hops down from her barstool; apparently faking drunkenness is hard work. "Yeah…I kinda do. And I always make sure to be home with my family these days. Are you going to stay?"

Dreamer starts awake when the sonnet ends, sleepy amber eyes peeking up at the adult poet pony. She smiles wanly, sliding out of her seat with another yawn. She gives Lavender a light side-bump, and Skyheart a nuzzle on his shin. She's proud of him! Even if nopony threw any money on stage. Maybe that comes later. Then she starts to trot out, her work here is done!

Skyheart yawns. "I'm going to have to stay here. I don't have any place to stay just yet. You said there's an inn here, right?" He says looking around cautiously. "I mean… That shouldn't be too hard to find, right?" Just as long as he doesn't have to go out in the rain again.

Lavender shakes her head, "Yeah…Poke your nose around a little. I think the barkeeper knows. It's been good meeting you, Sky, I think I'll see you around." She yawns and heads on out the door, then up the docks.