Name: Fidget
Race: Pegasus Pony
Cutie-Mark: Two Hearts Entwined
Talents: Special Talent: Mischief, Speed, Cloud Sculpting
Weaknesses: Special Weakness: Attention Span, Gets Tired Easy, A bit weird
A young, roughly adolescent pegasus, lithe but short, perfect for flight with a sleek aerodynamic form. A mane of wild amber almost uncared for. Coat of reddish brown fur contrary to her mane smooth and shiny almost manicured down to her fetlocks. Her tail colored much like her mane is kept long and whips along behind her. Wings right where they should be, though unable to stay still, as if they where about to take off without the poor mare. Smile wide and mischievous, its almost screaming 'im up to no good!' Stamped onto her toned flanks is her cutie mark,two hearts entwinded.
Mind: Body: Heart:
1 3 4
Energy: Courage: Foritude:
4 5 7
Willpower: Aerobatics: Weathercraft:
8 6 2
Talents Flaws
Fast +1 Plum Tuckered
Tireless Your so Random
Jobs Skills Advancement
Prankster 1 Sculpting 1 Boundless Energy
Making Pranks Uplifting Attitude
Pyrotechnics Give a Smile Get a Smile
Sneakiness Extra Talented Fast
*Selling Pranks
Player: Fidget

Some foals didn't get in the air nearly till they had their cutie mark. Fidget was born flying, well close anyway, taking under four weeks before she first started hovering up out of her cloud crib. A month before she was zipping through the air like noponies business. Her parents Twitch and Wind Wisp were run ragged trying to keep her still even keeping her in the city limits of Cloudsdale was quickly becoming a problem. By the time she was old enough for Junior Speedsters she took top of class. It would seem her natual born talent for flight and speed only bearing more and more fruit as she also carried the heart to push herself further and focus. The young speedster knew her talent, showed such promise but never got her mark.

To say being the last to get her mark, even behind the lazy Rainbow Dash, bugged Fidget wasnt' quite right. The youngster never had a free time to think about it. Wind Wisp a lead on the Cloudsdale weather team never stop pushing her daughter to do better, filling all Fidget's free time with training and hoof picked hobbies. Cloud sculpting the only real place she was able to express herself, even flying was becoming a chore for her. That was until she got her Cutie Mark.

It was the best day of her life, as it should have been for any filly, for the world it was a nightmare, only Nightmare Moon herself could have contended with. The young pegasus found a joy no one expected on the day Discord escaped from his entombment. For the first time in the young filly's memory there was no pony there to tell her what she should be doing. She was free, and the world was suddenly her playground. Reality was suddenly just as mailable to her hoofs as the clouds that where her solace. For the first time feeling power, she used it to cause mayhem at the expense of every pony else.

Then the world was back to normal. All the adults recovered from trying to control cotton candy clouds and found that a filly had her mark at last. Innocent looking enough a pair of hearts intertwined with one another. It wasn't till it manifested as the therapist put it 'Free Spiritedness' that things started to change. Fidget asked a simple question as she was sent back to her training regimen and classes. “Why?”

Chaos ensued. Twelve weather patrol jobs kicked off of, run out of seven cities, a warrant for her arrest in Manehattan, and a royal order preventing her from legally manipulating weather. Now she rolls into Horseshoe harbor with a new understanding with her life. She may always get withers deep in mischief but she always means well. Her pranks for breaking up the everyday rutien of ponys to bring them the joy she first felt that day Discord was free.

Sometimes a little Chaos makes Harmony that much more special.