Fallout: Equestria Rules

We have a side RP that takes place out of canon and in the Fallout: Equestria universe! It's very much not the purpose of this MUSH, however, so please keep that in mind, and keep discussion controlled — ESPECIALLY when it comes to darker themes. Not everyone cares about or likes Fo:E, nor do most folks want to be subjected to it.

If you want to make a character, please abide by these rules:

  1. You must follow all the rules of the MUSH. That INCLUDES the rating. Even though Fo:E is very much R+, we require it be strictly PG13 as long as it's on PonyMUSH. You can still beat ponies up and visit dark themes; just be a little less explicit about it, eh?
  2. As this is side RP and not the main focus of the MUSH, please prioritize main MUSH events first. This will never be something that should compete or become its own entity; if it goes beyond a small group of people RPing occasionally, it should branch out into its own game elsewhere.
  3. Only established players may play in this side RP, as it's a bit of an experiment and we want to keep the temperature of the RP fairly controlled. If you're a new player, please spend a few months on the grid and roleplaying with the rest of the mush before you join.
  4. Make sure you set your Fallout pony character bits with @set me=_SHH as that will keep us off the census and make sure our +finger/+hoof is labeled as Side RP only.
  5. Scenes may never touch the regular grid. Always use the Anywhere Rooms.
  6. Keep chatter about it to the FOE channel. ( addcom +foe=FOE )
  7. Just remember, the purpose of PonyMUSH is not Fallout RP. This is a fun side thing. If it's abused, it will be taken away. Capisce? Capisce.
  8. Also, as a way to keep our lounge representative of our game, please do not use any Fo:E characters to sit in the lounge.
  9. Although this takes place in a sort of alternate future Horseshoe Harbor, do not write the fates of other peoples' characters or settings. Many players may not be comfortable with the kind of dark ending that comes with Fallout Equestria. So before you do anything like that, ask permission first. (Writing the fates of your own characters, of course, is okay.)

Ready to poke around? Awesome! More information on our version of the setting is here.