Name: Lavender
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: Blankflank
Talents: Perfect balance
Weaknesses: Irrational fearlessness
This is a lavender-colored filly who must be just a smidgen shy of getting her cutie mark! Her mane and tail are yellow and close-cropped; her tail is held tight in a short ponytail (yeah) with a red clasp. She has a thin, athletic build, and freckles.
Player: Rainbow Dash

Lavender wants to be a pirate. No, she is obsessed with being a pirate. Her cutie mark should show up any day now, and she's convinced that if she swings from ropes, swordfights and steals pies, she just might get a piratical mark. She's convinced that pirates are heroes and have some kind of contractural invulnerability; therefore, she believes she's basically immune from harm. She's never actually been out on any boat larger than a canoe, and also suffers from minor allergies.

At the moment she's trying to wedge her way onto the Destiny, much to the great dismay of her parents (if they ever find out). Siyana is her best friend in the whole world.

Here we see Lav with a hand-painted cutie mark, in some kind of piratical fight.