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Our Theme
Fallout Equestria is a crossover of the popular Fallout game series into the MyLittlePony universe. It is a darker time in Equestria well after the industrial revolution and is set just over a hundred years past the landscape shattering apocalypse. The soil is irradiated and in places 'tainted' by dangerous lingering magic. The creatures have been effected by the radiation and the poisoning of land, sea and air.

The cities such as Horseshoe Harbor have been ravaged by war, and the resulting devastation. A megaspell crater mars the coastline with a deeply radioactive crater which vastly altered the coastline itself. The ripples of that blast shattered the residential area and ravaged the downtown area.

During the pre-war time, Stable 16 was installed in the foothills of the community, close to the nearby residential district on the mainline of the Central Equestrian Rail line. Stable 16 is now a part of the local trading community and has only recently broken its door seal. It is highly defended and not likely a place for the likes of slavers or raiders. Its populace however does often have a bit of a superiority complex.

Prior to the war Horseshoe Harbor was a thriving port community, with active trade routes to the Zebra Empire as well as the Gryphon Alliance. The city has a sprawling industrial and manufacturing complex as well as a strong military presence in the way of the Equestrian Navy. This port thrived via its import of coal and export of wood harvested from the Wintersong Forest, minerals and ore's from the nearby White-saddle Mountains. A rail spur allows this city to freely trade with the rest of Equestria.