Name: Looking Glass
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: A brass magnifying glass with a cherry handle.
Talents: Detective work.
Weaknesses: Stubborn and Mouthy
An earth pony of average height and build, with a medium brown coat, bright blue eyes, and a blue mane cut short (but somewhat shaggy). He usually wears a collared, single-color dress shirt and an old, weatherbeaten canvas fedora. Sometimes wears a matching duster.
Player: Kavonde

Glass hails from Fillydelphia, where he works as a private investigator. His last case caused quite a bit of upheaval in the city's notorious underworld, and he wisely decided it was time for a nice, long vacation.

Unfortunately, he unwisely decided to take said vacation in Horseshoe Harbor, thanks to a misleading travel brochure that advertised it as a quiet, relaxed beach town.

Hilarity (and head trauma) will no doubt ensue.