Name: Kludge
Race: Earth Pony (Actually a unicorn)
Cutie-Mark: Hammer & screwdriver, crossed
Talents: Sturdy (albeit kludgy) construction
Weaknesses: Sucker for a good cause
A cyan pony with trimmed seagreen fetlocks and purple-violet eyes. His modest facial hair is lime green; his mane and tail, matching with crimson highlights. Wears a newscolt hat of lighter crimson and a vest of slate aquamarine.
Player: Kludge

Hailing from a small village east of the White Saddle Mountains, Kludge is a construction pony by trade. Specializing in woodworking and carpentry, the things he builds are robust and sturdy, albeit rather kludgy-looking. He doesn't speak much and tends to be deliberate in his actions, and while he's generally friendly, there's a guarded wariness in his eyes…

Slightly stockier than the average pony, but certainly not as stocky as, say, Big Macintosh or Whistlestop. He's not built like a tank, in other words.
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