Heart Rhythm
Name: Heart-Rhythm
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: None
Talents: Unknown
Weaknesses: Insecure
Description: Light brown unicorn colt with a bleached mane and tail
Player: Pickle

A young colt with no particular known talent yet. His main and tail are kept short and bleached, for reasons he refuses to discuss. He tends to be somewhat aloof around other ponies his own age, due to fear of their reactions or teasing, although amongst those he's more comfortable around, he loosens up a bit, more of a know-it-all instead.
His physical skills are unimpressive, slightly out of shape and requiring glasses to see. His magical skills are nearly as unimpressive; he can perform basic telekinesis, with a high degree of precision, but he can't lift anything significantly heavier than a book. He has no other known spells.