F. A. Q.


Can I play an alicorn, changeling, or some other something or other?

If you want to app an exotic race we don't typically offer, we have an exotic race policy for that!


So, batponies. Are they the night?

Yes. Yes, they are.

So batponies don't have weather magic. Do they have lighter-than-air magic? You know, cloud-walking, ceiling-walking etc?

Yep! They are indeed able to do it — although they may be largely unfamiliar with cloud walking.


Why is Celestia a queen?

Because Faust had intended her and Luna to be queens, but due to intervention, they were made princesses instead. We feel they work better as queens. Don't worry if you slip up; it's really not an important point of contention.

What passes for currency around here?

While ponies tend to do a lot of barter and honor system sort of dealings, when it comes to monetary transactions, they have three types of coin. There are 100 Bits to an Iron, and 100 Irons to a Stalleon. A pony abode of middle class quality is going to run you about 1000 Stalleons. Minimum wage is 50 Stalleons a week.

Ponies are not generally homeless unless they're a true pariah. Just about anyone will take in a pony out of the cold. Pony society is a shared society, in which everyone cares for everyone else as part of the herd, so to speak.


Can I have strange-colored/heterochromic eyes?

Sure, you can… but do you have to…? Traits like this tend to come up as a way to make a character special, when really we encourage characters to be special on their own without resorting to features like this. If it has specific plot relevance ("My character is under a love curse, and so her eyes are pink!"), then it might fly — although it will still be under scrutiny from your app wiz; but if you can avoid such pitfalls as this, it's best to do so!


Are there humans in the world of Equestria?

(credit goes to askapplebloom)


Is there some kind of law enforcement in Horseshoe Harbor?

There's a small group of ponies that form the Harbor Watch. They are locally vetted, and are entrusted with the safety of the town. They are still a new branch, though they're headed by Sunshine Stormcloud. They used to be headed by Red, and Baron von Cirrus before her, but he has since retired.

In addition, the mayor traditionally has a security force, currently Rock-em and Sock-em.


How do I get RP?

On PonyMUSH, pretty much all RP is pre-arranged somehow. Folks will ask about RP in the lounge or on the Public channel. If you find you're not getting RP, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Ask people. You can ask generally ("Hey, anyone want to RP?") but we find that you get better results by asking specific people and maybe finding mutual hooks between your characters works best. ("Hey, Stormy, want to have a scene? I see you like coffee; my character makes coffee!")
  • If no one's biting, don't be discouraged. People may be busy. Try a little lite roleplay on the RPLite channel.
  • You can also page people in an active scene and see if you can join! Please don't just teleport to them and expect you can join; that's rude. Asking first is the best policy.


What's with the seaponies?

Originally, Lauren Faust intended to do a seapony episode but was shot down. Though there have since been canonical seaponies, we have our own very unique flavor of seaponies, which you should read up on before you play one!