Name: Gingerbread
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: A gingerbread house with decorative white icing and a green and pink candy wreath above the door.
Talents: Housekeeping, welcoming travelers
Weaknesses: Gossip
This older earth pony seems to be of the draft-horse type body. Her body is a faded tan and she has fluffs of fur around her ankles, mostly covering her solid gray hooves. Gingerbread's body was once sturdy, but nowadays better described as plump, particularly in her rounded cheeks. Her eyes are bright green and crinkled in the corners from years of smiling. She wears wire-rimmed glasses at all times. Her mane and tail are short with a slight wave to them. The hair is mostly a dusty gray, but some streaks of pale pink show through.
Player: Skedaddle