Help Files



+bbread Reading bulletin board messages
+bbpost Posting bulletin board messages
+bbmisc Miscellaneous but useful commands
+bbtimeout Expanded help on the timeout system.

+bbwiz Wizard commands
+bbconfig Configuration commands


+bus PLACE

+bus <place> automatically teleports you to the location you specify, as long as it's on the +bus/db list. You can also use the #dbref of your destination instead.
+bus/db and +bus/name displays the list of destinations for +bus.

To add your location to +bus, put a &shortdesc attribute on your location.



+census shows you an overview of our population, separated via various categories. You can use +census/<category> for a more detailed view, or +census/all to see the whole shebang.


+check here

+check checks your built home for what's missing, such as exits and exit messages.



+consent is used for GMed scenes. The GM can ask that you +consent before the scene starts, if there's a chance of chardeath.


+details OBJECT
+detail DETAIL

+details is used to add details that others can inspect, on you or an object. For example, if you have a special tattoo, you can add a detail to yourself as &detail_tattoo, and put in a description or a link to a picture, or whatever you'd like. Then others can see your details with +details <you> and choose to view +detail tattoo.


+events Summarizes all event entries.
+event <#> View details for an event.

+event/signup <#> Sign up for the event, if signup is enabled.
+event/leave <#> Remove your name from an event's signup list.

+event/add <title>=<time> Creates an event entry.
+event/clear <#> Removes an event entry.

+event/desc <#>=<info> Sets the event's description.
+event/loc <#>=<newloc> Sets the location where the event will occur.
+event/max <#>=<#> Sets a limit on how many players can take part.
If this is zero, there is no signup list/limit.

+event/time <#>=<newtime> Changes the time of the event.
+event/restrict <#>=<text> Sets the field for participant restrictions.
e.g. Earth Ponies, Griffons, etc.


+finger PLAYER
+finger me

+finger is the way to view information about another character, such as race, sex, and so on and so forth. You can also use +hoof.



+glance provides a brief overview of everyone in the room.


+join PLAYER

+join teleports you to the location of the other player, so long as the location is set Jump_OK and isn't set dark.



This command is to be used to give a little reward to those characters you have been recently and actively roleplaying with.

+karma shows you your total karma to date.
+karma/vote <player> allows you to give karma to another player.
+karma/here gives karma to everyone present in the room with you to help with larger scenes. Be sure everyone deserves karma before you give it!
+karma bid (Coming soon to a metaphysical existence near you!)

Note: You can only give karma to an individual once per day. The day is reset at 6:00 AM local server time. (US Pacific?)

Someone/pony should probably say what it does


+last PLAYER

+last informs you when the player last connected. If they're connected, it says how long they've been connected for.


+mailcheck <Player1 Player2…>
+mc <Player1 Player 2…>

You can check players to see how many unread @mail they have. Separate each player with a pipe (|). (Still true?)

After you use +mailcheck once, you can type it again without the player names to just view the unread messages of the last players you viewed.



This displays a basic map of the grid.



This command shows all the charbits that have been created in the last thirty days, and have gone through chargen. If you have created a charbit but have not entered chargen yet, you won't be on +newbie.



Using ooc and osay, you can speak out of character in a scene. +ooc, however, teleports you automatically to the Ponyville Plaza OOC Lounge.


ponder MESSAGE

Makes your message a 'thought'. As in: . o O ( MESSAGE ) Just a goofy little side code thing.


+prefs <category>=<blahblah>
+prefs <player>
+prefs me

+prefs allows you to set and view preferences for RP. The current categories are:

Angst: how much angst you enjoy RPing
Death: how you feel about your characters dying
Grimdark: how you feel about dark/gritty/sad RP
Horror: how you feel about RP with horror/thriller themes
Max-Rating: maximum rating you're willing to RP; it caps off at R
Planning: how much you enjoy or don't enjoy spontaneity, off-the cuff RP, and so forth)
Plots: whether you'd like to participate in plots or not, and to what degree
Romance: whether you're interested in romantic attachments to other characters
Scene-size: how big a scene is your comfort zone
Silly: whether you enjoy silly or serious RP (or both!)

For more information, see +prefs.



By paging a particular player with proom, you can page everyone in that location at once.


+roll #d#
+roll/q #d#
+roll/quiet #d#

For example, +roll 1d6, will roll a single 6 sided die

You can roll any number of dice of any kind. It will output both the results of each die roll, and the sum. It automatically emits to the room what you roll, but you can choose to roll quietly.



Sometimes if your internet connection is faulty, you can have multiple connections on at once. It helps if you +selfboot, and eliminate all extraneous connections.


+view VIEW

Works just like +details, except for places instead of objects. Using views, your one-room house can become a mansion, if you wish to describe each different room this way.



Shows where everyone is on the grid.



Shows a list of our available staffers, and whether they're online or not.