Art of Big Red Robin. Drawn by Fluttershy.
Example Concepts: Trader, Speedster, Prankster, Craftsman
Notable Griffons: Gilda, Gustav leGrande


Not much is known about griffons canonically, except for the character Gilda in Griffon the Brush Off. In our version of Equestria, they are somewhat between pegasi and apex predators — since they're half-bird, and half-lion, after all. They tend to exhibit behaviors from both halves, such as loud aggression, but this is not necessarily always the case.

Griffons largely operate in a guild society. When you grow up, in place of a cutie mark, your special talent lands you into one of the many craftsman guilds. Which offshoot of the griffon kingdom you're in defines what sort of guilds are around, but in general, there's a guild for just about anything.

This profession defines you for the rest of your life, and you're expected to learn and grow with it. As an apprentice, you'll be sent out to other areas of the world to learn from other masters — and with griffons and ponies in good allegiance, that includes pony establishments as well. As part of your guild membership, you're expected to provide ample service and work to other creatures.

As a rule, griffon society tends to be a little more war-focused, and prehensile talons allow them to use various weapons that are awkward for ponies to attempt. (Spears, anyone?) They build more technological contraptions, though even something on the level of steampunk is at the very outer limits of what the society is capable of.

Griffons in Horseshoe Harbor

The nearest off-shoot of the griffon kingdom is on the peninsula a few day's sailing north of the Harbor. It is unreachable by land, since the Wintersong Forest is in the way. Within Horseshoe Harbor, there don't tend to be very many, however, and they tend to pick up the odd jobs and do gopher-work, or apprentice at one of the many fine establishments in town.

The nearby guilds from the kingdom are many, including the Baker's Guild, the Brewer's Guild, the War-weapon Guild, and many many more.