Exposition Visit
IC date: Winter 45, 1007
OOC date: Feb 3, 2013
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Muzaji
GM: None

Last night didn't go like she had intended, but Muzaji wasn't a zebra to let a mistep get her down. There was things to do, things to be ready for, things she came back to the Harbor early for a reason. Which is why she was sitting atop her shop wagon, watching the Spire and the whirlwinds that for the time being kept its storms penned in through a spyglass, or occasionally looking down to jot some note or other scribbling on a parchment.

Being sneaky has it's advantages, and not only zebras are good at it. Rising Chaos leaps up and join Muzaji on her shop wagon. Her approach had been silent, and only now does she dispell the illusion that had made her nearly invisible. "You do realize that this talk will have never happened, yes?"

If she's surprised Muzaji doesn't show it. It was possible she was waiting to see if the few crumbs of conversation she dropped would bring Chaos out once she didn't have the Queen and their night together entirely on her mind. "Of course, of course." She took one last look through her spyglass and then set it aside to turn to the unicorn. "And I am truely sorry about last night's… interruption. Things have changed more than I expected during our absence. I didn't expect you to be one much for.. celebrating such holidays." -That- probably shocked her more than the twists and turns this plot has been taking.

Rising-Chaos is frowning, just because that's what she does. The zebra's calm reaction pleases her, the merchant is as unflappable as always. "you're forgiven. And yes, my relationship with the queen has improved greatly. the parade gave me a chance to, express that, it's none of your concern." for a moment she sounded quite happy, talking about her Queen. "However, you came to me talking about Spindrift and the heart. I may no longer be fighting her, but I may also have information."

Despite the moment of happiness the unicorn is frowning. Hah, some things never change. "As do I, as do I. Our trip was.. insightful, even if not in the ways we'd though it would when we set out on it." Despite her usual gregarious nature Muzaji's expression became a bit more neutral as she looked out at the Harbor. "Nothing, nothing has been as it had seemed."

Rising-Chaos scoffs. "I'm not especially interested in your information, to tell you the truth. But, I have made a new friend, as it were, in Spindrift. I have gained some insight on the Blach Heart. It's controlling her, she wants to end this, all of this." She looks out to the bay, with a different appreciation fo r it's beauty.

If she were a lesser pony Muzaji would probably hoof-pump at some of those tidbits, as they prove several of her own theories correct. But now is neither the time or the place. She does raise a striped brow a bit at the lack of interest, but declines on pushing the matter. "The bard said you two had put issues aside, watching from where amonst the stars he does now reside." Rising's a smart pony, she might figure that one out on her own. "As much I thought when she came to our rescue at sea, but the other seaponies still think a wicked witch she be. Just a theory I could pursue, that you now have proven to be true."

Rising-Chaos nods. "The bard?" Brume? That's, comforting, to know that he's still looking down. the unicorn shifts about, to be more comfortable. "She told me she let you pass. Any intervention was the spire, not Spindrift." For a moment, she contemplates telling her last big secret. "The Black Heart is weakened right now. If you are going to do something, do it now."

Muzaji nods her head, both at the correct guess, and at the reply. "We too learned that she was being used; Spindrift's sorrowed fall was thus abused. The sage who promised to save the day, was instead a trap to end our way." But she decides to not go into the more intricate details, as it is proving to be things that Rising has inadvertently found on her own it would seem. "This became more than she ever intended; and ancient shadow wanting the worlds ended." Dismissive wave. "But that's not important to the discussion. Yes, once the others return, we have just one preperation to make, and then this entire mess can finally be put to rest." Then a smile comes to her lips as she chuckles. "And thanks to you I get to tell Spindrift I told her so."

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow. "You told her so?" The mare seems restless, like she doesn't want to be here. "You really don't have to tell me, Muzaji. The onyl thing I'm concerned about is Spindrift's well being. I'll be happy to see this over, so she can recover form this ordeal. " The unicorn hops off the cart. "This isn't my fight, Muzaji. I don't care for your conspiracies, for your ancient evils, for your silliness. But if you hurt Spindrift, I will take you apart, you or anypony selse who contributes. Is that understood?"

"On that fateful night she departed, I told her she'd be able to come back to friends here. She scoffed at the time, but you've certainly proven it to be true." Muzaji doesn't seem to be put off by the unicorn's dourness, but she does quit with trying to squeeze in the hints. Maybe a little disappointed that the unicorn she thought would take a curiousity in the matter isn't biting the bait, but that's unimportant to the greater scope of things. She just put a hoof to her chest as Rising jumps down though. "You wound me, me dear Rising Chaos. You know my intentions have been to save Spindrift from herself."

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "Your intentions are to increase your own profit. Don't even bother to deny it Muzaji." The unicorn looks ready to leave. "Spindrift has friends now, you're right. Friends who care about her. That's as far as it goes." She sniffs, cloaking herself in illusion once again. "Don't bring this matter to my home again. I'd like for it to be a safe, happy place. Petty problems like this are nothing. The Black Heart is inactive, damaged for the moment, make use of your time Muzaji." With that, she goes silent, and leaves. There's barely a rustle, by all appearances, this conversation never happened.

Muzaji opens her mouth, but then doesn't bother and just shakes her head. Because Chaos isn't entirely -wrong-, even if the zebra had found more than just business to attend to. So when the unicorn disappears she just turns and resumes her watch. "There's more to wealth than just gold and commodities." But she's just talking to herself now.