A Bad Idea
IC date: Autumn 51, 1007
OOC date: November 8, 2012
PCs: Ginger-Spice, Stormdancer
GM: None

Like it have been for the last week, the little red and yellow wagon with it's spicey food and cheery chef is abscent from the Boardwalk. In large becaus roaving zombies are bad for bussines, especialy when it's conducted outdoors. Today though, Ginger-Spice is about. Even if it is without the wagon. The gingerbread brown mare practicaly bounced down the boards, a quartet of kelp-fishing poles floating around behind her.

When the undead is about, it's time to go fishing, apperently!

Laden with saddlebags, and still with bandages on her wings, Stormdancer trots along the boardwalk from what's left of the town's market district. Zombies or no, there's still work to do, and that means- groceries. A discolored whacking stick tucked into the band of her saddlebags is the pegasus's concession to the undead threat- apparently the only one, considering she's humming -something- horribly off-key, until… "Oh, heya! Spicey!"

Ginger-Spice blinked in suprise, turning about at the sound of Stormdancer's voice. Moments later a bright smile broke over her freckled muzzle and she raised a hoof, waving. "'Ello there, Stormdancer! I did nae see ye there. Grocery shopin' are we?" The unicorn walked over, eyes locked curiously at the saddlebag. "Makin' anything interestin', are we?"

Stormdancer griiiins, bouncing her bags a bit. "Oh, just simple stuffs- pancakes and sammich-fixin's." She makes a face. "The boss is startin' to make noises about 'variety' and 'balanced diet', psh. Get enough seasonings, a mare could live off pancakes for-EV-er!"

Stormdancer earns herself a level, unamused stare. "Come now, Stormy! A varied and healthy diet is… well, healthy and variedy!" exclaimed Spice. "It gets boring to eat the same stuff all the time! No, what you need," a gingerbread brown hoof tapped Stormdancer in the chest, "is a few new recepies! And I know just the mare to teach you. Me!"

The pegasus's ears flatten at the rebuke, but she bounces right back quickly enough at the offer. "Oh! Really?" Grin! "What sortsa ones? Hot ones what'll make soft ponies dive for water?" She looks -way- too hopeful at that.

Ginger-Spice twitched her head in the direction of the beach and set of in a brisk trott. "Depends on what ye like, I figure! I like a good spicy dish as well as anypony, but even I cannae live on only tha'! Why's I'm going fishin'! But for now, lets see wha' we can cook up whi' what we got, if ye dare!"

Stormdancer trots along after, giving her wings a ruffle. "Ooo, a challenge!" She puffs herself up, switching to a strut for a few strides, before laughing. "So whatcha fishin' for? I remember it weren't gonna be crabs."

"A challenge, aye! An' we're going to go kelp fishing! Good eating, that. Got a bit peculiar taste, but whit the right seasoning ye can make it go whit almost anythin'. Caserolled, soupey, grilled, minced, sallady, raw and 'splodedy! All of 'em works just fine with kelp!" Ginger-Spice beamed as she bounced of the boardwalk onto the beach, hooves sinking into the wet, cold sand.

"'splodedy? -That- sounds like a fun style!" Stormdancer tromps along after the chef, sniffing at the air. With a wrinkle of her nose and a shake of her head, she hurries to catch up. "Sure hope kelp's easier to catch. Wet, salted shamblies -really- don't smell good."

Ginger-Spice grins mischeviously as she reaches the waters edge, her horn flaring for a moment and sending the quartet of fishing rods forward, throwing their lines into the big wet blue. "Well, I guess tha' depends on who ye're bein'? I'm nae particularly good at fishin' it up… but on the other hoof, I can do several 'nae particularly good's at a time!"

Stormdancer tugs out her whacking stick before laying down on the sand, laughing. "Too bad Tiny's not 'round, bet she could get a cartload 'fore you could say… something that doesn't take long to say!" She peers out at the lines. "So… whatcha use for bait?" Grin.

Ginger-Spice blinks, turning an inquistive eye at Stormdancer. "I'm fishin' kelp… Since when did plants care fer bait? Did I miss somepony postin' new laws of nature while I had my back turned?"

Stormdancer sticks her tongue out at Ginger. "Never know! I don't think this town -works- like the rest of Equestria." She looks thoughtful. "Or the rest've the world, either… Never saw zombies out in Gryphon lands."

Ginger-Spice giggled and flashed Stormdancer a smile. A thoughtful expressing crossing her face for a moment. "That's true, this place is odd. I cannae go five feet before somethin' strange happens…. Still, I'm not -really- complainin', aside from the zombies this place have been reall interestin'!"

Stormdancer nods enthusiastically, crossing her front hooves over each other as she waits, keeping an occasional lookout. "Dunno why they thought it'd be -restful- here, but 'least it's fun!" And stretches her bandaged wings out, the cloth creaking a bit as they flex.

