Horseshoe Harbor

Horseshoe Harbor is a tiny pony settlement far to the West of Ponyville. To get there, one would have to venture through the Everfree Forest, over the White Saddle Mountains, and then through Wintersong Forest. (You can take a look at a fan representation of Equestria here. We're to the west, off the edge of that map.)

The settlement was founded in the year 1004, after an expedition lead by the explorer Seafoam landed in a favorable spot. There's a small farming population, and a lot of boardwalk shops.

In the center of the horseshoe-shaped harbor is a small island with the lighthouse. The structure is new, and is currently operated by an elderly unicorn named Fizzbucket. It works by refracted light through a big, magically propelled gem.

In the ocean resides a small colony of seaponies led by their queen Abalone. They tend to be suspicious of the land-dwelling ponies, or really any race that isn't theirs. Still, they seem to tolerate zebras better than other races.

In the Wintersong Forest is rumored to be some sort of ice monster that keeps the temperature low all year long. No substantiation to this rumor as of yet.