Name: Grinder
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: A plate of scrap metal and a blow torch
Talents: Salvage and Welding
Weaknesses: Morally Challenged
This filly is a dark green shade with a rough wavy black mane which she has braided into something akin to dreadlocks, at the tips of each of these rough locks is a rusted bolt intertwined into them. Her tail is likewise configured, with the bolts, but her tail is close cut in a short bobtail design, just to keep it from the machinery. Grinder is fairly stocky for a unicorn filly grew up as a slave, and had to get along with earth ponies in a very competitive workplace. She has tended the scrap yards, and learned salvage and scavenging for survival. She wears thick leather barding, with welders armor meant to take a beating. She also has a 'salvaged' PipBuck that she got from some unfortunate pony, or scrap pile, or somewhere in-between, that meets her needs. This filly's eyes seem to lock on and track ponies whom she doesn't know as if gauging them for their intent, their armor, their ammunition, or even if maybe perhaps she can get into their business.
Player: Solar-Wind
RP: Fo:E