Ginger-Spice smiles and chuckles, her horn flaring with vivid purple for a second as she relayed new instructions to her enscrolled fishing rods. Seemed pleased she turned her attention to Stormdancer, a very miniscule crease forming between her brows. "Say… what happened to your wings…?"

Stormdancer's smile falters briefly before she props it back up. "Ah-heh… Yanno back on Nightmare Night, when that one unicorn went crazy and explodey?" She closes her eyes and shakes her head again. "- She -really- didn't like bein' tackled. Or… she kinda did, but… Well, crazy. And burny." Her wings droop into the sand. "Very burny. And my secondaries had almost all grown back from last time!"

Ginger-Spice winced and put a foreleg around Stormdancer, pulling her close to her side before giving her a soft smile. "Well… I can't really say I did… But tell ye what, done's done, innit? And if anythin' that means ye're just goin' to have to stick around and enjoy the fun and compan for a while longer, innit so? Like my mum's always sayin', look at the bright side o' things!"

Stormdancer leans into Ginger, giving a smile. "Oh, it's neat, sticking around in one place! Get to see all the bits what a pony doesn't notice when only dropping in for a day or two." Followed by a little sigh. "But not bein' able to just pull up a cloud for the night, or fly into the teeth of a storm, dodgin' lightning…" Her smile turns wistful. "The little things, yanno?"

"Little? That," said Ginger with a grin, "sounds downright dangerous! Then again, mind I'm jus' a little unicorn. Nae a pegasus like ye are. Clouds arn't anythin' I'll be able to enjoy 'sides lookin' up at them."

Ginger-Spice was silent for a moment before giggeling. "Good job ye lot do plenty a good job with 'em. Speakin' of plenty good, we can always try to find somethin' tha' gives a bit of the same thrills down 'ere if you want! Always 'eard swimin's suposed to be a bit like flyin'."

Stormdancer grins back, and tilts her head, looking at the water. "Hrm. Think it'd be faster gettin' the kelp by hoof, rather'n by hook?" She's already shrugging her way out of the saddlebags with much in the way off shimmying and shaking.

Ginger-Spice smiles cheekily and giggles. "Well, I'll say there's only one way to find out!" The unicorn's horn lit up bright purple for a few seconds, her four fishing rods silently picking themselves back up and out of the way. Won't do to have hooks in the water now, would it? Second of her telekinesis undid the kerchief around her neck, folding it neatly on the beach.

Thus prepared the mare practicaly bounced the short distance to the water, sticking a hoof in. And shivering. "I dinnae know about you, but I figure this might be a bit chilly a dip. Then 'gain, that's what we get for it being autumn."

The blue pegasus takes a couple steps back, having shed her accoutrements. "Just leave it t' me, then!" And charges the surf, taking a long leap-! …And splats into a sandbar, sinking halfway up her legs with her barrel just skimming the surface of the water. Immediately, she starts shivvering. "Th-thought this'd be deeper…!"

Ginger-Spice blinked for a moment before bursting out into laughter. Even so the small unicorn mare canters into the water, only stoping for a moment to gasp at the chill as the water brushed against her barrel before pushing forward. "Are you okey?" The question was a commpanied by a gentle prodding gingerbread brown muzzle into Stormdancer's side.

Stormdancer pulls one hoof free from the treacherous landscape with a *ssssk-POP*, carefully planting it down on slightly more stable ground. "F-fine, thanks!" She repeats the process, shaking. "W-way colder than I'd expect-ted!" The bandages on her wings are getting all soaked, too, weighing her down. "Didn't-t think this through v-very well, huh?"

Ginger-Spice shot Stormdancers bandaged wings a brief glance before shaking her head. "Nae, we dinnae. Maybe we should try this when we're nae going to be freezin' our flanks off." Her horn lit up vivid purple once more, encasing Stormdancer's wing in it's glow and gingerly lifting them out of the water. "'Ow about we get somewhere warm an' dry? I'll help ye change the these wet bandages. An' buy ye dinner? I did promis ye dinner, but I dun' think I can deliver wha' I intended after all." Che chuckled and smiled brightly at Stormdancer.

Stormdancer yerps as the other mare lifts her wings, prancing briefly. "That sounds fine!" she quickly replies, starting back to dry(er) land. "Can always learn those recipes another time." Swish-swish goes her sodden tail as she grins back at Ginger.

Ginger-Spice smiles and nods, raising a hoof dramticaly and gesturing back into town. Inadvetedly spraying water about her as she does. "To town, warm meals an' a good mug of cider!"

Stormdancer gives a hearty cheer and a wave of her retrieved whacking-stick. "Mares on a mission- Shamblies, stay clear!"