Name: Jellybean
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Three jellybeans: red, green and yellow
Talents: Guessing things
Weaknesses: Easily Confused
A wee pegasus stallion of somewhat feminine appearance.
Player: Jellybean

A resident of Cloudsdale, Jellybean moved to Horseshoe Harbor after graduating from training in the Weather Service and found to his dismay that the town had somehow been operating all this time without any weatherponies whatsoever. Still, work needed doing and so Jellybean rolled up his sleeves and took to the task of organizing the weather for a whole town by himself. Happily he didn't have to do it for long before Cloudsdale received his many letters requesting support, but in the process he ended up becoming Captain of the Weather Team despite only having just gotten out of school.

As an individual Jellybean is friendly, open and trusting to the point of naivete. On multiple occasions he has displayed a willingness to give the benefit of the doubt to ponies whose intentions proved to be villainous, but on the other hoof his talent for intuition helps him sniff things out that may not be immediately obvious for others. Unfortunately he's not that bright, and this combined with the aforementioned talent gives him a sort of Zen Idiot vibe. For whatever reason his intuition doesn't seem to extend to understanding when somepony doesn't want a hug (or maybe he's just persistent), a fact which annoys Snowfield to no end.

A while back there was a bizarre outbreak of Poison Joke which turned most of the adults in town into foals, and owing to a series of misunderstandings and poor judgement Jellybean spent several months as a foal before finally being restored to his proper form. He lives in a cloudhouse (presently the only one in town) with his wife, Typhoon Wave and Squall Chaser, their newborn son: hanging next to the front door is a silver bell with a rope that extends to the ground. Ponies ring it when they're having trouble finding things to get his assistance.

A quirk of Jellybean's is his enjoyment of mare's clothing. His closet has a number of dresses stashed within and, while bashful on the topic, he's been known to dress up on occasion if he trusts the ponies he's with. It seems that his recent refoalication may have caused him to be more open about this, though.

He owns a magical trophy from an adventure involving a cursed pirate ship that he calls the Sun Charm. It's a simple brooch decorated with a sunburst pattern which glows with sunlight when rubbed one way and shuts off when rubbed the other. He keeps it at home, wearing it for special occasions and hoping that he never needs to use it again.

Fun facts about Jellybean!

  • He comes from an extended clan known as the Cloud family, who work in all areas of the weather service in Cloudsdale. Jellybean isn't the only member of the family to seek their fortunes away from home but it's not typical.
  • Despite his seeming scatter-brain nature, Jellybean is meticulous in matters of paperwork and filing. The weather service runs on paperwork and it's an aspect of the job that he takes very seriously.
  • In order to fill a foreign language requirement he took two semesters of Pigeon, and while he's a bit rusty and forgets the odd word he still speaks it about as well as any pony can.