Getting RP

Ask for it.

You can ask in the OOC lounge, or ask a specific person. In our experience, a general request in the Lounge gets limited results. If you want RP, pick someone and ask them specifically.

Don't badger for it.

If someone says they don't want RP, or don't want to RP with you, don't bug them. Accept, and move on.

Poke around on RPLite.

It's generally light IC RP on the RPLite channel. Friendly banter and all can be great on there, and can help you forge new connections. It also helps if you don't have any real ideas for scenes to just have some mellow RP. If you find your RPLite RP has started to progress to something more central to one or two characters, please take the characters to a grid room and continue your RP there.

Have ideas ready

One of the biggest barriers to getting RP started is a lack of ideas. If you approach someone and say you already have an idea of what you want to RP, you can cut past the "I don't know"s and "whatever is fine with me"s. Keep in mind your ideas may be rejected, but that's okay. At least you have a starting point to discuss options!

If you're still not getting RP…

Then perhaps it's time to examine your RP style. If no one wants to RP with you, take a look at how you approach problems. Does your RP center only around your character — their hopes, desires, and stories — with only cursory nods to other characters? Do you have a tendency to badger everyone into getting things to go your way? Are you relentlessly negative or finding yourself never saying 'yes' to ideas? Then you might want to change how you look at RP, because no one likes to RP with folks like that! RP is a collaborative effort, and you should be spending as much time with other characters' personal storylines as your own.

Remember that it's okay to put your character into situations they're not optimal for. Sometimes it won't work — and that's fine! Other times, you'll find you can push your character into sticky situations that test their mettle and help them grow as a character. It's just a matter of being willing to try anything!

And if a particular character isn't working out for you, that's fine; we have open chargen for a reason!