Jigsaw Blade
Name: Jigsaw Blade
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Handsaw
Talents: Construction and Repairs
Weaknesses: Dishonesty
Description: Large Orange Pegasus mare with a green mane, blonde highlights
Player: Pickle

Jigsaw's mother was a Unicorn researcher who was sent to Zebrica as part of a history research project, and ended up staying for over a decade in total. Jigsaw was born in Equestria, but traveled with her mom back to Zebrica, and spent the most of her early childhood there, before she and her mother boarded a ship to return to Equestria when she was about 8. The ship hit a freak storm on returning, and all hooves were lost, except for Jigsaw, and a Griffon chef named Gallod - the only two on the entire ship who could fly. The pair of survivors eventually made their way to a small island, and spent over a year there, attempting to escape back to the mainland. Using driftwood and other materials, Jigsaw eventually built a small raft, large enough for one of them to rest on at a time, and they took the raft (alternating time flying and sleeping) back to the mainland. Thereafter, Jigsaw was raised by an aunt, and apprenticed as a handymare before striking out on her own.