Name: Hemlock
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: dark red bottle with a scroll
Talents: mixing herbs
Weaknesses: incredibly superstitious
Olive green stallion with a deep purple mane. He wears a burgundy red shirt with gold buttons and a vial of poison hangs from his neck. He is of wiry build, well toned and strong. Hemlock carries himself with a confident, almost arrogant air. He wears a constant grin on his face.
Player: Rising-Chaos

Hemlock is a flamboyant, extremely outgoing pony. He is easy to laugh, even easier to smile. He grew familar with herbs as a young colt and took alchemy in school, in which he excelled. He soon discovered a love of mixing herbs together and seeing their effects.

After some time of mixing drinks at the local bar. Young Hemlock found the life boring, and ran off to become a pirate. During his time on the ship he learnt the art mixing poisons, which he took to with relish. After his ship attacked and looted an ancient zebra temple, he left his pirate life behind. Ever since, he is convinced he is cursed, and avoids even boarding a boat.

He is a mixologist who, after a lot of practice, specializes in poisons. He can also mix a decent potion or drink with the right materials. Around his neck is a vial of his most deadly poison, which he believes to make him immortal while he wears it.