Flora And Fauna

Horseshoe Harbor and its surrounding wilds have all manner of strange things.


Blue Fern

A fern with blue leaves, surprise surprise. Bland with a woody texture. Blue fern extract is a common base for potions because of how readily it dissolves other herbs and its own lack of alchemical effects.


A flower which normally grows in hot, dry conditions with a taste reminiscent of figs. The occasional sprout can be found in Wintersong for some inexplicable reason, doing incredibly poorly but toughing it out as desert blooms are wont to do. Wintersong Camelmile has been described as tasting like "sad figs" by some locals.


The root of a hardy scrub which grows above the cloud line on mountain peaks. Painfully bitter and mildly poisonous to pegasi, who it induces severe vertigo in, cloudsbane is known for its alchemical stabilizing properties. Extract of cloudsbane is often added to volatile suspensions to keep their components from separating.


A many-petaled flower with hard, crunchy blossoms which blooms in shades of blue, purple and dusky rose. It's flowers are naturally very sweet, a trait which has earned it the moniker "nature's rock candy".



An exceptionally hardy invasive weed. Its roots grow thick and are frustratingly difficult to cut, burn, or damage in any meaningful way. Powdered everroot, if one can manage to powder it, can impart this resistance to imbibers and can magnify other "defensive" alchemical effects in a potion. Everroot can also act as a stabilizer when combining mutually exclusive effects.

Frost Catcher

A species of pitcher plant native to arctic regions. The thick sap inside of the blossoms has just enough water in it to cause the surface to frost over, giving rise to the common name of the plant. Frost Catcher sap has a natural sedative property which can be removed when refining it into syrup by cooking it at a high enough temperature. Emphasis on "can be".


A five-petaled flower that grows near the edge of the wintersong forest in a variety of colors. Works as a mild thickening agent. Not good to be eaten as a meal due to its antidiarrheal effects.


A pale flower with a subtle shimmer which disappears and reappears as one's attention turns away from it, as if it was never there in the first place. Excellent as an ingredient in invisibility potions and painkillers alike.

Mountain Limerick


A naturally oily flower which can be pressed to extract a natural lubricant. Care should be taken around petrolily oil as it can irritate some mucous membranes.

Pop Stones

These stones are prone to storing ambient magic, making them valuable for talisman creation. Best be careful though: once they meet their threshhold, they will vault into the air, destroying whatever's in its way as it discharges its magic.


Once ingested, you'll have a rather hard time not speaking in puns.

Purple Pepperpod Plant

This low growing bush is named for the bright purple pods that it grows. They are shaped like small eggplants, but if disturbed, they tend to fall off and burst, releasing a cloud of peppery dust that causes sneezing.


A large flower that comes in a wide variety of pastel colors that retreats into its bud as animals passes. When a curious creature gets close to investigate it explodes into a cloud of pollen. Shyblossom pollen is an excellent catalyst for potions due to its explosive reactivity. Just give it a shake and the reaction starts!

Star Bell

A six-pointed flower with droopy stems that cause the hanging blossom to look like its namesake. Edible though a little on the bitter side. Pairs well as an accent to sweeter greens.


A climbing vine with bright orange flowers. The blossoms are incredibly sensitive to light and changes as subtle as a cloud passing in front of the sun will cause them to swivel around to maximize their exposure, thus earning them their name. Dried sundancer blossoms retain their reactivity to heat and light and are often used as alchemical catalysts.


A healing herb, its blooms float in the air like little white hearts.


Looking very much as one might expect from a plant with a name like "twinbell", each stem sprouts two identical flowers shaped like hanging bulbs. When dried and powdered the blossoms exhibit duplicative effects which are useful for replacing things ponies have copies of even if they lose one, like teeth. Or kidneys


An intrusive weed which roots itself in cracked stone near still water, so named because an ideal place for it to grow is within wells. Slightly sweet on the palate and useful as an immune system booster.

Windigo's Kiss

A very rare and expensive variety flower which looks like a blue rose, prized as a component in stasis potions for its ability to "freeze" a pony's condition while more time consuming potions or procedures are being prepared. Has a known side effect of giving those who consume it an antisocial, chilly disposition.


A root vegetable similar in shape to parsnips which gets its name from its distinctive beige and black striped pattern. Very starchy. Powdered zebraroot, when properly brewed, can greatly increase the stamina of earth ponies who consume it but has no apparent effect on other types of ponies, including zebras. Often sliced thin and fried to make exotic looking chips.



Kelpies are a tribal society that lives in the deep marshes in the forest. They tend to be scaley, damp, and suspicious of outsiders.


Equine forest creatures whose coats are like softwood bark and with manes and tails of moss and leaves. They are exceptionally rare creatures which usually reside in deep woods. One may walk right past and not realize the presense of a Maredragora of she keeps to a stand of trees and doesn't move. Thought to have pony-level intelligence but unconfirmed.

Mountain Lions

These high-dwelling kitties are large and made of living rock, sporting all kinds of beautiful geological designs. Male lions have manes made out of hardy scrub bush.


These fluffy, cuddly-looking bunnies are actually made of razor-sharp ice! Do not touch!

White Phoenixes

White Phoenixes are a rare subspecies of phoenix, whose feathers are imbued with a magical healing property. Be careful though: they can be explosive!