Name: Greeneyes
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: A fancy mirror thats been shattered
Talents: Curiousity
Weaknesses: fear of rejection, and he tends to bite
You see the proud figure of a unicorn stallion, his fur is nearly a dull muted grey with perhaps a sheen of an odd glint of green perhaps, though that could just be a trick of the light. His mane is blue green and almost has an iridescent shimmer to it. This particular equine looks to have not utilized his unicorn talents a others have, and has relied upon his strength and personal stamina which is seen in his very build, he looks like that of an earthen work pony. Perhaps he only uses his magic for convenience vs for menial tasks. His eyes are a high contrast green, though if one catches the reflection just right, his entire eye appears to have a green-blue-glow to it, no iris, pupil or white, just pure green-blue-glow, Odd.
Player: Dustdevil

Greeneyes blew into town not long after the 'Royal Wedding' incident in Canterlot. Been there done that, didn't even get a flippin' t-shirt, just a bump on the head and some messed up wings, er, wings, what wings I don't have any wings. (not anymore at least). While he's never going to give up upon his former Queen, he's not exactly going back to where he came from either. He's here to stay, so he might as well blend in with the ponyfolk as best he can. Greeneyes has relagated himself to making friends and hopefully finding someone he can bite, er make friends with, chew on a little bit. Yes, he LOVES making new friends. For the Swarm!