Ginger Spice
Name: Ginger-Spice
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: Bell Pepper, Chili and Kitchen Knife
Talents: Cooking, 'Come to Life' Magic
Weaknesses: Hot-Blooded
The mare appears to be more on the petite side, even for being an unicorn, though it might merely stem from her still being a year or two from adulthood. Not that her age or size seems an hinderance for her confidence, a cocky smile cutting a swath across her dark gingerbread brown and freckled muzzle. Both her mane and tail, coloured a rich chili pepper red with a shock of spicey orange down the side, are cut reasonably short though the former still seems prone to fall into her dusky purple eyes at a moments notice. Worn around her neck is an purple, the same hue as her eyes, kerchief faintly patterned with a white floral print. A orange bell pepper adorns her flanks, together with a hot red chili and a kitchen knife.
Player: Sodium-Fizz